Military Times On Iron Order

February 6, 2016

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Military Times On Iron Order

Writing in Military Times, Jon R. Anderson reported yesterday that soldiers at Fort Carson near Colorado Springs may be banned from joining the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Fort Carson currently houses about 32,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen. Most notably, it is the home of the 4th Infantry Division and the 10th Special Forces Group.

At least 25 percent of Iron Order members are active duty and reserve servicemen. Club members include numerous commissioned and non-commissioned officers. The club’s current vice-president is Lieutenant Colonel Michael “Cgar” Crouse.

An active duty Sergeant First Class spoke to The Aging Rebel about the Iron Order and the military. Because the Iron Order uses military resources to punish its opponents in the military, he requested anonymity. He named specific incidents in which members of his family were threatened by armed, Iron Order members who were on active duty. The source said, “The Iron Order took a foothold within the Army with the promise of being a law abiding and respected MC. As you know the military contributes greatly to the MC ranks. There usually isn’t much push back from the big clubs because they tend to stay out of military towns for obvious reasons. So this gives clubs like the Iron Order a kind of safe haven. Then every three years a soldier will move and the process starts all over.”

Off Limits

The Military Times report quotes 4th Infantry Division spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jason Brown is not currently on Fort Carson’s list of off-limits groups but “I can guarantee it will be part of that conversation.”

According to Anderson, “Brown suggested troops steer clear of involvement in the Iron Order.”

Referring to an ugly incident on January 30, in which Colorado prison guard and Iron Order patch holder Derrick Duran shot and killed Mongols Motorcycle Club member Victor Mendoza at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo, Colonel Brown told Anderson, “In light of the events of this weekend, I would advise them to hold off until we can review this policy letter and take a look at Iron Order, look at their charter, and see what they’re about and see if there’s a pattern.”

Military Times also reports, “About half of the Iron Order bikers involved in the brawl were military veterans from the Colorado area.”

A spokesmen at nearby Peterson Air Force Base declined to tell Military Times whether the Air Force Office of Special Investigations considered the Iron Order a criminal gang.

You can read the complete story here.


20 Responses to “Military Times On Iron Order”

  1. FF Says:


  2. Real Time Says:

    No real Vet with any self respect would become a member of the Iron Order.

  3. Meh Says:

    I knowalittle wrote:
    “The bottom line is not about what you, I or anyone else thinks about this article. ”

    What command think of the article certainly DOES matter within the military. Your bottom line is not that, which is perfectly fine, but the article isn’t about your bottom line.

    As more of the military figure out IO influence is prejudicial to good order and discipline there will be internal conflict. Officers and NCOs may have to contend with IO members working against them.

  4. I knowalittle Says:

    I wish you would have read past the first 3 paragraphs Ol’Goat. You would have understood my comment was in regards to the military making MC’s “off limits”. Actually go to the entire article and you will see and maybe understand.

    I would rather be someone who knows a little and admits they don’t rather than be a arrogant ignorant ass who thinks they know it all and doesn’t.

    The bottom line is not about what you, I or anyone else thinks about this article. It is about ending the io’s existence in the MC world.

  5. Ol'Goat Says:

    I knowalittle:
    You’re name says a lot, and being true to your name you missed the whole point. The point is that Iron Order has used military resources to punish members of the club who are also members of the military.

  6. I knowalittle Says:

    It’s narrow minded and ridiculous to imply a military member or government civilian employee can’t do their job and be part of an MC. It’s like saying as a parent you can only love one of your two children but not both.
    Every patch wearing military or govt civilian I know who wears a patch understands their mission to country is first. The clubs that accept them know and accept this. I’m speaking of the true MC’s not the asshats know as the io.
    There are clubs exclusively made up veterans that accept active military. One has been around 35 plus years and rarely have negative press while maintaining a respected position amongst other MC’s.
    What the io has failed to realize is they can’t join a subculture like MC’s are and play by their own rules. So their inability to function in this subculture now creates issues for those military and govt civilian employees who can. It’s going to force good, hard working, tax paying men to make a tough choice.

  7. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    I hope the military takes a much stronger stance on this issue.

    Public trust in government and institutions in the US is at an all time low. The graft and corruption are becoming too obnoxious to ignore, and people are itching for a change. (And by “change”, I don’t mean a word some candidate uses after “hope” in a sentence. I mean a substantive change. Trump and Sanders are attractive primarily because they are not the same old thing.)

    The military is, arguably, the last institution with any credibility left in this country.

    This idiocy with the Iron Order is, frankly, indefensible. There is enough power to prevent prosecution of active duty military (including officers) who kill civilians in “self defense”, but shark & crew do not have the power to protect the integrity of the military as an institution.

    The Officers charged with maintaining institutional integrity should, in my opinion, put an end to active duty participation in the IO.

  8. Son of Roy Says:

    I’ve never worn a patch other than CMA, but I’ve know several who do or did, and I’m a veteran. With these Patch Holders, their allegiance is to the Club first, everything else comes second. When I served, the mission and the nation was the most important. I would have easily sealed off someone in a flooding compartment to save the ship, for instance.

    The military is getting too damn small, and now, because of the lifted bans on homosexuals and women in combat, weaker while our adversaries are getting stronger. Be a Jar Head and a Jar Head only. Be a Squid and a Squid only, etc. If anyone in the military’s allegiance is split, they should get a big chicken and get the fuck out.

  9. ORDVET Says:

    I’m still wondering why cgar’s CO hasn’t taken any action about a field-grade officer under his command being involved with all of this bullshit???

  10. Dan-O Says:

    Some very good points addressed and Meh made an excellent statement. As a recently separated army vet I can say say with a reasonable degree of confidence that unless you’re talking about the Big Clubs that every Joe Shmoe has heard about the issue of MCs fly pretty damn far under your typical command’s radar. **BUT** Off-post establishments and organizations, once deemed high risk or inappropriate for military personnel, are added to the off limits establishments list and steering clear from those establishments becomes a lawful order and the duty of personnel to acknowledge and obey. This also goes for organizations. Generally speaking this applies to high crime areas, extremist and criminal organizations, etc. With that being said I can GUARAN-DAMN-TEE you that once some shit like the io’s (intentionally left uncapitalized) actions in Denver makes their radar – police and existing military affiliations or not – commanders at every level will want nothing to do with a single member under their command having ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING like that, and all it takes is for them to say so. Every commander has a boss and every commander answers to his boss for the conduct of the individuals in their unit. So my point in this rambling incoherent nonsense is that just because these dickheads have cops and military ties it does not guarantee them a free pass when shit like this gets around. Nor should it. “Perception is reality” is what I heard for more than 12 years. The moment something like this draws negative attention to the military, its members, or causes leadership concern for its members safety that privilege can and hopefully will disappear. Not saying it will happen, only that it could. And once one base commander has set a precedence it’s exponentially easier for others to take the same stance. Sorry if I rambled. Just my .02.

    Support Freedom

  11. Mike 184 Says:

    Well, this certainly looks like a conflict of interests (Not that most of us didn’t already think so) doesn’t it CGAR?????

  12. PastLife Says:

    “tethered goats”

  13. Steel Says:

    @Meh, good post. You said it well.



  14. Nihilist Says:

    So the military is going to use local LE reports to decide if the uo should be off limits, one can’t help but ask if those reports are so damning, why wouldn’t the agency/local LE that generates the report react the in the same manner, i.e. ban their officers from membership. I imagine the cop unions would give them some push back…Also has it not been the case that high-ranking police officers have been members of the uo? (or is that just the Iron Brotherhood…). If it is the case locally (Denver et al.) that there are supervisor-level cops in the club it would certainly lend an air of questionability as to the truth and objectiveness of the reports.

  15. Dave Says:

    Once you go Urine Odor, you stink, and nobody wants you. No way, No how. Your on your own….

    Support your local.

  16. Update Says:

    According to this Facebook page –

    Its official, Iron Order is never allowed at the Denver swap meet again.

  17. Philo_bedo Says:

    Who woulda thunk it – eight years of king barack and our military is largely know for two things – hugging gays/cross dresser, and wanna-be sons of anarchy types committing felonies. What a sad state of affairs..


  18. RtC Says:

    Hopefully, the higher-ups will keep a bunch of young men from making the biggest
    mistake of their lives by joining these fuckin’ CLOWNS!

    RESPECTS to the deserved.

  19. Meh Says:

    Military personnel are in a position of public trust, responsible for the lives of their buddies, and should have zero fucking conflicts or even appearance of conflicts while serving on active duty or in Guard or Reserve components. Their oath of enlistment supersedes all others and division in the ranks is not acceptable.

    Off-limits lists are admin actions open to any base commander.

    Pulling security clearances is an admin action open to unit commanders.

    Be what you are with no fence straddling. Any military or civilian contract personnel threatened by a military member can go to OSI and JAG who are not in the Base chain of command.

    If they work in OSI or JAG then they know other resources outside their office they can go to such as the Inspector General, but that’s one very fucked situation.

    Don’t forget those anonymous workplace climate surveys, but ya better not write distinctively in the commenst section. Shit gets read WAY up the chain and must be answered internally.

    If you are in the military everything else better be a hobby or volunteer the fuck out like you volunteered in. Form other allegiances after you separate or retire.

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