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February 23, 2016

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Friend Of The Iron Order

If you are trying to avoid members of the Iron Order, you might want to skip this year’s Four Corners Motorcycle Rally.

The rally sort of dates to 1993 when former United States Senator, and motorcycle enthusiast, Ben Nighthorse Campbell invented the Four Corners Iron Horse Motorcycle Rally. The Labor Day Weekend event was cancelled in 2002, a few months after an infamous biker brawl the previous Spring in Laughlin, Nevada, when Hells Angels appeared in Durango and the ten local police on duty at the time felt afraid and “overwhelmed.” Then and now, the rally was centered at the Sky Ute Fairgrounds in Ignacio, Colorado. Subsequent rallies in the same general location were known as the Rally in the Rockies, Ignacio Bike Week, the Four Corners Biker Rally and now the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Johnny T. Valdez, a former poker dealer and Executive Officer with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe bought the rally in 2015.

The rally anticipates 38,000 attendees next September and most of them will come from Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix and North Texas.

Friends Of The Rally

On its official website, the rally lists 33 sponsors (“Without them, there would be no rally”) that include Budweiser, Pepsi, Wells Fargo, the Durango Area Tourism Office, the Sky Ute Casino, Law Tigers, Durango Harley, the Indian dealer in Albuquerque and several local businesses.

The website also lists eight “Friends of the Rally (While not officially sponsors of the rally, the following help us out in many ways)” that include Senator Campbell, the Southern Ute Tribe, the Christian Motorcyclists Association and the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The thank you to the rally’s friends includes a link to the Iron Order website.

The warm embrace of the Iron Order by this rally is notable given that members of the club have been involved in two high profile gunfights in the last month. An Iron Order member also participated in a less well known, drive by shooting in DeRidder, Louisiana on December 23. The intended victims of that shooting were members of the Los Solitarios Motorcycle Club. The club openly urges members to carry guns and trains members about what to say to police after they discharge them.

Shooting Before Last

In order to avoid the trouble that seems to follow Iron Order members around like a dark cloud, Jim Wear, who will promote a motorcycle event in Colorado Springs early next month, announced yesterday that the Iron Order has voluntarily agreed to avoid the Colorado Springs event. Wear promotes the Colorado Motorcycle Expo in Denver where an Iron Order member and Colorado prison guard named Derrick “Kong” Duran shot and killed Mongols Motorcycle Club member Victor “Nubs” Mendoza on January 30.

No Iron Ordfer member has been charged in any of these crimes.

In commenting on his club’s voluntary agreement to stay away from Wear’s events, Iron Order “Director of the Division of Legal Affairs” John Whitfield told the Denver Post, “We are trying to be reasonable. We have got a right to go, but the reasonable and safe thing to do right now is agree not to go.” Whitfield also said, “When we are the target of these unlawful attacks, it doesn’t make good sense to be going to any of these events.”



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  1. rollinnorth Says:

    This troll, Cyndi, is a good example of that old saying, “Children should be
    seen, not heard.”


  2. stroker Says:


    What Shovelhead said.

  3. panamaa Says:


    Cynical ain’t got a fucking clue….

    Respects to you sir…

  4. Shovelhead Says:

    Tough opponent?? Are you fucking serious? IO are a bunch of Cowards, too chicken shit to fight. That’s why they have to pull a gun and shoot unarmed, Real Men!!
    Problem here is, you obviously have never been around real Bikers, so you have no idea what real Brotherhood is. You have no idea what it’s like to be around Men who have balls.
    If your only knowledge of Bikers are the IO, no wonder you’re saying such fucked up shit. Get away from those rats…yes Cynical the IO is known throughout the land as rats, running to the cops and ratting on anyone and everyone they can. No honor, no pride, no Brotherhood. Just a bunch of fake wannabee tough guys, children really, who watch too much TV.

  5. Sieg Says:

    Cynical, put Cgar’s dick back in your mouth-you’re leaking.

    Fuck the tin scumbags

  6. Cynical Says:

    @Count Blackula, at least someone understands. The IO isn’t going anywhere whether people like it or not. They are literally growing by the day. 1%ers can keep fucking with them like they’ve been doing, it’s not going to phase them, I promise. They may not be 1%ers, but that doesn’t make them any less of a tough opponent.

  7. Tomo Says:

    I think it’s worth noting, and my UK inhabitants will correct me if I’m wrong: but the one thing that appears to give the whole IO charade away is that you just have to look at the lack of chapters in the UK.
    In the UK, you don’t get to carry a firearm unless you’re a bodyguard of the prime minister or Royalty, and the penalty for killing someone can be less than the average length of a marriage if you’ve got a good barrister.
    And if you walk around thinking that you can start something that takes the piss out of that something that people take seriously and respect – let’s take MC’s for instance – it won’t be just the local MC’s that want to give you a trip to A&E – the local populace will do the job just as enthusiastically.
    My dad always said that the UK was 20yrs behind the USA when it came to stuff – fashion, cable TV, internet speeds, whatever. I can see the government would like the nanny/police state, but they’ve still yet to get to that place the US Government has gotten to today, and have to consider the possibility that sometimes the public may actually fuck things up by voting the ‘wrong way’ and demonstrating on the streets so vociferously that it adds another few years to them achieving ‘paradise’.

  8. Phuquehed Says:

    The pigs *are* a ‘gang’. The largest in the USA. They’re useful only to the most pussy, whiny, big-government-is-best-for-me faggots who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet single ply piece of toilet paper if they were being raped and robbed simultaneously.


  9. Parsifal Says:

    It is my personal opinion that the “Cop Gangs,” are nothing but BAIT. Freaking assed cheese in the trap BAIT. At sometime in the future when nobody rises to the BAIT?…. their cop buddies will turn on them. That is when the Bait becomes the “MAIN COURSE.” {For everybody.} May Karma Fuck Them All.

  10. Drifter Says:

    Good job Sieg…

  11. Sieg Says:

    A FB exchange with someone that claims to work for the rally. Nice dancing on the answer, I rephrased it, see what they say, but you can see, anyone can bring in anything, and as long as you don’t “cause a problem”, you’re all good. Let me unpack that a bit, if you’re a urine odor chump, and you bring in a piece, then use it during an unprovoked attack, you can hide behind your badge, or have ten of your buddies swear you were in your very own safe-space when it happened. Any NORMAL rider, you know, the kind that DOESN’T talk to pigs, will be charged with whatever felonies they can think of for having a “weapon”.

    Sieg: Will sworn leo be allowed to bring firearms into the event?

    Like · Reply · 1 · March 6 at 9:15am

    Katy Five-O’five Yocum;
    I work for the Rally and just happened to see your question…I texted the owner to make sure of the exact response…someone will return an answer to you soon

    Like · Reply · March 6 at 11:36pm

    Sieg; Thank you, Ma’am.

    Like · Reply · 1 · March 7 at 7:05am

    Katy Five-O’five Yocum;
    Sieg Okay…here is the answer I got from the owners …word for word from their text…(1) “NO weapons on or in /rally grounds …Rally grounds is considered any open or public accessible area including vendor rows, bike event areas, roadways, beer garden and the VIP area as well. ANY public area. That includes concealed or open carry…(2) At your camp, that is considered your home, you are allowed to have you own personal protection…., you will not be searched or asked any questions about your personal camp area as long as you have not caused any trouble or given any reason to be looked into. There will be security of several sources on site 24/7 who will have wands for searching persons and bags…if you refuse to be wanded you will be asked to leave..” Outside their official statement above I do know from working here for the enitrety of the rally and with the three different owners the enforcement will be from several sources…Ute Tribal Law Enforcement, local Sherriff Dept, and our own staff Security…I do believe at times there have been Colorado State Police and Local Ignacio Police as well. I cannot say for certain which will be there this year but I am sure most of the entities listed will have a presence.

    Like · Reply · March 7 at 11:22pm · Edited

    Sieg; Katy Five-O’five Yocum thank you for your response. Basically, you can bring in any weapons you care to, as long as you leave them at your camp-site, correct? My main question, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear about this, was “will sworn law-enforcement officers be allowed to carry their weapons into the rally?” As I’m sure you are aware, under the “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act”, all active and qualified retired LEO are allowed to carry in any state, at any time, with certain very limited exceptions. If you could check that out for me, I would be most appreciative.

  12. Potmetal72 Says:

    ^^^^ Truth right there ^^^^

    I would imagine this cat is a dyed in the wool IO groupie of the highest order. Shovelhead is 100% correct.

  13. Shovelhead Says:

    Jonny Girl:
    Retired Military? really?
    The way you talk, I would’ve guessed a pre-teen living in a SOA fantasy world.
    Friends of IO?, That pretty much tells everyone here all we need to know about you. By the way, If you’re really have friends in IO, you do not have friends in any 1%er club.

  14. Bla,bla,bla Says:

    Here’s the truth for all you rubs, yuppies & wannabe bikers…real bikers in any reputable club (like myself) know that the “IRON-ORDER” is a “COP-CLUB”…that’s why no arrests have been made even with the pics, and there won’t be,if it was me in those pics I’d be in prison already…stay away from them they will try to start shit (egg U on) with anyone, club or not…there the worst so called “CLUB” around but they are a “GANG” the biggest, and can do anything they want (and they will) and get away with it so don’t fall into their trick bag you won’t win…FUCK THE IRON ORDER…

  15. RtC Says:

    AND he seems to be good in their standings with his homosexual tendencies, huh

  16. Parsifal Says:

    ^^^^@ Jonny – and yet here you are once again. you have friends in the urine odor – BFD anybody that is a friend of them can never be a friend of mine.

  17. Count Blackula Says:

    Iron Order membership is growing and growing. They do not accept the rules of one percenter clubs Regarding what they can wear or where they can go and are not going to abide by them.
    Members of one percenter clubs are going to just have to accept that and leave them alone. it’s a fight that you cannot win.

  18. Jonny Rico Says:

    For your info I am not a member of the IO do I have friends that are yes I do but I also have friends that wear green, Red and other colors yes i do. There is nothing important on this website and I was told to check it out and see what shit was on here and its about a good as obama saying he is the best president of all time. Oh I am retired military and I have outstanding Ins.

  19. Nobody Important Says:

    I don’t hate IO. I also don’t hate shitty weather, losing a tire at speed, getting the squirts from road food, and having my bike break.

    I just accept them as being one of that various unpleasantries of life that I have little control over.

  20. Tommy Says:

    The Iron Order will self destruct on their own in good time, They dont need our help.

    Their lack of control over their members speaks volumes and ultimately will be the end of their charade.

  21. Paladin Says:

    It would seem that in short order the only place the io will be welcome, will in each other’s bathrooms. Venue operators and establishment owners have and will close their doors to the io for liability reasons. MCs and independent riders have and will shun the io, not out of fear, but because the io and its members are just flat disgusting.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


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