More Air Miles For Shark

February 20, 2016

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More Air Miles For Shark

There was another Iron Order Motorcycle Club involved shooting last night, at the gas pumps of the Kickapoo Convenience Store near Harrah, Oklahoma. Harrah is about 25 miles east of Oklahoma City. The pumps are about a hundred yards from the Kickapoo Casino Harrah.

Shootings involving the Iron Order are becoming increasingly frequent. Three weeks ago, an Iron Order member and Colorado prison guard named Derrick “Kong” Duran murdered one member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and seriously wounded another at the climax of an altercation at the Colorado Motorcycle Exposition in Denver. Duran, of Longmont, Colorado, is the vice-president of the Firestone, Colorado chapter of the Iron Order. He has not been charged with any crime which is typical of Iron Order shootings.

The Iron Order, which includes numerous sworn peace officers, trains members to use deadly force against members of other motorcycle clubs. Police officers within the club coach other members about what to say to investigating police officers after these shootings. The club has its own “Division of Legal Affairs.” The “Director” of that “Division” is a small town accident lawyer named John C. “Shark” Whitfield. Whitfield flies to the scenes of these crimes, speaks on behalf of the gunmen, lobbies local police, and makes exculpatory statements to the local press. He is good at it. Iron Order members typically explain to police that they are a “law abiding motorcycle club” with many police members and portray themselves as victims. It works.

What Happened

According to both local sources and local news accounts, last night’s shooting involved three men.  Lincoln County Sheriff Charlie Dougherty told television station KWTV that all three men opened fire. One man, a member of the Oklahoma City based Rednecks Motorcycle Club, was shot in the leg. His injury is not life threatening.

According to a local source, as the Redneck passed “a group” of Iron Order riders on Oklahoma Route 62 one of those riders swerved out in front of the Redneck. The source believes that members of the Iron Order followed the Redneck to the gas pumps. According to Sheriff Dougherty, “A couple of them blocked off a guy and an altercation took place. And then from that point it became a gun battle.”

Aerial footage showed five motorcycles at the shooting scene. Two of the motorcycles were overturned.

The shooting is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Lincoln and Pottawatomie County Sheriffs Deputies and Kickapoo Tribal Police.


46 Responses to “More Air Miles For Shark”

  1. iomclaughable Says:

    I live in the town (Madisonville, KY) where “Shark” lives. The IOMC is laughable. Most of the “brothers” have regular blue-collar jobs and ride very little. They do have a nice club house, though called Black Diamond. Wear their cut on the weekends and the rest of the week toe the line. No one is afraid of them or actually no one thinks about them one way or the other. We may get a good chuckle once in a while, especially at the expense of one of the members named Ron. He’s always on the local Topix board. It’s really funny. If you have time to kill, go read it.

  2. Ol'LadyRider Says:


    Agreed. I don’t patronize that establishment at all anymore. The cult rolled in, I rolled out… forever and ever, Amen.

  3. wild hogg Says:

    I’ve seen the fags hang out at the Hooters bike night in San Marcos off Nordahl rd. They are there all the time. Seen 1 or 2 on the 78 near vista (sycamore ave) a few times. The bike nights aren’t going on right now but I’m sure when they start back up again you will find the urine order there.

    bike night event:

  4. Philo_Bedo Says:


    “pick a fight with a 12 year old and shoot one?”

    That’s only when they’re on duty bud….


  5. Punisher Keeper Says:

    If this is a Fed operation of any kind its going to be exposed sooner then later I truly believe this is going to back fire on these fools… One day at a time!!!!

  6. dogbreath Says:

    I think Dave is onto something. Call the promoters of every event and inquire about their IO policy. Dozens of phone calls will get their attention, hundreds of them may initiate action. Maybe even rent a table and then cancel so that they can see a financial impact.

    Don’t know much about tribal laws and Indian Reservations – perhaps each one has it’s own rules. They are certainly legal on the ones I am familiar with in the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain states.

  7. Vader Says:

    How many instance have wee now seen of IO guys being involved in shootings like this in just the past year or two? This is fucking crazy. If this was any of the traditional MC’s out there behaving like this, the Fed’s would have already declared open war against them. They’d be full blown military style raids on every clubhouse and hang out that club has. But since it’s the Urine Order…. nothing. Think about that.

    Respect to all who have earned it.

  8. Steel Says:

    That Nashville video was pure propaganda. Unbelievable.

    I’m sure UO’s lawyer will be in OKC blaming the Rednecks MC for this as he has done in Colorado blaming Mongols MC. A day of reckoning is coming for the UO.

    Respects to the deserving


  9. Lost Cause Says:

    The Iron Disorder are actively recruiting non-LE into their mix. The naïve weekend warriors and RUB wannabes that have been suckered in will be the next victims in the grand scheme of the club’s mission. This is their urban camouflage and, ultimately, their collateral damage.

  10. Dave Says:

    There are several Biker events scheduled in my area this summer, both on and off the Indian Reservation. I am in contact with promoters now, questioning if they will allow IOMC to attend given the fact that they are violent and cause many problems from fights to gunfights. Also, for the individual who states carrying a firearm on a Indian Reservation is against the law….Im a white guy, I live on a Indian Reservation and carry all the time, I have asked the REZ cops about this and they state it is NOT against the law to legally carry on the REZ.

  11. OCDPdrmr1 Says:

    Just today, saw one of those fucks at the HD store in Victorville. Skinny little bitch. Mad-dogged the shit out of him the whole time. Looked away from me the whole time. I guess they’re only a tough guy when their boyfriends are around. Punk ass.

  12. G-Hound Says:

    Went to the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa today and was told that colors were not allowed in the casino. I told him that a support shirt is not colors and he said I could turn it inside out. I told him II could leave and never step foot into any Cherokee business again. Never had a problem before at any of the Cherokee Casinos or racetrack. LE is now harassing tax-paying citizens.

  13. sherides Says:

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that the io sole mission seems to be to provoke a retaliation that would then lead to a blinding fed shitstorm for all patch holders. With the hard on that the Fed Beast has for most MC’s, these fuckers should have been arrested for their crimes. Any other club member would have been. There’s a reason these bastards seem to be untouchable.

    In all my years of being around patch holders, I never had any concern for my safety. These idiots freak me the hell out and I hope to never be anywhere near any of them.


  14. Nihilist Says:

    I think it says a lot when people have to describe them in terms of “sightings,” like they were Bigfoot or something. Closest chapter to me is over 100 miles, I go through that town a lot but I’ve never seen one. I hate them on principle. Remember in grade school there was always one asshole who tried to claim the victim, yet he was the common factor in all the fights and problems?

  15. Elwood Green Says:

    @ Popeye: Eventually, even ‘Hitler’ turned on the ‘Brown Shirts’!

  16. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Re: the line from whatever movie that was ‘when policemen break the law there is no law’, don’t know who wrote that script, but along with being spectacularly naive -or typically Hollywood- he or she or it certainly didn’t work on ‘Goodfellas’.
    Louis Eppolito, former NYPD Detective, Organized Crime Task Force, played ‘Fat Andy’ in ‘Goodfellas’; Eppolito was arrested in 2006, along with his former partner, for racketeering, extortion, narcotics, gambling, obstruction, 8 counts murder and conspiracy.
    He also tried to lift Ray Liotta’s wallet when they went out to lunch (Liotta, on Jimmy Kimmel, May 22, 2015).
    That’s just one shining example.

    There certainly is no ‘law’ when it concerns these clowns with the orangutan skulls on the back of their vests.

    Respects, and Ride Free,

  17. Fattboy Says:

    Hopefully one day in the VERY near future, these dickweed asshole Urine Odor biker wannabes will get some payback!

  18. Phil Says:

    Supposedly there’s a “chapter” up here in Portland. Never seen em, not looking.
    I’ve figured in the last couple of years that a 7rd mag is more than adequate. With these fuck ups starting shit everywhere, now I’m not so sure.
    Last I heard, it’s pretty tough to claim self defense when you outnumber your opponent 5 to 1, never mind instigating a fight. These guys must be the bottom of the LEO barrel; no wonder they’re looking for another identity.

  19. NCRider Says:


    Now when I hear a bike,
    I look to see if its an IO. I used to look solely to see the bike, but not anymore.

    All respect to you Punishers Keeper, I hope you are correct.


  20. NCRider Says:

    I live in a fairly small town but travel alot to nearby cities. Everytime I hear a motorcycle I immediately look at the riders back.

  21. Shyster Says:

    I meant to say “605 freeway South of the 210” not North of the 210.


  22. stephen Says:

    Dark Corner I am surprised it hasn’t happened with all the Shit the IO have done and it is par of the reason they are acting like they are untouchable they just believe they can do what they want and will get away with it.

  23. blacksmith Says:

    Ive seen them here too.
    A douche riding solo in the Valley, on Burbank Blvd a couple years ago, and a mess of them up in Canyon Country at another Club function around the same time, naybe 2013.
    I was leaving when they rode up in numbers at that event, so i dont know how long they stayed.

  24. Drew151 Says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get it ! When I first decided to buy a bike I approached a 1%er who I happened to be introduced to a few years earlier and asked him what the protocol was for a guy just going out riding who didn’t want to offend anyone ! I asked the question with respect because I was entering into a world that I knew nothing about and didn’t want to inadvertently cause myself a problem ! I also found a few books online that expertly explained in detail what I was looking to learn. These authors, Dave Nichols and Donald Charles Davis(AR) , just put the facts out on the table and it was up to me to put the concept into play ! It is in this spirit that I find myself dumbfounded by the events in Waco and Colorado and now in Oklahoma ! If you want to have law and more importantly order you “draw a line in the sand” and declare that crossing will have implications. I don’t know of any rational person that would cross that line with ill intent any more than a person would walk into the IRS office and declare that they cheated on their income taxes !
    Again, maybe I’m missing the point, but if the police (or members of police clubs) weren’t at the various meetings in Waco or the Swap Meet in Colorado I don’t think many ordinary citizens would even know 1%ers or club members were even in town ! Instigating a fight and killing a person is very close to pre-meditated murder ! When you blur the line between cop and biker you have a very dangerous situation ! Each group has a code and these codes are diametrically opposed unless there is a mutual respect for each others power and strength ! To quote a line from a movie, “when policemen break the law, there isn’t any law” ! Eventually even regular citizens like me ask the obvious question, “what the hell are you doing there in the first place” ? Both groups have friends and families that are or will be affected by these altercations….I just think that some of these situations should be “thought through” better !

  25. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ So Cal
    Saw 4 of them at Cook’s Corner on a Sunday a while back. They got run off by a certain 1% crew.

    Saw one riding solo on 15 fwy northbound near Screamin Chicken on a Sunday. A big 1% run was happening at the Chicken. UO dickweed couldn’t skeedaddle fast enough when he realized what he had rolled up on.

    Their member roster says they got a member living in Lake Forrest/El Toro area.

  26. Punisher Keeper Says:

    The check has been wrote, now the debt is due.

  27. Jim666 Says:

    @ Bone Head.

    “pick a fight with a 12 year old and shoot one? Wonder what Whitfield will have to say about shit like that?”

    More than likely ?
    ” uo = “We were scared for our lives the kid had a sling shot”

  28. Bone Head Says:

    Wonder how long before these clowns turn their attention to citizens? After all, they seem to get off intimidating people. You know…pick a fight with a 12 year old and shoot one? Wonder what Whitfield will have to say about shit like that?

  29. Dark Corner Says:

    Friend of mine suggested it’s time for some quiet, covert payback to find its way towards the io. I couldn’t find an argument against it.

  30. Ipsick Says:

    I see them periodically in Oxnard, one was at a Chevron Station at the intersection of Vineyard and Hwy1 and I saw three pulling into the Chevron station at the corner of Rose Ave and Gonzalez Rd.

    But we don’t see a lot of patches around here much anymore because they are getting pulled over so much. There are 3 1% clubs in the county.

  31. shyster Says:

    So cal,

    I’m on these So Cal freeways often given my profession.I have seen them 4 times. Most recently I tried a case in Vista (North County San Diego) and I saw 2 off Highway 78 by the Motel 6 late at night. 3 years ago i saw one at Neptunes Net. His bike broke down and some supporters of a large club on Dynas were helping him push his bike. I would often see one on the 605 freeway North of the 210 around 7am – 7:30am. Other than those 4 times they are ghost.


  32. sherides Says:

    ….and ultimately the Feds have jurisdiction.


  33. popeye Says:

    There are no guns allowed on tribal land. I believe this happened on the reservation and they have laws against guns

  34. Justathought Says:

    @ socal they are there. ALL over there

  35. old & stoned Says:

    “We had him outnumbered, with our weapons drawn,, so i shot him cuz we all feared for our lives, having already soiled ourselves”

    yea, good luck with that, uteran order.

  36. sherides Says:

    Sooner or later, the io cloak of invincibility is gonna get a big hole in it.

    BMW, I wish we could get those questions answered. Truly just who is their puppet master?

    I’m not understanding how the Redneck provoked this attack just riding his bike down the road. Thank goodness his injury doesn’t appear to be too severe.

    Strange days are indeed upon us.


  37. swampy Says:

    Was trying to post both links to this story from KWTV. However, my old computer won’t let me. Its funeral pyre of Penn oak limbs awaits. Soon…very soon.

  38. RLG Says:

    @so cal, they are here but they do hide well.

  39. so cal Says:

    Like I’ve said before these fucking ass clowns don’t come out to play here in them they day is coming

  40. Paladin Says:

    All the kings horses and all the Kings men will find the Iron Order not guilty once again.


  41. BMW Says:

    The only way that the bullies of the Urine Odor would be pulling this crap is if they were ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that their criminal acts were sanctioned and they were assured BEFOREHAND that there would be no real investigation or prosecution.





  42. SingSing Says:

    Sorry about the empty link, guys…Just hit up the FaceBook page Out Of Order and see a fresh video of these bad ass Mofo’s doing their thing. Speaks for itself.

  43. SingSing Says:

    Video of Iron Order MC acting like ass clown Follow the link

  44. Parsifal Says:

    John C. “witless,” Whitfield – < THIS FUCKER CAN FUCK HISSELF TOO. u.o. and u.l., are beyond fucked up. Looking like its going be a long hot summer
    with these douche bags running all over the western states.

  45. popeye Says:

    Hitler had is brown shirts and the feds have iron order. They both have the same agenda

  46. so cal Says:


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