More Money For Waco

January 20, 2016

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More Money For Waco

The city of Waco expects to be paid $500,000 for the work it did last May 17 in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant. The city is seeking two grants.

Waco will apply for a $248,841 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant from the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs Grants Management System. In 2014, the Department of Justice dispersed about $290.9 million in JAG funds  The amount for 2015 has not yet been published. In 2014 about $22.2 million in JAG funds went to the state of Texas. The state retained about $13.32 million of that amount. The remainder, $8.88 million, was dispersed to local governments. Technically, the millions for police are part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which, at the time, was presented to the nation as a way to boost the faltering economy by rebuilding America’s infrastructure.

Performance Based

The amount allocated to each state is performance based. Generally speaking, the more arrests a state makes in competition with other states, the higher its funding allocation. In 2014, California led the nation with a total JAG allocation of $32,245,797. Vermont only qualified for a JAG of $727,321.

The deadline to apply for a JAG is tomorrow. Applicants can apply online. Waco met the public comment requirement for JAG applications by raising the subject at a city council meeting.

According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, “The bulk of the requested (direct JAG) funding, more than $240,000, would go to the Waco Police Department for overtime and equipment, with small amounts going to Waco Transit, the Waco Fire Department and the police departments in Robinson, Woodway, Hewitt and Lorena.”

“Based on the feedback we’ve received, I believe we will receive a portion or all of the money we’ve requested,” Frank Patterson, coordinator of the Waco-McLennan County Office of Emergency Management told the Tribune-Herald. “There’s no reason to doubt it.”

No Digital Camouflage

No one in Waco is advertising what equipment the city will use the JAG funds to buy. The Bureau of Justice Assistance currently forbids using Jag funds to acquire: “Tracked armored vehicles; weaponized aircraft; firearms and ammunition with a caliber of .50 or higher; grenade launchers; bayonets; and digital pattern camouflage uniforms, although woodland and desert patterns are allowable.” The purchase of drones requires prior approval by the BJA.

According to the Waco newspaper, “McLennan County officials have announced plans to seek a separate grant of about $250,000 from the state of Texas to defray the cost of housing and feeding the 177 people arrested the day of the deadly shootout, along with overtime for deputies.” The paper does not explain whether this amount comprises JAG funds dispersed through the state.

Patterson told the Tribune-Herald that the half million dollars would “cover only a fraction of the actual costs law enforcement incurred at the scene.”


18 Responses to “More Money For Waco”

  1. Nags Says:


    I dare say most of the frequent flyers on this site are well aware through personal experience the injustice system is more about how many dead presidents it can get outta your wallet rather than the vision our forefather’s had of a country where all men will be created equally.

  2. T Hell Says:

    To “protect and serve” was too 20th century the new motto should be “To Maim, Steal, and Kill”

    No Digital Camo
    What’s so special about the digital variety, they can drive around in MRAPs but the digital camo pattern looks to military? Perhaps Waco could use the money for a surplus submarine? I’ve never understood this whole police/swat camo thing anyway, obviously they just dress that way because they think it makes them look tough, you see 12 guys dressed in full camo with ar14’s and body armor running around downtown, hey fucktards we can still see you the camo aint working. If they want to blend in they should wear baggy pants and hoodies like the ninja’s they could sit on a street corner for a week and nobody would pay any attention

  3. Brad Milch Says:

    What Rebel’s readers are either learning about or reflecting on in the revenue side of Waco LEO & Judicial systems handling of the Twin Peaks biker massacre is an invaluable portrait of what cops, courts, lawyers, judges & juries are about that many miss learning early in life from parents, relatives & school educators. All need lessons in learning what’s in store for them somewhere down the line somewhere in the jungle of American society.
    Back in the days when people lined up at sex film theatres in large numbers for a chance to watch Linda Lovelace shine pipe in the movie, ‘Deep Throat’, I vividly recall an associate remarking that better & more frequent sex can be seen any day of the week in any court anywhere in the USA. The one day I spent most of it observing a court’s traffic I still remember the word I heard repeated endlessly: ‘pay’. ‘The court orders you to pay this amount’, ‘my client is unable to pay that amount’, my spouse refused to pay his family bills, Your Honor’, ‘she didn’t pay for the damage she caused’, ‘you will pay what you owe or go to jail’….on & on it went, case after case. Those that didn’t have any money on hand to pay sometimes would disappear with bailiffs (I later learned they were transported to the adjoining jail underground). I believe everyone should get their feet wet on the reality that Rebel displays to his readers in the words he provides his global audience.
    I suspect that there are those in power in Waco that are unhappy that LEO didn’t make MORE arrests at Twin Peaks & it’s nearby shopping mall & freeway. The released Don Carlos video clearly shows a large number of persons dressed in biker apparel running towards the mall parking lot. Each one of them that slipped through the LEO arrest net is money lost to those that rule other humans with greed in their veins instead of blood.
    As one of Rebel’s readers remarked, it’s not about justice, is about money to feed the monster called the Judicial system & its associates.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    FTF, FTG, Fuck Reyna, fuck the Waco judges. I can only wish some raghead terrorist who’s been *LET* into this country by the Obama regime, bombs the fuck out of all of them as they have one of their weekly circle-jerk get-togethers.

  5. Sheera Says:

    So according the Justice Department, the more arrests nade, the more funds are allocated. The City of Waco will have us believe and they keep saying they are losing money because of the May 17th Fiasco. There is apparently a lot of money coming from somewhere
    I have always said and will continue to say, that 2/3 of our laws are not about Justice but about money and revenue. Court Fees, Legal Fees, Permits, Bonds, Forfeitures, Lawyers Fees, Administrative Fees…… it doesn’t stop.

  6. Mike184 Says:

    Vermont is a carry state…. Carry in your back pocket, across your back, in your coat, wherever. If you are good to have one you are good to carry it how you see fit. There were so real good things about not being a hippie from up that way.

  7. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    Aging Rebel, I would like to know how William Anderson feels about how a 106 people are being charged for murdering him, especially the 1 guy who is clearly seen in the video helping his son to safety and was shot in doing so, now being charged for murder. How does the Grand Jury feel about this?

  8. Dino Says:

    I know how to avoid those costs: don’t unnecessarily arrest 177 people and if you have good intelligence to prevent an altercation, do it instead of fueling it. If you incur costs by trampling on the Constitution then fucking eat it, assholes.

  9. BMW Says:


    Hard to believe that these thieves have gotten to the point that they can no longer steal enough money from the locals and now want money from all of us to defray the cost of murder and cover-ups!



  10. popeye Says:

    Performance based says it all. The more arrests the more grant money. What could go wrong? Waco did save a few bucks on ambulance services by letting the murdered bleed out.

  11. RLG Says:

    See, this shit is expensive. And just starting.

    The current regime in Waco will be doomed as this police action eats up all the slush funds.

  12. Sieg Says:

    And for sure they’ll get all they ask for-atf doesn’t want them talking out of school.


  13. old & stoned Says:

    500,000 / 9 = 55.5K/ head

    should read “for Fun & Profit!” on patrol unit doors.

  14. ak rack Says:

    Considering the number of JAG-offs In McClennan County you’d think they’d be asking for more than a meager $250K. Maybe they do all their sick shit just because it feels good? Maybe they’ll go blind soon?

  15. IronRider Says:

    Waco will need that $500k, all the wrongful death and civil suits for malicious prosecution, and civil rights violations are going to run in the tens of millions of dollars.

    There are going to be a lot of taxpayers who are going to be on the hook for all these costs from this Fiasco for years and years to come.

  16. Sick Rick Says:

    Maybe some of that cash will filter down to the missing persons unit and they can tell us why nobody from The Largest Motorcycle Club In The United States was nowhere to be found that day.

  17. RtC Says:

    Guess the Government pays well for MURDER,huh?! FUCK YOU Reyna, you waste of
    skin & air!

  18. RtC Says:

    DAMN! I guess the Gov. pays well for MURDER, doesn’t it?!

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