James “Dago” Marchellino

February 25, 2016

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James "Dago" Marchellino

Somebody you would have liked died Tuesday.

James “Dago” Marchellino was a 36 year 11 month veteran of the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club, a lover of life, a shrewd observer, an ex-convict, a singer of songs and sometimes an inspiration to those who knew him.

He wrote:

This centerpiece and rocker’s from the family that I’m in.
I wear ‘em on my leathers and they’re tattooed on my skin.
And this diamond on my heart means I’m not a part
Of your ‘great society.’
So you understand why Uncle Sam
Ain’t got no use for Scooter Trash like me.

Marchellino was, for example, the inspiration for the well known newsletter Brothers Behind Bars which is distributed free to incarcerated members of all motorcycle clubs in prisons that allow their prisoners to read it. In the August 2014 issue of Brothers Behind Bars, editor Mike Davis explains:

“First Brother to receive the initial newsletter (not really a newsletter back then), was Sons Of Silence Dago. Dago transferred from Iowa to my Chapter in Minnesota.  Shortly after moving to Minnesota and even before he changed his Iowa Rocker to Minnesota he found himself in a little hot water – parole violation.” “Basically I printed some jokes off, dropped them in the mail to my new chapter Brother Dago. I figure if I could put a smile on his face for even a few seconds that was well worth a 33-cent stamp.”

While serving the remainder of his punishment for a possession charge at the Minnesota Correctional Facility – St. Cloud, Marchellino took up the guitar and started recording the songs he wrote. He called his work “honest music about life.” Eventually he formed a band called “Dago and Criminal History.” His words ring true to men of a certain age and a certain background.

And these sleds we ride are as different
As the colors that we fly.
But underneath it’s all the same –
We’ve got to ride or die.
This club life ain’t for everyone
And I wouldn’t want to do it if it was;
‘Cause it takes a certain kind of man
To live the way a One Percenter does.
Yeah, it takes a better kind of man
To live the life a One Percenter does.

Dago Marchellino fell ill suddenly February 23. He died at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines later that day. In addition to his club brothers, he is survived by his wife, Dale; his two daughters, Jami Fite and Megan Marchellino; and his mother, Dorothy Hansen.

There will be a viewing this Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. followed by a funeral service at the Hausbarn Conference Center in Manning, Iowa. The service will be followed by a reception.

James “Dago” Marchellino was just 58-years-old. His body has died. His thoughts, his words, the sound of his voice and his soul remain.

Donec Mors Non Separat

Requiscat In Pace


58 Responses to “James “Dago” Marchellino”


    Miss the man, miss the voice. Didn’t think anyone could sing my demon to sleep, but Dago did. If anyone can get me in touch with how to get his CD’s, please shoot me an email…[email protected]

  2. Mark "The Cowboy" Lee Says:

    Today I found you had passed. Had I known, all hell and high water wouldn’t have kept me away. You saved my ass so many times you couldn’t count them in the stars. “Big Jim” is how I knew ya’ but I respect the man who was “Dago.” Soon, my old friend, I’ll be ridin’ with ya’ among the stars and there’ll be no hard ground to camp upon. I rode the Last Chapter, ’till they were rice rocket fools and got my leg shattered by a rich shit’s Mercedes. I never knew anyone with hate toward you and the respect you earned made our crew true. You battled me through what I had to do, and God help the fool who messed with your crew. The end of my proud association ended when my ex-bitch dumped my colors, while I was doin’ a dime with “Z” in Anamosa. My glory days ended with a whimper and whine, but when I needed my brothers I found ass holes instead. I proved myself in ’75, but today, like you my days are numbered. Not in the “Blaze of Glory” which we wanted to go, but as a walking wounded, patch not included. I am an old rebel, just like you, but too many scars have taken their toll. I live in Norse land Iowa now and nobody knows the glory and wild times we shared as modern “cowboys.” My story was played in a movie with Matt Dillon, and you could always count on me and “Z” for good information. I have missed you for years and would have done anything, even federal time to stand shoulder to shoulder with you again, even in the face of a .44 – a snitch, and even a fed.
    The Cowboy whose herd was everything good out of a pharmacy. Wish I’d been smart like you and gone with the Sons ’cause time ain’t nothin’ but a thing the man steals from those who are free!!! God bless your woman and kids. To my old friend, Dago and Big Jim.

  3. Sissy Says:

    Wow what a loss to his family and his SOS Family and friends. I thought that i had heard correctly but was all along hoping it wasnt so. The music isnt goung to be jusy quite the. same hell life wont be the same.with that said how can i get my collections of his music that desperately needs replaced. Now due to theiven idiots.

  4. leah Says:

    sending my heart felt condolences to his family and the sos brotherhood, he was my friend, my hero and one of the kindest and most intelligent men I have ever met, I knew him for a very long time and will miss him forever, I always considered him my brother and the sons my family, I know he is with JR,Dutch, silver tongue and all the brothers he loved so much ride on my dear friend forever in the wind

  5. grant philpot Says:

    if i may donec mors seperat s.f.f.s id like to get that tattooed on myself let me know if you will let me thank you grant philpot

  6. grant philpot Says:

    s.o.s id like to wish condolences to every one , he was a good man id like int thinking i could say i think hed like me to and id still stick up for him because it wasnt me but in the end we all knew it just wasnt to see it was her cousin not her and the one we still want by our sides is the one and only in our memory not writing this stupid fucking letter . thank you to the sons of silence in everything for everything

  7. Hose-A 1%er Says:

    Condolences to his family and SOS Brothers.I’ve been listening to your music for a few years thanks to Mike 1%er.I wish i had met you in person.Perhaps we can ride together in the forever pack one day..
    Respect to the ones that deserve it Hose-a 1%er Pagan’s M.C retired.
    F.T.F & urine order

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