Waco Justice Shell Game

March 4, 2016

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Waco Justice Shell Game

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported yesterday that the McLennan County grand jury that indicted 106 defendants in  nine hours last November for engaging in organized crime will reconvene March 23. The previous indictees were all men who had been detained after or wounded during the Twin Peaks Massacre last May 17.

Eighty men and women who have not yet been indicted were also arrested and charged with engaging in organized crime during a biker riot that left nine people dead and 19 wounded. Presumably, the grand jury will reconvene to indict at least some of those men and women. All parties involved know that the vast majority of the 186 people who have been arrested or indicted so far, including most members of the Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, Bogatyrs and other motorcycle clubs who were at the Twin Peaks that day, were innocent victims of a confrontation engineered by high ranking members of the Cossacks.

Local authorities reacted to the bloody confrontation with a torrent of outrageous lies and accusations. The logical question has always been why. Why bother to lie when the truth is obvious?

There is a growing mountain of circumstantial evidence that federal police had advance knowledge of what was about to happen at the Twin Peaks and likely had a part in instigating it. That circumstantial evidence suggests the possibility of a scandal equal to or greater than the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives  “Fast and Furious” scandal that erupted into public view in November 2011. Many high paying government careers could be in danger.

Two DEA Investigations

There was, provably, an ongoing federal investigation into both the Bandidos and the Cossacks underway last May 17. According to an indictment returned last December and unsealed in January against high ranking members of the Bandidos, the Houston Division of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the San Antonio Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office in San Antonio and the Texas Department of Public Safety conducted a two-year-long investigation into drug trafficking and related violent crimes by both the Bandidos and the Cossacks.

Strangely, despite the fact that a DEA investigation of the Bandidos and Cossacks was ongoing, the DEA opened a second investigation last May 26 “to target Owen Reeves, the president of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club. Additional targets will include the upper hierarchy of the Cossacks MC, the Bandidos MC and affiliated biker organizations.”

Reeves was also a director of the Aryan Circle, According to a report by the Anti-Defamation League, “The Aryan Circle not only deals drugs; many of its members abuse drugs, especially methamphetamine, which has caused serious problems for the group and its members. Efforts by Circle leaders in the past to combat drug use by members have failed.”

The Reeves investigation was to be conducted by Special Agent Russ Culver and Tactical Field Officer, and Temple, Texas police officer, Joshua Moore. The Aging Rebel believes this investigation was initiated in order to conceal or obscure the facts of the previous ongoing investigation.

The Aryan Circle and its connection to the Cossacks was also the subject of an ATF investigation that was ongoing last May 17. A series of raids by the ATF, United State Marshal Service Fugitive Task Force, Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division and various local police forces in Wood and Van Zandt Counties last April 17 was part of that investigation and gathered evidence related to Cossacks who were at the Twin Peaks last May 17.

Discovering Evidence

McLennan County officials have taken the lead in prosecuting the alleged perpetrators of the Twin Peaks carnage in order to provide a firewall against disclosure of the federal investigation that had foreknowledge of and may have instigated the Twin Peaks Massacre.

At the beginning of February Clint Broden, a defense attorney in the case, filed a “Motion To Reveal Identity of Confidential Informants And Undercover Law Enforcement Officials.”

“It appears evident that law enforcement officials infiltrated and/or had confidential informants inside the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and/or other motorcycle clubs prior to the incident at Twin Peaks,” Broden wrote. “…the above requests relate to any informants known to the ‘prosecutorial team’ or to whom the ‘prosecutorial team’ had access. This would include federal investigative and prosecutorial agencies to the extent they participated in this investigation.”


Last May, Waco police sergeant Patrick Swanton bragged repeatedly about “intelligence” that prompted a massive police presence at the Twin Peaks last May 17. “I will tell you based upon the intelligence we had the, uh, the cooperation with the Texas Department of Public Safety, that kept a lot of innocent people from being killed or injured today because of us being here and being immediately able to respond when gunshots rang out” Swanton said on May 17.

“Because of the intelligence that we’ve been receiving over the past several months, we know they were going to be here today. We knew there was a very real possibility that there was gonna be issues. That’s why we had a significant number of officers that were here not only from Waco PD but DPS as well and they immediately moved in once the, uh, fighting started and unfortunately it was one of that…that…we were gonna be here today. They were gonna be here. That’s why we had the heavy presence of law enforcement on scene and thankfully we had, “ Swanton said.

Motion Hearing

But, at a motion hearing on February 12, McLennan County prosecutors claimed ignorance of any knowledge pertaining to the federal investigation or investigations. Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett told Judge Matt Johnson:

“I’d  like to take up first…the possibility that there might have been an undercover police officer, or officers, implanted within either of the Cossacks or their organization or the Bandidos or their organization. And I would submit to the Court that we have no information to believe that there were undercover officers in either of those organizations, so I have nothing to provide the defense at that time on that…this time on that.

“I think the Court is aware that the federal government has come out with, or disclosed the indictments of Bandido members, that they had been doing an undercover investigation for 24 months. Um, the State did not…or the prosecution in this case did not have any knowledge of that investigation. We have not received any evidence from their investigation. We have been in contact with the United States Attorney’s Office. They have told us that we would have access to that at some point, but they are unwilling to give us that information now. It is under seal under federal courts. I don’t know that we have a, um…an ability to get that information without them releasing it directly to us. While I agree with Mr. Broden that there could be something that could be, uh, exculpatory, obviously is discoverable. That’s one of the reasons we want to make sure we get all the information to each defense attorney before these cases proceed to trial.”

District Attorney Abelino Reyna told Johnson, his former law partner:

“The local US Attorney’s Office informed us that they had been in contact with the San Antonio US Attorney’s Office, um, that that’s where the instruction came, that all the information was, um, deeply under seal, as it was relayed to us, um, but that at some point they would be willing to communicate with us regarding that investigation in the future but not now.”

And Johnson replied: “Well, to the extent I have the authority to order disclosure, um, if it comes to the knowledge of…of the District Attorney’s Office, uh, I would, uh, order that information disclosed.”

Shell Game

However the law is not a shell game. Following a 1963 Supreme Court ruling in a case titled Brady v. Maryland, withholding the evidence Broden seeks violates due process. The question then becomes, exactly the question posed in the February 12 hearing. What about pertinent evidence that is not in the possession of the prosecutors, but is in the possession of the federal investigators?

There is a legal precedent for that too. In a December 2004 ruling in a case titled United States v. Blanco, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled:

“Exculpatory evidence cannot be kept out of the hands of the defense just because the prosecutor does not have it, where an investigating agency does. That would undermine Brady by allowing the investigating agency to prevent production by keeping a report out of the prosecutor’s hands until the agency decided the prosecutor ought to have it, and by allowing the prosecutor to tell the investigators not to give him certain materials unless he asked for them.”

And yet, McLennan County prosecutors still seem about to indict more innocent people anyway.


42 Responses to “Waco Justice Shell Game”

  1. Nihilist Says:

    The fact that the conference is in Waco this year is beyond coincidental. Really adds credence to the whole notion that there was a set up from way back. A plan was hatched, people were put in place, cards were played…

  2. Phuquehed Says:

    Well, since the pig is one of the dumbest creatures walking the earth on two legs, there’s always going to be someone with just barely a little more intelligence than them to take their money. Steve ‘the lying faggot who has to have whores because he’s too fucking weird to get a normal woman and I’m a biker gang expert – just ask me!’ Cook is the ‘P.T. Barnum’ to the pigs.

    Then of course comes all other life forms on the planet that have a higher IQ then Cook and the pigs, starting with dog shit, then the worms in the dog shit, etc.

  3. Parsifal Says:

    @ Nihilist – yeah this steve crook fucker is a con artist. $350 a pop to blow smoke up some stupid little pig puppets ass. Squeel! Squeel! the big bad bikers are gonna get you!…. isn’t there some kind of law about taking peoples money and then lying to them?…. SCAM!

  4. Nihilist Says:

    Anybody else catch this? Ultimate dick move. Fucking douchery of the highest order. Iron, that is…I’m sure Steve Cook will be educating a whole slew of “expert witness testifiers” and “consultants.”


  5. Jim Crawford Says:

    This is not directly related but might provide insight into the Twin Peaks shooting.


    Everyone needs to band together to resist excessive use of force by LE, especially Fed LE, regardless of their social or ethnic identification.

    The big news is that FBI agents lied by claiming that they hadn’t discharged their weapons when they had. As a result, the needlessly escalated this situation to deadly force.

  6. brotherlove Says:

    “McLennan County officials have taken the lead in prosecuting the alleged perpetrators of the Twin Peaks carnage in order to provide a firewall against disclosure of the federal investigation that had foreknowledge of and may have instigated the Twin Peaks Massacre.”? Really, we know who the perpetrators are! Law enforcement!

  7. John Says:

    So much of the problem with this centers on people not earning their way. Whether we are talking about the Urine Odor or the Copsacks, the approach is the same. Instigate and evade. While the Urine Odor guys are mostly cops and can act without prosecution, the Copsacks provided an established group where they could instigate with a pre-supplied back story. Now, the media and law agencies are aggressively pursuing the Bandidos, feeding public opinion with the desired rhetoric, with little to no mention of the bacon-smelling instigators. When they are mentioned, you get the full “We are not outlaws” whining, and “We are not 1%ers” drivel. Of course they aren’t. They couldn’t dry the seat of a 1%ers motorcycle, much less earn that title. But they are real quick to say these things, while sporting 1%er tattoos, Ebay rings, and other regalia that was earned by the 1%ers through years of work, blood, sweat, and tears.
    I am a firm believer that these groups are tied into the same operation. There are many pictures and stories of Copsacks contacting 1%er organizations in an attempt to get them to patch them over. Once again, attempting to get something they could not earn. Now, it’s obvious as to why. More LEOs infiltrating other groups. And for those who aren’t LEOs, as far as they know, they are just furthering their SOA fantasy.
    Look around and you will see exactly what type of organization these are. For all of the homoerotic pictures of the Urine Odor, there are almost as many of the Copsacks. Birds of a feather. “Honoring” their patches. I have kept many of these pictures for entertainment and for showing people what not to do. Groups like these are too easy to infiltrate, providing a perfect route for these Feds and their motives. It is beyond time to publicize them and shun them all. Thank you Rebel for leading the way.

  8. von Zipper Says:

    Hopefully the c-sacks will stop the CIs and outright LEO members in their ranks from the distorted reality being portrayed to bolster their version of “truth”. How many Red and Gold do we see blabbing some BS story to whomever will listen? How many clubs came to pay respects to those who don’t deserve it? Not so with Candyman, real clubs pay real respect.

  9. oregonloner Says:

    Feds and cops, the universal cycle of bullshit. Thanks for staying with the story cant find it anywere else

  10. Brad Milch Says:

    Those who remember John Lennon’s solo album ‘Two Virgins’ & its infamous cover with both John & Yoko buck naked on the front & back covers may recall that the public reaction to the album covers was mixed: some thought John was displaying his total love & adoration of his new wife while others believed John was thumbing his nose (and his dick) at those in the music industry he didn’t like (or didn’t like him).
    There are similarities between John’s famous album & the shell game Rebel describes being played out by Waco bacon & judicial system figureheads from the get go. Those actors handling of the massacre that left nine men slaughtered in and around the Waco Twin Peaks parking lot to many is Waco bacon’s very own ‘Lennon naked pipe album’ in that their noses are thumbed at both bikers & the general public at large in & around Waco. There are some who see the carnage as the biker’s who fought & fired weapons that day way of thumbing their noses at bacon in general & those who do not like or appreciate the biker lifestyle. Those confused by what the virtual album cover represents needs to stay close to Rebel’s continuing saga & bring an umbrella to shield themselves from the piss flying at them from other sources IMHO.
    Keep on, keeping on, Rebel. The bacon & their legal conspirators aren’t fooling anyone on Waco II. Never had, never will.

  11. rrwerker Says:

    Our only hope is that the fame and notoriety of this may will shed enough light that it might attract attention to the obvious malfeasance of the Mclellan county justice system. Waco PD and the Sherrifs office AND the DPS
    All acting in a unconcienable way.
    I do not believe they thought this was going to go this way when they thought this up.
    The whole WORLD is watching.
    What the Cossacks/AC have done has caused MC’s EVERYWHERE to have to endure negative attention.
    The Waco area justice system folks will never be free of this
    It will follow them all for the rest of their lives.
    I speculate that their will be some break through some special thing or event that will break this blister and the puss will run out and slowly it will begin to heal.
    This whole thing is an exercise in pure Arrogance
    Interesting that the Cossacks/ AC decree that they will keep red and gold out of Mcellend county is exactly the same as the police that they will do the same.
    The fly in the buttermilk is that there wasn’t any Bandits living in mcellend county….

  12. Fr. Abraham Says:

    @Rebel, thanks again for not letting this situation fade away and be swept under the rug. Anyone who knows anything at all about the situation understands how ridiculously fubar the whole thing is, but sadly, many of my fellow Texans unfamiliar with the club community here are still clueless.

    Seriously, it’s shocking how many people see me in an SYLB t-shirt or have seen a sticker on the back of my cage, and ask me “aren’t those the guys who shot up that restaurant in Waco?”.

    I’ve been sharing your articles covering the situation on social media, in hopes that it opens the eyes of unaffiliated citizens to the reality of what the PoPo are doing in this state, so please keep the reports coming.

    In the meantime, respects to you and the rest of the real.

    -Fr. Abraham
    Descendants of Dust RC

  13. Austin Says:

    @JB re: …”Thank you for coverage on this. This is not a biker issue. This is not a club issue. This is not a Texas issue. Its a civil rights issue. Its withholding evidence.”

    Right F*ing On.
    I extend my continued gratitude Rebel, for your unyielding willingness to continue the hunt for truth, ask questions and kick stones over. I knew back in 2008, by the way I was told to disregard you … that you must be on the right track.

    I hope I live to see the day when all those dirty bastards go to jail. I may have to move to Iceland if I ever want to see true justice.

  14. Brad H Says:

    @diabolical impotence:

    In case y’all haven’t noticed, this author, while objective towards 1% clubs, doesn’t play favorites. He’s actually been accused of ignoring Bandidos. Case in point, Bandidos aren’t in the tag button area of this site. Can’t cover all the bases.

    While I don’t have a clue who y’all are, you’re definitely a cunt piece of shit. Fuck you and the honda you rode in on.


  15. Bone Head Says:

    Vago Dago E.C. Says:

    To Diabolical Insestuator.
    “…Too bad this isn’t a face to face forum, so we could see you sniveling in the corner as your surely do with perceived anonymity…”
    Jeez I’m glad it’s not. I’d be the unlucky bastard standing where I’d get his piss all over my boots!

  16. xplor Says:

    Why did Brandon Luce quit ? Was the shit getting too deep ?

  17. BMW Says:

    I would argue that the REAL racketeering in Whaco is done by the Whaco Injustice Industry.

    Racketeering is a concept that deals with a crooked situation in which an average person could not win, making the card game (for instance) into a racket. Based on everything I have read about Whaco over the past couple of decades, Whaco city hall and court house is just one big racket.

    @Definitely Idiot: you have to be pretty darn stupid to think that the average reader here wouldn’t recognize the smell of burnt bacon in your writing.


  18. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Red Flag springs to mind.

  19. Tricky Tramp Says:

    Go get them fucks Rebel. And what Parsifal said.

  20. Sieg Says:

    Ya know, in the old USSR, and to a lesser degree, as some love to point out, in the Third Reich, you could be tried for your life, found guilty, and executed, all in the space of a few minutes.

    We haven’t QUITE gotten there yet, but old Iron Feliks would be smiling to see how the FedCoats and the locals like the WacoCabal are working on it. Five minutes per case…if they could just set-up their own version of the Rossiya Insurance Building on Lubyanka Square, maybe they could get their times down to where they could try ’em, convict ’em, shoot ’em in the back of the head, and bury ’em in the basement, just like the good old days, and do it in maybe 10 minutes…now THAT would be impressive.

    Seriously-it’s heading there. All of you guys-and I know you’re good people, very erudite, and committed t the cause of freedom, you have to stop parsing legal definitions, and seeking new avenues of legal redress, cause all you’re doing is, bluntly, jacking-off. The Constitution is dead. Due-Process is a joke. The only way forward is with a rifle.


  21. Vago Dago E.C. Says:

    To Diabolical Insestuator,
    Why don’t you go play Hide and go Fuck yourself?
    Go to the mainstream media where you can subscribe to the same stupidity you spout.
    Too bad this isn’t a face to face forum, so we could see you sniveling in the corner as your surely do with perceived anonymity.
    Respect to the regulars.

  22. Vago Dago E.C. Says:

    This is a classic example of how out of control the sheeple have allowed their government to become. This criminal evolution of elected officials and LEO’s is well underway. We are the likely target of their “investigations, fabrications and false imprisonment as we are easy to identify, have strict code which (ultimately) has a way of protecting the corrupt officials and have a particular image built by the “official” propaganda.
    Watch your backs, keep your heads on a swivel, there is no telling who is next for them to frame in order to keep their funding coming from their partners in DC.
    Not to sound repetitive, but, respect to the few that deserve it, kudos to Rebel, FTF, and FT Urine Odor tools of the system.
    We have a common enemy who has the power and desire to destroy us with their lies and conspiracies, to ensure their paychecks.

  23. ghost Says:

    HEY diabolical insulator go fuck your self. Your obviously a troll of lame proportions.Rebel gets it right, and in my opinion fairly reports facts. I was an eye witness to more than a few stories that he has written about. He has always gotten the facts right, and reported unbiasedly. You sound like an iron order fag. F.O.A.D.

  24. ghost Says:

    This is a DONKEY SHOW OF EPIC PORPORTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Rebel Says:

    Dear Diabolical insulence,

    Do you think I am so stupid that I don’t know who you are?

    You’re not going to like the book. I bet you’ll read it anyway.


  26. Rojas Says:

    By the way, what was Assistant United States Attorney Mark Frazier doing at the grand jury hearing when the 106 indictments were handed down?
    Why did he make it a point to tell Spoonfed that it had nothing to do with that case?

  27. Rojas Says:

    Seems the sheriff has been invited to the cockfights once again. Split off the case into federal jurisdiction where they can avoid the open and affirmative discovery rule provided by the Michael Morton Act.
    Shell game indeed….

    Nailed it once again Rebel

  28. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As listed in the court doc’s March 22,2015 at 1:09pm a C was hit in the head with a hammer by a B support and they took his vest..at 3:15pm that day a B was ran off the road badly beaten and his motorcycle was taken..the B was in ICU up until March 28th as also listed in the court doc’s the B’s being at the Flying J truck stop / Dennys being a block from the HOSPITAL that their brother was in…operation bottom rocker began on March 22, that’s 56 days to May 17th.
    They was not on the scene they was hiding beside Don Carlos parking and in the shopping center those who was beside DC..opened fire placing their own officer’s in a cross-fire situation which is how a bullet wizzed by officer Fench head way back behind TP hitting a orange truck at Charming Charles.

    In the press conference of the 44 casings the Chief Stroman was asked how many shots fired by the bikers, those are still being counted. So as of the 44 casings recovered NONE WAS OF NON-LE SHOOTERS and 12 of those 44 casings was from the 3 officer’s with the rifles of the. 223 rounds that killed 4 of the 9. There for as 14 officer’s placed on administrative leave as standard procedure after firing their weapons that day, so what did the other 11 officer’s fire and kill?
    They are charging people with the crime that the Police committed.

  29. Robert Says:

    Last post so enjoy it. Wish I could spit on all the cop-hate but I can’t Tough gig with mfs shooting you out of nowhere But only case of cop-killed-by-biker I found is Robert Simon and he was just some asshole fleeing a crime. Most of yall are good hombres that should be left alone But do you really want to be left alone. Thx Rebel

  30. Diabolical insulence Says:

    Wow. You have got to be kidding me with all this bullshit. You have you facts so fucked up it’s amazing you can see straight. Your sucking so much red and gold dick it’s unreal!! Please do the civilized population a favor and stop blogging this bullshit! Either report actual UNBIASED facts and information or shut the fuck up.

  31. T Hell Says:

    We wait and we wait. 106 individuals with the presumption of innocence over guilt were bound over by a grand jury based solely on the evidence put forth to them by the prosecution, one hundred and six in a time span of nine hours, roughly five minutes per case. Five minutes, five. Why bother to lie when the truth is so obvious? The answer quite simply is to bend and perverse the reality to fit your desired outcome, whether that outcome is to eliminate the perceived biker menace or to gain personally in the upcoming election for sheriff. Yet now the prosecution begs for more time. Tic tock, tick toc… What happened to the evidence that was enough for a grand jury to move forward….
    The release of all prosecutorial evidence beneficial to the defense under Brady V Maryland has always been an interesting concept as to its basic wording it does not say that all evidence be released only that all evidence beneficial to the defense be released, and the arbitrar of that evidence is the prosecution. Admittedly fully 46% of those wrongly convicted in the U.S. are convicted due to the lack of evidence released by the DOJ and LE under Brady, 46%! Don’t hold your breath for a just outcome with these government sponsored criminals, the pea under the shell has been slid off the table by these fucks on day one.


  32. JB Says:

    I enjoy your articles and just want to say Thank You.
    Thank you for coverage on this. This is not a biker issue. This is not a club issue. This is not a Texas issue. Its a civil rights issue. Its withholding evidence.
    I am a concerned citizen and praise you for all you do. God Bless the Aging Rebel.

  33. Mama G Says:

    NC Rider
    PERFECT!! I could not have said it better myself.
    Rebel keep shining the light.

  34. Whobe Says:

    “All parties involved know that the vast majority of the 186 people who have been arrested or indicted so far, including most members of the Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars, Bogatyrs and other motorcycle clubs who were at the Twin Peaks that day, were innocent victims of a confrontation engineered by high ranking members of the Cossacks.”

    Truth finds a way. Time tells all. Read that sentence several times. It’s important.


  35. Sieg Says:

    As our Nation slowly sinks under the weight of illegal invasion, our young men and women come home in body-bags from Fourth-World pestholes, and our cities fall apart around us.


  36. xplor Says:

    Well done. We can add Pat Swanton to the list of people that prejudice the administration of justice . He called 186 people criminal gangsters. Would you say folks are innocent until proven guilty ?

  37. USN Dragon Says:

    Right now all the little Chicken-Shits think they have it all figured out. Thing is, all little Chicken-Shits eventually have to come Home to Roost.

  38. NCRider Says:

    Outstanding, Rebel. People are listening for this very reason. Your gift in journalism and your loyal dedication is amazing. Pour it on! Can’t wait for your book.


    Justice For The Waco Hostages

  39. Parsifal Says:

    ^^^^ And its all smoke and mirrors.

  40. Gooch Says:

    Heartbeats, they were racin’
    Freedom, he was chasin’
    Spotlights, sirens, rifles firing
    But he made it out
    With a bullet in his back


    ~ AC/DC Jail Break Lyrics

  41. Punisher Keeper Says:

    All in the name of power and control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Gooch Says:

    Somebody spit on that pussy Reyna before we eat em, Man get these whack prosecutors off the case!! Where the fuck is Judge Lance Ito when you need him?

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