Iron Coffin Case Chicanery

February 9, 2016

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Iron Coffin Case Chicanery

Calhoun County Prosecutor David Gilbert, who charged Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club member Matthew Starkweather with murder in a case in Battle Creek, Michigan, may have based his prosecution on insider knowledge gathered through violations of attorney-client confidentiality.

An lawyer named Matt Glaser told Circuit Judge John Hallacy yesterday that before Gilbert was elected prosecutor, he had conferred with him when Glaser was representing another suspect in the case named John Lindahl III. “I told Gilbert about the information from Lindahl,” Glaser testified. “I gave related attorney-client privileged information to Mr. Gilbert.”

Under cross examination by Gilbert, Glaser testified, “I told you everything about the case.”

If Judge Hallacy believes Glaser’s allegation, the charges against Starkweather could be dropped, another defendant in the case named Mario “Paco” Barroso might be freed from prison and Gilbert might be sanctioned by the Michigan Bar Association.

Back Story

Starkweather, photo above, is being held without bail. He is charged with the murder of former Iron Coffins Battle Creek chapter president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor on New Year’s Day 2012. Starkweather and Taylor fought over a $2,500 debt. According to Starkweather, Taylor attacked him with a knife and a baton. Two other men, Lindahl and Mario “Paco” Barroso, came to Starkweather’s aid and Taylor was beaten to death. Starkweather, Lindahl and Barroso were all charged with murder or accessory to murder.

Barroso agreed to testify against Starkweather and Lindahl in return for having an accessory charge against him dropped but the man who was then prosecuting the case, Jeff Kabot, dropped the charges against everybody when Barroso’s testimony didn’t substantiate what Kabot was trying to prove. Glaser was Lindahl’s attorney at the time. Gilbert was running for prosecutor and according to Glaser he was in Glaser’s office daily.

Charges Refiled

After Gilbert was elected, he refiled charges against Starkweather and Barroso.

Barroso pled no contest to manslaughter in August 2015 in hopes of a getting a lenient sentence. Barroso expressed contrition at his sentencing. The local probation department recommended he serve 38 months. But a grumpy judge named Conrad Sindt sentenced Barroso to 71 to 180 months. “I am struck by the idiocy of grown men acting like children,” Sindt said.

Starkweather was arrested next. He is still scheduled to go on trial next week and Lindahl, who has not yet been recharged, is expected to testify.


22 Responses to “Iron Coffin Case Chicanery”


    So, I ask is anyone responsible for his death? Or do we just keep making excuses for the ONLY 3 “men” that were in the house at the time he was “MURDERED”?

  2. Phillip Ruble Says:

    To whom ever is running there mouths saying paco did anything first off fuck yo,, he didn’t do anything to harm anyone he did what he could he got screwed doing what he knows to do ,, he did not touch anyone if you read the or keep up with this shit you would know that.

  3. JB Says:

    This city’s government is out of control. Free their bro Paco, drop the charges on Stark weather and let Lee rest in peace.


  4. Tom Starkweather Says:

    This case has been going on now for 4 years. The first prosecutor was fired after dismissing the charges in 2012. The second was recused by the judge for withholding a conflict of interest in 2016. And now we have Victor Fitz who shows up for a bond hearing an hour and a half late with no clue about the case.. Matt is getting on on a PR bond. The judge at least appears to be all about justice.

  5. tom starkweather Says:

    Calhoun County Prosecutor, Recused

    That was the news not reported by the Enquirer. It’s not uncommon for a judge or attorney to recuse themselves for a known conflict of interest. But when a judge looks at the prosecutor and tells him that he is Recused because he did not report the conflict, that is devastating. David Gilbert, as a defense attorney, gained knowledge and then decided to use that knowledge as a prosecutor. This isn’t Detroit where corruption is not only accepted but also expected. In his ruling, Judge Hallacy told Mr. Gilbert that because he is the top prosecutor none of his staff could ever be involved because they represent him. “You had a role in representing him and you had a role and gained information which was provided and is to be kept secret by you.” Hallacy said to Gilbert in his ruling. As the top law enforcement official you have the duty to be transparent while upholding the law. That includes ensuring the rights of all involved are protected. As bad as you said the previous prosecutor and her assistants were you have
    lowered yourself even further. After the hearing, Mr. Gilbert, you told Jeff Kabot that it was not personal when you fired him it was the case. Did you look to see the county staff that came to see Jeff and wish him well? Where was your support?

    I do not see where it would ever be possible for you to become a judge at this point. Once you’ve’ broken the public trust you can never get that back. All of your cases should be reviewed for other conflicts that you may have failed to report. You could return to the private sector but who would trust you? Do you tell your clients ”that what you say can and will be used against you” if I become a prosecutor?

  6. Tom Starkweather Says:

    Judge Hallacy

  7. Tom Starkweather Says:

    John Hallacy.. damn auto correct

  8. Tom Starkweather Says:

    The Calhoun County Prosecutor and his entire staff was RECUSED today by Judge John Fallacy.

  9. Dawn Says:

    Free paco,,where’s tank?

  10. chromedome Says:


    kinda off topic a lil but have you considered making a channel on youtube? there’s money to be made and i am always looking through youtube all the time looking for information on cases and stories you report and there just isnt shit available that is worth watching. the sky is the limit as far as people who would subscribe. just an idea man.


    i agree he didnt have to say shit. that take balls and integrity something you dont see as often as we should


  11. Angel Says:


  12. Paladin Says:

    @ Seig,



  13. Meh Says:

    What does failure to recuse oneself open up in terms of punishment and possibly disbarment?

    The dead are gone, not “resting” nor is there evidence otherwise, but the living must deal with reality including with the legal system.

    Matt Glaser did the ethical thing and spoke out when he could have remained silent at no cost to himself. We need more such men.

  14. Sieg Says:


    David Gilbert received a priori knowledge of the case when he was consulted by Matt Glaser, PRIOR to Gilberts becoming the Prostitutor. He should have recused himself from anything to do with anyone connected to the entire incident.


  15. hoosier.roadie Says:

    Why is Matt Glaser giving confidential attorney client information to another lawyer who is running for Prosecutor?

  16. ghost Says:

    They should have buried “Leeroy” in chigger woods. No body No case.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Judith Greenthal,

    I believe Starkweather is still locked up. When he is released I’ll let it go.


  18. judith greenthal Says:

    Matt Starkweather has been cleared and released. Let it go. Let Lee Rest In Peace and let Matt get on with his life. God Bless.

  19. Paladin Says:


    And then there’s the matter of that snitch.

    Long May You Ride,


  20. Sieg Says:

    I hope that if and when the judge rules the prostitutor lied to get a conviction, he loses everything he’ll ever have.


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