Blame The Waitresses

January 5, 2016

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Blame The Waitresses

The tragedy last May 17 in Waco. Texas was a rock that fell from the sky into the ocean. Now the rock is buried fathoms deep and only the ripples remain – spreading farther and farther.

The local authorities, most notably District Attorney Abel Reyna. know exactly how those nine men died.


At a glance, this is not a complicated case. The actual bloodshed was captured on multiple video cameras. A mere 42 seconds elapsed from the very first overhand right until the moment a Cossack named Wayne Lee Campbell made the mistake of trying to shoot it out with Swat. Campbell was immediately shot through the chin. Some tiny decimal of a percentage of a second later the bullet tore open his carotid artery. Campbell had just enough time to reflexively grab for his face with both hands before he blacked out from the resulting blood pressure drop and he fell like a stone. The last stomp came 26 seconds after that and the fight was clearly over 109 seconds after the first punch.

Just as CNN reported on May 19, at least four Cossacks were killed by police. Most of the people who were there that day, including most of the Cossacks and Scimitars, ran for their lives at the sound of the first shot. The most notable exception to that was Jesus Delgado “Jesse” “Mohawk” Rodriguez who did not belong to any club and who died trying to save lives.

When they assembled their pack eight miles north of the Twin Peaks that morning most of Cossacks and their supporters actually seemed to think they were on a peace mission. Most of the people who were arrested that day had clearly committed no crime

The Texas Rangers had a plan to transport detainees to two separate locations – one for the Cossacks and their supporters and the other for members of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents. Then Reyna decided to arrest 177 people and lock them up in order to silence all the witnesses. Of course he could not or did not silence various spokesmen for the Cossacks and so a more or less official narrative, based on statements made by Cossacks, has sprouted and rooted in the American mind.

Blame The Waitresses

There was also a deliberate attempt to blame the Waco Twin Peaks for everything. Police statements were manufactured after the massacre that quote a night manager as asking a police sergeant to stop “chasing off his customers.” Waco Police spokesman Patrick Swanton immediately and repeatedly blamed the Twin Peaks and that encouraged a sheaf of ongoing lawsuits. Most of the filings in these suits are repetitive and uninformative which is why they haven’t been more extensively reported here. But every once in a while something in one of those documents illustrates how blatantly every official in Waco has been stonewalling everybody – the dead, the wounded, the arrested, their lawyers and the world press.

One of the civil suits has been filed by the grieving survivors of a Cossack named Matthew Mark Smith. Smith was shot with a .45 caliber pistol round and he may have also been shot through by police. The complainants think the owners of the Waco Twin Peaks are responsible for Smith’s death. And the Twin Peaks lawyer, James C. Winton, thinks his clients are not.

The Twin Peaks stance is that the restaurant was just trying to sell some burgers and beer. The former restaurant’s owners argue they rented “the patio of TPW for a peaceable meeting to discuss the Texas legislative session and disseminate information regarding issues of public interest to motorcycle enthusiasts.”


In a filing on December 28, Twin Peaks owners openly wonder why they should be any more culpable than the police. The filing – it is an amended response to the survivors’ suit – raises a basic question that has begged for an answer for almost eight months.

One sentence reads, “Defendants are informed and believe that at least twenty-two officers from various law enforcement agencies, including Waco PD and Texas DPS, were positioned around the restaurant prior to the Incident although law enforcement
claims that it had ‘no specific intelligence to indicate that an altercation was going to occur.’”

So why were the police there? What did they know that they have so far refused to admit? And, will they ever be shamed into telling the truth?


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  1. NCRider Says:

    Patrick Volk,

    You sound like a cop, a stupid one at that, or who knows? Maybe just a stupid North Carolina asshole that’s jealous as hell. Either way, NO ONE here gives a shit about anything you have to say. If you don’t like what Rebel reports, then get the fuck off his web site. Idiot.

    Fuck you. You are not worth the ground the Waco victims walk on.


  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Patrick Volk,

    Of Indian Trail, North Carolina. You are a very chatty and condescending guy. You are also very stupid. If I don’t know you, don’t call me Don or Donnie. Call me Rebel. If you are an ATF agent, FBI agent or “OMG expert” that I do know, out yourself. I know the FBI in South Carolina was investigating me a few years ago, to try to get at my sources. Was that you? How did that work out for you? Fucking moron.

    You obviously have no idea what discovery I have. It is pretty obvious I have some shit that not all the lawyers have yet. You have no idea what sources I have. I protect sources. I do know that you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground.

    I welcome libel suits. If you think I am making something up, fucking sue me. I’ll countersue. I need the money. This site doesn’t pay shit.

    I’ll tell you this, if you don’t like what I have said so far on this site, your head is going to blow up when you read the book.

    I know exactly what happened “out there.” Second by fucking second over a period of, like, 25 months.
    Don’t try to fuck with again. Fuck with, like Lisa Ling. Okay?

    Now fuck off, you know nothing blowhard.


  3. Patrick Volk Says:

    Haha! You guys crack me up with your assumptions and paranoia. You have no idea about what happened out there, if there was a UC inside passing info. or whatever may have happened. All of these “innocent” people will either be found guilty or 99% of them are pleading guilt as we speak anyway so now your excuse will be, “oh the trumped up charges made them plead guilty for less prison time.” Whatever….get a life and try to convince someone else of your innocence you POS

  4. RtC Says:


  5. xplor Says:

    Port a jons is the name used by the company in Waco that supplied portable toilets used by the secret service to watch the Bush ranch. Their people pleaser imodel is mounted on trailers, one side for men the other for ladies. This would give a better idea of the size of law inforcement working the Waco massacre.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear xplor,

    Do you know how many portable toilets were rented on May 17? I know that some guys rode in, got off their bikes and walked to the Don Carlos and other neighboring locatioss to go to the bathroom. I know there was a little disturbance in the men’s room of the Twin Peaks. I believe some Boozefighters roughed up a guy. I have seen a lot of photos of the crime scene. I don’t think I have seen a single portable toilet. What would be the point of knowing the number of porable toilets?


  7. xplor Says:

     District Attorney Abel Reyna put on the stall so his three letter friends could enjoy the holidays without being bothered by work.

    An investigating reporter would look at the number of port-a jons rented on the day of the massacre.

  8. TX_Biker Says:

    Old & Stoned hit the nail on the head…

  9. Steve Billinghurst Says:

    This is really “blame the witnesses,” huh?

  10. Justathought Says:


    SYLB Defense Fund


  11. Justamom Says:

    Before I was just a mom, I spent 20 years in the military (intel). I’ve never met a biker, know a few recreational riders. The situation in Waco has from the beginning upset me. First they do this to the bikers. Then the militias. Then??? But the sheeple don’t understand what’s happening. Scary times. Thanks for your reporting, please keep it up.


  12. Phuquehed Says:

    It’d be interesting to be a fly on the wall and discover how many actual honest pigs can be found in all of those that were there that day. As it is, I’d bet good money right now that it’s 2%, and he’s an air-wasting fuck anyway because he won’t turn in the corrupt pigs.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Though the mills of God grind slowly;
    Yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience He stands waiting,
    With exactness grinds He all.

    Numbered pages 8-10 (Document pages 11-13) are especially instructive.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Good work popeye.

    That makes perfect sense. I think was evident from the beginning that LE rolled the dice in Waco, and thought that with a Platoon of militarized law enforcement in place, they’d be able to manage it.

    Was this the underlying operation?

  15. oregonloner Says:

    Thank you for keeping with this story rebel, seems as though you are the only one in the media who still cares.

  16. old & stoned Says:

    Popeye – i wonder if this investigation could have anything to do with snipers jumping on the opportunity toshoot at ‘suspects under their investigation’,,,,

    naw,, i’m just paranoid.

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paula Carrol,

    Wayne Lee Campbell was probably killed by a round fired from a Bushmaster at ground level. I don’t believe he was killed by a sniper from an elevated position. I believe he was standing when he was shot. I believe he died as I said he died. A .45 caliber bullet was recovered during Matthew Mark Smith’s autopsy. It had deformed and shed two small fragments which were also recovered. Smith also had a through and through bullet wound from a round which, to the best of my knowledge, was not recovered. Or it was recovered and misplaced. I infer from other evidence, which I am not going to discuss with you now, that it was also fired from a Bushmaster. I know that eight of the nine dead men had their hands bagged. I don’t know why the ninth would not have had his hands bagged too. I just can’t prove it at the moment.


  18. Mama G Says:

    Thank you, Rebel! Your commitment and passion for the truth is deeply appreciated.
    Without you, there would be silence. Keep shining the light on those crooked $&#%’s. We can all hope someday soon we will have the pleasure of watching the real criminals of the Waco tragedy burn in hell for what damage and destruction they have done to so many peoples lives. I keep hoping someone within the Wackjob legal community will do a late night whistle blower document dump into your inbox because their conscience got the better of them.

    Thanks for being the HERO that you are!!

  19. 10Gauge Says:


    Good work young man. I came up the same way…eyes and ears open and mouth closed. I did not have the benefit of a place like this. Trust me when I say there is a lot of wisdom here (read back some too when you get a chance and the comments too). It is nice to here of a young gun coming up right. I know you guys are out there as my people have their share, and I come across them more and more, but it seems on the inter webs here you are unfortunately overshadowed by the know it all, spoiled, disrespectful douche bags like the io and il.

    Ride Fast,
    Take Chances,
    Safe is for Sissies,

  20. Drew151 Says:


    Joined your “site” after purchasing a HD Road Glide and reading your book. Although I had come across some bikers in the past I was interested in the protocol of a motorcycle enthusiast who was about to take to the road and I didn’t want to offend anyone, even indirectly with my lack of knowledge of the ways lifelong riders and club members ! I have to say that by reading your book and this site I have really benefitted from the direction and knowledge of my “elders” in motorcycling. I have developed a healthy respect of those that ride. This is also the second year I have contributed to your site by hitting the DONATE emblem and would encourage any one who can to make a donation to keep this site going strong ! Thanks for your writings and I hope your eye is healing well !

  21. Paula Carrol Says:

    As for Wayne Lee Campbell wound either there was sniper’s on the roof of Don Carlos, or he stepped off the sidewalk and bent over when he was shot by a .223 round. AS men were on the ground yelling in fear for their lives I’ve been shot. As all 9 killed their hands were bagged, The autopsy reports state GSR kit was done..(GSR reports please)
    Going back through the Vehicle forfeiture.. list of all .45 caliber pistol’s found was found locked in the vehicle’s.. Now go back as stated in your report of Matthew Mark Smith of the .45 caliber shot that round was never found, how can that be??? AS of the other shot shown to have been of a FN P90 or a M16 round.

  22. Razor Says:

    Great Read!!! Can’t wait fir this Book!!!

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gandalf,

    The book is coming soon.


  24. Peachy Says:

    Thank you Rebel. Still waiting on your story of who killed Mohawk. I know you will realease it when you can. I worried if it is not released that they will not be put on trial for his murder.

  25. Vader Says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Rebel. Right now it seems like your a lone candle burning in the night. Maybe one day the whole truth of the Second Waco massacre will come out. And if and when that day comes, it will be largely due to the tireless efforts of TRUE PATRIOTS like yourself.

  26. Rmg Says:

    Good read, thanks Rebel. Had not considered all the branches of LEO intertwined here and it’s sickening to have discovered the lengths corruption has spread. Like cancer. I remember growing up revering Texas Rangers. Wacoians seriously need to take a long hard look at themselves and decide if they want their children and grandchildren to be further at risk as they go to the polls. Swanton and Renya are toxic. Respect to the Families.

  27. Gandalf Says:

    Cops are like, “Bandits attacked Cossacks because of Bottom Rockers and dues and Twin Peaks allowed it to happen.” Fact is, Cossacks attacked Bandits because “Waco is their City” and Police allowed it to happen. Write that book Rebel… I will buy a copy or 2 and send one to Tommy Witherspoon. ;) If I had more $ I would buy 10,000 copies and send them to Waco Voters. LOL. Hand them out free in front of every Church in Waco on Sunday.

  28. ipsick Says:

    Who’d have thought a Transformer movie cop car would say it all with this on the side of the car, “punish and enslave”.

  29. ak rack Says:

    Sorry, long guns.

  30. ak rack Says:

    Waco PD claims they didn’t know there was going to be a violent confrontation, so they surrounded the restaurant with long rifles and pole cameras. And that the restaurant did know there was going to be a violent confrontation, so they rented out patio space for it because they thought that would be good for business.

    Jesus Christ, you cannot make shit like this up . . .

  31. RLG Says:

    It is going to take 10 years but these cases will bankrupt the current civic regime in Waco.

    Cold comfort for the dead, though.

    Looking forward to the book Rebel!

  32. old & stoned Says:

    “although law enforcement claims that it had ‘no specific intelligence to indicate that an altercation was going to occur.”

    yet waco pd had credible and specific enough intelligence to harass TP for MONTHS prior to the event,,, and a rat or 3 the pack to ‘make sure’ it happened,, ya can’t have it both ways, Reyna,,

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t you worry guys, Obama is gonna fix it so that things like this will not happen anymore.

    I believe him cause he was crying on TV like a fag.

    America what the fuck happened to you?

  34. xplor Says:

    I dispute the 22 police and believe they had an overwhelming force with many more in reserve.

  35. Meh Says:

    The lack of an apparent moral code by the authorities reflects their real mission which they carry out with the sustained support of the local government which has the sustained support of the local public who refuckinglentlessly empower them by election.

    The authorities are acting according to their REAL “moral code” which fits the REAL moral code of their supporters. That code is as old as humanity. It’s called “fuck anyone who isn’t like you”. That simple.

    Bikers still don’t get it. Bikers are NOT the “public”, they are a microscopic segment of society and in many areas the majority of Americans don’t give a shit (best practical case) what happens to them or (worst case) actively want them destroyed.

    The public in highly anti-freedom areas of the US are religious (therefore irrational) paranoid oppressive assholes and like it that way.

    Of fucking course they want their cops to kill anyone who is openly and assertively not like them. Wall Street Jesus approves.

    The only way any mainstream Americans will be concerned with Waco is if it is kept visible as a civil liberties issue. Rebel is doing a fine job at that. If he didn’t exist the only spin would be from the Waco cops and their various pawns.

  36. FF Says:


    Thank you, Rebel

    Frequent Flyer

  37. ak rack Says:

    “So why were the police there?” Protect and serve?

    Hello . . . Waco PD? . . .Hi . . . Listen, the reason I’m calling is that I would like to unsubscribe from your services . . . yes, that’ right ma’am, immediately . . . oh, and can you cancel my subscription to the DA’s services as well, please? . . . Yes, really, I’m sure . . . I just think my interests would be better served by a different terrorist organizations . . . OK . . . oh, and would you also pass on my personal fuck you very much to Mr. Reyna and Mr. Swanton? . . . Great, thanks . . . you have a good day too ma’am.

  38. Bone Head Says:

    By now the average voter in Waco has got to be wondering what in dee fuck their alleged government is doing…and what they’ll all be doing after the next election.

    Respects to all…and Rebel it’s good to read another article by you. Hope the eye is healing well.

  39. Whobe Says:



  40. RtC Says:

    You are THE MAN, Rebel! You ARE THE MAN! Thank you for being who you are &
    being a pit-bull about this American travesty! FUCK REYNA & WACKO in general!

    RESPECTS to Rebel & the real regulars

    FUCK YOU TROLLS & FEDS!!! That includes the Urine Odor!

  41. T Hell Says:

    The authorities had no specific intelligence to indicate that an altercation was going to occur they were only there “on the clock” out of coincidence all 22 just happen to be there for the titties and beer.

  42. Paladin Says:

    The last question in Rebel’s story seems obviously rhetorical, but in the off chance it’s not, the answer is a resounding “no”.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  43. shovelNY Says:

    jesus christ,
    the lack of a moral code by the authorities is beyond my comprehension
    they should truly be ashamed

  44. shovelNY Says:

    jesus chris,
    the lack of a moral code by the authoris is beyond my comprehension
    they should truly be ashamed

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