Evidence Against Randy Yager

January 4, 2016

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Evidence Against Randy Yager

Federal prosecutors may have some evidence problems in the racketeering trial of American Outlaws Association patch holder Randy Mark “Mad” Yager.

Yager was indicted in June 1997 in a RICO case titled USA v. O’Neill et al. He avoided arrest because he was in Las Vegas when that indictment was unsealed.

Yager left the country. He and his common law wife, a concert violinist named Margie Jelovcic, settled in Rosarito, Mexico which is about an hour’s drive from San Diego. They lived quietly and modestly and developed a reputation for kindness and charity. U.S. Marshalls eventually tracked them to a bar in Rosarito called La Maroma on October 15, 2014. Jelovcic, who had committed no crime, fled. She was pursued by police and was then either murdered by authorities or committed suicide after the couple’s Ford Explorer crashed. Local police said she was holding a .25 caliber pistol in her hand as she drove and she accidently shot herself in the neck when she crashed.

Yager was extradited to the United States that night and indicted again, with additional charges, on November 4, 2014.

Fine Point Of Law

Last November Yager’s lawyer, Steven Hurley, moved to suppress evidence that would tend to implicate Yager in the murder of a Hells Angel on September 25, 1994 during a brawl between Outlaws and Angels at the Lancaster Speedway in Lancaster, New York. The evidence, which included a bloody Hells Angels vest, was discovered during a traffic stop – somewhere in the Village of Silver Lake, New York – about 50 miles from the scene of the crime.

Police had been alerted to be suspicious of vehicles with Midwestern license plates heading west. Yager was driving a car with Illinois plates when he was spotted by a New York State Police trooper named John Morrow. Morrow followed Yager for six miles. The trooper eventually stopped Yager for failing to signal a right turn and then turned the stop into a vehicle search.

A key question, 21 years later, is where exactly the alleged traffic infraction took place.

According to a pretrial ruling by District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller: “The precise location of this stop is the center of the (defense and prosecution) parties’ dispute. Importantly, State Route 20, the road on which Morrow spotted and subsequently followed Yager, forks into two separate roads in Silver Lake. One road veers to the right and is known as Truck Route 20 or Howard Street (hereinafter ‘Howard’). The other road continues straight forward and is known as State Route 20 or Central Avenue (hereinafter ‘Central’). According to the government, Morrow stopped the vehicle because Yager failed to use a proper turn signal as he veered right from State Route 20 onto Howard. In contrast, Yager argues that, according to Officer Heavern, the police officer who provided back-up to Morrow during the incident, the stop was made on Central.”

If the stop was made on Central Avenue, the official reason given for it is a lie and nothing found in the car can be used as evidence against Yager.

There was a hearing on this matter on December 23. Judge Stadtmueller will announce in February whether he thinks the traffic stop was legal or not. Yager’s trial is scheduled to begin in Milwaukee on March 28.

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14 Responses to “Evidence Against Randy Yager”

  1. liveshere Says:

    I communicate with Randy occasionally, and he is quite optimistic about his chances with the case… As the date for his trial rapidly approaches, there are many of us down here in Mexico anxiously awaiting the judges ruling on this. So far.. nothing.. I am thinking that is a good sign.

  2. Bone Head Says:

    Poor Patrick. Rebel’s spanked him in the Waitress thread, so now he’s on this one whining and kicking. And has no idea he’s pooped himself and needs changing.

  3. T Hell Says:

    Patrick Volk
    “If the stop was made on Central Avenue, the official reason given for it is a lie and nothing found in the car can be used as evidence against Yager.”
    I don’t understand if you are just trying to provoke, English is not your first language, or perhaps you are just not that bright. The police when making a stop or an arrest should at the very least get the facts right including knowing what street they are on yet here we have two cops who are claiming the stop was made on two different streets. If the arrest was on Central the reason for the stop was (not using a signal when exiting from Highway 20 would not have been required since no turn was made) completely fabricated, ergo a lie.
    If you yourself are a cop perhaps someone who is not can draw you a picture and explain it to you using small words and bright colors, your mother perhaps?

    No one here has any question whatsoever which officer’s account of the location will be upheld in the end regardless of the truth.

    And one more thing fuck off pig……..

  4. Patrick Volk Says:

    Don, this is not a “lie” as you would like to say as you skew the facts of the case. Do you work for CNN or ABC or something? Anyway, if the person making the stop wrote what he believed to be the facts of the case and thought the road and route numbers were what he believed them to be, how is that a “lie?” I guess because you said so right? It’s for the judge to decide either way. You were never a full patched member of any of the clubs you rode with and if you profess to be a true OMG member, put up or shut up.

  5. Jim666 Says:


  6. WARTHOG Says:


    Call or text me. I tried to call you but your phone is off.




  7. Jim666 Says:

    Your right and im sure we have all seen or at least know someone that has seen it happen .
    Rebel wrote about one such case that took down quite a few good men Dan Bifield was one.
    Before the feds got involved there was no crimes , that is until they manufactured one, as you stated .

    Another such case was not a “RICO” case but still in fed hands was the one against Dave Burgess,which could have been won had Dave had the funds to continue to fight them year after year for ever.
    which was my point ” a shit load of cash”
    As it has been said on here time after time the feds have a non ending amount of time and money, where we don’t have that luxury..

    I do believe there are other cases on the page to the link above that were not won through “RICO” however…………

  8. Sieg Says:

    Jim, afraid it ain’t the 70’s anymore. Back then,the FedCoats didn’t have it all wired the way they do now. If they can’t get a conviction one way, they’ll just manufacture another. And if they’re too lazy to do that, well hell, they’ll just keep the torture by indictment going on. There’s only so much money you can spend on shonskies before you come up dry.
    FTF / FTP

  9. Jim666 Says:

    @ Otto
    Maybe this is the one your speaking of ?
    Texts taken from Wikipedia…..

    Hells Angels Motorcycle Club
    In 1979 the United States Federal Government went after Sonny Barger and several members and associates of the Oakland charter of the Hells Angels using RICO. In United States vs. Barger, the prosecution team attempted to demonstrate a pattern of behavior to convict Barger and other members of the club of RICO offenses related to guns and illegal drugs. The jury acquitted Barger on the RICO charges with a hung jury on the predicate acts: “There was no proof it was part of club policy, and as much as they tried, the government could not come up with any incriminating minutes from any of our meetings mentioning drugs and guns.


    Evidently not all cases lead to conviction but it will take a shitload of cash to fight it…

  10. Shyster Says:

    The 4th Amendment is still alive, albeit by a faint pulse with no defibrilator in sight, but it’s alive.


  11. Otto Says:

    Not all Rico charges lead to a conviction. I Seem to remember a man who stood up against Rico charges in the mid seventies. He still remains free to this day, and is a highly respected Man.

  12. popeye Says:

    In RICO all roads lead to a conviction

  13. BMW Says:

    If Yager was facing an honest court system, with a true “presumption of innocence “, I would say that this is absolutely great news for him. Unfortunately, he is being tried in an Un-American court system that routinely features a “bill of attainder ” known as RICO. All I can say is “good luck” and look forward to a Constitutional Court system sometime in the distant future.


  14. Sieg Says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if the FedCoats retroactively declared both roads have the same name.


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