Satire Proof Waco Day 216

December 18, 2015

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Satire Proof Waco Day 216

Five weeks after the fact, Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune-Herald and Dane Schiller of the Houston Chronicle reported, about the Twin Peaks Massacre case as the Waco paper put it, “indictments in the cases attribute a tenth death to the melee…. It wasn’t until recently, when the indicted bikers appeared in court for arraignments and the indictments were read aloud, that the inclusion of a tenth biker, identified in indictments as William Anderson, was noticed.”

The Tribune-Herald got the scoop yesterday. So did the Chronicle.

Yesterday the Chronicle reported, “With the indictments, authorities have increased the death toll to 10, but they have not clarified where or when that person died. And no one thus far has been accused of any specific act of violence.”

For the record, The Aging Rebel noticed the tenth murder victim on November 16.


The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and the Waco Police Department have refused to explain why innocent people had been indicted for the death of “William Anderson” or how William Anderson died, or when or how or where he was buried. The prosecutors and the police hid behind the gag order they had arranged.

Today, District Attorney Abel Reyna finally commented on the completely theoretical murder charge that he has left stand without explanation since November 11.

“The inclusion of the ‘10th dead biker’ in some of the Twin Peaks indictments was a clerical error on our part that can and will be corrected at a later date closer to trial,” Reyna said in a prepared statement. “The additional name has absolutely no effect on the charges or the viability of those indictments. I regret this minor error has shifted focus away from the violent and dangerous crimes that occurred in the heart of our community on May 17, 2015.“

He really said that: The people should not infer that any of these indictments are contrived just because Reyna indicted 106 people for murdering a name whispered in his ear during a seance. Really. You can’t make this stuff up

Responsible Opposing View

Dallas lawyer Clint Broden, who represents multiple defendants in the case, responded with his own press release. Broden noticed that Reyna “was able to convince a grand jury to indict…motorcyclists for the death of William Anderson, despite the fact that Mr. Anderson was not killed as a result of the Twin Peaks incident.”

“The fact that DA Reyna does not understand the magnitude of this error is shocking and disappointing,” Broden fumed. “A grand jury was designed to act as a check on the prosecution. Nevertheless, Mr. Reyna was able to bamboozle the grand jury into indicting…motorcyclists for a murder that Reyna now acknowledges they had absolutely nothing to do with. This is a sad commentary on the justice available in McLennan County and, unfortunately, gives new meaning to the old adage that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to ‘indict a ham sandwich’ if he chooses. The fact that Mr. Reyna was able to obtain indictments for a crime which even he acknowledges did not occur is reflective of the way this case has been handled from the beginning.”

And the case grinds on.


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  1. Gandalf Says:

    I just read this in the Waco Trib Letters. Seems timely that they should hire this “consultant” …. probably gave him a big fat contract too.

    “I read the city of Waco is hiring a consultant to determine the quantity, quality and functionality of police cameras. It seems city management is getting good at hiring consultants — and it’s happening more frequently.

    If city employees and city management can’t do what it takes and figure it out for themselves, maybe they need to be replaced. Or perhaps they have too much on their plate?”

    J.L. Rader, Waco

  2. popeye Says:
    Not sure if this video has been posted. Caution contains offensive footage of snitches at work

  3. xplor Says:

    RtC The goal is to bring humor to the rebel until he is better, not to be smart. I have solved the mystery of William “Bloody Bill” Anderson  who shot in the civil war. Abel has his head in a closet and wants to make it part of the case.

  4. RtC Says:

    OR think they are much smarter than they are. FABODS

  5. Gandalf Says:

    Both you had too much eggnog

  6. xplor Says:

    Off hand look at “The Cat Parasite that Sells Motorcycles” from 2011. I am now checking out Robert Sapolsky an American neuroendocrinologist, professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery  at Stanford University and why the military is looking into it.

  7. James Crawford Says:

    Re Xplor:

    Can you cite any actual scientific studies that establish a correlation between motorcyclists and Toxoplasma Gondi? The link to human behavior changes has only been recently established. While there have been some epidemological studies comparing large scale demographic groups, I am unable to find any research specific to motorcyclists. Would you care to provide a citation?

    Of course there is considerable data to establish an inverse correlation between a phobia of firearms and the size of genitalia. President Clinton is perhaps the most notable and well documented example.

  8. xplor Says:

    Thank you RtC, If you can’t trust Abel Reyna who can you trust?

  9. RtC Says:

    xplor, FOESAD. You have to be one of the stupidest bastards to ever post on here.

  10. xplor Says:

    Was William Anderson tested for Toxoplasma gondii ?  Men with latent toxoplasmosis have significantly increased risk of traffic accidents. Toxo makes men more distrustful of authority and more likely to engage in rule-bending and breaking. Male motorcyclists are disproportionately affected. 

  11. RtC Says:

    I know for a fact that Bandido Spaz1% was killed in Neb by a collision with a deer & another of his Brothers also went down but survived in the same incident.
    My source is un-impeachable on this! These bastards in McLennan Co. are sure digging deep graves for themselves! Fuck Reyna & all his homosexual goat fucking


  12. Tooj Says:

    Lends more credence to that “Deer Team 6” conspiracy…

  13. shaggy Says:

    now wait a minute…the way I understood it was they (Waco) had his body to remove a bullit from him so how is it they did not know where he was buried or when? I heard about this at a coc meeting months ago and its just now being talked about? strange shit I tell ya.

  14. ipsick Says:

    I wonder if anyone on the grand jury is saying WTF or are they all senile/corrupt there.

  15. BadMonk Says:

    The level of injustice is incredible. It’s a kick square in the nuts to every patriot who served and fought for this country’s freedom. The ‘officials’ and ‘authorities’ in McLennan County are an abomination that rivals North Korea. I don’t know what is more disturbing – the mass railroading of innocent citizens or the lack of outrage and absolute apathy by the citizens and press. That’s some scary shit going on without much concern it seems.

  16. James Crawford Says:

    Rebel has another MC club shooting to cover.

    Given the fact that the Portland police bureau has long had a reputation for being trigger happy thugs and have been harassing the club for some time, one shouldn’t ignore the possibility that the shooter or shooters were police.

  17. T Hell Says:

    @Rebel You are not alone Candy Chand hits it out of the park again….

  18. FF Says:


    Movie suggestions:

    The new Centurions (based on a joseph wambaugh book)
    The Departed (Scorcese film)

    Peace, Respect

  19. RLG Says:

    “This is a sad commentary on the justice available in McLennan County…”

  20. Gandalf Says:

    “Any and all of the defense attorneys should be informing their clients that this exposed flaw in their indictments utterly destroys the credibility of the State.” (JC) Yes! VERY IMPORTANT so long as it wasn’t just the # (10) and included the Name of the 10th.

  21. FF Says:

    Reyna is a lying piece of shit. I hope he chokes to death in Church on Christmas day.

  22. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck off and drink a gallon of bleach, Reyna, you corrupt piece of shit.

  23. James Crawford Says:

    I can’t imagine any grand jury being stupid enough to indict for murder without having reviewed an autopsy that establishes when and where a person died and a cause of death to establish that a particular person or group of people should stand trial for the death. This is imbecilic. Any and all of the defense attorneys should be informing their clients that this exposed flaw in their indictments utterly destroys the credibility of the State.

    BTW, I missed this error.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    TY Rebel for clearing that up. Merry Christmas to you all. Esp the indicted who might need to follow the example of the people in Whoville… It’s “mind over matter.” Forget for a few weeks. Friends and Family 1st… “This too will pass.” Don’t let that Grinch in Waco spoil your Christmas! It’s what he likes to do.

  25. Drew151 Says:

    Thanks to AR for keeping this story alive ! As a person new to the motorcycling world this latest article says it all. At this point the facts of the case have to stand on their own and anyone who has followed this case knows in their heart what happened ! A wise man once told me “you learn a lot more by listening and thinking about what you’ve heard than by talking” and by listening to some of the contributors to this blog I have learned that good clubs are in fact “punctilious” (Rebel’s word not mine, I had to look it up) in their approach to their club activities. That word is the key to the Waco case. The word punctilious, as defined by Merriam Webster means “marked by precise exact accordance with the details of codes or conventions” ! With this one word in mind, it doesn’t make ANY sense that a club would ride into a public place that they knew would be filled with innocent civilians as well as many other clubs and start a fight out in the open ! You people who read this blog have participated in many runs and been at many events where the precision in your riding is an immense sense of pride and where all of your members keep an eye out for any of your group stepping out of line so as to keep the integrity of the group in line ! That is just the way things work ! It makes no sense that any club will ride into a situation like Waco and just go nuts , that’s movie material for the uninformed public ! I have yet to meet a biker who complains because he is caught doing something that he was careless enough to do or forget to do. On the other hand there are numerous cases that a biker has been wronged because of the fear of his incorrectly perceived reputation. LE knows that the perception in this case makes the biker community look like the bad guys BUT when the facts come out the real determinations will be made. The 10th murder situation show how much attention to detail is being use by the authorities. I personally don’t think the outcome of the case will be bad at all ! It’s a sin that LE is being sloppy in the execution of their duties ! Lives have been ruined and lost because of someone’s crazy idea to start a powderkeg that got out of control and now will be blown apart by attorneys who represent the people who have a code that they live by !

  26. R&R Says:

    The line starts here to buy your book about this absolute circle jerk. And what’s cool is most of it is being written and given to you. Run with it.


  27. RtC Says:

    “Minor error”, about a 10th MURDER? Just over my head about McClennan Co,Tejas!
    Great Spirit, do not punish me by transporting me there! Send me directly to,
    so called, HELL! Seems that would be more like “Minimum security & justice”.

  28. old & stoned Says:

    isn’t there a line just above Reyna’s signature on the indictments that he “swears the facts as presented above are true and correct’,,,? or some bullshit line similar.

    Rock on! Rebel!

  29. Brad Milch Says:

    I can’t prove it, but I suspect the clerical error was caused by inattention to work due to an impromptu office threesome that consisted of Reyna, a certain notorious Waco goat farmer & one of his hornier goats.

    If the taxpayers are willing to pay for the indictment & future speedy trial for the person or persons guilty of killing a non-existent phantom biker (genuine or undercover), in all fairness, the public should also have the right to invent the crime the biker committed that caused his death. Here’s a couple off the top of my head:

    (1) Used front row seats tickets to a recent Justin Bieber concert dropped out of the biker’s vest while he was attempting to hump an undercover cop’s leg behind a purple & pink Volvo station wagon & the cop shot him in the head.

    (2) Prior to the biker meeting, the biker had stopped by Swanton’s goat farm, purchased some goat milk, drank it later at Twin Peaks, went into convulsions & a rooftop sniper misread his body actions as an aggressor threat.

    (3) One of the cops at TP monitoring the biker meeting spotted the biker pinching donuts out of a Waco police cruiser & dropped him with a magnificent behind the back, arm twisted bullet to the back of the biker’s head in a shot any deer hunter in the world would give their left nut to achieve themselves.

  30. ak rack Says:

    ‘ The McLennan County District Attorney’s Office and the Waco Police Department have refused to explain why innocent people had been indicted for the death of “William Anderson” ‘

    They couldn’t find any guilty people so innocent ones would just have to do?

  31. T Hell Says:

    Since Mr. Anderson was killed in another state by a motorcycle collision with a deer can we now expect a blanket indictment against the local whitetail herd for criminal conspiracy?

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