Iron Order Cyber Bullied

February 16, 2016

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Iron Order Cyber Bullied

There have still been no charges filed against Iron Order Motorcycle Club hit man Derrick “Kong” Duran. Duran shot and killed one member of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and seriously wounded another at the Colorado Motorcycle Exposition in Denver on January 30.

Everybody knows he did it. The police know. They aren’t stupid, only corrupt. The real question for Denver police is basically the same question police in Jacksonville Beach had to answer a year and a half ago: Which is how to make it look like the Mongols deserved it. How to blame the victims? How to paint the Iron Order red, white and blue? Antecedent probability suggests that police in Denver will wait about six months, announce that Duran acted in self defense and then spend the remainder of an hour-long press conference vilifying the victims.

Duran has gotten a pass, at least, partly because the Iron Order guards its public image like a Kardashian or a Manning.

Not everybody sees the cop king’s beautiful clothes. While Duran has been enjoying his paid vacation from the Colorado Department of Corrections, Expo promoter Pro Promotions Inc. has banned members of the club from future events including a motorcycle show and expo scheduled for March 5 and 6 in Colorado Springs.

Pro Promotions Letter

Jim Wear, president of Pro Promotions sent a letter to the Iron Order that, edited for brevity, reads: “Understanding that public safety has always been our number one priority at all events produced by Pro Promotions” and that “violence was not our first or only issue with members of your organizations at one of our events; that “your sister club – the Iron Rockets – have also been involved in violence at our past events;” “that due to issues between your club and at least six other clubs in this state;” “that the motorcycling community as a whole has clearly pulled all support for your organization here in Colorado;” and “that we can no longer insure the safety of the general public as long as your members are anywhere in the vicinity; be advised that Pro Promotions no longer welcomes any or all members of your organization to our events.”

“We hope that your organization will agree to a voluntary ban on your members attending our events,” Wear continues. “If however that is not agreeable on your end, be advised that we are prepared – in the interest of public safety – to take whatever appropriate and legal measures are available to keep your members as far away from our business as possible.”

Wear’s letter hasn’t been widely publicized. One of the few places where it has appeared is a Facebook page titled “Stop the Iron Order in Colorado.” The general public and most journalists had never heard of the Iron Order until Duran went on his shooting spree two weeks ago  The news stories that followed relied on posts published here and on various anti-Iron Order Facebook pages as well as public statements and interviews by Iron Order fixer John “Shark” Whitfield to try to understand what the Iron Order actually is, what it actually does, who joins the thing and why it is so repugnant to members of other motorcycle clubs.

Most reporters seem stuck on the conundrum of why a bunch of cops would want to dress up like the Sons of Anarchy and then go out of their way to provoke  gunfights with members of clubs like the Mongols, Hells Angels, Vagos, Bandidos, Pagans and Outlaws and Iron Horsemen and so on. That conundrum probably works to the Iron Order’s advantage.

New Media

For years the Iron Order has been trying to silence criticism and satire of the club by outsiders. Last April, members of the club hacked this website with a two month long brute force hack, then vandalized it. The site was down for three weeks. It was a blatant cyber crime intended to control the public image of the club. Yesterday, complaints from Iron Order members convinced Facebook to remove a couple of what the Iron Order calls “hater pages.” The pages were “IOMC The Real Truth 2” and “I Think Iron Order Sucks Too.”

The owners of those pages were advised, “Your page has been unpublished. Your page is currently not visible on Facebook. It looks like content posted on your page doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms and Community Standards, so your page was unpublished. These Terms and Standards help ensure Facebook remains a welcoming, respectful environment. We allow you to speak freely on public figures and events, but take action on all reports of abusive behavior directed at private individuals. Learn more about how to recognize and prevent bullying in our Bullying Prevention Hub.”

That “Bullying Prevention Hub” defines bullying as “any kind of repeated aggressive behavior that involves an imbalance of power such as social status or physical size. Along with physical or verbal attacks, bullying also includes making threats, spreading rumors or deliberately excluding someone from a group.”

Facebook also says it will “remove content, disable accounts, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threats to public safety.”

How those ground rules apply to the pages that were removed remains unclear.

Three Facebook pages critical of the Iron Order remain active. In addition to “Stop the Iron Order in Colorado” readers may still visit “Iron Order Truth Crew” which describes itself as a “News/Media Website” and “Iron On Order of Mississippi, Screeming Demons,” which describes itself as a Travel and Leisure page.


42 Responses to “Iron Order Cyber Bullied”

  1. Bridi Nic Bili Says:

    I a “leg” stated months ago that the F.B.I. had been accused in a You tube video by an insider that the Bureau would murder Hells Angels by shooting them off their bikes if they couldn’t put them in jail. Now others agree that the cops are murdering bikers. Many years ago I a “non-rider” read a book. In it Scott Barnes described a murder attempt against him by Special Forces using a knife when he was helping bring back U.S. P.O.Ws. from Indo-China. At the time no one believed him. But from his description of the attack and his wound I a graduate of MK-Ultra was able to show that Michael Echanis taught Green Berets to kill that way (KNIFE SELF-DEFENSE FOR COMBAT and KNIFE FIGHTING,KNIFE THROWING FOR COMBAT). Scott is the real McCoy. I would listen to him if I were you. Cops are once again actively gunning down bikers. For those bikers who are former Military Intelligence a word to the wise. Cops are stupid. They got the idea for their I.O.M.G. to kill bikers from the movie “The China Lake Murders.” The cop/killer in the movie even mentions going after the Hell’s Angels. The Iron Order is so stupid true to their cop character that they’re following the scripts of Hollywood movies. A word to the wise.

  2. H Says:

    Mongols should sue the U O in civil court. Even if the cops wont recognize what has happened here Im sure a jury of 12 civies would. Use any and all tools to dispose of the U O.

  3. SATX RRider Says:

    Rebel, any scuttlebutt on the IO involved shooting near OKC last night? (19 Feb 16) More bad things and the common denominator is IO presence.

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Go get ’em Mr. Stubbs! Make those air-wasting pansy fucks of the Urine Odor hurt!!

  5. swampy Says:

    @popeye, thanks for the link. Respects, man.

    @Nev Roads, never bet anything you can’t afford to lose.

  6. popeye Says:

    I’m not sure if this has been posted yet. Stubbs eyewitness’s account of the the Denver murder

  7. Parsifal Says:

    @ Dino – when LE, “hires,” from the low end of the lower primate gene pool, ya just got to expect a lot of knuckle dragging and throwing of the ape and or monkey poop! …. or in this case? a lot of homosexual posturing. …. uo & ul still suck!


  8. Wild Bill Says:

    I diamond good smoke

  9. Wild Bill Says:

    I wore a three piece patch and a red and black tri angle for 16 years.. I’m going to say what saw at the “party”??

  10. Dino Says:

    Johnny, glad you’re up again. Funny stuff. Unfortunately these assholes create real dangerous and un-funny situations.
    Keep getting under their skin.
    It strikes me that the UO is really a “gang”. They don’t belong to any community. Shunned by LEMCs, shunned by MC’s, shunned by event promoters, shunned by the military, and you can now see cracks forming in their relationships with LE agencies. Their members must be really proud.

  11. Neva Roads Says:

    Yeah Man…Fuck those IORC motherfuckers. I tell you I’m half tempted to get up, rip my crusted keyboard off my desk, do a few bumps, leave the basement, tell moms I’ll be back soon, jump in the Fiesta and hunt down everyone of them IO fuckers & bash them over the head with this here keyboard. I’ll tell you…Obama and the Illuminati is behind this whole thing. I’d bet my disability check on it.

  12. Philo_Bedo Says:

    Iron order: the real truth, is fucking awesome.


  13. Johnny Says:

    We are back, so far, we dont know for how long, we have already been reported numerous times but the site is still up under IRON ORDER TRUTH CREW. Feel free to stop by for a mutual laugh at the Iron Order

  14. Philo_Bedo Says:

    “Interweave” = Interwebz



  15. Philo_Bedo Says:

    And yet the, “Kill George Zimmerman” page was never removed, despite repeated complaints. Facebook is a fucking joke. If the I Ran order is so butthurt, maybe they should leave the interweave to the grown ups.


  16. panamaa Says:

    I also enjoyed those Facebook pages. Rebels site, to me anyway, is the “ The New Yorker” of biker news, the Facebook sites were the “ National Lampoon” … Very entertaining to read… Hope to see them or another version backup soon….


  17. Meh Says:

    Other promoters would do well to consider if they want drunk cops with firearms starting conflicts with bikers at their events. Smaller events could be forced to close permanently if there is a shootout at their venue.

    Consider Waco. The breastaurant has to defend against lawsuits although they apparently did nothing illegal.
    Now consider some local biker group who can’t afford top-notch legal representation. They could be taken out financially even if they don’t lose a lawsuit.

    Promoters of major motorcycle events would make more attractive targets for lawsuits if they allow established threats to public safety to “troll for contact” *the military term is appropriate) at their venues.
    It’s a matter of time until a non-biker bystander (the only kind the public at large care about) stops a stray bullet in a crowded venue.

  18. Whitepride Says:

    Fuck the Iron Order Poser Club and all their CUNT members!!!!

  19. so cal Says:

    FUCK THE U.O.there day will come very soon they.

  20. RtC Says:

    Right On, Mr. Jim Wear! You Da MAN! Let the rest follow in your foot-prints!
    Burn you fucks in the ISOT SCAM SCHEME!

  21. Paladin Says:

    @ Matt & Sieg,

    Yeah, a lot of people said former sheriff Lee Baca would never be indicted, convicted or go to jail. Well, surprise!

    Long may you both ride,


  22. Docb Says:

    I understand they were banned from the Easy Rider show in TN this year also

  23. Parsifal Says:

    Facebook, u.o. and u.l., can all kiss each others ass. I was on f.b. once about 5 years ago, for 2 weeks. That boat done left the dock.

  24. Austin Says:

    Jim Wear, president of Pro Promotions has set the bar. I hope he gets positive recognition for his thoughtful approach.

    Other promoters should take heed. Perhaps – we could start a movement.

  25. Potmetal Says:

    That’s some pretty high level butthurt right there, like a bunch of 14 year olds. FFS, man up and take your dose shitheads.

  26. Sieg Says:

    Always knew ol’ Alan B was a right wanker, but whilst looking through some urine odor news, I happened across this…

    Agent K October 6, 2013 at 7:36 AM

    So what’s your point? I rather ride with a cop than with a crack dealer and pimp.

    alan B’Stard M P July 13, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    you bet

    “gangsters”. Punks wouldn’t know what one is.


  27. Gar SMC Says:

    Keep up the good work Stubbs.
    Thanks Rebel

  28. Sieg Says:

    Musta got a lil drunk out last night.

    No, I don’t see any RICO action, at least not for any of the “main-stream” urines, maybe some of the last few drops might get caught-up in the feds drawers, but I doubt even that.

    Face it, they’re FedCoat agents, plain and simple. The ones that don’t carry a badge are simply camouflage for those that do.

    Keep the heat turned up high, and the lights on in the corners.


  29. Dino Says:

    Too bad. The Real Truth Too was funny. I went looking for it yesterday and couldn’t find it and figured that’s what happened. What a bunch of fucking puss-bags! Waaaaaaaaaaa!
    Robert, go “wherever” but don’t expect to go to the expo with your cut on…hahaha. And don’t expect to be welcome at any events that the MC world puts on or is involved with. Douchebag. Try the Iron Legacy. They haven’t gotten banned yet and they will probably let you trade your UO patches for their ass-wipe patches.
    The dominant in our area is treating these UO guys like the plague.

  30. Robert Says:

    Rm122 ain’t scared of yall and yall same

  31. Robert Says:

    Long time listener short time caller and cop Wish weren’t but am Happy to go wherever At regency fv now

  32. Robert Says:

    From Bama to so cal. In oc and ready to buy some drinks Let me know

  33. Lost Cause Says:

    IF & WHEN they actually charge him, Duran should do the right thing, admit what he did in a suicide letter, and eat a bullet. Being the stupid, fat fuck that he is, he would likely fuck that up and swallow them out of the magazine like a Pez dispenser.

  34. Lost Cause Says:

    A picture tells a thousand words. Stubbs breakdown of the incident disproves the IO’s account. How and why this clown has not been charged yet is mindboggling. I am hoping that witnesses in the crowd do/did the right thing and say what they saw since the Mongols will not. I understand people don’t wont to “get involved” in trivial shit (I know I don’t), but a murder and attempted murder and the subsequent hush-hush that’s followed should be eating at their consciences like a festering cancer if they have not. If they have, then the cancer is now DPD’s.

  35. Iron Order Still Sucks Says:

    I hate spell check supposed to say new pages comming to celebrate Fish heads new Ponzi mail order MC scam

  36. Iron Order Still Sucks Says:

    we are still there and have started 6 more pages along side the Real Truth Crew look for us, We will be posting links and to our new less cunty social media server and our web page we are starting, Remember the war is only over when one side gives up and we ain’t Also new pages commingled to celebrate Izod’s (we call him fish head) new Loni mail order MC scam the Iron on Legacy

  37. oregonloner Says:

    Thats too bad they took the site down I liked to visit it for a good laugh. I never met an iomc member, but pissing and moaning about a facebook page is just pathetic.
    My respect and condolences to the Mongols MC, who will never see justice, because of cowards and cops.

  38. Matt Says:

    Paladin Says:
    February 16, 2016 at 3:23 pm
    “Based on their penchant for intimidation and violence, I see the sword of RICO in the io’s future.”

    Never gonna happen. The IO is a government operation designed to provoke clubs. Stevie Wonder could see that.

  39. Phuquehed Says:

    What a bunch of pansies in the urine odor.

    {insert whiny urine odor voice here} They’re being mean to us! Our vagina’s hurt now and our eyes are all red from all the crying we’ve done! Our wives are lambasting us about what pansies and worms we are because of those facebook pages! We got so fed up from being the wienies of the world because of it that our fearless leader told us to send him more money and he’d get those pages taken down so that our wives will think we’re men again and our vaginas will stop hurting and we can finally stop crying! Yay for Izod, our heeero. (don’t tell our wives, but next time there’s a big meeting, we’re all going to suck his dick as thanks!) {end whiny sounds and muffled sniffles in ladies’ lacy handkerchiefs}

  40. NCRider Says:

    Thank you to Jim Wear of Pro Promotions for taking a stand against what the Iron Order is all about. 1%’s, citizens, RUB’s, soccer moms or whoever. Anyone is at risk when these corrupt cowards that are evidently “above the law” are around.

    Another thank you, Rebel. As you know, your voice is powerful. Many, many of us believe in you and trust you completely. Many, many people are reading your words daily and learning the truth. To me, this is up there with Waco. These cowards should be held responsible for the pain they cause.


  41. NOS4A2 Says:

    Thank you Mr. Jim Wear, president of Pro Promotions for taking action to protect the good people attending your event from these trouble starting bullying drunken murdering thugs.

  42. Paladin Says:

    Based on their penchant for intimidation and violence, I see the sword of RICO in the io’s future.


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