Breaking Bad In Idaho

February 15, 2016

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Breaking Bad In Idaho

The old southern phrase “breaking bad” can mean, among other things, defying authority. The phrase is also the name of AMC’s most successful television series ever, about a chemistry teacher in Albuquerque with incurable lung cancer who sells a little crank to build a nest egg for his family.

The phrase also might apply to the story of Ronald Eugene Bohm (graphic above) who was arrested last July 26, was indicted on August 11, pled guilty December 2 and was sentenced last Thursday by Chief U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill to 70 months in federal prison and 48 months of supervised release. Bohm possessed about two ounces of methamphetamine, about six ounces of marijuana and a drop in rifle part called a “sear” that could transform his AR-15 rifles from semiautomatic to automatic weapons, like the ones the police use.

Great Federal Success

Bohm has been the subject of at least two Federal Bureau of Investigation press releases in the last seven months. The FBI seems to think his incarceration marks a turning point toward victory in the 40-year-long war on drugs. According to the most recent press release, “Bohm was the President of the Idaho chapter of the Henchmen Motorcycle Club. As a condition of Bohm’s supervised release he was ordered not to have any contact with individuals identified by local law enforcement agencies as documented gang members nor can he possess any items representing or showing any affiliation with gangs.”

Police in Meridian, Idaho , a suburb of Boise, knocked on Bohm’s door and interviewed his wife Constance when they allegedly smelled marijuana inside the home. Rather than calling a lawyer, Mrs. Bohm conversed with the police and admitted that there was marijuana in the house. Ronald Bohm arrived home from a motorcycle ride shortly after his wife told the police about the marijuana. A drug sniffing dog “alerted” on his saddlebag. They always alert. That’s how they get dog treats. A search warrant is not required to search motor vehicles, only “probable cause” – like a “trained drug sniffing dog alert.” A search of Bohm’s bags revealed marijuana and a firearm so Bohm and his wife were detained while police obtained a search warrant for the house.

Police found the drugs, the sear, four rifles, five AR-15 receivers, $1,100,  and the kind of digital scale people on strict diets use in the Bohm’s master bedroom closet, Both the Bohms were charged with drug trafficking and unregistered possession of a machine gun.


It is unlikely that the Bohms would have been investigated in the first place if Ronald Bohm had not been a member of a motorcycle club. The case was investigated by the Treasure Valley Metro Violent Crime Task Force. That is a federally funded task force staffed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in cooperation with the Boise Police Department; the Ada County Sheriff’s Office; the Caldwell Police Department; the Nampa Police Department; the Meridian Police Department; the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office; and the Idaho Department of Probation and Parole. Since the Global War on Terror began in 2001, virtually all American police work has been federalized. In motorcycle club investigations, federal police departments including the ones named here as well as the Department of Homeland Security hide their involvements in motorcycle club cases behind state and local police departments.

The ATF calls their stealth involvement in local policing the “Frontline Business Model.” On its website, the Bureau sort of explains that: “Frontline is ATF’s collaborative and intelligence-driven approach to accomplishing its law enforcement and regulatory mission. Importantly, Frontline relies on ATF’s highly valued partnerships with state and local law enforcement agencies to be effective in fighting violent crime. Under this collaborative approach, ATF’s Frontline business model ensures ATF’s limited resources are focused on the most violent offenders in a community, where the strong penalties associated with federal violations represent the most appropriate sanctions. To ensure ATF’s resources are aligned to produce maximum impact, Frontline requires ATF field divisions to conduct annual domain assessments to identify the law enforcement and regulatory priorities specific to their respective areas of responsibility.”

The Bohm’s case includes an additional twist. According to the FBI, their “case was prosecuted by the Special Assistant U.S. Attorney hired by the Treasure Valley Partnership and the State of Idaho to address gang crimes. The Treasure Valley Partnership is comprised of a group of elected officials in southwest Idaho dedicated to regional coordination, cooperation, and collaboration on creating coherent regional growth.”

Constance Bohm will be sentenced March 29.


28 Responses to “Breaking Bad In Idaho”

  1. stroker Says:

    and it was a rat that started this whole fiasco too.

  2. NCRider Says:


    Well said.


    Justice For The Waco Hostages.

  3. BE Says:

    Before we get too many people jumping on the who said what to whom bandwagon, let’s get things straight! She did not talk to them, they talked to her. Their talk was threats about what they were going to do if she didn’t let them in because they smelled marijuana. They were there for a car that was parked in front of a fire hydrant. They called for a search warrant and during that time her husband arrived from a ride with his brothers & guest. They asked him to back out of the driveway and it was then that they had a dog work the bikes. A side note, his wife suffers from MS and while incarcerated she was denied medical assistance because they said she was faking it (and threatened other inmates if they helped her). Everything weapons wise was legal, items had no serial numbers because they were building legal ARs. The weed was personal use and all I’ll say with the other shit, is there were more people there but only one president of a club (I guess a trophy, a prize) 30+ years nothing and now he’s a major arms dealer & drug dealer. Even the judge said, maybe it was because he’s been lucky or maybe because the others sat on hands and let someone else take the hit. Fuck the Idaho legal system, the wanna be Idaho Gang Task Force, Meridian PD and half the white trash population that used this incident to prey on individuals. To all the rats, quitters & weak motherfuckers involved with this there is a special place for people like you.

  4. D-Day Says:

    Fukin stupid ass “Task Force” spending tax dollars to enforce laws against citizens of this country who have bled and fought for this country and who would bleed and fight for this country simply for the fact they ride two wheels and belong to a club. They should put as much effort into the base training camps and “zones” being created by Muslims in cities and states across this country instead of chasing after guys in clubs, and constantly passing laws that make what we owned yesterday illegal today and decriminalizing other things that are victimless. Fuck the Feds, fuck the police and fuck their task forces. Why don’t you cock sucker be productive and go after the real threats to America and that’s not guys riding around on motorcyles, try looking for guys still wearing their bed sheets and diapers on their heads, shouldn’t be to hard to find since you fuckers seem to be pretty good at spotting a patch on a vest. FTP – FTF.

  5. Mama G Says:

    Love ya too Phuquehed!!


    PS. Personally , I have little to no patience with stupid bitches. Can ya tell!! Lol!

  6. Mercyful Fate Says:

    Rebel wrote: “A drug sniffing dog “alerted” on his saddlebag. They always alert. That’s how they get dog treats.”

    You just gotta love Rebel’s writings.

  7. Paladin Says:


    I don’t say anything to the cops. I have a door mat that states: “Come back with a warrant”.

    Long May You Ride,


  8. Phuquehed Says:

    Love ya, Mama G!!

  9. Mama G Says:

    Seriously how STUPID do you have to be to talk to LE!! Rule number one KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!! PERIOD!! “I know NOTHING!!!”

  10. Drifter Says:

    XYZ said, “And so when someone in LE screws up, Really Bad, who takes the heat? The Feds or the Locals?”

    The tax payers…


  11. david Says:

    A woman can be a freedom compromising object herself.

  12. roach Says:




  13. Meh Says:

    Silly laws exist but breaking them is not civil disobedience or political action in most cases, it’s “I want the buzz” or “I want the shiny” (guns to men are like shoes to women).

    When you KNOW you are a target, don’t have compromising objects around. That’s a gift to pork. It ain’t about right or wrong, it’s about reality and not being stupid.

    As for women, an old biker told me about Rule 1 about thirty years ago.

    Rule 1 – Bitches is crazy
    Rule 2 – If you have any questions, refer to Rule 1.

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    I bet the number of people in jail because of a split tail is staggering.

  15. popeye Says:

    Another tip , Dont ever let them in your house. Cops like to knock on your door under false pretenses just to get a look inside . Once their in they start searching. They dont need a warrant if you let them in. It goes like this
    Knock Knock
    Cops :” Hi we’re in the neighborhood because some of your neighbors have had some car break ins and we were hoping you saw something.” Its hot out here do you mind if we come in to talk.”
    Me : “I didnt see nothing now get the fuck off my porch”

  16. Paladin Says:

    Full Auto = A great way to turn money into noise.


  17. Viking Trotter Says:


    Checkout the Caldwell AR Mag Charger. It makes life so much easier. You don’t even had to take the bullets out of the case.

  18. old & stoned Says:

    “c’mon in! i just baked some brownies,,”

    this whole big coalition claiming some kinda credit for what a stoned set of panties did for ’em. oops.

  19. ipsick Says:

    Sieg, I found the novelty of full auto wore off when you had to load your own mags. Even if you got ammo wholesale or reloaded, loading a 30 round mag to fool around was worth one time, then the 10 rounders came into play.

  20. Sieg Says:

    Always kept a set of instructions for dealing with FedCoat agents inside the door of my shop. Course, that doesn’t do much good when the tank shows up in yer driveway, but every little bit helps. When in doubt, remember The Five Words: “I Have Nothing To Say.”

    Other than his ol lady being stupid enough to talk to the pigs, the sear bit is truly dumb. For a VERY short time, it was legal to manufacture and possess them, and you can still buy them here and there. Trouble is, they are classified as an automatic-weapon, ALL BY THEMSELVES. Guys would buy them thinking they were cool, didn’t have a weapon it would fit, and find themselves looking at ten years for having it. Yeah, you can own them legally, but you have to do the tax-stamp dance to do so.

    Have always told anyone who asked that the full-auto option just isn’t worth it. It’s all cool, but if you absolutely, positively, just can’t live without it-in case of end-times and all, bury that sucker somewhere that you don’t own and don’t ever go near it unless and until those end-times happen. You can dump a thirty-rounder awful durn fast, and the little bit of extra effort to pull the trigger is a small expenditure compared to ten year in the fed.


  21. deuce Says:

    Never talk to the cops. Never. A lot of down time that didn’t need to happen.

  22. RLG Says:

    Business Model

  23. XYZ Says:

    “In motorcycle club investigations, federal police departments including the ones named here as well as the Department of Homeland Security hide their involvements in motorcycle club cases behind state and local police departments.”

    And so when someone in LE screws up, Really Bad, who takes the heat?
    The Feds or the Locals?

  24. Grumbler Says:

    Speaking of Breaking Brad, was at Goldys in downtown Boise the other month with my ol’ lady. Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman), his wife and parents were at the next table. Didn’t know who they were until after they left. Not into autographs and selfies so no BFD.

    There oughta be a framed set of instructions on back of front door of one’s home that each and every member of a household and guests should adhere to if cops come to the door.

    Common sense while tokin’ isn’t too good. Almost 6 years in the Gray Bar Hotel followed by 4 years of probation … smh.

  25. xplor Says:

    Thomas E. Brandon is running the show. B.Todd went to the NFL.

  26. shyster Says:

    B. Todd Jones looks like a crank snorting one whore pimp in a cheap suit.


  27. Paladin Says:

    “Police in Meridian, Idaho , a suburb of Boise, knocked on Bohm’s door and interviewed his wife Constance when they allegedly smelled marijuana inside the home. Rather than calling a lawyer, Mrs. Bohm conversed with the police and admitted that there was marijuana in the house.”

    I see stupid people. They walk around like other people. They don’t see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re stupid. They’re so stupid the birds peck them. Stupid people, they’re everywhere.

    Long May You Ride (unless you’re fucking stupid),


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