Izod Declares Non-Hostility

January 25, 2016

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Izod Declares Non-Hostility

Somebody could make a movie about the wacky, chatty world of aspirational motorcycle clubs. Oh, yeah. That’s right. Wild Hogs.

Nevertheless, the current real life version of Wild Hogs is the ongoing war of words between the Iron Order and the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Clubs.

The Iron Order is a defacto cop club that is most famous for provoking fights with other motorcycle clubs and then running to the authorities to complain. For years it was run by a former fast food executive with Cinnabon, Ponderosa Steakhouses and Papa John’s Pizza named Ray “Izod” Lubesky. (Izod like the casual wear brand.) Lubesky now runs a painting company franchise in Palm Harbor, Florida and after he was deposed as Iron Order president he became president of the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club.

Iron Legacy

The Iron Legacy currently claims to have a thousand members in 32 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and the District Of Columbia.

It is also a member of something called The Alliance of Law Abiding Motorcycle Clubs. This organization describes itself “as an antithesis to the traditional Confederation Of Clubs, to provide networking, support, intelligence sharing, and solidarity among like minded, law abiding motorcycle clubs.” You can visit the TALAMC website here.

Both clubs loudly beat their own drums. Last Saturday, for example, the Michigan City, Indiana News-Dispatch sent the Iron Legacy a valentine titled “Club members to assist in fundraiser for shelter youth.”


Readers learned that “Scott ‘Mud Bone’ Norman, president of the motorcycle club, said his group, formed 16 weeks ago, wants to be about helping the community. Contrary to a common stereotype of motorcycle clubs as flouting the law, he said, his club’s mission statement says they will follow such values as brotherhood, integrity and honesty, ‘not for glory or for greed, but for the betterment of mankind.’”

“In this short time, the club has already delivered money and four pounds of syrup to a church, raised money for a woman with multiple sclerosis and participated in a chili cook-off.”

“We are our brother’s keeper,” Norman told a reporter named Richard Chambers.

Of course you are thinking, “What a great bunch of guys. What did the world do before them?”

Open Letter

But, amazing though it may seem, apparently not everybody loves the Iron Legacy. And Lubesky and his second in command, Craig “Playboy” Cabral, want you to reconsider that. In an “Open Letter to all Iron Order MC Brothers,” dated last Tuesday, the two write:

“The recent dictate by your leadership that the Iron Legacy is a ‘hostile club’ is regrettable.”

“The Iron Legacy is not a ‘hostile club.’ We have been told there have been many dictates by IO leadership to you telling you that you are not allowed to associate, communicate, be seen with, be at the same place as the Iron Legacy and other such commands over the past few weeks.”

“Iron Order brothers are welcome to any Iron Legacy clubhouse, event, and party or just to hang out. We will never ask anyone to remove their colors for any reason, We will not dictate to our brothers who they can have as friends on Facebook.”

“The Iron Legacy is only three months old but in that three months we have maintained a high level of respect and non-confrontation with all IOMC. No social media insults or negative bullshit has been directed at the IO from anyone within the Iron Legacy MC. Any slips by our brothers have been immediately addressed and we have communicated with your leadership about all the Negative stuff that came from IO people so we could avoid situations like this one.”

“With the shooting incident between the Iron Order and a support club of the Bandidos in DeRidder, Louisiana two days before Christmas and two Iron Order brothers allegedly getting beat up and sent to the hospital by 81 and an 81 supporter in Massachusetts on Christmas Eve, we can assure every IO brother, the Iron Legacy is not hostile, not a threat and definitely not a concern the IO leadership needs to be spending any time worrying about.”


84 Responses to “Izod Declares Non-Hostility”

  1. Guess Who Says:

    Oh and let’s not forget about the International Board Members that make a profit of their membership by selling t-shirt, hats and other items. What a crock of Bullshit.

  2. Guess Who Says:

    So this article and others have half truths and mistakes in them. That being said you’re all gonna think that Maddog has a supporter here. Hell no!!! He is a moron. That club is a farce. They are run by a group of individuals (not men or bikers) that have a code of taking care of their buddies. They are losing members left and right. I can tell you that at their last National Rally it was stated that they got their 500th member. Not all members are full patched. Over 100 are Prospects. Those are accurate real numbers. As far as mail order…… not 100% accurate. Members At Large can get patches without prospecting. Just as their Pathetic IVP Playboy who put one in himself without telling his Regional Director that it was happening. This member was a business Associate of his. There is so much wrong in that club that writing it would be a full-time job.
    Wait till the membership hears about their latest lies and deceit. Keep up the good work and you will lose your 2nd club you helped found Izod.

  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear TwilightOfTheIdols.

    Maddog. He gone.


  4. TwilightOfTheIdols Says:

    @Maddog You were stripped of your patch because you’re a CO and that’s why you joined the IL. Say it how it is

  5. Sieg Says:

    Did Budweiser finally find a group that would accept him???

  6. Maddog Says:

    It is sad that I am talking to stupid people and as far as the misspelled words
    I text on my phone and if I don’t pay attention I hit the wrong key.
    But again your a lost cause and you can tell me to stfu all you want but you can’t make me stfu so big man go get on your bike and smack a train at full speed.
    Life for the people that know you would probably get better for them.

  7. The Kraut Says:

    When you are found to be standing in a deep hole…
    it benefits oneself to stop digging.

    Answering questions no ones asking is digging deeper for no visible purpose.

    Misspelling words makes no points…so, crazed canine…have a nice cup of STFU.

    Respect for those who warrant respect.

    The Kraut

  8. Dasein Says:

    Maddog: Is English your second language?

  9. Maddog Says:

    Twilight I don’t know about Iron Order but in Iron Legacy you don’t just buy a patch and a cut and your now a member.
    You do have to prospect and get every patched members vote in that cchapter to get patched in so not sure where you are getting your info but it is wrong If you were told that is how Iron Legacy works.
    Second what exactly does an outlaw biker look like because I know quite a few that don’t even wear patches or ride in a club.
    Just because you have a cut that has an LE patch or any other patch has nothing to do with being a biker or being a real club.
    A club has nothing to do with you way of making a living.
    And just so you know when the word 1%er came out in the 40s and 50s it had nothing to do with being in a club.
    It had to do with a lifestyle the way obe looked at things to rebel and live free.
    When The HAs first started they did not go around selling drugs guns or any other things.
    They got noticed for being a bunch of roudy party animal’s.
    Was not till later on down the road in life that they became a club that may or may not have some bad Apples in it.
    So let me initiaten you on something
    In order for our clubs to be going around trying to act and look like outlaw clubs as you put it we would have to be out there beating up people some of us would be doing some sort of criminal activity and just going crazy .
    I don’t see that going on so again get educated and get your facts straight.
    I have been in a 99% club at one time which is part of the COC.

  10. Maddog Says:

    Shovelhead what is meant by a law abiding club means that we police our club .
    If you are out there braking the law we get rid of you that is not what our clubs are about. We never insinuate that a 99%er or even a 1%er club is a criminal organization.
    What they do in there clubs is there business not ours.
    We don’t care about there internal way of doing what they do because it has nothing to do with us.
    When you attack a club being Iron Order Iron Legacy Blue Nights or any club out there trying to keep to them selves and do there thing is just plane stupid.
    Just because we are in a club that is law abiding don’t make us snitches.
    Now if someone stills your bike or breaks into your car maybe your not home and it is your house are you going to call the cops and report it.
    If you say yes then that would make you a snitch.
    Suck it up and call it a loss right.
    We don’t call cops that’s how it works right.
    Or do We throw our lives away and ruin our family lives by going out and handling up on it our selves.
    What is more important to you.
    Mine is my family and my freedom.
    Something you should think about.

  11. TwilightOfTheIdols Says:

    @Maddog, aren’t you a Correctional Officer?

  12. TwilightOfTheIdols Says:

    I’m just a civilian but I grew up around some 1%’ers and I respect the MC culture. My observation is: When you see a bunch of LEO’s/wannabes dressing up as outlaws and pretending to be outlaws, but no outlaws dressing up as and pretending to be cops, it makes you wonder who is living the more appealing lifestyle.

    Secondly. Any MC that lets you purchase your cut is unworthy of respect.

  13. Shovelhead Says:

    Any motorcycle club that says they’re a “Law Abiding Club”, insinuates that every other club out there must be criminal. That’s bullshit.
    Motorcycle Clubs are not criminal organizations.

    No one likes a Rat, not even Cops. Rats are the lowest form of life in society, right up there with child molesters, rapists and murderers. Izod promotes being a rat…enough said!

  14. Paladin Says:

    @ Maddog;

    You’re about the umpteenth member from a group, starting with the word Iron— (fill in the blank) that’s crawled onto Rebel’s page, gasping about how they’re a real club and how they don’t care what other’s think and that they don’t have to answer to anyone, do dah do dah.

    The regulars that post on Rebel’s page don’t go around posting on other pages, continually trying to justify their existence. So why do you guys? Obviously; you and the Iron —(fill in the blank) do care, otherwise we’d never hear from you.

    Here’s a little insider trading information for you: I’ll bet that no one here gives two shits about you, your so called “club”, or the fact that your father is a convicted felon. Also, you and those like you like to mention having been raised around 1%ers, as if that gives you some credibility. You all make it sound as if you were raised in the wilderness by wolves. Yet more self serving bullshit.

    Regarding that “biker code” you purport to adhere to: I believe somewhere in that “code” it mentions something about “Thou shalt not be a phony fucking asshole by wearing the trappings of someone you’re not.”


  15. 10Gauge Says:

    Ok fine you win…then why do you want to look the part? True bikers as you say doesn’t have anything to do with the patch on your back or the bike you ride…Why wear a three piece and try to insert yourself in a culture you despise? Just do you, and hang with yours. No shame or harm in that.

  16. Maddog Says:

    Sobyoy also know Shovelhead in an no snitch
    I do live by the biker code .
    I also have a lot of respect for the people I know and family I have that are 1%ers.
    Its not the way I chose to live or the the path
    I wanted to take but it is what it is.
    Here is were the problem comes into play
    Just because someone chose to become part of a
    Alliance club and not part of the COC changes
    Being a biker has nothing to do with the patches on your back or what state your from hell it doesn’t even matter the type of bike you ride.
    A true biker is a biker do to the fact of his love for the ride the freedom you get riding down the highway on your bike.
    Everyone should be able to do so without altercation for others do to a patch on ones back.
    This is not the wild west were we shoot it out in the streets over colors if one wants to do that take the cut off and go join the crops ,bloods or any other little street gang out there because there is no honor in that.

  17. Maddog Says:

    Shovelhead for your information I grew up in and around 1% clubs.
    If you tell me that they are not committing crimes your the ignorant one.
    Funny the amount of drugs and other things I saw growing up that as you want people to believe is not going on.
    I have a dad that is a convicted felon because of that lifestyle.
    Iron Legacy has never held them selves above anyone.
    We do care what other clubs are doing they live us alone and we live them alone.
    By the way you show your intelligence
    When you use big words like go fuck yourself.
    What are you 15 yrs old.

  18. Shovelhead Says:

    A little contradiction Maddog? You say:

    “First off I would like to say if you are not in Iron Legacy then you only know what you hear”

    Then you say:

    “I do not answer to criminals”

    If you’re not in 1% club, you only know what you hear!!

    And here’s the problem with clubs like yours, You think you’re of a higher order. Accusing 1% clubs of being criminals just shows your ignorance.

    Many 1%er club members are also Veterans, I’m a Veteran, difference is, I don’t think anyone owes me anything.

    Go fuck yourself!

  19. Maddog Says:

    First off I would like to say if you are not in Iron Legacy then you only know what you hear. I wouldn’t go on something you hear as fact if you know nothing about the club.
    Brotherhood has a true meaning in ILMC
    and I can say this by experience.
    I was part of a 99% club before IL and after being hit by a truck that put may wife and myself in the hospital the 99% club in was either me know that they knew nothing about brotherhood.
    The charter of IL that I have become a part of has gone out of there way to show my family and I just what it means to be apart of something greater then yourself.
    They have been there for us 100%.
    Funny how a 99% club can’t lift a finger to help a so called brother but the ones some of you are calling fake are the one’s that let me see the true meaning of brotherhood.
    As an army vet it makes me sick and ashamed that I defended people that have a problem with a club that is law abiding.
    It is not right that people like me or any other veteran that takes an othe to defend the constitution and the freedom of the American people have to sit by as 1% club think they can dictate what we can an can not do.
    I do not answer to criminals.
    If you think just because someone puts on a patch and rides a motorcycle but is not part of the COC that makes them face Youbare a fool.
    That’s how clubs were started someone put on a patch and came up with a name.

  20. Rebel Says:

    Dear MA Club Member,

    Are you talking about the “fight” last May or did I miss something?


  21. MA Club Member Says:

    Can’t wait to read more on the 81 beatdown on xmas eve, shouldn’t fly fake colors if you can’t defend them!

  22. Morbid Says:

    Stan you said they have never been shut down. . Explain fall river then

  23. Shovelhead Says:

    I’ll never understand why these kids want to follow a former Wall Street executive type of asshole like izod as the national Pres of io or iron legacy.
    I mean, that in itself goes against everything Bikers were/are about. it used to be about Brotherhood, non-conforming and anti establishment!
    You can’t be more of a conformist than being the ceo of cinabun.
    Guess to these punks it’s all about getting that patch on the back. Doesn’t matter what that patch means, Just that it makes them (they think) look tough.

  24. HAHAHA! Says:

    Holy shit! I’m not the most popular guy on this website, and I couldn’t give a fuck less, but THIS is why I’m coming here. I can’t find out shit like this on Yahoo News or other mainstream media, which is written by retards obsessed with those idiot Kardashians and whether Bruce Jenner still swinging a dick below his $3,000 Dolce & Gabana skirt. This idiot “Izod” not only holds the gayest biker name ever (even gayer than “Fellatio Road Warrior” or “Cum-Dump Colon Rider”), but his new club, the Iron Legacy, has got to be the stupidest fucking endeavor in the history of mankind. It’s even funnier than when he awarded himself four patches, one for each time he has gotten into a fight in defense of the “club’s” honor — kind of a Combat Infantry Badge for pre-menopausal suburban dads. Why doesn’t this presumably filthy rich assclown take his money and his flashy Neon Green and Sunglo Tangerine Harley CVO “factory custom” (a term that is an oxymoron, by the way) and just keep his empty fucking head down? It’s going to get lopped off at some point. His ego must be ginormous.

  25. random chick who rides Says:

    odd discovery. the talamc constitution and by-laws is an editable document. the temptation, oh the temptation.

  26. Lost Cause Says:

    Popeye nailed it. Izod knows it. He started the Iron Legacy because

    a) IO membership finally got tired of his shit and voted him out as IP. He does not like playing by others people’s rules.

    b) the recent influx of bad press (shootings with real clubs) bumped them up on the Fed radar and (according to rumors) may have classified them as an outlaw club and/or criminal organization. Cops, feds, firefighters and military members knew that “oh shit, being a weekend warrior might cost me my job if they find out” and turned their shit in.

    c) Izod starts new club and heavily labels it as “law abiding” and creates “The Alliance” himself to make it seem even more cop friendly. He then pulls half of the IO guys and their money with him.

    Got to hand it to the guy, he knows how to sell it. And Stan, before you call BS on any of that, ask him yourself. I heard it directly from someone that did.

  27. 10Guage Says:


    Shot off your bikes?? Not around here officer. We just laugh at you. The truth is we rarely see you. We don’t hang at cop bars, or throw Jell-O shot back yard swingers parties in the suburbs, and as you know, your bylaws don’t allow for you to go to parties or events where real scooter people are. Why not just join the Kiwanis. Well actually you pretty much did. Good on you.

    “Ball less support clubs” you say… I have my own feelings about the merits of joining a club like that, but they get my respect because they are at least in the mix. You douche bags are sidewalk commandos, typing insults from the safety of the suburbs, and then pulling badges and calling cops when you get caught in a jam. If you don’t like us, STOP DRESSING LIKE US….STOP USING OUR SYMBOLS. GO DO YOUR OWN FUCKING THING!

  28. Phuquehed Says:

    Stan the shit-stain, comes trolling onto a website and starts stirring shit and then tells *others* to get a life and stop with the high school crap! LMAO! You fucking douche. Nice self-nuke, you banal little bitch.

  29. stan Says:

    Popeye. Brilliant, or you could even be a ballless support club and pay another club to be a club. that works too. Oh yeah hundreds of clubs already do that. my bad

  30. popeye Says:

    Heres how it works. 1)Start a club ,call it club A, and get 3000 idiots to pay you to join and buy your worthless crap.2) Next as you begin to run out of fools willing to buy into it and give you money declare holy war against your club and start another. 3) Get the same idiots who gave you money last time to give you more money to join club B

  31. stan Says:

    Plakhead if that’s true how come not one club or hater has ever shut them down? HAHAHAHA You fools crack me up. When the hate sites first started they said Iron Order would be shut down in 2 months. Hmmm that worked HAHAHAHAHA. Iron Order was told they would be shut down, shot off bikes, killed by 1%ers etc. Hmmmmm yep that’s just what happened. Get a life and ride. Stop with the high school crap already. Obviously they are here to stay. Or I guess you can keep wasting your precious time in life trying so hard to get rid of something so much bigger than you. Good luk with that. Seems to be working for ya so far HAHAHAHAHAHA

  32. BMW Says:

    Izod is simply continuing his little scam of selling membership in his dangerous pyramid scheme/LEO motorcycle club! How much has this franchise executive made off his pyramid scheme? The pyramid DEPENDS on looking like a legal investment; that’s why Izod the Greedy is so worried about what people say. People pointing out that his pyramid scheme/motorcycle club is not a legit 3 piece club undermines his ability to sell to new people. What the F kind of biker uses the handle Izod anyway?


  33. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah, that’s right stan…one member in each one and all of them more than likely accountants who just got a sportster the other day so they can play ‘biker’.

    It’s more than apparent that you nor any of the rest of your ilk have any sense of pride or care that things came about through hard work, real brotherhood (not the shit you IO IL turd-burglars call ‘brotherhood’), real blood and real honor. You just want to be able to say you wear a patch and get to play with each others’ dicks at monthly meetings and ask all the doctors and pigs in each chapter to bring fun tools and the drugs they stole off people.

    You should hang your head in shame, you little douche, if you know what it is.

  34. Ken the Citizen Says:

    Why be phony Fucker? No one respects that and never will. If you dress up a pig it’s still a pig.

    Respects to those that deserve it.

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