DA Would Block Retrial

January 21, 2016

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DA Would Block Retrial

Washoe County, Nevada District Attorney Christopher J, Hicks, above, doesn’t want Vago Ernesto Manuel “Romeo” Gonzalez retried.

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled last New Year’s Eve that Gonzalez deserved a new trial. The Court ruled that, among other errors, the jury that found Gonzalez guilty should have been warned that testimony against Gonzalez by former Vago Stuart Gary “Jabbers” Rudnick was uncorroborated and suspect.

Gonzalez was convicted of deliberately murdering San Jose Hells Angels charter president Jeffrey “Jethro” Pettigrew during a brawl between Hells Angels and Vagos inside John Ascuaga’s Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada on September 23, 2011. Rudnick instigated the fight, possibly in hopes of collecting a Hells Angels vest as a souvenir. He baited Pettigrew for almost an hour before Pettigrew assaulted him. During that hour, several Vagos urged Rudnick to stop.

After he was kicked out of the Vagos, Rudnick agreed to testify against Gonzalez in return for a more lenient sentence. Rudnick told jurors that Gonzalez had been told to assassinate Pettigrew by Vagos president Pastor “Tata” Palafox, that the alleged assassination resulted from a club wide conspiracy and that the Vagos is a “criminal street gang.”

Video Corroboration

Hicks filed a mendacious and desperate Petition For Rehearing with the Nevada high court on Tuesday afternoon that claims surveillance video of the fight corroborates Rudnick’s testimony. Among the howlers in the petition is the statement: “The video shows one of the Vagos putting on gloves inside the casino on that summer night, just seconds before the fight began. A jury could consider that as evidence that at least one of the Vagos anticipated the fight that followed seconds later, and that is circumstantial evidence of the conspiracy.” Hicks fails to mention that the Vago putting on gloves was his star witness, Gary Rudnick.

Hicks argues that other video evidence corroborates a conspiracy to murder Pettigrew. That video footage includes:

“The contents of the video would allow the jury to conclude that when the Vagos lined up in the casino, to form a gauntlet, they were doing so because of an agreement and not just by random movements. The State would refer to the relatively modern phenomena of the ‘flash mob.’ A person reviewing a video of such a flash mob can quickly and firmly conclude that the participants have agreed to their actions. A video of such a flash mob, like the video of the gauntlet, allows the conclusion that the participants are acting pursuant to an agreement, and are not just milling about aimlessly.”

Dissembling Blather

“The video also showed that when Pettigrew (a Hells Angels member) showed up at the Oyster Bar in the Casino, his arrival was quickly followed by a dozen or more of Vagos showing up at the same locale. That tends to show coordinated activity.”

“The rapidity with which the fight began and escalated is also evidence that the participants mentally rehearsed the beginnings of the fight. That, too, tends to corroborate the existence of the agreement.”

“Finally, the video shows that just before the fight started, the shooter, Gonzalez, freed up his hands by putting down his drink. He thus was able to retrieve his gun from under his shirt to kill Pettigrew.”

Justice Nancy Saitta wrote the 16-page decision that ordered a new trial for Gonzalez. All six of the court’s other justices concurred with Saitta’s opinion. It seems very unlikely that four of those seven justices would now reverse themselves based on Hick’s speculative and dissembling blather.

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9 Responses to “DA Would Block Retrial”

  1. Baba-Yaga Says:

    You preach your bullshit enough you’ll begin to believe it yourself.

    The only conspiracy was Department of Homeland Security and San Bernardino P.D. fabricated with your buddy Karl Hall’s buy-in. Gary Rudnick being the simp that he is thought he was going to walk by agreeing to be their puppet. Fact is Rudnick the drunken idiot got himself punched in the face after Pettigrew finally had enough of his shit. And then it was on. Pettigrew shot two Vagos and pistol whipped another. He walked up the aisle and was kicking the shit out of a Vago on the ground when he was finally stopped.

    If it were a cop that shot Pettigrew, Reno would have had a hero’s parade for him.

  2. old & stoned Says:

    “among the howlers,,,,” awesome, Rebel. this is one desperate DA, pull a career-ending move by telling a unanimous Appellate Court justices “No! No! No! you guys just don’t see it! ,, go back and look again!”

    Washoe county “railroad” no longer has an engine.

  3. Road Whore Says:

    And the problem with snitches/rats is that they can make any damn far-fetched accusation against anyone and the fedbeast will jump on it.

    Ride Free

  4. Jim666 Says:

    As most feds and cops alike will confess, there would be only 1/8 of the conviction and arrest rates if it wasn’t for snitches/rats

    fuck the worthless fucks

  5. Lost Cause Says:

    If the DA was concerned about justice, he wouldn’t be a prosecutor. Guilty or innocent; his job is to get convictions. Just the stats, ma’am, just the stats.

    Karma is a mo-fo…..

  6. FF Says:

    So I guess Romeo is going to get a new trial?

  7. Shyster Says:

    You’re fucked Hicks. The Nevada Supreme Court heard the Appeal en banc. They ruled 7-0 to overturn the conviction and send the case back to Washoe County. Even Stevie Wonder could see that the Trial Judge did her best to back door a conviction. I mean is it any wonder the case was sent to her in the first place?!!

    And the Department of Homeland Security and San Bernardino P.D. fabricating a conspiracy to murder Jethro through Gary Rudnick who thought he was walking out of court for his testimony but instead was remanded to prison! All lies and look what you have to show for it. One Big Fucken Predicate Act down the shitter. And now the DA’s hands are tied on the re-trial. You lose!

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”


  8. Phuquehed Says:

    Hicks. Synonymous with air-wasting shit-stain. Or, just another high-up fucktard DA looking out only for his advancement and more pay than for anything actually resembling justice for anyone.

  9. WARTHOG Says:

    Rudnick. Synonymous with POS.

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