Bandido On Trial

December 15, 2015

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Bandido On Trial

Two McLennan County, Texas Assistant District Attorneys are in Abilene for the trial of Bandido Curtis Jackson Lewis.  Lewis is charged with aggravated assault. He is accused of stabbing Cossacks Motorcycle Club member Timothy Shane Satterwhite in the back during a brawl between members of the two clubs in the parking lot of the Logan’s Roadhouse chain restaurant in Abilene at about 1:45 p.m. on November 2, 2013.

The incident has been widely portrayed as a precursor to a bloody brawl between members of the two clubs in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco last May 17.

According to police, Lewis is the president of the Abilene chapter of the Bandidos.

A second Bandido named Wesley Dale Mason has been accused of stabbing Cossack Edward Corely during the same altercation

Corley and Satterwhite were hospitalized following the encounter. Three more Cossacks were injured and were considered by police to be victims.

Incrementally Planned

In his opening statement yesterday, Taylor County Assistant District Attorney James Hicks told the jury that Lewis “incrementally planned” the attack.

According to police and prosecutors, Lewis and Mason entered the restaurant, stared at the Cossacks then left without saying anything. Women accompanying the Cossacks then went outside to smoke and discovered that an unspecified number of Bandidos were vandalizing the Cossacks motorcycles. When the Cossacks inside went out to investigate, Hicks claims, the Bandidos attacked the them. Lewis was arrested about six hours later. He bonded out the next day and has been free since then.

At the time of the incident, local police said “a lot” of people were involved in the fight and all the Bandidos had left before police arrived. Police initially said they were dispatched to the restaurant to investigate a report of “possible gunshots.”

Lewis’ attorney, Jon Hanna told the nine woman, three man jury that Lewis had been attacked by the Cossacks and that there is no hard evidence to prove that Lewis stabbed anyone.

The prosecution put on witnesses yesterday. They included Abilene Police Detective John Wilson and Lewis’ alleged victim, Satterwhite.


21 Responses to “Bandido On Trial”

  1. Rich Dickison Says:

    The men and women of Motor Cycle Clubs as well as most members of Churches in Texas need to REPENT and Accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Saviour!

  2. Mama G Says:

    @ TX Biker
    Forgive my manners for not acknowledging and thanking you. I was sneaking at work and only scrolled up so far. I really appreciate the education on the topic. I recall the reference’s to Putin/Russia in May and should have realized it was something history related.
    I have said before, based on reading how the Cossacks’ grew in numbers rather quickly in a relatively short period of time.

    When I think about how the two camps are reacting, one properly silent and the other singing like their life depends on it, I cant help but wonder if some of the songbirds have come to realize things weren’t as they seem. Thus the reason for some of them to be talking. Awhile back I mentioned how I thought that it wasn’t far fetched to think LE, or whoever, preyed on those who wish they could be part of the PH world but would never get further than buying a support shirt at a run. We have all seen those guys who gaze longingly with envy at the brotherhood known only by those whole belong wishing they could be part one of the chosen ones. Those who wouldn’t even be considered for a hang around. Those, to me, are the type that would be targeted as prey by the Steve Cock After School program to be unknowing pawns in the game they are playing. Sure there are those who are CI’s and UCs and know for the most part what the deal is who could be the ones who approach and bring into the fold (club) to groom saps future use. Someone who thinks that they finally get the chance to be part of a brotherhood they have longed to be part of would be the perfect target. They would innocently be oblivious to the role they have been cast in. If the latter was true, its logical to assume that some of those saps would be the ones loudly professing their innocence or distancing themselves to anyone who will listen in hopes of avoiding the shit storm of legal hell that is now their reality. Bet there is quite a few of them who wish they would have never bought that T-shirt.

    By the way, I want to be very very clear I meant absolutely no disrespect when I asked about the two insignias. If I offended anyone with my question, please accept my deepest apology. When I first saw it, I reflected on the above train of thought and wondered IF it was a club grown by the after school club would they actually go as far to intentionally disrespect the well established club as part of their overall game.

    I hope that all came out making sense. Once again I want to thank the AMAZING regulars for the wisdom you share.

    Deepest Respect and of course, Huge Hugs and Big Smooches.

  3. Mama G Says:

    @ Username,

    Thank you for answering. I felt silly asking but I knew someone would set me straight. There is NO comparison between the two clubs. I thought it was something like that but wasn’t sure. I know that great care is taken so as not to “borrow” or copy any part of another clubs representation, if you will. I had never seen anything CMC and at first glance they seem slightly similar. Didn’t mean to sound like a fool.

  4. dogbreath Says:

    Cossacks mouths have been running, running, running. From Prospect to President, they like to hear themselves speaking.

    And from the other team, a glorious silence.

    I believe that Stubbs is speaking for himself, and the only other word I have heard was a statement of intent to comply to a court ordered request. And that was acting in the capacity of an officer of the COC&I, not as a Club member.
    If I have missed something, a reference/link would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Irish 1%ER Says:

    Cossack testifying, pretty much says all we need to hear!!

  6. chromedome Says:

    never met any cocksacks but they seem like iron on order to me.
    if it walks like a rat,
    squeaks like a rat
    and smells like a rat
    then its probably got on a iron order patch lol


  7. Username Says:

    @Mama G

    No, I know what your thinking/talking about and no. The other clubs Center patch is Genghis khan who was a Mongolian leader.

    The Cossack Patch depicts a Eastern European “Cossack” which is a worrier.

    Two very different patches and clubs.

  8. Tommy Says:

    These “well established” Cossacks that apparently have “been around for quite some time” sure don’t know how to keep their mouths shut. Just sayin……

  9. TX_Biker Says:

    @Mama G
    Cossacks are a group of predominantly East Slavic-speaking people who became known as members of autonomous, semi-military communities, predominantly located in Ukraine.

  10. Mama G Says:

    So please forgive me if what I am about to ask is a really stupid , or don’t ask questions, question. Typically I don’t ask questions but after watching the Red & Gold video, curiosity got the better of me and I watched the OTHER video. My question is , is it just me or does their center piece samurai looking character resemble that of a well known long established MC? I realize that they are obviously different but the basis for the character seems to resemble that of the other MC. If so, was it an intentional act of disrespect? Has that character,always been their CP character or was their artwork recently revised to resemble another design. Admittedly, I have no Idea if there is such thing as a Cossack in history or any lore/legend?

  11. 55 Says:

    You mean McLennan County has a District Attorney who doesn’t scheme, manipulate, withhold and suppress evidence? Blow me over with a flea fart.

  12. R&R Says:

    Watched the vids posted with today’s article. Looks like recruiting pieces for the clubs. The Cossacks vid was shot prior to 2010 primarily in West Texas counties of Andrews, Gaines and Midland. This was before the rocker change. The people in those vids are most likely not Cossacks any more. Real bikers left when that change took place. The ones who are members today are faced with issues like their employers
    telling them “your club or your job”. Some are choosing the club.
    This is/was so unnecessary. I’d shoot to kill the instigators of the patch change. They’ve brought disgrace and death to the M/C culture in Texas.

  13. Mike Smith Says:

    The DA knows an old saying, that I learned in Houston many decades ago: “First Liar Wins.” Once they accuse you, you have to spend all of your time defending against a lie. So the lie is all the jury hears. It takes that rare lawyer that will ignore the lie and start prosecuting the truth, in front of the jury.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Can that Bandit’s Lawyer in Abilene supena the TPs Video as proof of Cossack aggression? LOL

  15. Gandalf Says:

    “It started in the restaurant.” That’s not the kind of info LE just gets wrong by mistake. Why lie? Because the Cossacks were on the Patio and LE was/is busy trying to prove the Bandits started the whole thing. (ie; the Bottom Rocker and COC&I dues)

  16. Paco Says:

    Do not see many Cossacks anymore.

  17. FF Says:

    Copsacks = urine odor

    Same stench, different flies.


  18. Gandalf Says:

    “Three more Cossacks were injured and were considered by police to be VICTIMS.” LE had every intention of painting the Cossacks “as victims” at Twin Peaks ie: “These people just came in, and most of them were from out of town. Very few of them were from in town.” PPeterson. Its why the video cut out and came back to the empty Patio… They didn’t want to show the Cossacks jumping that railing to get into the parking lot. LE shooters HAD to shoot the attackers. The Cossacks (and LE) thought the Bandits were going to attack the Cossacks… Opps!
    “Satterwhite testified in court? How about that?” Nuff said.

  19. Brad Milch Says:

    With 9 women on the jury, I’d normally predict the accused will walk. Women got a thing about bikers, especially Harleys. I’ve been told they like the idle. But then again, this is McLennan County Rebel speaks of. It surprises me Logan’s Roadhouse entire patronage wasn’t arrested, cellphones confiscated, million dollar bonds imposed, vehicles impounded under forfeiture actions & the rest of it. Seems to me D.A. Reyna & Waco’s own PD goat farmer might experience a tough time doing business in Abilene if either ever relocates.

    Just sayin’

  20. Smitty1961 Says:

    Satterwhite testified in court? How about that?

  21. Username Says:

    Cossack is testifying huh?

    Sure seems like they deserve to wear that Texas bottom rocker…

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