James Alan “Wolf” Corrao

March 27, 2009

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James “Wolf” Corrao died at dusk on March 16th when his motorcycle was struck by a 1999 Dodge pickup truck at the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Titanium Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Carrao’s wife Debbie was following her husband on another motorcycle and was injured when she had to put her bike down on the low side to avoid the truck

The pickup was being driven by Carlow Henriquez, 52, of Las Vegas. Henriquez fled the scene of the accident and was apprehended a block away after he crashed into a fence. Henriquez was arrested for felony drunk driving, felony hit and run, unsafe lane change and driving with an open container of an alcoholic beverage.

Both James and Debbie Corrao were transported to Sunrise Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Very Well Respected

James “Wolf” Corrao was a long-time and enormously respected member of the Soldiers for Jesus Motorcycle Club. Before he found the Lord, Wolf Corrao had been a member in good standing of another major motorcycle club. His funeral last Saturday was attended by 600 mourners. And, the respect with which he was regarded is evidenced by the reported attendance of members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to Las Vegas in 1982.


He is survived by his widow; his daughters Angie and Jamie; his sons Jesse James and William Cody; six grandchildren; three sisters; four brothers; his brother Soldiers for Jesus; and many hundreds of brothers in the wind.

James Alan “Wolf” Corrao was 53-years-old. He died with his boots on.

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5 Responses to “James Alan “Wolf” Corrao”

  1. Jamie corrao Says:

    You are/ were the best man in the world
    I love and miss you everyday. I keep your memories alive and always will!!! I will see you in heaven soon Daddy, please keep my sister Annette close with you we just lost her!!! Daddy’s Lil girl forever

  2. Jamie Corrao Says:

    I love and miss you so much daddy. I will always be your little girl. I know Spirit is with you. It hurts every day daddy. It doesn’t get easier. Hope to see you in heaven! ;( Love you Always!

  3. Denise Moreland-Hunt Says:

    I met Wolf and Bear the night Debbie and I went out to a biker bar. The band was great and I saw Bear and W0lf and not only were they good looking but very respectful and very cool guys. When Debbie and Wolf first saw each other it was ment to be. Married for 25 years and 2 boys later they were bound by love for each other. When they both found the Lord they were the happiest ever. Ive never been so happy for Debbie (my cousin) as I have ever been. She loved him more than life its self, after God of course. I will miss him as all who knew and loved him will. Its been years now since his death and he is still always in our hearts and thoughts.
    I know he walks with the Lord now and I rejoice and am so proud of that. Love you Wolfy

    PS I’ll be seeing you when its my turn

  4. Raider Says:

    I feel honored to have met you and crushed by the fact that you are no longer with us. You will not be forgotten. Ride on in peace brother.

  5. Carol Corrao Says:

    That was beautiful.

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