Spinning The Bandidos Indictment

January 7, 2016

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Spinning The Bandidos Indictment

The unsealing yesterday of a racketeering indictment against three national officers of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was a desperate and cynical attempt to control public perception of what happened last May 17 in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco – and why it happened and how. The indictment should be seen as a desperate attempt to continue a massive coverup that has been doomed from the start.

It is impossible to completely obscure what has been going on in Waco for the last seven months because the case is so large. It is as big as a ship so it has more leaks than the Titanic. What federal officials appear to intend to do is cover the truth with a blanket until the public no longer cares.

The irrefutable fact is, the confrontation between Bandidos and Cossacks was contrived by multiple federal police forces to obtain predicate racketeering acts for a long-sought indictment of the Bandits. The skein of investigations that preceded the Twin Peaks massacre was not simply something called “Operation Texas Rocker.” There were, in fact, at least three, intertwined , federal investigations going back 34 months.

There is no polite way to put it. Yesterday’s press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas is propaganda intended to take the heat off McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna. Reyna didn’t create this mess. He is just the guy who was left holding the bag.

Nine people died, 20 were wounded and 186 were arrested as a result of an incredibly botched federal investigation. And after 34 months, yesterday’s nine count indictment against Bandidos president Jeffrey Fay Pike, vice president John Xavier Portillo and sergeant at arms Justin Cole Forster turns out to be the best the Department of Justice can do.

Press Release

The Department of Justice press release brags:

“‘This joint investigation by the DEA, the FBI, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office has led to the charging and arrest of the highest ranking leadership of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Organization. Of course, the defendants will have their day in court, but today’s arrests have struck a significant blow to the Bandidos’ criminal enterprise,’ stated United States Attorney Richard L. Durbin, Jr.

“‘Operation Texas Rocker has inflicted a debilitating blow to the leadership hierarchy and violent perpetrators of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang,’ said Joseph M. Arabit, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration-Houston Field Division. ‘This 23-month operation highlights a deliberate and strategic effort to cut off and shut down the supply of methamphetamine trafficked by the Bandidos as well as other related criminal activity.’

“‘These indictments and arrests are the result of the ongoing partnership and collaboration between the FBI, DEA and DPS to neutralize one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Texas,’ said FBI Special Agent in Charge Christopher Combs.  ‘This effort not only exemplifies our commitment to prevent gang violence and criminal activity from poisoning our communities, but it also sends a clear message that we will relentlessly pursue and prosecute the leaders and members of these violent criminal enterprises.’”

Truth And Lies

The announcement follows seven months during which most of the world’s press has reported that what happened last May was that Bandidos attacked Cossacks and the Twin Peaks restaurant, somehow, was responsible.

One of the truths hidden among the lies in the release is: ‘This 23-month operation highlights a deliberate and strategic effort to cut off and shut down the supply of methamphetamine” in Texas.

The fact is that there were two, simultaneous and intertwined investigations of the meth business in Texas. In addition to the investigation announced yesterday, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives began an investigation in North Texas in September 2014. The liaison between the two investigations was the Texas Department of Public Safety. The investigations relied upon the involvement of numerous local police departments to conceal its broad and sweeping nature. The investigations targeted three so called “gangs” including the Bandidos and Cossacks.

Legal Expert

Yesterday, television station KCEN declared that yesterday’s indictment “bolster case against bikers at Twin Peaks.”

The station’s report quotes “legal expert Liz Mitchell, a former prosecutor in Dallas County,” who said “the federal arrests strengthen the state’s case against the more than 100 bikers indicted in Waco in November for the May shooting.”

“It just kind of takes away, chisels away at the defense that this was just happenstance, that these people just happened to be there, drinking cold beer, and things got out of hand,” Mitchell told KCEN.  “To see these federal charges come down, they really do show that there is evidence that there was a lot at work, and the wheels really were turning leading up to May 17th.”

Mitchell was right. Wheels were turning. They were turning in what appears to be the worst example of federal police excess since Operation Fast and Furious.

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28 Responses to “Spinning The Bandidos Indictment”

  1. joe bleaux Says:

    dressing up like a pirate and acting like a tough guy can be dangerous

  2. Sieg Says:

    Whoa…the atf gun-thugs are behind all this.
    I’m shocked.
    FTF / FTP

  3. T Hell Says:

    This most recent revelation of the feds involvement with Texas Bottom Rocker fills in the blanks on many unanswered questions regarding Waco: It probably means that Reyna was just a puppet with the ATF pulling his strings. It also explains why the State of Texas attorney general and DOJ refused to involve themselves. The release of videos, autopsy results and ballistics tests were controlled by ATF not state. The entire fiasco was beyond a shadow of a doubt planned and perpetrated by the feds with the complicit cooperation of the Waco PD and select members of the Cossacks.
    Government by the people, for the people, and of the people unless “We” disagree with your lifestyle. I can’t help but thinking the time is coming to dump some tea in the harbor….

  4. Chasra56 Says:

    I think the amusing part is the indictment included the American Motorcycle Association.
    “Each President is responsible for support clubs that affiliate with the Bandido’s OMO as well as the American Motorcycle Association operating in the same geographical area.”
    Now we all know the AMA didn’t have a dog in the hunt and is not part of all of this.
    It will be most interesting to see how the AMA responds to it.


  5. Austin Says:

    The longer I look, the faster I recognize the pattern.


    Oddly enough, from ’79 to ’85 that school administrator had a recurring role in my playbook.

    Be well.

  6. sherides Says:


    I’m very much looking forward to reading your next book. We truly are living in a society where the govt itself is a terrorist organization. It becomes more apparent every day.

    Keep fighting the good fight.


  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear 10Guage,

    It sure looks to me like the feds used the Cossacks to create RICO predicates against the Bandidos. And it always looked to me like the Iron Order was a tool of federal law enforcement.

    I’ll say more in the book, I’m sure.

    Thank you for your kind words,

  8. 10Guage Says:


    This “Texas rocker” investigation stinks of Sharky and Izod. Get ready when they testify as Biker Professional Witnesses. What a cluster fuck.

    Thank you for all you do Rebel.

    Respect & Honor,

  9. Thistle Says:

    It’s sad but real truth that American people won’t care about what happens at Waco because the majority have already forgotten about it. Too much information, most of it bullshit, overloading them every time they pick up their phone or iPad. Republicans AND Democrats in office know this and use it to their advantage. It requires just as much critical thinking to say “thanks Obama” as it does to say “whoa, Kardashian emojis? cool! Let me purchase that shit on the app store STAT!” The only thing that will break Texas’ chubby grip on the patches is money. But we’re not talking “GoFundMe” money, we’re talking Pablo Escobar money. You know, the kind of shadow money that buys politicians in glad handed deals behind closed doors. Until then, yep we can be upset about it. Write a few curse words and blame whoever one thinks is “in charge” but the fact remains the same. Texas fucking sucks. I will never ride there. I will ride 300 miles in the rain to avoid 500 miles of sun in Texas.

  10. Drifter Says:

    “The station’s report quotes “legal expert Liz Mitchell, a former prosecutor in Dallas County,”” Blah blah blah

    Please self copulate liz mitchell! So how does it feel to be a retired oath-breaker Liz? How many times did you cover up police abuse, state theft, fraudulent reports, ignore drug plants, with hold information that would have exonerated people, prisoner abuse, etc; never, tens of times, 100’s of times, 1000’s of times?
    I’ll take door number three for 100’s of times Monty.

    How special you are liz, nothing but a pig narrator continuing the legacy of condescending pigs and the abuse of the position.

    Using the old ploy and I am not going to copy her quote from Reb’s article. A fossilized old boy politician from up north California named Farr, said something like, if you repeat an issue that is untrue or unbelievable enough it becomes the believable. Her past comments seem to indicate she is doing just that in regard to only advocating and commenting in favor of the pig side and none other, objectivity is just an o word for ya liz.

    liz, your fellow pigs are likely proud of you, and so would many fertilizer companies if they could figure out a way to market your bullshit….

  11. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    So let’s see wasn’t it the other way around?

  12. Brad Milch Says:

    Unlike a wife that stops screwing a man when he is dead, the Feds, Klingons, mosquitoes & bed bugs never stop delivering the pipe; regardless of the Presidential, Congressional, Senatorial & Judiciary administrations in power at the time in history. Getting on a Federal shitlist is as bad as it gets in America. They never stop fucking with a person on their list. Never. That ‘outlaw motorcycle gang’ label the Feds have given the Bandits is a rope noose that follows each one of them around, the top dogs in particular.

  13. oldskewl Says:

    Sieg Says:
    The days of a few old-boys hiring an independent chemist and brewing up a few keys are pretty much history, or if they are still ongoing, they don’t amount to a pot of piss matched against what’s coming over the border.

    I remember when “Prop Dope” was the shit and straight Methadrine was on the streets in the 80’s. Haven’t been into speed for over 20 years but the shit is just bad news for everyone involved.
    Killed a lot of good people and a lot of friends are still doing time for 3 strikes laws here in Calif.
    I hope for the sake of the accused it all just drummed up bullshit because if they actually found shit at the house it’s gonna mean serious time.


  14. Road Whore Says:

    O’Reilly and Cook…I’m friggin’ speechless. And the conspiracy caravan rolls on. Keep shinin’ a light, Rebel!

    Ride Free

  15. Justathought Says:

    “Go Fund Me” does not allow people like us to use them for our kind of causes


  16. Justathought Says:

    OH!!! I LOVE how they went from being an “OMG” to an “OMO”… Does “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” not have the same ring next to Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) as “Outlaw Motorcycle Organization” does. Maybe changing that last wrong handle from “Gang” to “Organization” will fool the masses? Probably will work.

  17. Justathought Says:

    Some here, if not this exact comments section,but on Rebels site, have inferred that the indictment/news stories which mention “meth”, is how these Bandidos got caught by the law enforcement!!That leo’s laid it out there like some bait, and the Bandits could not resist selling it! Ridiculous!! Does anyone here seriously believe for a second, that the 3 highest ranking members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, would be out peddling “Meth”? LOL…Think about it: You over-see and guide an international club of thousands, and you’ve got to go meeting people on street corners peddle “meth” on your own? These 3 men are business owners/managers/etc…not fools. Nobody is stupid enough to do that. I will say I know several Bandidos, and to a man, I have never seen them do any type of drugs other then pot, alcohol and cigarettes. I Asked one I know pretty well about accusations of meth sales and usage in the MC world and he said ” Use to be a problem, but not so much anymore. We don’t do that shit. I’m not going to tell you any club business, but Our by-laws even say, if it doesn’t grow natural, Bandidos do not use it”. He had no reason to lie to me. Do the leo have reason to lie?

  18. rollinnorth Says:

    Bone Head:
    We can only hope; but with no cameras in Federal courts and few journalists like Rebel left, government press releases aren’t going to cause much of an epiphany.

    Eloquent as always.


  19. Bone Head Says:

    They’ll be a trial, hopefully the world will watch and have an epiphany about the whole of what our alleged government is pulling on them. Maybe the world will snap to.
    Best of luck and respects to the Bandido Nation. May this clusterfuck be the one the feds choke on.

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    More of the corrupt fucks of our government putting their powers and mouths where they aren’t doing any good and just screwing over innocent people and their families.

    Fuck you Durbin, you corrupt lying sack of dog shit, and your little faggot lapdog Reyna too. Fuck you both for the shit-stains you are and for teaching the world that corruption is alive and well in the USA…just like in most turd-world shit-hole countries. I bet you two fucks are actually proud of that since neither of you useless fucks seem to have any ethics whatsoever.

    It’s my fervent wish that the both of you catch deadly and extremely painful diseases and rot and scream in pain in front of your family members for weeks until you cough up an explosive amount of blood on one of them with your last gasp of your pathetic lives.

  21. T Hell Says:

    Please refresh my memory how many keys of meth were confiscated from the dreaded Bandits in Waco that September day? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain he only does what he does for the sake of the children…..

  22. stroker Says:

    Gee. It must be so, the “LAW” says it’s so!

  23. Sieg Says:

    Three “gangs”, eh?

    And only two of them are motorsickle clubs…guess that leaves the Mexican Cartels as the third.

    Even an old, out of touch, northrun type like me knows that damn near every gram of go-fast sold in the country today is being cooked in Old Mexico, in industrial factories, and in staggering amounts. The days of a few old-boys hiring an independent chemist and brewing up a few keys are pretty much history, or if they are still ongoing, they don’t amount to a pot of piss matched against what’s coming over the border.

    But ya know, bad things happen south of the border when the piggies go down there to play. Heads on the steps up in Monterrey and all of that…MUCH easier, and more conducive to headlines, to make out that all the evil in this world is perpetrated by madmen on their death-machines.

    You can scream, you can write letters to your congress-critter, you can vote, but when it comes right down to it, ain’t but one way this mess is going to get cleaned up.


  24. Baba-Yaga Says:

    and of course that slack-jawed dimwit Steve Cook will have to weigh in with his (cough; scoff) “thoughts”

  25. popeye Says:

    With a barb wire fence between the mega labs and cartels in mexico and US cash and mexican drug gangs in texas if someone wanted to get a handle on the meth trade. My first though would be to check your southern border not arrest some bikers

  26. old & stoned Says:

    nice writeup Rebel,, keep it comin’!

  27. RtC Says:

    FTF! FTF! FTF! Cocksuckers are afraid of taking on REAL GANGS so they go after
    the “Last Free Americans”! FTF! FTF! FTF!

  28. swampy Says:

    ….And justification for Obama hiring 200 new BATFags – if not more. I just hope the Feds don’t go after the Red & Gold’s patch next.

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