Waco Coverup To Continue

January 27, 2016

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Waco Coverup To Continue

McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna filed a motion Monday with his former law partner, Judge Matt Johnson, to continue the pending trial of Scimitars Motorcycle Club member Matthew Clendennen. The trial had been scheduled to open February 29.

Johnson will announce the continuance after a pro forma status conference around Valentine’s Day.

Reyna told Johnson he needs more time to analyze all the evidence in the massive case and discover it to defense lawyers. He wrote, “Proceeding forth to trial in the midst of investigation, while known evidence is in the process of being analyzed, may violate the defendant’s Due Process rights and cause the District Attorney to violate both his duty to do justice by performing a comprehensive investigation as well as his duty to disclose exculpatory evidence which the State has requested analysis of but not obtained the results.”

Philosophy 101

Reyna’s argument suggests one of Zeno’s paradoxes. The ancient philosopher Zeno of Elea was famous for using logic to prove the absurd. For example, the fastest runner Zeno argued, could never beat a tortoise in a footrace if only the reptile was given a head start. Because before the runner could catch up to the slow animal, he would have to run halfway to the tortoise. And before he could get there he would have to run halfway to the halfway point. And so on in a ridiculous, infinite regression.

Reyna argues that once he accused Clendennen of being part of an organized criminal conspiracy to commit murder and assault, there was no way for Clendennen or his lawyer, Clint Broden, to remove the cloud over Clendennen’s head without examining all the possible evidence against all the alleged conspirators in the case.

Reyna explains, “This duty extends to items which were collected and have been sent to forensic laboratories or investigative agencies for further analysis but have not returned to the immediate possession of the State to permit copying and inspection.”

Halfway To Nowhere

The evidence Reyna, and therefore none of the defense attorneys, and therefore neither Clendennen or Broden does not yet have, includes:

“Firearm ballistics (bullet/fragment comparisons) by Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Walnut Creek, California” which will not be ready until at least this March.

“Firearm DNA analysis” and “non-firearms DNA” which will probably not be ready until June.

Cellular phone data which is being done by the Waco Police Department Forensic Analysis and they can’t even guess when they will be done.

“Social media analysis (in excess of 100,000 pages of communications via social media made by defendants and suspects related to this matter) ongoing analysis by multiple law enforcement agencies,” and that will also take an “unknown amount of time to complete.”

Then before Clendennen’s good name can be cleared and he can be made whole, Reyna must complete his “ongoing Grand Jury investigation” which will include “multiple witnesses giving Grand Jury testimony” and that will also take an “undetermined amount of time based on number of witness and prior non-compliance with Grand Jury subpoenas which may necessitate the issuance of Writs of Attachment to compel witnesses to appear before the Grand Jury.”

Reyna explains to Johnson that he is stalling not because he is covering up the deep dark secrets of the Twin Peaks Massacre but because, “It shall be the primary duty of all prosecuting attorneys, including any special prosecutors, not to convict, but to see that justice is done.”


17 Responses to “Waco Coverup To Continue”

  1. Leonard Goveia Says:

    I’m assuming the right to a speedy trial was waived,a mistake..if everyone would remain silent and demand a trial I doubt if the state/feds would prevail..The number of bikers arrested is fucking ridiculous,a bad joke…refuse to cooperate,do not except a plea and sit back..iiwii and there is nothing the bikers can do except to make the DA prove beyond a reasonable doubt every God damn charge…Vegas spent many millions trying to convict all the mongold/angels a few years back…just does not work and will Piss off judges.hang tuff & good luck

  2. Bamalam Says:

    Reyna feigns such interest in the defendant’s due process rights while ignoring their Sixth Amendment right to a speedy and public trial. What is a self-serving District Attorney to do in the midst of a massive screw up? My, my….

  3. FF Says:


    You nailed it, and believe me when I tell you those boxes are heavy.


  4. xplor Says:

    Ted, why are you hostile toward the Rebel for trng to exonerate folks before their lives are ruined?

    Should we wait for the Innocence Project to free them after a greater damage is done?

  5. Docb Says:

    Sounds like a serious “Evidence Dump” in the making. They’ll dump all the investigative material they can find on the defence just before trial without telling them which material will be used at trial. A continuance will give them more time to build a bigger pile. For the defence, figuring out which material will be used against them is like looking for a needle in a stack of needles with a deadline looming.


  6. Gus Says:

    I hate to repeat myself, fellas, but there will be no justice in Waco. These self righteous sums of bitches really believe they are doing the right thing and will use any tactic to “git ‘er done.” Truth, facts, and the law, only gets in their way. Read “Framing Dave Burgess” by D. C. Davis, as an example.

  7. david Says:

    1) Texas Speedy Trial Rule requires “Un-Abel” Reyna to begin trial proceedings within six-months of the ARREST DATE on the criminal felony charges.

    2) LATE analysis of known evidence(read: evidence Reyna posseses near the end of six months), cannot be used as a basis for any continuance.

    3) Reyna cannot use BATF’s continued non-analysis of ballistic evidence, which WILL continue BEYOND March, as a basis. The un-elected, and therefore unacountable to the people, BATF bureacrats are delaying, and could potentually delay trial indefinately, resulting in a perpetual sandbagging of trial.

    4) Most importantly, for Un-Abel to violate Matt’s Sixth Amend. protected right to a speedy trial for his LACK of EVIDENCE to prosecute, proves Texas is an un-constitional zone, and gives Matt another count to add to the growing list of counts against the defendants in his Title 42 Civil and Constitutional rights violations lawsuit.

  8. MM Says:

    I’m guessing Ted lives in a world where everything other than his own beliefs is a conspiracy. I’m also guessing he’s a LEO but could be wrong on both counts.

  9. Brad Milch Says:

    I believe the powers that be in & around Waco should have the best of the best psychologists around the world seriously examine Mr. Reyna & find out what motivated him to slips his chorizo (Mexican sausage) to 177+ biker citizens (presumably all with hairy bombay doors)& their families & friends in the first place. It’s one thing for someone afflicted with ‘little man’ syndrome to try & fuck a larger, defenseless man these days but….trying to lay pipe to several hundred mostly men all at once?

    After evaluating the DA, the psycho evaluators should ‘do the right thing’ & institutionalize Reyna before he causes any more damage to Texas people, property & rights to the pursuit of happiness & the law of Karma kicks in from DA victims & associates that were publicly deemed guilty of crimes long before the same unreturned evidence analysis was ever collected by the DA from the get go.

  10. Rebel Says:

    Dear Ted Unlis,

    I’ve seen all the video. All the video. You haven’t. I’ve seen a lot more than the video.


  11. Ted Unlis Says:

    You folks are still beating this dead horse by repeating the same old lame tired rumors, gossip, conspiracy theories, and lies to each other?

    What are you going to do when the public finally sees all the video and ballistic evidence once the murder and engaging in organized crime trials commence?

    I sure y’all won’t miss a lick when the need to pivot to a new conspiracy theory becomes necessary.

    Thought y’all might have taken the hint when biker defense attorney Stephen Stubbs walked backed his “murdered by cops” version of the Twin Peaks killings he stuck with for months with before confronted with the reality of irrefutable video evidence that the mass killings were the result of biker on biker violence.

  12. Meh Says:

    What, if any, would be applicable Texas statutes relating to a speedy trial?

    If the evidence can never be discovered then charges could be pending for decades.

  13. T Hell Says:

    @Old and Stoned
    “indict, arraign, THEN investigate?!?! “ You hit the nail on the head Reyna should be ready to go to trial with just the evidence that he presented to the grand jury alone, after all it was damning enough for them to pass down a bill of indictment. Broden is playing his cards wisely as his rebuttal did not include a motion to through this pig out directly at which point charges could be reinstated at a later date, demand a trial quickly as is your constitutional right. Generations from now law schools will study this case as a colossal fuck up in every sense of the word.

  14. old & stoned Says:

    fucker should have “DUE PROCESS” carved in his forehead mirrored so he could remind himself every time he preens his sorry ass.

    indict, arraign, THEN investigate?!?!

  15. TX_Biker Says:

    This is an attempt to keep the Waco house of cards from collapsing before the State and local elections this year…..and what Anonymous said…

  16. BMW Says:

    If he was honest, he never would have used falsified and perjurious statements to be used to persecute these men and women! He is just trying to get his law partner to save his ass!


  17. Anonymous Says:

    Of course this further complicates and delays the civil cases moving forward.

    You know, the civil cases wherein Twin Peaks has repeatedly motioned to designate Waco PD and Texas DPS as responsible third parties, and the MSM simply won’t report about it?

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