Chosen Sons Plead

February 6, 2016

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Chosen Sons Plead

Three members of the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club pled guilty Thursday to charges that resulted from a fight with members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in Essex, Maryland on June 7, 2014.

Keith Romans and Alessandro Lori pled guilty to disorderly conduct. Nicholas Burkey pled guilty to second-degree assault. All three men were sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation and 50 hours of community service.

Romans retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2012. A fourth Chosen Son, David Crites, had his case continued until April 14. Crites is a Baltimore city Police Detective Sergeant in the city’s Southeastern District. He is currently suspended with pay. The case was investigated by Baltimore County police. Crites is also charged with second degree assault.

The Clubs

There has been friction between the Iron Order and other motorcycle clubs in Maryland over what William Dulaney has called the symbols of “organizational identity” in the motorcycle club world. In his book Over the Edge and into the Abyss: The Communication of Organizational Identity in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Dulaney wrote, “If a motorcycle club were to adopt the three-piece configuration and not adhere to the outlaw ethic, that club would very quickly cease to exist; motorcycle club etiquette dictates that another dominant club (or clubs) in the area would see to the disbanding of the offending motorcycle club.” The Iron Order is contemptuous of “motorcycle club etiquette.”

The Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club is an independent motorcycle club based in and around Baltimore that has chapters in Baltimore, Pasadena, Harford, Carroll, Kent, Freeland and Benson, NC.

Two Fights

The fight in June 2014 was part of the aftermath of another fight between members of the Chosen Sons and the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Clubs on one side and the Iron Order on the other in a bar called Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland on February 7, 2014. A Chosen Son and retired Baltimore policeman named Eric Christopher Jansen was sentenced to “probation before sentencing” for his part in the Kenny B’s fight.

Iron Horsemen Eric Lloyd “Animal” Calkins was sentenced to two years incarceration with all but 60 days suspended for his part in the Kenny B’s fight. Calkins is a veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his military service. Four Iron Order members beat Calkins head with collapsible batons at Kenny B’s.

As is always the case, the Iron Order members testified against the Chosen Sons and Iron Horsemen and their opponents refused, as a matter of honor or “etiquette,” to testify against them.

A former Orlando Iron Order member named Timothy “Sentinel” Taylor was at the center of both the February and June 2014 brawls. After the Thursday verdict, Taylor told the Baltimore Sun the charges against the Chosen Sons were “a step in the right direction.”

Defense attorney Joseph Murtha, told the Sun there were “clearly two sides of the story, but the other side didn’t get charged. There was a fight and a lot of people involved. People were selectively charged.”


15 Responses to “Chosen Sons Plead”

  1. Sieg Says:

    Hate to break this to ya, Stray, but if a club has active piggers in it, and knows it, then it’s a cop-club, period.


  2. Straywuan Says:

    Chosen Sons are NOT a cop club per se as in a LEMC. They have been around since the late 60’s. Yes they have cops in the club active and retired. One of the founders was a cop and was shot and killed by a cop. They exist among other MC’s including 16’s. They do not cause drama and strictly keep to themselves unless provoked and have pretty solid numbers. Very approachable guys and follow strict set. been to a few functions and they have a great clubhouse in Bodymore Murderland.

  3. Jay Says:

    Craig- You are right about that one !!! On another note. What happened to all the money that was raised for Gonzalez?? and his Lawyer fees ??!!!! Gone !!!!

  4. moonshiner Says:

    I see that turd Jay Dobyns in that video. He a member?

  5. Steel Says:

    @BMW, I agree with you in that urine order looks like a sting type op. Setting up the real clubs by attacking them then pleading innocence when the real club defends itself and using LE and courts to back them up. Seems “law abiding” is selective by urine order. They can’t wait to rat to other LE and blame real MCs for the crap they started.



  6. Rambo Onepercenter Says:

    ACAB no matter if they follow the rules or not. Once a cop, always a cop!

  7. Craig Says:

    I am glad as a human being they came to the aid of the outnumbered guy, but I still have no use for guys who bust us during the week, quit shaving on Thursday to dress like us during the weekend. Can’t have it both ways. This confusion is exactly what is caused when cops play dress up.

  8. Drifter Says:

    The Chosen Sons are a cop club but they’re a cop club who plays by the rules. They have talked with the people they need to and since 1969 have been accepted in their area. Please note that it was a Chosen Son who came to the aid of a 1% who was outnumbered by the IO 5 to 1 and was being hit in the head with collapsible batons.

  9. RVN69 Says:

    The Sons do not need my defense, but Craig, if you read Rebel’s article you would see that they came to the assistance of a single member of the Iron Horseman MC, a 1% club, they also kept their mouths shut and refused to cooperate with the pigs. They were not friends with the major 1% club, but they were respected for holding their mud.

  10. bmw Says:

    So now the Urine Odor is attacking cops? But they are still getting away with murder? The Urine Odor looks more and more like a federal sting operation.



  11. The Confederate Celt Says:

    In his book, “You and the Police”, Boston T Party writes of 3 types of police officers. The “Good Cops/Peace Officers” are the Sheriff Andy Taylors of the police world. They help little old ladies across the road rather than arrest them for J Walking and have the primary interest of preventing or resolving Natural Law Crimes (causing injury or harm to another individual’s person or property. The “Intimidating Cop” will do everything he can to bust you for anything, but won’t plant evidence or commit actual crimes themselves. The “Rogue Cops/Dirty Cops” are the opposites of the “Good Cops/Peace Officers”. They will shoot a distant fleeing black man multiple times in the back, calmly pick up their brass, and walk over and plant it next to the dead man. They rape female motorists because they can get away with it. They provide escort and protection to the huge dope shipments for the Cartels (who, by the way, don’t ride around on shiny and noisy motorcycles or wear three piece patches on the back of their vests or jackets). They bust young kids for cannabis and then sell most of it to pay for their own steroids.
    The “Good Cops”, if they do ride motorcycles and join a club, will tend to either join a classic LEO Club or a 99% club which accepts police officers, Looking at the Chosen Sons’ WEB site, I would be inclined to describe them as a 99% club.
    The “Rogue Cops/Dirty Cops” have no interest in an LEO or 99% club which, even if not close to the 1%ers or other classic clubs, at least show and receive “respect”. These “Rogue Cops/Dirty Cops” are dishonorable and despicable, and are drawn to the Iron Order, where they can get away with murder.

  12. Craig Says:

    So…the Chosen Sons is a cop club too? Let them take each other out.

  13. RtC Says:

    Boy, those worthless P’sOS walk on everything! There has to come a day when they
    don’t & get their just rewards! FTUO & UL!

    Good thoughts for continued healing Rebel


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