Pike, The Feds And The Aryan Circle

January 12, 2016

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Pike, The Feds And The Aryan Circle

Jeffrey Fay Pike. El Presidente of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, was granted bail by United States Magistrate Judge John R. Froeschner yesterday after a hearing in Houston, Texas. Bond was set at $250,000. Pike was required to pay a $15,000 cash deposit.

Pike, Bandidos vice-president John Xavier Portillo and club sergeant at arms Justin Cole Forster were named in a surplusage filled, federal racketeering indictment returned on December 16 and unsealed January 6. Portillo and Forster remain in jail.

The most attention grabbing claim in the indictment is that Portillo and Forster declared “war” on the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and that Pike, in his capacity as club president, should have known about it. Multiple, informed sources have independently told The Aging Rebel that members of the Bandidos had arranged a truce with the Cossacks before the Twin Peaks Massacre.


Among the witnesses who testified on Pike’s behalf yesterday was Houston consultant Wayne Dolcefino. Dolcefino is a former investigative reporter for television station KTRK who brags on his website, “For more than twenty-five years, Wayne Dolcefino has been one of the most feared names in Texas television.”

Dolcefino testified yesterday that he had been hired by Pike on behalf of the Bandidos to investigate what happened in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco last May 17. Dolcefino said, “Mr. Pike believed they were ambushed in Waco. And that the presence of law enforcement there made it clear to him there was some conspiracy between the Cossacks and police.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Magliolo Jr. immediately asked Dolcefino “Would you reveal the identity of an undercover police officer investigating this organization? Yes or no?”

Dolcefino replied, “Depends on what I find out.”

The Aryan Circle

The Aging Rebel has been told by multiple informed sources beginning last May that some of the “intelligence” Waco police cited to justify their presence at the Twin Peaks that day was the fruit of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives investigation into the Aryan Circle. Some of that intelligence, for example, was discovered during an ATF raid on multiple locations on April 7. The Aryan Circle is commonly described as “a large, growing and dangerous white supremacist prison gang based primarily in Texas.”

The Cossacks Motorcycle Club shares some iconography with the Aryan Circle. The Aging Rebel has identified Cossacks who were also members of the Aryan Circle and who were present at the Twin Peaks restaurant last May 17. Since last May, sources who have provided information to The Aging Rebel about the Twin Peaks Massacre have had their lives and the lives of their families threatened by persons who have represented themselves as members of the Aryan Circle.

The Aging Rebel believes that the most likely instigator of the confrontation between Bandidos and Cossacks last May was Owen “Big O” Reeves. Reeves was one of two Cossack “Nomads,” present at the brawl. Reeves is also a “Director” of the Aryan Circle.



92 Responses to “Pike, The Feds And The Aryan Circle”

  1. FF Says:


    WTF is aryan circle???

    Sounds like some bullshit Kurt Sutter thought up for one of his lame ass scripts like the grim bastards. fucking stupid

  2. Justathought Says:

    what a fucking moron…

  3. John Says:

    And here he goes again.

  4. jd Says:

    not to sure about the whole Aryan circle aspect either, big o was Aryan circle, but I can name 20 guys in r & g that were too, including the man that founded the Aryan circle, big o hadn’t been ac for years,

  5. jd Says:

    COC is a lot of heat now never will be the same, they are also arresting members with concealed handgun permits, for carrying while being part of street gang, seems who ever orchestrated, instigated and participated, in the whole fiasco on both sides just lit the match for the whole 1% lifestyle to start burning to the ground, crazy how fast its turning to shit

  6. xplor Says:

    Jeez, bears in the air. How did we miss that ? How many probs did you send at 6 am to check out the Twin Peaks and surrounding  area ?

  7. T Hell Says:

    Failure of club security? Once again you prove you really are a special kind of stupid, the Bandits did not have the advantage of the aerial view from your police helicopter, nor did they feel they needed it as they were attending a common COC meeting not the last stand at the fucking Alamo.

  8. RtC Says:

    Stroker, his “department” suggests he try to stir shit. Plain & simple maroon

  9. stroker Says:

    I don’t get how you can point fingers at the clubs for “a failure of club security.” This was a COC meeting. COC meetings country wide have always been peaceful affairs, that is until the Cossacks showed up, perhaps encouraged by LE. This was a trap! Plain and simple. And it was kept secret quite well by LE. If the Cossacks knew anything, it was whatever babble was suggested to them by agents provocateur. And, in my humble opinion, they (the Cossacks) were given only the info the shit-disturbers wanted them to have.
    I think you’re outta line suggesting the clubs were lax in “security.”

  10. jd Says:

    @ Rebel, been a minute since I been on here, lost my other email password, been too busy riding, I see that our conversation around Christmas came to light didn’t it, and 3 men got picked up for ridiculous federal trumped up charges, to further a case of smoke and mirrors, good job rebel, hope all is well and you got that tire hammered out and running right on your scooter,,,,,,respects jd

  11. xplor Says:

    This looks like a failure of club security. If you expand the crime scene, like the view from the DPS helicopters you would see the Coalition of Police and Sheriffs field day. The kill zone at twin peaks was only a small part of the festivities that day.

  12. James Crawford Says:

    Ft Abraham:

    I would love to take credit for the “Firebase Don Carlos” line but someone else whose name I can’t remember was the first to use it. I have eagerely adopted it.

    I came to this discussion as someone who is not in any sense a biker. I rode dirt bikes a bit as a teenager and only “own” a Honda 150 because I bought it for my son.

    My angle on this issue is that the police have become increasingly violent and deadly in recent decades even as the actual number of arrests for truly violent crimes, (murder, rape and robbery) continues to decline. Much of the increased violence by police is a legacy of former President Bill Clinton’s fraudulent campaign to ban so called “assault weapons.”. Although the FBI crime data refuted the BS, many police exectutives eagerely endorsed it. The propaganda conditioned too many cops to suffer from a Freudian phobia of being outgunned by the criminals. (The cops are allegedly outgunned by criminals who are armed with large caliber, long barreled, high capacity assault rifles that can fire dozens of rounds without reloading in contrast to the small caliber, short barreled, single shot Saturday Night Specials favored by police that are prone to misfire or discharge prematurely. Freudian humor purely intentional)

    The obvious obsession that the police and the Feds had with bikers is of course a legacy of the profound decline in police competence as documented by the FBI’s historic data on clearance rates. The US has the most incompetent police outside of Africa and Latin America. If we were to judge police by their actual job performance, we would arrest most of them for loitering.

    The Waco biker massacre is not an isolated event. The Feds are gearing up for a similar massacre of ranchers in SE Oregon.

  13. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Mr. Crawford:

    I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at “Fire Base Don Carlos”. Sometimes it’s good to find humor in a fucked-up situation, right?

    But seriously, the “ID markings” on the base of the rounds are put there after the fact by coroners to make sure they don’t get mixed up with other slugs removed. Manufacturers don’t stamp anything but new-manufacture brass.

    Regardless of all this, none of the rifles “recovered” by LE were actually fired, and were confiscated after illegal searches of cages in the parking lot. All rifle rounds fired that day were LE. At this point, I don’t really think there’s anyone trying to deny that.

    I mean, it’s not like the Bandits and the copsacks were setting up for the battle of Khe Sanh…you had a handful of Bandits, 5x as many copsacks, and they got into a parking lot brawl after a few dipshits wanted to act like hard-asses. Rifle rounds fired that day were fired by LE who posted up in anticipation, like little kids who got a BB gun for Christmas and hoped a dog would get into the trash cans.

    The thing we need to be looking at is that the cops were already on-scene at an organized and pre-scheduled political meeting. It was not a “gang-recruitment event”. It was a legit political meeting to discuss legislative issues. One of the last “Call to Action” items posted by the Texas CoC&I before Waco was a call-flood to state legislators regarding a pending bill in Texas that would have outlawed the ability to video-record a personal interaction with a police officer.

    Swanton et al keeps saying that the folks at TwinPeaks were “warned of impending doom and destruction”, and yet, the Waco PD didn’t bother to have a single solitary uniformed officer present in the TwinPeaks building or parking lot…but we know the costs associated with doing so weren’t the real issue, considering they had officers hiding out and playing G.I.Joe on the rooftops.

    The fact that the undercover op was referred to officially as “Operation Texas Rocker”, and the official cop narrative of the Waco massacre was that it was a long-simmering beef regarding the copsack’s wanting to piss on the Bandits, the Texas CoC, long-standing traditions, and all that jazz, anyone with three functional and cooperative brain cells understands that this was set up since long before May of 2015.

    That’s just my personal opinion though, maybe I’m just completely fucked in the head.

    Respects to the real.
    -Fr. Abraham

  14. old & stoned Says:

    sometimes it’s like watching someone tie their shoes, only to realized half way to the floor,, they tied them together.

    JustaThought – Thanks, can’t pass up pulling the trigger when they cock the hammer and aim it for you.

  15. Jim666 Says:

    @ Caretaker
    At least it is a little entertaining ,
    Pass the popcorn and beer..lol

  16. James Crawford Says:

    Re Sieg:

    Extremely well said. I didn’t seriously consider the possibility of LE using brass catchers. It would serve no tactical purpose and in fact be a liability. However; it would be useful for providing LE plausible deniability on the number of rounds fired. The roof of firebase Don Carlos can be considered one big brass catcher.

    Just a note on the “black tip” AP ammo. The FN 5.7 cartridge was designed to defeat soft Kevlar armor. Any full bore rifle cartridge with an impact velocity exceeding about 2,000 feet per second will defeat even the best soft body armor. When fired from the short barreled P-90 vs the longer barreled PS-90, the muzzle velocity and hence impact velocity of the FN 5.7 mm cartridge becomes somewhat
    marginal to defeat body armor so the hard steel core ammo was developed and adapted. Ironically, steel core AP projectiles tend to be less lethal than softer projectiles as demonstrated by the sudden surge in lethality rates of shootings with AK-47 rifles after Clinton banned the cheaper, steel core ammo. I am wondering if the intact projectiles that were recovered that had ID markings on their base
    might have been such restricted AP rounds. I am intensely curious to know what the projectile masses were. If they were intact and significantly smaller than 55 grain, I would suspect that they were fired from FN 5.7 weapons. Rifling twist rates would confirm this.

  17. Caretaker Says:

    justathoght-I don’t know who you ride with,and no disrespect intended but chill out. This shithead isn’t worth our time or Rebel’s bandwith. Best thing we can do is ignore him not try and correct him. Call him a retard and move on at best.

    Caretaker 1%er

  18. Sieg Says:

    Somewhere at the beginning of the whole Waco Massacre story here, I do believe I posted a partial inventory, or a link to it, showing that the TDPS and the Waco PD both have the FN P90 rifle on their TOE.

    The big thing that sets that particular weapon apart isn’t that particular weapon, it’s the ammo for it.

    The original reason for the development of this weapon, and the ammunition for it, was to defeat body-armor. the 5.7x28mm cartridge was originally loaded with a “black-tip” round, with a steel penetrator tip. This, combined with its small cross-section and high-velocity, let it zip on through most any armor, up to ceramic plate. This ammunition is restricted-sale stuff, only LE and military can legally purchase or possess it.

    The headstamp issue could well come into play if any of this stuff was sprayed around, but given the level of planning, and the amount of heat the various agencies were willing to generate and endure behind it, I think it’s reasonable to conclude that any weapons firing this, and maybe even ALL the FedCoats weapons, were equipped with brass-catchers. That would certainly account for the princely total of 14 casings being recovered, and the pigs that dropped them probably all got letters in their jackets for it.

    As far as recovering projectiles, ANY of the rounds, commercial or military, available for any of the family of weapons in the .22 class, are inherently frangible.

    One of the big factors in the acceptance of the M16 was the tendency of the original 55gr. projectile to yaw on impact, and to disintegrate when it hit something solid, like bone. Wound channel studies done during the S.E. Asian War Games showed conclusively that the little sucker worked just fine, unless deflected en-route. Actually, the 62gr. was developed to enhance the rounds ability to get through brush and such and remain on target, but it was TOO stabilized in flight to produce the damage done by the 55gr., hence, the change in twist-rate in the barrels.

    Simply put, fire a .223 Remington, a 5.56mm, or a 5.7x28mmround at something, and it misses, odds are that as soon as it hits something solid, like, say, a parking lot surface, it’s gonna fragment too much to find anything but bits and pieces. Using penetrator rounds, such as those used by the FedCoats in the P90, that disintegration is almost guaranteed when the tip hits concrete, brick, or any other hard surface. While it will indeed penetrate body-armor, it isn’t designed to stand-up to that kind of trauma.

    But I don’t believe any of that is relevant. I don’t think enough of this will ever see the light of day to do much more than cause some mild embarrassment. IF it gets to the point where it looks like some FedCoats might get nailed for something, you’ll see Homeland Security drop a great big ol’ blue tarp over the whole thing.



  19. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Mr. Crawford: I know of no animal, two-legged or four, in these United States that won’t have a change of attitude when being hit with even a .25 automatic…that said, after looking at the projectile weight and velocities of the FN5.7, it truly is a glorified .22 magnum with a centerfire shell.

    My uncle has killed a bunch of deer down here in Texas with a .22 magnum, but it ain’t my preferred method. That said, I’ve killed three of ’em myself with a .223, and I moved up because it don’t get the job done quick enough when it’s not a headshot. Considering that we’re talking about basically the same size animal as a slightly smaller-than-average man, I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. A 5.7 just don’t make much sense to me, unless your goal is dumping multiple rounds on target. Or you’re planning on shooting someone’s labrador during the next SWAT raid.

    But hey, if it works, it works…

  20. Patrick Volk Says:

    I always love this part, “multiple informed sources.” That’s always the best part. Look…unless you have pages of the discovery or you are charged, or on the prosecution team, or sitting in the court room, you ain’t got shit. So until you put on some pages of the discovery, or something similar on here STFU all of you and your BS conspiracy theories cause ain’t none of you there. Rebel since you’ve been in the biz for so long you should know this is all crap anyway

  21. Justathought Says:

    @ old and stoned hehehe ~grin’~
    You have a way with words my friend.

  22. Justathought Says:

    Oh, and by the way septic…you say You “maybe know who I am” and then say I am in Texas… I am Not in Texas, it’s just the club world at the elite level is a lot smaller world than civilians think it is. last free lesson, grasshopper.

  23. old & stoned Says:

    skeptic – seven letter word for “troll”. ‘read the indictment’,, hell, your friends probably WROTE it. ‘i’ve slid more miles,,’ ooo-kay. not safe to ride much less think.

    slide on.

  24. Justathought Says:

    ( not sure how I double posted?? Apologizes if that causes anyone a problem)

  25. Justathought Says:

    I didn’t start a fucking thing! Told you straight up that “it isn’t the 80’s”, which you implied they were still living in after attempting to blame a well Respected 1% club for the fiasco in waco, because you read an indictment!.THEM you say that well know club has snitches in it, because you read an indictment written by the dea and the atf!! Anyone who has followed this more than 3 days, knows who has been feeding shit to law enforcement, and it isn’t, wasn’t,and never will be, the R & G clubs…You can’t find them even talking to the media, to a person not one has talked to the media, since the press release came out from their attorney. Then, THEN, you go personal at me! saying you’ve done “slide farther then you’ve (referring to me) ridden.”! So, who called who out ass wipe…Tho it is nunya if I had , I never threw anything around, including my 1%ER Diamond. I told you my history, the FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER mentioned I am a 1%ER on this site, in years of posting here, was in response to you, shit for brains, basically calling me a want to be…What a fucking loser you are! Then you Try to act as if any one of my Brothers gives a shit that I am calling you what you are: a Lame ass, and saying what I am: A LONG TIME 1%ER, in reply to you coming right out and calling me a wanna be I EARNED the right to say I am a 1%ER, by becoming one. I can say it anytime I want! Lastly, you throw some kind of veiled threat by saying you “know me?” Bring it then big boy! I have no idea who you are and I do not care, but I promise you if you want action, I’ll give it. I may be in my 60’s, but I don’t need youth to take care of a bulge like you! “What would my Brothers think” you ask? They’d laugh at you and ask me why I was wasting my time on a civilian, that is as stupid as a rock. I think I know my Brothers just a tad bit better than you do, or did you learn the truth about them read an indictment too?… I obviously know a lot more about this world than a pretender like you does.Maybe someday someone will school you…maybe someday some one will cool you, but I ain’t got time for anymore of it. Now Fuck off and leave me out of your lame, law enforcement sided comments.

    i CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DUDE…LAME…This “septic” dude comes on here, and tries to say that, because he read the indictment, it has got to be a problem with “the Real Club” involved in that fucking mess!! The indictment is targeted to officially blame “the real club” for everything that happened since 1966!!! The fact is, there were 15 members of what “septic” thinks is that “bad club” down there, when if they want to force something, they could have rolled in LITERALLY HUNDREDS DEEP to the coc meeting in Texas. THE FACT THAT HE DECIDED TO BELIEVE WHAT WAS WRITTEN BY FEDS AND OTHER LE, PROVES THAT HE DOES NOT KNOW SHIT FROM SHINE OLA!!WE ALL KNOW WHO WAS IN BED WITH LE…EVEN REBEL SAYS IT OVER AND OVER AND OVER…AND IT WASN’T ANYONE WEARING RED AND GOLD! THEN he tries to imply that “the cats in Texas” are stuck in the 80’s!!WE ACTUALLY CLUBBED IN THE 80’S!!! Those of you who did they same, know that if this was the 80’s, the stuff the pretend club has been pulling, with the aid of le, in Texas would have been stopped full scale wayyyy before waco happened.

    Watch this ‘septic’ poster Rebels Regulars,and my friends…there something not right there!

  26. James Crawford Says:

    Re Meh:

    While metal detectors have their uses, buildings are fullnof metal. The only method to find the projectiles is via a very close, visual inspection of the crime scene to locate all entry holes and possible exit holes as well as recover any projectiles. This is most easily accomplished before the police have the signs removed from the buildings and the buildings demolished.

    Obviously; this case is reminiscent of the Branch Davidian case. The BATF was claiming that their agents were ambushed with a random fusillade of .50 BMG and full auto Ak-47 fire. This claim was debunked by the 1993 issue of the FBI publication Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted which revealed that all four of the deceased agents were shot in the head with projectiles consistent with either .223 or .308 rifles. While ‘s group possessed rifles of this caliber, the highly trained (LOL) ATF sniper team deployed in the undercover house some 100 yards from the front door of the compound were also armed with .308 and .223 (5.56?) rifles and managed to fire three dozen rounds without hitting any of the Branch Davidians. While there has been much controversy over who started the final fire, the autopsy summaries reveal that a dozen women and children who had sought refuge in an underground “bunker” died over an hour before the fire started when they were either crushed to death or buried alive by the FBIs combat engineering vehicle.

  27. Justathought Says:

    I didn’t start a fucking thing! Told you straight up that “it isn’t the 80’s”, which you implied they were still living in. THEN, you say you’ve done “slide farther then you’ve (referring to me) ridden.”! So, who called who out ass wipe…I told you my history, the FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER mentioned I am a 1%ER on this site in years of posting here, was in response to you, shit for brains, basically calling me a want to be…What a fucking loser! kNOW YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHO i AM AND IMPLY THAT

    i CAN’T BELIEVE THIS DUDE…LAME…This “septic” dude comes on here, and tries to say that, because he read the indictment, it has got to be a problem with “the Real Club” involved in that fucking mess!! The indictment is targeted to officially blame one club for everything that happened since 1966!!! The fact is, there were 15 members of what “septic” thinks is that “bad club” down there, when if they want to force something, they could have rolled in LITERALLY HUNDREDS DEEP to the coc meeting in Texas. THE FACT THAT YOU DECIDED TO BELIEVE WHAT WAS WRITTEN BY FEDS AND OTHER LE, PROVES THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW SHIT FROM SHINE OLA!! THEN he tries to imply that “the cats in Texas” are stuck in the 80’s!!WE ACTUALLY CLUBBED IN THE 80’S!!! Those of you who did they same, know that if this was the 80’s, the stuff in Texas would have been stopped full scale wayyyy before waco ever happened.

  28. Meh Says:

    Every projectile which missed went somewhere and that area isn’t enormous. If the directions of fire can be mapped using available data including videos a projo hunt could be informative.

    If FN 5.7 don’t penetrate deeply in hard-ish surfaces a metal detector hunt could be interesting.

    Inconvenient projectiles disappeared after the RFK shooting but that was a small quantity in a rather confined space.

    James Crawford: How would you go about hunting such bullets given your experience?

  29. FF Says:


    You insulted R&G and insinuated that this entire mess is their fault.

    Act like an asshole, get treated like an asshole.

  30. Skeptic Says:

    You have no idea. You start an argument on a website and call me a fool. Sounds like I may know who you are or at least your with. Running your mouth and start shit with other folks sounds pretty fuckin familiar. I’m here to read and stay up with whats being said. Your brothers know that you are throwing your diamond around picking fights on a website? My only reference to a (my) club was that I won’t take sides other than my own club. What you guys are fuckin up in Texas isn’t my problem, yet. Keep your club and your status off here, it doesn’t fuckin matter.

  31. Justathought Says:

    @ Septic….REALLY….if you actually even are a clubber, you would know better than to call out your Betters, you lame. I have been a clubber…not just a biker…but a 1%ER, since the 80’s, you loose bowl movement. If you were from around Texas,or knew people there in the clubs, like I do, or knew anything about my world, you would have some grasp of the truth there…you are so far off base that it is laughable for those of us who have some knowledge about the situation. You would know that the “Bottom Rocker” was pretty much eliminated a couple years ago as a problem down here, by the good graces of the preeminent club there.I won’t say anymore about that because, it aint your business, dick spittle…It aint the 80’s in Texas, or any place else, but your feeble mind. Now , insult me some more, you key board commando mother fucker!

  32. Skeptic Says:

    Fr Abraham: I’m curious as to how all this will play out. There’s a shit-ton of opinion being slung around as fact by all parties. DTA is the way of life. I’m not a fan club member of any club that isn’t mine and refuse to jump on any bandwagon until all the cards are shown. Until then, we’ll continue to see smoke and mirrors from folks trying to beat a case (legal or civil). Interesting read nonetheless, who needs fictional shows about the life when you’ve got shit like this to read.
    justathought: fuck you punk. I’ve slide more miles than you’ve probably ridden. You’re right about one thing, this isn’t the 80’s. Maybe someone should tell these cats in Texas that.

  33. James Crawford Says:

    Fr Abraham,

    Your comments about the terminal ballistics of the FN 5.7 cartridge are only partially correct. It is about as effective as modern 9mm rounds. The lightweight projectile is unlikely to penetrate interior walls and extremely unlikely to overpentrate people, so there is less risk to bystanders. When fired from the FN P-90 or PS-90 (my wife has one for her housecleaning gun) the FN 5.7 cartridge is quite accurate beyond a hundred yards. The futuristic, compact, bull pup design is extremely suitable for use inside structures.

    While the FN P-90 is no substitute for the M-4 carbine (which is itself anemic compared to .308 caliber battle rifles and destined to become obsolete as advances in body armor compel weapons designers to shift to new cartridges with ballistics comparable to the .300 Winchester Magnum or even the 7 mm Magnum), it is a definate improvement over the H&K MP-5 which was once the most ambiguous submachine guns used by SWAT.

  34. Justathought Says:

    @ skeptic…should be septic…This isn’t the 80’s.

  35. Fr. Abraham Says:

    Nunya: Just about any commercially-available .223 round is going to penetrate well…and fragment, if it’s not FMJ. Without being able to see the projectile, or seeing what Waco PD/SWAT/ATF/DPS/TP&W/etc were loading up with, there’s really no way of telling what brand it was. It’s fairly evident, however, that the rounds were coming from a police rifle since no rifles were fired by bikers.

    Mr. Crawford: I’ve seen/heard/read that Waco PD has P90’s in their armory, although I can’t for the life of me understand why, unless they’re just going for “tacticool” effect. The round is much smaller (between 27 and 40 grains, compared to the 55-69gr range of .223 LE rounds), and generally only 2/3 as fast. It’s not really worth using on anything larger than the average house pet. Wait…nevermind. Maybe there is a reason for the SWAT team to use them?

    Skeptic: I read the indictment too, most of the media outlets reporting the story were nice enough to include a copy of it on their websites when the news first broke. After wading through the repetitive bullshit about the club being a so-called “Outlaw Motorcycle Organization” (btw, I thought “organization” was a nice change of pace from the use of “gang”, even if they’re using it to further RICO), I got to the actual meat of the indictment.

    First thing coming to mind was that the statements and actions attributed to specific people could only result from one of two things. Either A) the feds basically just pulled it out of their ass, or B) the evidence produced in court is going to be very interesting. Either way, I pray for a quick resolution of the matter, in a manner least disturbing to the R&G way of life.

    Respects to the real.
    -Fr. Abraham

  36. FF Says:


    Yeah, no

  37. Skeptic Says:

    After the reading the indictment, it looks like the Bandits are having some sort of issues with other clubs. The “information” in this indictment sounds more like its coming from within their own club. I wonder how many of you remember the ’80s and the problems they were having with clubs then. I’m sure that they are all boy scouts now. Sounds to me like history is repeating itself.

  38. nunya Says:

    The autopsy reports state that the small caliber projectiles got decent penetration and fragmented. Leeds me to believe the .223 shell casings originated as .223 Hornady TAP LE 55gr urban

  39. James Crawford Says:

    Re Fr Abraham & Sieg:

    You guys definitely know your stuff. My own experience in such matters is restricted to such mundane activities as working on the sidelines at the Terminal Effects Research Area associated with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology some years ago to downsize the concept for APDS round from the 120mm cannon on the Abrahms tank to function in smaller caliber weapons such as the 40mm, 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm and .50BMG.

    While the safety issues associated with firing 5.56 mm ammo in .223 caliber ammo have become moot for most modern rifles, the difference in indifiers as indicated by headstamp marking might become absolutely crucial in the Twin Peaks massacre case. This is particularly true of the FN 5.7 mm round which is yet another chambering in the .22″ caliber family of cartridges. Early on there were many credible witnesses who were not associated with any MC who described a fusillade of hundreds if not
    thousands of rounds fired into the Twin Peaks restaurant. The dearth of rifles recovered from the scene in the above chambering makes it obvious that the bikers weren’t firing any of these projectiles so it can be concluded that they were fired by LE. Citing overly specific or inherently misleading information on case identification would enable LE to evade accountability.

  40. FF Says:

    @Fr. Abraham

    Good stuff!

    Growing up I was always perplexed by alot of things (I was raised Roman Catholic LMAO) and the whole “do as I say not as I do” ideology of authority figures…

    But the one thing if only one thing was needed to drive home the point:

    Acohol is legal. Firearms are legal. Tobacco is legal. The sale of these products raise a largesse of tax revenues for local, state and federal government.

    Yet… B.A.T.F.

    Respect to you and your. -Frequent Flyer

    Full Definition of police state

    : a political unit characterized by repressive governmental control of political, economic, and social life usually by an arbitrary exercise of power by police and especially secret police in place of regular operation of administrative and judicial organs of the government according to publicly known legal procedures

  41. 55 Says:

    Old & stoned said, “Parks Service dept doing a murder investigation,,, instant cold-case.”

    Can’t stop laughing.

    That’s the quote of the week.

  42. Fr. Abraham Says:

    No sweat, Sieg. I haven’t been in the game as long as some of the old-school guys, I’ve got less than a decade in with regard to building up the boomsticks. I got to know a local FFL through a mutual friend, I did web design and he wanted one for his gun shop. Being a “gun nut”, I jumped on it, and learned more than I needed to know about the industry. The feds have fucked it up beyond belief, to the point I was scared just setting up his website out of fear that I’d violate some random regulation I’d never heard of!

    Kinda weird how one of the most heavily-armed agencies in our government, who are literally nothing more than glorified tax collectors, absolutely hate having the common man having firearms…but that is a story for another time. Let’s just say there’s a reason why my computer is used for commenting here, looking at PornHub, and not much else these days. I’d rather sweat my ass off at work than run the risk of being a visitor of Club Fed!

    Respects to you and yours.

    Fr. Abraham

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