Cheville Released

March 30, 2009

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Brandon “Suicide” Cheville, a member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club who was arrested last week in Boone, Iowa, was released without bail on personal recognizance almost immediately after being taken into custody.

United States Judge Ross A. Walters ordered Cheville released after he was booked. Under the terms of his release, Cheville was ordered not to get drunk or break the law, not to leave the state except to consult with a lawyer and to stay at home between ten at night and six in the morning.

He is due to report at ten am today, March 30th, for a habeas corpus hearing in the United States Courthouse in Des Moines.

Cheville is one of 79 people who were named in a Federal indictment that accuses the Mongols of being an ongoing criminal enterprise. The indictment was unsealed on October 21, 2008. Sixty-one suspects were arrested that day in a series of theatrically orchestrated raids in seven states.

What Did He Do

Cheville is the 12th suspect arrested since the initial raids. Virtually all of the accused have been locked up in Los Angeles without the opportunity to post bail for the last five months.

Mostly, the government is accusing Cheville of being a loyal member of the Mongols. He is also accused of assaulting a member of another motorcycle club, knowing which end of a gun to point away from his face and “arranging to purchase” a thousand grams of an alkali called cocaine. Cocaine is an illegal substance refined from the leaves of the South American coca plant. Cocaine is widely reported to be a stimulant and it was Sigmund Freud’s drug of choice.

Cheville was featured on the Fox Television Network program America’s Most Wanted in November 2008 and he was apprehended as a result of a tip phoned into that show. On its web site, America’s Most Wanted has been publicizing Cheville as “AMW Capture #1062.” However, during its broadcast Saturday night, the show did not mention either Cheville’s apprehension or his release.

Cheville has been working in Boone as a tattoo artist.

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