Buell Sold To Liquidators

January 19, 2016

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Buell Sold To Liquidators

The lights are still off at Erik Buell Racing. The manufacturing assets of the company, which closed its doors last April, were sold at auction last Thursday for $2 million to a company called Liquid Asset Partners.

Various intangible assets of Buell already belonged to an Indian motorcycle company called Hero Moto-Corp.

Erik Buell Racing’s unpaid debts include $733,000 owed to Japanese engine design firm Mito Tech, $390,000 owed to Porsche Engineering Group and $202,000 in unpaid employee compensation.

A motorcycle enthusiast and entrepreneur named Bruce Belfer had previously promised to buy the manufacturing assets for $2.25 million but was never able to pay that amount

Press Release

According to a press release distributed last Friday, Liquid Asset Partners’ “management team has worked with banks, retailers, courts, manufacturers, and investors. They make cash purchases or run commission disposition sales in retail, wholesale, industrial and motorsports industries. Past work in the motorcycle industry by the management team includes the Cannondale Motorcycle Factory in 2002, the Indian Motorcycle Factory in 2004, the American Ironhorse Motorcycle Factory in 2009, the Buell Factory in 2010, and assisting with the sales of major distributors, dealers, and suppliers.”

The release quotes Bill Melvin, Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Asset Partners, as saying: “There are still a lot of options on the table for a new owner to come in and continue making EBRs. EBR is not a start up, this is an established brand with a huge following across the globe. With the internet, motorcyclists everywhere will know this business is still for sale and we will be open to discussing options. Tell everyone! Maybe it will be crowd sourced, maybe a private investor will step in, maybe we will provide financing for the right team to move forward, or maybe a large manufacturer will acquire the brand with additional due diligence. Our hope is that someone will continue to manufacture these amazing motorcycles and with our acquisition we are adding more pavement to the road so that can happen.”


Erik Buell, now 65, is the foremost American sport bike designer of his generation. He started as an engineer for Harley-Davidson. He founded the Buell Motorcycle Company in 1983. Ten years later Harley bought 49 percent of the company and ten years after that, in 2003, Buell became a wholly owned subsidiary of Harley.

Harley discontinued that sport bike line in October 2009. In all, there were 136,923 Buells. The next month, Eric Buell founded EBR.

EBT sold custom racing bikes and a couple of off the shelf models that cost about $18,000 each.

When his factory closed last April, Erik Buell wrote: “Unfortunately, in the end, we tried to do too much with too little funding, but it doesn’t diminish the accomplishments. We introduced the world class American super bikes of 1190RS, 1190RX and 1190SX, while at the same time doing revolutionary work for Hero on the HX250R, Leap, SimplEcity, iON, RnT and many others, plus concepts never publicly seen. It was great EBR innovation and design, and introduced new technology to Hero and its suppliers to provide a real kick start for them. But in the end all of this simply overwhelmed us, and for that we are sorry and saddened.”

Liquid Asset Partners advises that, “Parties interested in Erik Buell Racing as a viable business should contact Liquid Asset Partners at 616.719.5917 to sign an non-disclosure agreement and receive additional information on the sale process.”


10 Responses to “Buell Sold To Liquidators”

  1. moonshiner Says:

    The Buell Lightning’s (Sportster motor) are very good bikes. Know a guy who goes to the dragon often. The sport bike riders have a lot of respect for his abilities. He even takes the thing off road. Currently has 105,000 miles on it. The FXR I had (Buell designed the frame)was the best handling HD Ive had in 40+ years of owning them. Should have kept it. Too bad Buell didn’t succeed, he gave it a hell-u-va go.

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear FXR,

    Accrued vacation time.


  3. The Confederate Celt Says:

    Victory Motorcycles already has a concept bike built around their Pikes Peak 1200 CC Liquid Cooled Engine which could remind one of the old Café Racer style. No, the 1200 CC engine does share common genetics with the Indian Scout engine, but is not the same. I had hoped that Polaris would pick up Buell, but I guess it’s not to be.

  4. Meh Says:

    Polaris should hire Buell, not Harley. HD has never really known what to do with anything not a traditional HD and their core market isn’t interested in anything else so that’s two reasons to stay in their lane.

    Polaris expects to be positioned for when the last of the Boomers drop dead and may pull it off.

    Triumph (who already make successful sport bikes) might benefit from his expertise.

  5. FXR Says:

    $202,000 in unpaid employee compensation??? wtf is that??

  6. RtC Says:

    Met Erik at a small MC’s party here in Ks. in ’97. Guess I’m not that type to
    be impressed with it. Never even wanted to ride one. Too bad that HD really
    fucked him as bad as they did. BUT that happens to everybody that comes in contact, I guess. Met Willie G. & he seemed almost clueless at the time. SMFH

  7. Momo Says:

    Love them Buells. My Brother in Western New York has a Buell Lightning that I rip around on whenever I visit.

  8. Username Says:

    Buells are great bikes. It’s sad that no American company is producing production sport bikes. A few small manufacturers are putting out some at retarded prices but nothing that is available to the majority of riders.

    I’m not one of those Harley only or Cruiser only bikers. I ride a Harley and love it because it fits my lifestyle but I’d be liar if I said I didn’t want a super bike as well.

    I buy American whenever I can but if there are no reasonable options what choice do I have?

    I guess a used Buell is in my future but it would be nice if Harley took Eric back and gave him free rain to make some cool shit. I’d be a buyer if it was comparable in price to other super bikes on the market.

  9. oldskewl Says:

    My cousin has a buell and for around town it looks like fun. Last year we took a trip across a few states and a week after returning home he bought new road glide.


  10. Jim666 Says:

    Got to ride one of these things once, for what it is , it`s pretty badass.
    There was a dealer offering test rides at a local Hooters,so a few brothers and me went and asked if we could try them out, I think we were out the gate before the dealers escorts could get on their bikes.
    Wheelies from 1st through 4th gear rolling at 50 mph,never got out of fourth dont think I even got to the top end of fourth gear.
    Not bad, scrubbed the knee of my jeans in a couple curves,fun little bikes.
    If I had the dough to afford more than 3 bikes the fourth would be a buell.
    fun ride in twistys but not for road trip`s.
    Wanted to ride a V Rod but never had the chance yet..

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