The Black News Hole

March 8, 2016

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The Black News Hole

A black hole is a star so dense that nothing, not even light, can escape its mass. So you can’t actually see a black hole. Like you can’t actually see the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in Los Angeles. You have to infer that they exist. Like by reading the stupid and rude remarks their anonymous trolls leave behind them – which always begin, I’m not a member of the Iron Order but….

Apparently the Iron Order is invisible in Denver and Oklahoma City, too. Apparently investigations into deadly assaults committed by Iron Order members are invisible. The murders and assaults have a kind of opposite invisibility from the invisibility of the Iron Order itself. When you can’t actually see, hear or read about the investigations into these murders and attempted murders you have to infer they do not exist.

There is a postmodern, hallucinogenic surreality to all this.

And here’s the newz.


Colorado prison guard and Iron Order gunman Derrick “Kong” Duran remains free today, 39 days after he shot and killed a Mongol named Victor “Nubs” Mendoza at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver on January 30. As Fox News put it on February 5, “No arrests have been made yet on this developing story.”

Duran remains on paid leave.

Witnesses have said that a fight erupted after members of the Iron Order attempted to intimidate Mongols members working at a tee shirt stand at the Expo, As has happened numerous times before, Iron Order members used the altercation as an excuse to draw and use guns. Before the story disappeared into the black news hole, Las Vegas attorney Stephen Stubbs, speaking on behalf of the Mongols told PEOPLE magazine, “It was a fight started by the Iron Order, They were the only ones who had guns there.”

John “Shark” Whitfield, who is Director of the Division of Legal Affairs for the Iron Order told PEOPLE, “Our guys were afraid for their lives. You have almost 60 Mongols that are jumping these guys and they are known to be a one percent club and they don’t care about violence. They were just trying to get out of there. They were convinced they were going to die.” The Iron Order is the only motorcycle club in the history of motorcycle clubs to have a club officer called, “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs.” And, this arouses absolutely no suspicion about anything in anyone.

Oklahoma City

Jimmy Frank Williams, a member of the Rednecks Motorcycle Club, remains the only person arrested in connection to a gunfight involving Iron Order members who followed three Rednecks to a gas station adjoining the Kickapoo casino east of Harrah, Oklahoma on February 19.

The incident has been ignored by most news outlets in Oklahoma.

In its most recent update on February 22, television station KWTV reported that members of the two clubs had “exchanged gunfire” and that “more arrests are likely to come.”

And since then there has been only interstellar blackness, silence and forces invisible as gravity.


It seems, the Iron Order will be appearing at the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally next September.

In a news release on February 23, Rally owner Johnny Valdez explained the relationship between the controversial club and his event.

“Iron Order is not a sponsor of the event and we do not receive any money of any kind from them. They are referred to on our website as Friends of the Rally due to their volunteer time provided for poker runs, fundraising for the Battered Women’s Sheller of Farmington. NM and the assistance with the Field Games at the Rally. They receive the same treatment as any volunteer and do not receive any special treatment or recognition for their time.

“We are addressing the safety concerns for our patrons. We already prohibit and enforce a no firearms and weapons policy at the Rally for the safety of all Rally attendees.”


41 Responses to “The Black News Hole”

  1. Jay Says:

    Every one needs to ride and mind their fkn business ! Don’t give them any more fuel !! Simple !!

  2. RtC Says:

    @Potmetal, here’s hoping it is SOON!

  3. Potmetal Says:

    Those clowns could do themselves a slight service and take a good hard look at dobyns and that strange fuckery he has growing on his head. That is the future for any not taking the long nap. When the all the bags of shit they’ve been raking up starts smelling and John Q. Public gets bored with seeing their dumbassery on display, ol’ walkin’ tall is gonna turn their backs on the uo, same way they did to his sorry ass.

    When that hits (as mentioned by rollinnorth), these losers will have no where to hide and no friends. Any of them left standing will get a nice, public, red-ass.

    Karma is a motherfucker.


  4. rollinnorth Says:

    All the alphabet agencies instigating these clowns will melt away, as well. “Should you … be caught or captured, …will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”
    Ask James “Whitey” Bulger about Federal “immunity.”


  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Also, their end will come by an avalanche of lawsuits, by those left behind when the paychecks stop because their weekend warrior is incarcerated or entombed. Shark will be no help since he will be a defendant, as well.


  6. oldskewl Says:

    The end is near, can’t come quick enough for most but I think it’s all but over. Izod and the rest of the bitches will be forced to hang up the cuts and it won’t be mandated by LE, their end will come by means of fear.


  7. Brad H Says:


    I’ve heard this story, with small differences, from members of two different clubs. I have the tendency to believe what I was told. I am in Spokane Wa.

    I live less than one mile from the u o’s former club house. I had noticed last year, 2015, these clowns were not there very often, compared to previous year, 2014. I saw the windows were broken out at least twice summer of 2014. About two weeks ago, I saw a couple of pickups in the back lot hauling out junk. Asked around and was told the stories. I can’t verify as I don’t know any of these lames, nor should I.

    Respect to you and yours

  8. RtC Says:

    I’m hoping everybody I know, since I’ve led them to here, will boycott this
    4-Corners Rally. Nothing good can be had at this FAGGIT-FEST that the Urine
    Odor attends!

    RESPECTS to the real ones

  9. xplor Says:

    Federal authorities have finished their testing and review of the 151 firearms, as well as bullet fragments and cartridge cases, recovered from the deadly biker shooting last year at the Twin Peaks in Waco. What happens next? Are Abel Reyna and Michael Jarrett (the Texas Sharpshooter) the only ones left to prepare for trial or will that be left to Legal Assistants ? 

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear r whites,

    I thought I asked you nice. Strike two.


  11. Stoney Says:

    Biker club involved in deadly brawl won’t be at other shows

    DENVER (AP) — A southern Colorado event promoter has asked a motorcycle club made up largely of law enforcement to stay away from future biker events after its members were involved in a brawl last month that left a man dead.

    Jim Wear says he asked Iron Order for the ban as a safety precaution after the January melee the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver. Police say a corrections officer who is an Iron Order member fired his gun during the fight with the Mongols motorcycle club. The groups blame each other for instigating the violence. Seven others were shot, stabbed or beaten.

    No one has been charged.

    Wear says a group affiliated with Iron Order has been involved in violence at past events.

    Attorney John Whitfield says the group agreed it would be safer to avoid upcoming shows.

  12. Badger62 Says:

    @r whites

    I get the impression you are just a kid possibly trying to learn something. At least I hope that’s the case and you aren’t really this stupid. You might want to read Rebels response to you on another thread and remember, 2 ears, one mouth!

  13. r whites Says:

    what do people mean when they say iron order get the patch mail order?

  14. Drew151 Says:

    Thank you to AR for keeping us all informed about the many topics he tirelessly reports on ! As someone new to the motorcycle culture I find it fascinating that these days when one hears of a bullying, arrogant, violent, armed group of people on motorcycles that he is being told of despicable acts of policemen and that the guys upholding peace and order in the motorcycle community are the true bikers ! As with the articles AR writes, if you pay attention and read the facts , you can’t help but see the truth ! Thanks to the hard core bikers for setting a great example !

  15. NOS4A2 Says:

    I agree with the Joker in the first Batman movie. “Grease ’em all”

  16. SeRiOuS Says:

    This rally is all the positive reinforcement and validation the IO needs for their heinous actions. I’m sure other individuals have asked this question but, how can the organizers of this event honestly believe that this group of pretenders associated with their rally is a good thing? The IO’s mere presence is like a scorched earth policy, they destroy everything no matter where they go or who they interact with.

  17. Lost Cause Says:

    Let them gloat thinking they won’t have to eventually pay for the checks they’ve wrote. It will likely be their non-LE, weekend warrior RUBs who end up paying for their misdeeds. I look forward to those upcoming news accounts.

  18. Beaner Says:

    Fuck Iron order

  19. Gooch Says:

    Fuck The Iron Order

  20. SATXrider Says:

    Brad H,

    Would you care to share what city that is? Our knowledge is key and all we have to go on since they don’t show up at our events.


  21. so cal Says:

    Fuck them and everything about them they do hide well.there day is coming keep ducking and hiding fuck the u.o.

  22. RLG Says:

    Gotta wonder when it gets so bad that lone wolves take direct action…

  23. Palmy Says:

    New Zealand Nuclear Free and Iron Order free
    long may it remain this way
    we don’t need those c*$#@ over here

  24. Sieg Says:

    You can be pretty sure that any urine odor members you see at the four corners rally will be badged pigs. I have been asking the organizers if they plan to allow pigs to carry under the LEOSA law, and one of them claimed they “would get back to me”, but that’s it. Oh, and one of our resident trolls took it on himself to dig through my posts here going back almost two years to bitch about how I “have a hard-on for the iron order”. Didn’t bother telling him that the only people who have a hard-on for them are other urine odor members.

  25. Googs Says:

    I rode up on a few coming back to Baltimore from Ocean City…..made sure to smoke past em fast so no one thought I was riding with them and ran me off the road.

  26. Wrangler Says:

    “It seems, the Iron Order will be appearing at the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally next September.”. They will more than likely show up, start their shit as usual, claim the “other club started it”, kill and wound a few people and then run like the pussies they are. Oh and I almost forgot the most important part – GET AWAY WITH IT ONCE AGAIN.

    Such fucking bullshit.

    Respects for those who deserve it.


  27. Brad H Says:

    On an up note, here in my home town, the urine odor have closed their club house. The scuttlebutt is they trashed the rented facility and claimed somebody else did it. I believe they are also shutting down the chapter, but that is only a rumor.

    Good ridence to white trash ( no disrespect to white trash intended).


  28. T Hell Says:

    As thoroughly disgusted as we collectively all feel imagine the anguish Glenda Purdy has to face every time she hears about these Irun order shit stains shooting another.

  29. B.C. Says:

    If now isn’t the time for all clubs and defenders of freedom to stand up to these IO clowns then when???

  30. WheresMyBoots Says:

    I nearly forgot: no one has asked “What the fuck were they doing down in that lower floor in Denver. Trying to buy Mongols support gear?” Really. From the descriptions given by people there, and the video and photos, there is no doubt these assfucks deliberately went down steps and as close to The Mongols as they possibly could. Why? What the fuck for? If you are that afraid of them what the fuck were you doing down there? Their own daddys should have asked that question, much less other LE. This is all fucking ridiculous with these urine odor and urine legacy (how fucking pathetic) assholes. Fuck them.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  31. Gooch Says:

    You may not be able to see the tree fall. But you will hear the sound. The sound of a crooked LEO, being anally raped in prison. Now it’s a black and blue hole probably so massive you can’t even see can’t see.

  32. WheresMyBoots Says:

    So this urine odor group and their lawyer says they are scared half to death of 1%ers and feel that they are very violent, etc. etc. Then why in the fuck do they keep showing up at functions where 1%ers are, and not only that, walk down a flight of steps and to one side of a room to get as close to said ‘they are scary, violent 1%ers’ as they possibly can. Then walk back up the steps and turn around and commit another murder. It’s like the asshole who claims he keeps getting ‘sucker punched’ in bars and doesn’t know why. Bullshit. Then these clowns murder people and that’s somehow okay.
    Oh, nearly forgot, murdered a girl too. A girl. I guess she ‘was scary and we were afraid for our lives’ to these assholes too. Somehow, someway, the media are finally going to remove their heads from their collective rectums and say something about this shit, and probably claim they were the first to do so.

    Respects and Ride Free,

  33. Casper Says:

    You may not be able to see the tree fall. But you will hear the sound. The sound of a crooked LEO, being anally raped in prison.

  34. swampy Says:

    Considering what the urine odor has instigated and gotten away with in just the last couple of years, I would look for them to be carrying firearms at Four Corners. It seems a mostly naive attempt by the promoters of this event.

  35. Junkyard Jackson Says:

    I’m not a member of the iron order but….
    Seems like everyone is more prone to appealing to public opinion or the Internet instead of shutting these guys down. Nobody cares about the club world in comparison to everything else going on on this rock. More people will care about Kim kardashians nudes then some Mongol or black piston getting shot as a result of them casting the first stone. Most people are going to say “what’s a black piston?” The club worlds means of controlling the scene is outdated and not ready for the next generation of tactics used both by the next generation of bikers and law enforcement alike. Shootings aren’t just limited to the iron order.

  36. rrwerker Says:

    When police form gangs and do gang violence on other clubs,… without cause.
    Then turn back in to police the next work Day….and no one complains?
    They don’t even notice?
    We are loosing our freedom
    We are loosing our country.
    No kidding.

  37. Phuquehed Says:

    Anyone in the Urine Odor faggot club is nothing but a murderer. Nothing more, nothing less. Murderers.

  38. old & stoned Says:

    well said.

    before facebook took down the ueteran odor hate pages, one had posted a list of instructions for police when encountering ‘situations’ and other clubs, one being to contact some ‘federal’ office. wishin’ i screen grabbed it.

    anyone still in doubt there’s a guy in a salmon shirt paid for by our tax dollars, with a kurt sutter ‘treatment’ for creating a cancer to eat the mc world from the inside,,,?

  39. Parsifal Says:

    Rebel them urine odor murdercicle gang fuckers are easy to find. Just head for the smell of used urinal cakes, and there they be, face down in each others lap.

  40. Grumbler Says:

    Unarmed IO douchebags at Four Corners Motorcycle Rally sounds like an oxymoron. Meaning, they’ll either stay the hell away or carry small handguns in their stretched out rectums. Ploink.

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