James “Dago” Marchellino

February 25, 2016

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James "Dago" Marchellino

Somebody you would have liked died Tuesday.

James “Dago” Marchellino was a 36 year 11 month veteran of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club, a lover of life, a shrewd observer, an ex-convict, a singer of songs and sometimes an inspiration to those who knew him.

He wrote:

This centerpiece and rocker’s from the family that I’m in.
I wear ‘em on my leathers and they’re tattooed on my skin.
And this diamond on my heart means I’m not a part
Of your ‘great society.’
So you understand why Uncle Sam
Ain’t got no use for Scooter Trash like me.

Marchellino was, for example, the inspiration for the well known newsletter Brothers Behind Bars which is distributed free to incarcerated members of all motorcycle clubs in prisons that allow their prisoners to read it. In the August 2014 issue of Brothers Behind Bars, editor Mike Davis explains:

“First Brother to receive the initial newsletter (not really a newsletter back then), was Sons Of Silence Dago. Dago transferred from Iowa to my Chapter in Minnesota.  Shortly after moving to Minnesota and even before he changed his Iowa Rocker to Minnesota he found himself in a little hot water – parole violation.” “Basically I printed some jokes off, dropped them in the mail to my new chapter Brother Dago. I figure if I could put a smile on his face for even a few seconds that was well worth a 33-cent stamp.”

While serving the remainder of his punishment for a possession charge at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – St. Cloud, Marchellino took up the guitar and started recording the songs he wrote. He called his work “honest music about life.” Eventually he formed a band called “Dago and Criminal History.” His words ring true to men of a certain age and a certain background.

And these sleds we ride are as different
As the colors that we fly.
But underneath it’s all the same –
We’ve got to ride or die.
This club life ain’t for everyone
And I wouldn’t want to do it if it was;
‘Cause it takes a certain kind of man
To live the way a One Percenter does.
Yeah, it takes a better kind of man
To live the life a One Percenter does.

Dago Marchellino fell ill suddenly February 23. He died at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines later that day. In addition to his club brothers, he is survived by his wife, Dale; his two daughters, Jami Fite and Megan Marchellino; and his mother, Dorothy Hansen.

There will be a viewing this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. followed by a funeral service at the Hausbarn Conference Center in Manning, Iowa. The service will be followed by a reception.

James “Dago” Marchellino was just 58-years-old. His body has died. His thoughts, his words, the sound of his voice and his soul remain.

Donec Mors Non Separat

Requiscat In Pace


57 Responses to “James “Dago” Marchellino”

  1. Garry Huckfeldt Says:

    Remember the first time I met Dago it was at slick sully’s in Marshalltown Ia he was big part of a very special Brotherhood called the Son’s of silence Good people all of them You will be missed Dago 1% in time we will met again RIP my friend

  2. Barb Murfield Says:

    I felt privaleded this man called me his friend.Will miss you Dago. Give my Love to Toe Knee. I am glad I was able to come and celebrate your life.Love and Respect Dago

  3. Steel Says:

    RIP Dago.

    My sincere condolences to the SOS MC. His music has to be a club treasure.



  4. Gunny Says:

    Rest in peace brother your music will be missed

  5. BigV Says:


    Unbreakable until the end.

    Listening to his music kept me from blowing my brains out more than a few times.

  6. PJ Says:

    Condolences to those left behind.

  7. FF Says:

    He must have been a great leader of men, both loved and respected. My condolences to his Brothers, Family and Friends. Peace.

    I was intrigued, googled it; looks like a beautiful place for a farewell…


  8. Boom IMC 1%er Says:


  9. KEYS 1% Says:

    R.I.P. Brother DAGO 1%er – perhaps we’ll meet in the Forever Pack. I really dig what I read above and wish I’d have heard of ya sooner… RESPECT

    Keys 1%

  10. Kid 1%ER Says:

    We lost a great brother and a true 1%ER. He will be sorely missed.

  11. Solo Says:

    Ride Free Dago 1%er

  12. sherides Says:

    Sincere condolences to Dago’s Brothers, family, and friends.


  13. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Deepest condolences to the man’s brothers, family, and friends.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  14. RtC Says:

    Heartfelt CONDOLENCES to the Sons, family & friends of Dago1%. RIP-GBNF
    ROCK ON!

  15. Vader Says:

    Sincere condolences to Dago’s family and his SOS brothers. I’ve spent many a night sitting around the fire drinking with my brothers listening to Dago’s tunes coming from the CD player on my Prez’s sled.

  16. Hans Says:

    My sincere condolences to those that knew and loved him.


  17. Clem Says:

    You will be missed. Condolences to Dago’s family and Nation. RIP

  18. puterindabasketchief Says:

    Another giant in this world gone too soon. Condolences to his Club, Brothers, family and friends.

    Ride in Peace.

  19. Marine Rider Civvy Says:

    RIP Dago 1%er

    Thanks for the music, the BBB newsletter and all of your contributions to our lifestyle. Condolences to Family, Friends and the SOS Nation.


  20. Hammond Says:

    I have known Dago since the mid-70’s. I remember how excited he was when he got patched. Very sorry to see him go. Condolences to his friends, family and brothers. Rest in peace Dago 1%er SOSMC.

  21. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    To the Brothers, family and friends of Dago 1% may your grief pass swiftly your heart beat proudly for the many contributions Dago 1% made to the 1%’er life, he was truely a remarkable man.

    RIP Dago 1%.

    Viva Los Vagos

  22. Susie P Says:

    RIP sir. A true man Say hi to Fog for me. May you ride among the clouds and free foever.

  23. freebird014 Says:

    R.I.P Condolences to his Family and Brothers.

  24. bcnasty Says:

    My sincere condolences to his brothers, family and all that loved the man.
    R.I.P. Dago

  25. Vagos Dago E.C. Says:

    Condolences to the Brothers, family and friends of Dago.
    Respect to those who have earned it,
    Dago 1%er, Vagos MC

  26. Sandmann Says:

    Requiescant in pace. Sincere condolences to his family and his brothers.

  27. Paladin Says:

    Sincere condolences to Dago’s family, Club and Brothers. Long May he ride.


  28. Blast from the past Brother Says:

    Many great miles & memories of broken couches, flaming hayrides and pitchers of Willies. You’re now with you blood Tony and many others who are also missed greatly.
    Can almost hear JR hollering at ya now.
    Here’s to you my brother Dago 1%er !
    Love & Respect Always,

  29. 10Guage Says:

    We lost a real man that meant something and contributed something to this life we live. My sincere condolences to all that knew and loved him.

    Fuck the Fake

  30. JMacK Says:

    Condolences and Respects to the Family and Brothers of Dago.

    Ride On


  31. Dark Corner Says:

    Sincere condolences to Dago’s family and to the SOS.

  32. Kenny 1% Says:

    The 1%er world will miss u Dago 1%er.G.B.N.F.
    I met this brother at a C.O.C. many years ago. We both had decided enough of our beloved brothers had died in needless confrontations. On his word I rode 600 miles alone and partyed with him and his S.O.S.brothers. He was a man of his word full of love for our world. He is in the forever world with his blood brother now. Love u Dago 1%er….c u one day.

  33. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    May the streets of Paradise tremble with the thunder of his approach.

  34. Potmetal Says:

    Deepest condolences to the SOSMC.

    Ride on Dago, the view must be amazing!

  35. Nobody Important Says:

    I note the gentleman’s passing… with respect.

  36. Tommy Says:

    RIP DAGO! Too young….Thoughts and prayers to his brothers

  37. Cap'n Bill Says:

    Ride In Peace, Dago


  38. BACKWARDS BOB1%er Says:


  39. Sheryl Davis George Says:

    RIP DAGO!! Please tell my daddy CHUCKER I miss him. And thank you sir for telling me about my daddy and I’m so very sorry that I never had the chance to meet you. But I thank you for your kindness. GOD BLESS

  40. ghost Says:

    condolences to family and club! sounds like a cool dude!

  41. swampy Says:

    Sincerest condolences to all who knew and loved him.

  42. Westside Says:

    Rest in Peace SOS Dago 1%er. My condolences to his Brothers, Family and friends.

    SOS Mike 1%er is a class act. His BBB newsletter has touched the souls of lounge lizards around the world.

  43. NOS4A2 Says:

    Fell ill suddenly and died later that day. 58 years old. A young man by today’s standards. Condolences to Dago’s family, Brothers and friends.

  44. Ziocles Says:

    RIP Dago.

    Condolences to Club, Brothers and Family.

  45. Jim666 Says:

    Man,, hate to read this, I remember hearing his music a few years back,
    one of his brothers, who has also passed turned me on to it.
    Rest in peace Dago 1%er SOSMC
    Condolences to his family,friends,and brothers.

  46. Phuquehed Says:

    Condolences to Dago’s family, Brothers and friends. Keep him always in your memories.

  47. Johnny Rotten Says:

    R.I.P. Dago
    Love his music
    M.l.R. and condolances to the Sons and his loved ones


  48. dogbreath Says:

    If any of Mr. Marchellino’s music has been preserved for the ages, and the buying of such would provide sustenance and succor to those left behind, I would be interested in purchasing.

    R.I.P. Dago. Condolences to all who knew and loved him.

    If I am wrong, then there exists a Heaven, and if such a thing is possible, he rides on, unfettered, free and full throttle.

  49. Adios Says:

    My condolences to the family, friends and SOS Nation

    RIP my friend


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