Iron Order TRU Training

February 4, 2016

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Iron Order TRU Training

The confrontation in Denver last Saturday, that led to the murder of Mongol Motorcycle Club patch holder Victor “Nubs” Mendoza by Iron Order Motorcycle Club member Derrick “Kong” Duran was not merely premeditated but also rehearsed.

The Iron Order includes a “Training and Response Unit,” which the club calls TRU. It exists to prepare club members for confrontations with club outsiders and subsequent interviews with police. TRU members wear a Maltese cross on their vests that includes the letters “T,” “R” and “U” and the number “915” on the arms of the cross. They are typically policemen and they report directly to the club’s international sergeant at arms.

A key duty of Iron Order TRU members is to, “conduct positive and proper communications and relations with all law enforcement and Law Enforcement Motorcycle Clubs. In addition, they must develop appropriate law enforcement contacts and to (sic) inform that law enforcement of the lawfulness and appropriateness of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.” They are also responsible for training “new chapter members on all interaction scenarios they may encounter.”

According to Iron Order club documents, “The TRU member must be telephone and email responsive ALWAYS. A TRU member cannot be out of touch for more than 30 MINUTES. This may sound unreasonable, but I wish to place you into the mind of the member who is having a major confrontation with another club or confusing law enforcement and places a call, which is not answered. That is unacceptable.”


According to a PowerPoint presentation the club uses to orient new members, “TRU was designed to educate brothers of the Iron Order MC on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding dealing with the: Sidewalk Commandos, 1%ers, Police” and “Sweet Butts.”

The presentation exemplifies the cartoonishly macho posturing that differentiates the Iron Order from the motorcycle clubs it seeks to dominate.

The slide show defines “Sidewalk Commandos”  as “weekend warriors that do not wear a patch and hang around clubs or just think they are close to clubs. They love to start shit, and are more like women than actual men. They enjoy making shit up between two clubs just so they can watch the clubs kick the shit out of each other. They usually do not get involved in the altercation but sit back and enjoy the show. These mutts need to be shut down very quickly and in some case harshly.”

The orientation does not commit to writing what Iron Order officers mean by “harshly.”

Sidewalk Commandos

In a comment published on this site on January 26, four days before the confrontation in Denver, Iron Order international vice-president Michael “Cgar” Crouse wrote, “All the sidewalk commandos here do is instigate until a situation arises that results in someone getting hurt or losing their lives. The hater pages and this blog are directly responsible for that.” Crouse is a Lieutenant Colonel assigned to the U.S. Army Reserve Command at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In the past, Crouse has used his military connections to reassign and move Iron Order members suspected of crimes and to gather personal information on veterans and reservists he considers to be enemies of the Iron Order.

The PowerPoint presentation for new members also defines, “Biker chicks – the other sidewalk commando,” as objective enemies of the club. “Sweet butts, biker chicks, biker whores and so forth can be a huge pain in the ass in the MC world,” the presentation explains. “They love to watch MCs fight each other, they love the attention. Recommend (sic) you do not involve yourselves with women from other clubs. Do not listen to the shit biker whores spew from their mouths If a biker whore says hey we can go to this outlaw bar because I know Outlaw Jim – do not listen to hear (sic) – she is setting you up for a bad night.”

Role Play

Most of the orientation for new members by TRU members involves role play exercises that help new members rehearse confrontations with members of other clubs and the resulting interactions with police. New members are told, “A key indicator of an attack is if you see them all with their vests buttoned/zipped.  They do this to ensure there (sic) vest will not get ripped off in a fight. Its recommended that every chapter ensure that each brother knows how to defend themselves. Its also recommended that if a brother is willing and able to get a concealed weapons permit and carry. This club will defend its brothers. An attack on one brother, is an attack on us all.”

The Iron Order also distributes a written list of “Unwritten Rules” that, together with numerous confrontations with outsiders in the last two years, betrays what TRU training is actually about.

Rule eleven in that list states: “When one brother is assaulted every brother responds in force with no mercy. There is no quarter given. The brothers do whatever they have to do to eliminate the violence and neutralize the threat. The aggressor or aggressors are sent away with a strong message to everyone they ever meet to never pick hands up to a brother of the IOMC for any reason.”

TRU members repeatedly rehearse and critique other members, not just new members, on how to behave in a confrontation that will end with the use of deadly force and what to say to police afterward.

Friends And Foes

In a “friends and foe” directive also distributed to new members, The Mongols Motorcycle Club is described like this: “The club is headquartered in southern California and was originally formed in Montebello, California in 1969 by Hispanic Vietnam War veterans who were refused entry to the Hells Angels because of their race. Approximately 74 of the senior leadership were arrested in Oct 2008. Shortly afterwards, the US Gov’t was granted permissions to seize all property of the Mongols and the Mongols MC Name as well as their trademark. In July, 2009, the Federal court reversed the decision based on the freedom of speech. The chapters outside of California and Nevada are not nearly as violent. Treat them as you would the Outlaws. They also have chapters in Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, Oregon, New York, Indiana, Florida, and Virginia, and in the countries of Canada, Germany, Italy, and Mexico. The Mongols have a long standing friendship with the Outlaws MC.”

The Outlaws, to whom the Mongols are compared, are described in the same document like this: “Outlaws MC – this club has been an adversary since day one with the IOMC. They have constantly been a challenge about territory and what they have said is ‘disrespect’ because we do not comply to protocol and do not ask them permission to do anything. Caution should always be taken whenever there is an Outlaw around. Do not ignore them and do not say anything negative to anyone outside of the IOMC about them. If they outnumber you it is best to leave in a non aggressive way showing no fear. If they come up to you, offer to shake their hand and use a proper introduction for an MC. That means you say your name, your office and Iron Order MC. He will do the same. They spin all encounters or statements and lie to meet whatever goals they want. Never trust them to be truthful. If the OL starts intimidation tactics by asking, “Who the fuck are you guys?” or “Who gave you permission to wear those colors” etc. you need to refer them to your President or Regional Director. They only fight if they outnumber you or have no chance of losing a fight. Membership in the Outlaws is limited to men who own American-made motorcycles of a particular size; although in Europe, motorcycles from any country are allowed so long as they are in the chopper style.”


115 Responses to “Iron Order TRU Training”

  1. jonny sumo Says:

    @fuckyou; we are all entitled to our opinions… however I feel it necessary to point out a couple of things – most, if not all, of the MCs have number of serving or former military among their ranks. Indeed the influx of returning soldiers after major conflicts either established or added to their numbers. Some MCs are exclusively made up of former and/or serving military.

    This is difficult for me as I live in the UK, but I would suspect that many of your countrymen (especially on here) regard themselves as patriotic and dedicated to their, and others, freedoms.
    You may therefore struggle to gather support for your opinion that they are ‘terrorists’…

    On a personal note; your grammar and spelling are appalling, although this may have been because you were a little heightened while posting.

    Kindest Regards
    Peace, Love & Respect

  2. The Kraut Says:

    @FU…Bet your mamas your aunt and your daddy is also your uncle…

    Sux to be your own cousin.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  3. Drifter Says:

    And just like that asshole, you are proven you are full of shit who the terrorist are, go the fuck away;

    This chick is a hero, she stayed calm. Condolences to her, her Daughter, and the Family, and what do the pigs do; cuff her and put her in back of the car after they just blew away her complying boyfriend, and they continue to escalate the situation.

    I apologize the Reb and the regulars for taking the bait, but this just happened and felt it was relevant to this asshole’s comment.

  4. Drifter Says:

    @Fuck You; As your sn indicates, copsucking butt boy, no wonder you like them so much.

    Another Vet here as well with two family members that saw action in WWII (Purple Heart), and the other in the Tet offensive. You are so far off base with your military comments that you are not even in the park.

    Why don’t you ask Jack Yantis’s family who the terrorist are?

  5. stroker Says:

    To “fuckyou” and any other idiots chiming into this website after reading one or two comments:

    You don’t get it, and you probably never will. I’m a veteran too, so don’t try pulling that card on me.

    The reasons why ANY new club in ANY part of the USA SHOULD talk to existing clubs, is to show proper respect for those that have been flying a patch in any given area, to not just “ask permission”, but rather to iron out any future problems. A new club just showing up unannounced, and not having discussed protocol with other clubs in any given area, is just fucking RUDE, uneducated, arrogant, and dangerous.
    If you want to start a new club, fine. Talk to the existing clubs in your area. Don’t just say “fuck you” (fuck you), and thumb your petulant little nose at all those who’ve worked hard to keep pressure off from LEO’s. That’s the way this game has worked for longer than you’ve been around.
    I get so sick and tired of the whiney little bastards who jump in here and start spouting all their drivel about how they’re “entitled”

    AND, for the record, the urine order STARTED that fucking confrontation, as they have others. Not us “terrorist 1% ers”

    So grow up fuck-stick, and quit listening to cop propaganda.

  6. Sieg Says:

    Hey, “fuck you”, FUCK YOU. You’re such a badass, find a Patch-Holder and give him your opinion. On here, you’re just another cunt talking out the side of your neck.

  7. Fuck you Says:

    I say live by the sword die by the sword. These assholes go around acting like animals and God forbid one gets shot because a few Americans want to express there freedom to assemble or freedom of speech ! To hell with these 1% terrorists if you ask me they fuckin deserve what they get! This is America there is no room for terrorists to say ask permission to wear colors or fear getting assaulted! Soldiers die overseas defending our rights and these 1% piss ants shit all over the sacrifices made by those solders everyday . Making a mockery of our once great country ! I’m glad someone is standing up to these shitheads. United we stand devided we fall.

  8. Paladin Says:


    Thanks for the invite. Maybe in the summer or fall.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. HAHAHA! Says:

    The more I’ve learned about the Iron Order, the more pathetic they seem. What a bad joke. And who writes their shit? They actually put out “unwritten orders” in writing? Not to mention the horrible grammar and spelling. And Powerpoint presentations? Holy shit, what a bunch of clowns. Doesn’t every outlaw want to sit through that kind of mind-numbing bullshit? However, I do not believe these guys are corrupt cops, I just think they’re pussies who fantasize about being bad boys, while still remaining under the protection of the law. I have NO respect for them, but I don’t give them the credit others seem to. And they aren’t a nefarious conspiracy by ATF. That outfit is as inept and fucked-up as any that ever existed. ATF proved it couldn’t even pull off a conspiracy to sell guns to Mexican drug cartels! ATF couldn’t even feed a starving alligator without fucking it up somehow. They sure couldn’t do it secretly.

    I believe that if the Iron Order were continuously ridiculed in print, while being ignored in public, they’d get tired of their little game and just dry up and blow away – like old dogshit. By engaging them in person and fighting with them, not only do you risk getting shot but you’re legitimizing them as viable adversaries or as equals. And you’re playing into whatever agenda they have, whether it’s to conspire with government agents or simply to pretend to be bad boys wearing a costume. Their ridiculous patch is perfect for them, with the confused-looking cartoon skull that looks like it’s sitting in a puddle of its own liquid shit. And those Iron Order “road names” are SO gay. Izod? WTF? Now THAT says “OUTLAW”! Their names are the absolute worst, and I think most road names are stupid. Ever met an outlaw biker named Animal? Or Psycho? Who hasn’t met dozens of those? This shit is entertaining but SO pathetic.

  10. Sieg Says:

    Apropos of absolutely nothing….

    When my oldest was a wee sprout, in maybe 7th or 8th grade, he was getting hassled by a coupla jerks at school. They had figured out that they could yank his chain by dissing him in a class, or the hallway, and that he would go off on them, every time. And every time, he got jacked for it by the school.

    Finally told him that it was getting old, coming to the school every other day, and keeping a lawyer on retainer for his dumb ass. Told him that he should keep a good eye on them, and when he spotted one of them going into the shitter or the shower, places he knew there were no cameras, then he should follow him in, throw a flannel over his head, and proceed to beat the living shit out of him. Told him to just keep stomping till they weren’t moving so lively anymore.

    I figured that way, no witnesses, no film, no nothing but an old junk flannel with some blood on it.

    Seems to have worked, he didn’t get hassled at school anymore.

    Sometimes, real-life is just grade-school writ large.


  11. oldskewl Says:

    I have a CCW, I can carry almost anywhere, including a bank, school, government offices, most county courthouses ect… The one place absolutely forbidden is a bar.
    I am also prohibited from consuming any alcohol while carrying so these UO punks were breaking the law by carrying and drinking. Colorado law is similar to Calif so hopefully this pig will go down for murder.


  12. oldskewl Says:

    Paladin Says:
    February 8, 2016 at 10:42 pm

    I’ve spent a fair amount of time in towns on the lower 49 & 88 Sutter Creek, Amador City, Jackson, Sonora, Volcano, Pine Grove, etc. As of yet, haven’t taken 50 to 193. I’ll get up your way one of these days.

    Paladin, then you know the area which I live. We stay between Auburn and Angels camp and take in most small town events as the year comes.
    Anytime you are in my area please shoot me an email and we can hook up for a ride.
    The Frog Jumps are coming in May.. I’m sure you can get my email from Rebel and I have an extra room to crash for the festivities.


  13. old & stoned Says:

    y’all don’t forget they’ve made a habit of publicly shooting unarmed targets. some hangarounds have ‘techie’ skills, and would not be detained / searched post incident for a recording device. easily removable SD cards – if you have something you ‘really might not want to keep’,, don’t rely on erase, destroy it.

    they have become well aquainted with Cowardice, the need to come to know Fear.

    and still not a peep out of Denver pd,, i’m shocked! shocked! i say,,

  14. Lost Cause Says:

    The IO is about quantity, not quality. You can generally spot who the cops in their club are, almost cookie cutter, and it only takes one in a group to give the others their machismo. “Hey guys, watch this” and the shit starts. I can almost guarantee that was the case in Denver. The ones who don’t have 5-0 in the mix tend to keep to themselves.

    The cell phone video when they show up (by an ol’ lady or hangaround) could be useful as long as your club knows about it and decides whether to keep it or delete it.


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