Christie Publicity Push Begins

January 22, 2016

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Christie Publicity Push Begins

George Christie’s memoir, now titled Exile on Front Street: My Life as a Hells Angel…and Beyond, will be published September 20. You can preorder a copy right now if you want. The book is available for presale in Britain, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy and France.

The book was previously titled Inside Out: My Life As A Hells Angel. It is an interesting title change. The term to “put on front street’ is usually understood as the act of exposing someone’s personal business by discussing it in public.

Christie’s life in the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club ended sadly. He became an adversary of club founder Ralph “Sonny” Barger. He was banished after proof surfaced that he had incriminated club brothers to police. A mountain of circumstantial evidence indicates that he debriefed with federal authorities after pleading guilty to conspiracy in 2013. The British director Nick Mead pulled a documentary about Christie because he thought his subject was lying to him. In the last couple of years Christie has threatened to sue Mead, and a guy who bought a motorcycle from his late son and a former club member who raged against him in public. In turn, he has been threatened with lawsuits by Barger and Jacqueline Mann, the widow of the late artist David Mann.

Christie may have led an interesting life but the end of all his adventures was to be broke. So he has made a career of dramatizing his recollections for money. He sold tropes, clichés and gossip to the History Channel for a “reality-based” (as surrealism and cubism can be said to be based on realism) series called Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels. The show was not a hit. But something more than half a million people saw at least part of it and viewership for some episodes might have been as high as a million. Whether it made money for its producers or not, the show enhanced Christie’s brand.

Christie’s Team

So somewhere someone is jumping up and down like a little boy who has to pee in anticipation of this book.

Christies words will be ghost written by San Diego “true crime” writer Eva Knott. She is a staff writer for the San Diego Reader who previously ghost authored Ripley’s Big Weird and Dangerous Fish.

Knott’s words will be lovingly polished by Executive Editor Peter Joseph of Thomas Dunne Books. At the moment Joseph is particularly proud of his work publishing, “the internationally bestselling The Elephant Whisperer: My Life with the Herd in the African Wild by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence; the Strunk & White parody The Elements of F*cking Style by Chris Baker and Jacob Hansen; the narrative history Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam’s Most Infamous Prison, the Women Who Fought for Them, and the One Who Never Returned by Alvin Townley; and Gypsy Boy: My Life in the Secret World of the Romany Gypsies by Mikey Walsh.”

One of Christie’s agents, Jane Dystel of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, enthuses: “George Christie wasn’t just a Hells Angel, he was the longest serving Hells Angel chapter president. It meant leading a group of wild, larger-than-life characters who were anything but natural followers, and being the spokesman for a club that doesn’t always make for great press. He was also the rare peacemaker among street soldiers more comfortable with fighting than standing pat. For decades, he was the guy pushing a rock uphill with a lot of people trying to roll it back down again. That rock wore him out, so he left the Club in 2011. But it’s not a legacy you just shake off like an old leather jacket. You don’t retire quietly from the Hells Angels. Being an Angel is a little like having a tattoo, if that tattoo seeped right down through the skin and muscle, into the blood and bone and cells that make a man who he is. On the outside, let loose of the patch, George Christie is still trying to make peace. Only now it’s a truce with himself, a reconciliation of what was, and what comes next. Finding that peace is a story, a story filled with drama, and battles and all you might imagine (and more) an outlaw biker could go through. It’s a story of family and love, enemies and grudges, rife with struggles, losses and triumphs. It’s the story of the law and the outlaw.”

The actual book may differ from and be something a little less than the book Christie’s agent pitched.

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34 Responses to “Christie Publicity Push Begins”

  1. slowhand Says:

    BMW got it right in one. “It is so sad to see a once-proud biker scramble to make money off a patch he can no longer wear”

    sad and tragic and desparate and messed up

  2. Jim666 Says:

    @ 1811 you only got one part right.

    “The 81 have a lot of friends”

    the rest proves you’re an idiot.

  3. TOBY T Says:


  4. 1811 Says:

    Don’t listen to everything you hear/see on the web. The 81 have a lot of friends and can discredit someone through word of fairly quickly. But you must realize. They’re all fucking liars. This is how the 81 gets by, lies, smoke n mirrors, and false truths.

  5. Boozer Says:

    The general consensus is that George Christie is a POS, I get that. But why are people dogging Eva Knott? Why are you calling her a bottom feeder? She’s a crime writer who is writing a story. So what, that’s her profession. She’s not writing for a tabloid. Does she believe his bullshit? Maybe. Why wouldn’t she? How much would she know about George? Maybe she thought because he has already written books and had a TV show about him that he was legit. Maybe she is getting paid a shitload of money. Who knows. Point is, place the blame where it should be.

    No I don’t know her or have any affiliation with anyone involved. Just try to give people a fair shake.

  6. Meh Says:

    BMW wrote:
    “If the picture of bikers and MCs they continually misrepresent was true to ANY EXTENT, GC would have had the money to retire in high style to Rio. Instead, he is reduced to selling his ass cheap on the streets of Hollywood, just another broken dead end kid.”

    Alternate oppossibility which I am NOT contending as accurate or inaccurate (dunno, wasn’t there) is he blew whatever money he’d made (licitly or otherwise) using the same poor judgment that put him in his current situation. A person may excel at one skillset while fucking up other parts of their life.

    You can make new money but you can’t make new honor.

    All that’s left if you shitcan your honor is to operate in areas of society that are not honor cultures. The media is almost never (Rebel being a notable exception which makes his work so interesting) run with emphasis on honor since honor might interfere with cash flow and pandering to power.

    If you give power what it wants, you can make money. If you share some of the toxic psychology of those in power serving them and yourself at once is a natural fit.

  7. oldskewl Says:

    The good news is, after what little money he makes from the book is gone, he ain’t got shit left. Might as well sell those motorcycles while he’s at it because he ain’t worthy of a membership in the loathing IOMC



  8. Grimey Says:

    I get the feeling that the same people that religiously watched SOA and read other garbage published by Dobbins, Queen and Falco will enjoy these tall tales and lies just as much.
    Pisses me off that people are putting money in the pockets of liars and drama queens.

  9. BMW Says:

    It is so sad to see a once-proud biker scramble to make money off a patch he can no longer wear. He is prostituting what little good will he had left, and I don’t even think he will get much money for selling out. He has been turned into a 25 cent whore by the pimps at the USDOJ, and now he’s offering blowjobs for half price. In fact, to compare his efforts to make money from his old patch is an insult to all the 25cent crack whores. I’m sure the pimps at the Department of Injustice are VERY happy to see him grovel as he sells his ass. But for an old biker, it is like watching a motorcycle wreck.

    I once admired GC for his ability to speak out on issues that affect the community. I never knew any more about him, than that he was a very effective public speaker and understood how to achieve good publicity. Now, I’m glad I didn’t know him.

    This shameful behaviour, however, demonstrates the basic dishonesty of the Department of Injustice, federal persecutors and crooked federal judges. The DOI agencies deliberately and repeatedly MIS-depict bikers as callous drug dealers, career criminals and violent extremists. If the picture of bikers and MCs they continually misrepresent was true to ANY EXTENT, GC would have had the money to retire in high style to Rio. Instead, he is reduced to selling his ass cheap on the streets of Hollywood, just another broken dead end kid.


  10. slowhand Says:

    @ Dogbreath

    Assume that Eva Knott, if she has any integrity and journalistic value at all, will speak to Nick Mead and speak to others who have been affected by GC.

    Anyone know what happened to the clubhouse? GC said the new leadership in Ventura let it go, is that true? What happened to Little George’s bike, GC said it was stolen and framed it so it coincided with his death? Anyone been to jail for GC? When did GC start ratting on his brothers, the tapes are damning evidence.

    Presumably she’ll want to know the facts. Surely it can’t just be a propaganda book for GC. Surely she has more integrity than that.

    Her “proper” job is at the San Diego Reader so am sure she’d appreciate some truth.

  11. dfaonfixway Says:

    I am very happy to read all these responces. It makes feel good to know that there are some people paying attention . FF you nailed it dead on. A lot of good men trusted him, and went out just like you said.

  12. dogbreath Says:

    GC’s need for publicity and to have his ego fed were obvious from the beginning.
    He should have been stifled long before the torch run, and folk like me should not even know his name.

    There may be some things of interest to me in his book, so I will go to the library and spend a few minutes parsing the thing thru the bullshit filter. I won’t spend a penny on it, won’t even check it out of the library.

    I would like to see Nick Mead move forward with his documentary, showing why he came to believe that Christie was lying to him. I’m sure he has some interesting footage.

  13. Tooj Says:

    Truth, FF. And the smell is of horseshit.

  14. Dark Corner Says:

    I don’t know anyone who would buy this trash. Even the fucking cops don’t respect squealing cockroaches like GC

  15. Kranky Klaus Says:

    Good lord, this all sounds so bloody awful. Jane Dystel sounds like a total dypshit

  16. Meh Says:

    Having to use a bottom-feeder ghostwriter and agent says it all, since one might reasonably assume the product was shopped to different publishers and rejected before it washed up where it did.

    As to “indicia”, I doubt Bacon do anything about that but the trademark owner might.

    “Exile on Front Street” is previously copyrighted:

  17. Whitepride Says:

    Fuck GC!!!!! I wouldn’t wipe my ass with anything he’s written because I wouldn’t dirty my ass with the shit that lying traitor has written!

  18. FF Says:

    George Christie, you are exhibit A why so many moth’s like myself have danced real close to the flame but backed away because something just wasn’t passing the smell test.

    It’s like a slick back once told me “It’s like an episode of Star Trek. You know when Captain Kirk and Spock transport from the Enterprise to some planet, you know that they are coming back. It’s always that new guy, the member of the crew you never seen before, the guy making a cameo appearance that gets picked off.”

    It’s turds like you George that so many men are apprehensive to make that total commitment because all it is going to amount to is being a pawn for a piece of shit who is going to steal your bike, throw you out bad, and leave you high and dry in a federal pen. Pretty much wrecking your life completely.

    How many men trusted you and you ruined their life? You are a thief and a liar. That is a fact. You’re probably a sociopath.

    Exile on Jump Street, fool.


  19. Dirtyfxd Says:

    Nick Mead had values…… Maybe Eva Knott could learn a thing or two.

  20. Kenny 1% Says:

    Pimping your patch. True 1%er brothers know that’s about as disrespectful as it gets.

  21. Skip Workman's Ghost Says:

    Let’s get one thing straight about George Christie and this alleged “national spokesman” bullshit. The HAMC, by design, and to the chagrin and frustration of Federal law enforcement agencies, has always been decentralized. A national hierarchy of any kind, national officers, bosses – any kind of central high command has never existed. There has never been a kingpin, boss, capo, godfather, president or boss of bosses.
    There has never been a council or group of shot callers. Every franchise is its own entity. Like a franchise almost without the national headquarters. Any more than the 7-11 in your neighborhood is connected to one in my neighborhood – only the trademark, name, brand identification, logo and name are in common. This has been part and parcel one of the most ingenious aspects of the club, there is no head of the serpent to chop off.
    That being said, how can there be a national spokesman? George Christie never spoke for any member other than himself or those in his charter. That’s it.

  22. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    I recommend that George narrates his own book for the inevitable “Books on Audio” version of this epic tome. It very well could replace waterboarding as the preferred method of extracting information from the remaining terrorists incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay.

  23. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Instead, where can I get a copy of ‘Ripleys Big Weird and Dangerous Fish’?
    Respects, and Ride Free,

  24. tiopirata Says:

    @ Rebel
    “The actual book may differ from and be something a little less than the book Christie’s agent pitched”
    That is the best piece of sarcasm I have read this year. Brilliant. Damning. Still laughing.
    @ Phuquehead.
    A cup full!!! You have my envy also.
    Respect as always.

  25. RtC Says:

    I’m with NCRider! Fuck that gc fiction BS! “Chomping at the bit” Rebel!
    BTW, Hope your vision is returning!

  26. Phuquehed Says:

    Jane seems to be one of those bimbos one reads about or sees on some flaky teevee show like the daughter on ‘Married: With Children’. She believes the shit-stain known as Christie “left” HA instead of being booted in the ass out bad. I suppose if I wanted a blowjob from her all I’d have to do is tell her she’ll get a cup-full of vanilla ice cream at the end.

  27. Caretaker Says:

    Where can I get a few free copies? I need something to light my fireplace with.


  28. Slide Says:

    According to his Facebook page, he was and I quote:” longer allowed by the US Probation Department under my terms of probation to display club related indicia.” The poster in question had the; “indicia Hells Angels” in writing. Nothing else, just those eleven letters.
    So why are the same eleven letters allowed on this book and not the poster? It’s a mighty slim slice of ham that doesn’t have two sides to it, right G.C.?

  29. NCRider Says:

    The only book I want to read is your book on Waco, Rebel.

  30. slowhand Says:

    Anyone gonna bother checking the truth this time round? If the publishers are reading this they could try these pple : or will it be more ego building bullshit from this sadfuck?

  31. Candy Says:

    Rebel, your work just gets better and better. Keep ’em coming!

  32. TX_Biker Says:

    I would not waste my time or spend a dime on anything this writes….

  33. Parsifal Says:

    Christie takes a Christie, and wipes his Christie with a Christie. A legend in his own mind.

  34. popeye Says:

    rolling stones Exile on main street rip off. nothing original here ,as usual george

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