Two Waco Defendants Arraigned

December 8, 2015

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Two Waco Defendants Arraigned

Two of the Waco defendants were arraigned before district court judge Ralph Strother yesterday. Six additional defendants waived arraignment before the kangaroo court.

The two arraigned men were Cody Keith “Criddick” Ledbetter and Clifford Lee Pearce. Both their lives have already been turned tragic by the massacre at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco last May 17.


Ledbetter, a Cossack, was wounded during a prearranged affray that was encouraged and possibly engineered by local, state and federal police. His father, Cossack Daniel Raymond “Diesel” Boyette was killed during the affray.

Boyette was a road captain with his chapter. The week after his death, his brother William Boyette told Ginger Adams Otis of the New York Daily News, “A year and a half ago, the man didn’t even know how to ride a motorcycle.” Daniel Boyette bought Ledbetter a motorcycle and invited him to join the Cossacks so the two could spend more time together.

Ledbetter was arrested at Hillcrest hospital where he was treated for a gunshot wound. He was Mirandized and agreed to speak to police. He denied shooting anyone and told police he had carried no weapons to the event. He claimed that the affray started when “one of the Bandidos or one of their supporters hit one of the Cossacks prospects with their motorcycle.”


The prospect was Pearce who has been widely gossiped about in the last six months, particularly in Houston – where his name is sometimes spelled Pierce. On November 3, an attorney named James C. Winton filed a sworn statement in which he alleged “Pierce was not arrested and has simply vanished into thin air – his apartment cleaned out and never seen again. Was this gentleman who was so close to the spark, perhaps even the spark himself, an undercover police officer? Was he a confidential informant? Is he now in a witness protection program? No one knows.”

Dane Schiller, who is currently “a senior reporter on the Houston Chronicle’s investigative, projects and enterprise team” and who published a long interview with Ledbetter on June 20 has repeatedly – and as recently as this morning – referred to Pearce as the case’s “mystery man.”

“Pearce’s situation had been curious,” Schiller wrote today, “as he is one of the few persons authorities had identified as having been at the flashpoint of the clash, but he was not charged with a crime until the recent batch of indictments were unsealed.”

Or Maybe Not

Pearce was shot in the shoulder by an unspecified round that travelled at a downward angel. The round carried enough kinetic force that it penetrated half his torso, fractured his Fourth Thoracic Vertebra and immediately paralyzed him from the waist down. He has about a 50 percent chance of eventually regaining his mobility.

Pearce prospected the Cossacks because he wanted to join a motorcycle club and the Cossacks was his only choice. He and some friends tried to form a club in Waco called the Death Riders. Since the Cossacks considered themselves to be the preeminent club in McLennan County, the Death Riders asked their permission to ride. The “Cossacks said they were not going to let them form a club” but they could prospect the Cossacks individually. So he prospected the Cossacks.

In a tape recorded, voluntary interview with police, Pearce denied fighting with any Bandidos, denied being armed in any way, and denied being struck by any motorcycle. He said he was walking between motorcycles when Cossack Nomad Owen Reeves began “scuffling” with Bandidos. He said after he heard the shot he “hit the dirt.” The first shot was followed by “a bunch of gunshots,” which was when he was wounded.

And now his long ordeal continues.


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  1. Ol'Goat Says:

    I say you would have to be a moron to say you understand the charges, doing so immediately puts the proceeding and you outside of the Constitution, and completes arraignment.
    I say never say that you understand the charges and be prepared to explain at great length [yawn] why you dont understand. My experience has been that they will attempt to fry easier fish.

  2. FF Says:

    @ol goat

    Yes, I agree, you have to be a moron to waive yourrights and plead guilty.

    The alternative is to hope the jury isnt a bunch of morons.

    Rock? Hard place?

    You’ve seen idiocracy, right? Thats happening as we speak.

  3. Ol'Goat Says:

    Arraignment occurs when a defendant states that they “understand” the charges against them. You’d have to be either a genius or a moron to “understand” any of these modern era victimless crime charges. You have to be a FUCKING moron to waive your right to arraignment.

    Some of the charges mentioned above may have a corpus delicti (injured party) but I doubt there’s a formal verified complaint sworn out by the injured party and admitted as evidence in the case. All defendants in a case where there is an injured party have the right to a formal verified complaint so you can examine it and prepare a proper defense, and, of course you have the right to waive that right to a formal verified complaint (this can be done tacitly).

    We all have the right to contract extra-Constitutionally. In a victimless crime case subject matter jurisdiction must be obtained by the court. The only way for a court to secure subject matter jurisdiction in victimless crime cases is to operate outside of the Constitution. This is done by asking the defendant if they “understand” the charges against them and getting a “yes” answer to that question from the defendant. Once a defendant answers yes to that question the Constitution no longer applies and the court has subject matter jurisdiction.

    Yes, I have been down that road before, 4 times in victimless “crime” charges. No understanding, no arraignment.

  4. FF Says:

    No matter how this pigs sock full of shit shakes out, mad respect for the RED AND GOLD. they couldnt have handled this any better.

    RIP Jesus Delgado Rodriguez and Manuel Isaac Rodriguez, peace and love to your families.

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    We are all very concerned here about the outcome of this cluster fuck of the judicial system. More of a concern right now is helping out the families of those caught up in this mess. We are passing the hat to make sure everyone at least has presents for the kids and food on the table for Christmas. Thanks to you all here for keeping this at the forefront.


  6. Skintback Says:

    RT NEWS:
    4 Bikers in Waco shot by LE. 223

  7. Thunderbird Says:

    Something to consider when going into a courtroom. Our administrative courts are contract courts so when you pled guilty, not guilty, or no contest one is making a contract with the court. Notice that there is no innocent plea. An innocent plea says that you are free from moral wrong. Moral wrong or right is not a consideration in these courts. What is considered in these courts is if you broke a law created under federal or state statutes.

    Now under our constitution one has a right to a trial by jury. If the jury is informed about constitutional protocol then they would realize that the law would be put into question along with the defendant. But this is a common law question in an administrative court. So what is the jury to do? The constitution is common law and the Bill of Rights is common law. So the jury that is informed about law has to decide according to common law.

    Now we see why the administrative courts that operate under contract law under the Uniform Commercial Code, UCC is not the correct court to handle criminal cases. This is why we have to reform the justice system and put the justice system under common law courts.

  8. Gandalf Says:

    “Four more bikers indicted in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout pleaded not guilty Tuesday during brief arraignment hearings.” “Three of the four requested that prosecutors read aloud in court the lengthy indictments against them alleging they engaged in organized criminal activity as a member of a criminal street gang.” (LOL) Waco Trib. If all defendants “requested that Prosecutors read aloud in Court the lengthy indictments” at a hearing the DA would be reading all week…. LOL. Those 3 might be like me. Make them work. Time is $. Swamp them….they asked for it. Give it to them. It Keeps them from really protecting the Citizens of Waco by prosecuting Rapists and investigating murders… One day Waco will know…they are “in denial” at the moment. Things Change.

  9. old & stoned Says:

    it appears mr pearce dropped the same ‘breadcrumb’ that others have.
    who’s really the ‘mystery man’,,,

  10. Bone Head Says:

    Gandalf Says:
    “…These people are supposed to be self-regulating. They are required to report ethics violations…”

    But they don’t if they’re not forced as you outlined. I could swear you live in my county. The prosecuting attorney here (a political appointee to finish a term for someone appointed Judge) regularly cuts deals, decides cases with the judge BEFORE trial, and has been known to correct the judge in court if he’s not happy with some point right or not. He thinks he’ll get re-elected next time. But even the county commissioners who appointed the asshat are not happy with him as are the voters in the county.
    I would like to thank you and Paladin both; for I have learned much from both of you.
    Respects to you both, the regulars; and Merry Christmas to all except the fuckin’ trolls…they may pick up their lump of coal and shove it.

  11. Paladin Says:


    Thank you.

    Long May You Ride,


  12. NCRider Says:

    Paladin – This is why I enjoy reading your comments on the legal side of issues. You say it well, and your expertise makes common sense.


  13. Gandalf Says:

    Here is a MOTION TO QUASH AND EXCEPTION TO SUBSTANCE OF INDICTMENT by Mr. Looney on behalf of Cossack Cody Ledbetter. If I’m a Cossack I would plagiarize the whole thing and substitute my name. Then Send it Certified Mail RR to my Lawyer asking him to inspect, change it (if needed) and file it on my behalf. If he doesn’t Certify a complaint to the Court.

  14. Gandalf Says:

    Respects to you Paladin. I am only speaking from my experience in defending myself (with a Lawyer both paid and appointed) in small Possession and Assault Charges (fistfights). 4 possession and 3 assaults all Not Guilty buy Jury or dropped just before Trial. (I’m old) I once had a Lawyer go ballistic the day of Court threatening me with losing and jail. (I had told him it was my weed). I paid him, he did nothing, then he requested to be removed. Judge granted his request and didn’t care about the $ I gave him… ($ is ammo in Court) a few months later the DA dropped the charge for lack of evidence the day of Trial… I had a public defender who did nothing but I also sent him certified Letters requesting things. BOTH my Lawyers and the Judge KNEW if I lost I was filing Ethics complains against them all. I also certified the Judge about my Lawyer… always a non-frivolous request or complaint. Any Ethics Complaint and appeal would have cost them all time, paperwork (more data storage)ect. Win or Lose. Over a few joints??? Case dismissed!
    I see a Courthouse not as a place where everyone is “adversarial” at all. I see it like a Corp all working together to get a product produced as easily as possible. Watching each others backs from “the boss” when they cheat. No matter who pays them. 177+ wrenches in the Waco Justice Corp can cause lots of problems for the employees and limit production. ;) LOL
    Heck you know they are all friends and party buddies. Why do you expect they dropped that weed charge on me??? Not because they were afraid of losing and had no evidence… They had a Cops word. LOL. I think it was because their friends necks might be on the line. Or at least the accusation, paperwork, and defense of my obvious Complaints if I’m found guilty. I can appeal a complaint (several times) I can’t appeal a Court case. I preserved appeal if I hired another Lawyer if I lose. I had 2 Lawyers who didn’t do shit + a judge who knew about it. They all basically ignored me… Not important enough for the effort I guess. Case dismissed. Hmmm? Wonder why? My 1st paid Lawyer said it was a loser??? Take the deal.. Oh, BTW I taped my 1st paid Lawyer cursing at me, yelling at me and threatening me to take the deal… The Judge could have cared less…. I sent him a copy. :) LOL These people are supposed to be self-regulating. They are required to report ethics violations… If they don’t, they violate Ethics. Granted you still probably won’t do much with your complaints to the Bar but like I said the accusation and defense of the complaint is annoying and too many looks bad…Not to mention that you could actually win at the State bar. A few reprimands and a few appeals because of incompetence hurts a Lawyer. If my Lawyer was Mr. Broden I wouldn’t have to say a thing and I would trust him and tell him anything (he has earned that) but other Lawyers are not as good as he is. Some are just Lazy and some are bent. In my humble opinion Mr. Broden is making all the right moves I would want my Lawyer to do the same and expect nothing less.

  15. WARTHOG Says:

    Paladin says: “Never talk to the cops. If you don’t say anything, it can’t be used against you. Politely invoke your rights and contact your attorney. If advised and crafted by your attorney, make a written statement and then STFU! If necessary and advised to do so by your attorney, you can always elaborate on your statement at a later date. Remember: You can’t “un-say” what you’ve already said.”

    From personal experience, do not even make a gesture such as shrugging your shoulders, nod your head…anything. A blank stare will suffice. If you absolutely must speak then it should be, “I have the right to remain silent. I wish to invoke that right.”

    It was odd that my shoulder shrug made the police report but not my request to be able to remain silent. FUCK ‘EM!




  16. bcnasty Says:

    @ TX_Biker,
    Someone that wants into Texas badly. The club (Cossacks) grew large in record time, patched out way to many too fast. You can’t be sure of a brothers intentions when you have no history with them.

    My opinion from day one.

  17. TX_Biker Says:

    my point exactly, fast growth, inexperienced riders, no real knowledge of the biker community. The hierarchy in Texas had produced an equilibrium so to speak. One 1% club meant few conflicts. Slow deliberate growth with well know experienced riders. That doesn’t guarantee success but at least its a sound approach…..

  18. puterindabasketchief Says:

    In 18 months went from not knowing how to ride to wearing a three-piece patch and serving as RC?

    What possibly could go wrong there?

  19. TX_Biker Says:

    T Hell,
    The Cossacks never caused any trouble in Texas until recently. Someone else was pumping them up and pulling their strings. Someone that wants into Texas badly. The club (Cossacks) grew large in record time, patched out way to many too fast. You can’t be sure of a brothers intentions when you have no history with them. This is the same mistake that has caused many an incident like, but not as severe as, Waco….

  20. Base Says:

    Peoples ethical line in the sand varies with the depth of the money well.

    Sure, there are those few souls who with sincere earnest seek to help people through trying times. But finding someone who’s ethics is more prominent than greed? Very rare!


    If your chatting up the police selling out your friends & family then,sell your bike, buy a Volvo & join the heard. You do not belong riding among us!

    Eye on your 6:00

  21. NCOM CU Says:

    Popeye, all of this defies our understanding. Cookie cutter bonds that were more than whats required for serial pedophiles, cookie cutter indictments and charges that all knowingly willfully were involved in murders? And requests for a speedy trial which should be within 90 days and instead set for 5 months or more. We just don’t understand what the future holds or how they are getting away with all of this…

  22. popeye Says:

    Its my understanding that once you are arraigned the DA has 30 days to provide discovery. This is a good thing. Lots of unanswered questions. Of course in the land where the sky is green known as wacko there might be others rules.
    @Paladin I’ve been to trial a few times and contrary to what I swore to at the time I was usually guilty . My lawyer always knew it and his ethics never prevented him from cashing my check and defending me.

  23. Paladin Says:


    You can not be made to testify against yourself. I have worked as an expert witness for a number of years on criminal and civil cases involving the use of excessive force by law enforcement under color of authority. All of the cases I’ve worked on have required many hours of preparation, including but not limited to the examination of evidence, review of witness statements, police reports, a police or sheriff’s department’s policy and procedures, video when available and when necessary, field trips to crime scene locations. No attorney I’ve ever worked with has ever “shot from the hip”, devoting only an hour or two of preparation before trial.

    With a few exceptions, it is not advisable for the defendant to testify on his own behalf. One exception is in when one finds oneself a defendant in a self defense civil or criminal case. In this instance an affirmative defense will be required. In such cases, the jury or judge needs to understand why one did what one did, when one did it.

    BTW; Knowing that one is guilty does not violate an attorney’s ethics. Guilt or innocence has nothing to do with it. Innocent or guilty, an attorney’s duty is to provide his or her client with the best defense possible. An attorney, knowing his or her client is guilty will ensure that the attorney will not suggest that his or her client take the stand and that’s about it.

    Generally, each state’s ethics rules dictate the circumstances under which an attorney can withdraw based on cause. Grounds for cause include the client’s persistent unlawful conduct or use of the attorney’s services to perpetrate a crime or fraud and other acts or intentions of the client which the attorney considers repugnant. Knowing his or her client is guilty may cause an attorney to decline a case, but that in and of itself is not a legitimate cause for withdrawal.


  24. Gandalf Says:

    BTW This Strategy is mostly for Lesser Charges… More serious charges might need a different approach. Yes, Don’t Lie to your Lawyer… Just don’t tell him anything that might conflict with his Ethics. Like, “Yea, the weed was mine but I will deny it on the Stand.”

  25. Gandalf Says:

    Lawyers have rules too. A Lawyer can not “knowingly” put a person on the Stand who is Lying. If you tell your Lawyer that you are guilty but want to fight He/She might use your honesty to pressure you into a deal saying they can not defend you. Ethics. He could lose his License. ect. The trick is to tell him your innocent and leave it at that for months. I have been in front of 3 Juries and won every time. Unless it’s a high profile case Lawyers and DA’s hardly give your case any thought before trial. 99% of the time BOTH are shooting from the hip after an Hr or 2 the night before Trial or just before court. The Object is to give your Lawyer all the ammo the morning of the Trial and turn him lose shooting from the hip. That way your evidence is admissible and a Surprise. A letter like this to your Lawyer might be enough proof the Judge needs to allow your evidence in.
    Dear Mr. Lawyer,
    I am Innocent of these Charges and have evidence and Witnesses to prove it. At this time I will not involve or ask these people to testify in my defense until the Prosecution has disclosed ALL evidence against me TO MY SATIFACTION. These Charges are without merit or evidence and I will not involve my witnesses IN ANY WAY unless absolutely necessary.
    Mr. Wrench

  26. dogbreath Says:

    The words that have been written about silence here are common sense, and common knowledge. How can a club that does not have this as a basic precept ever aspire to being an MC, much less fly a state rocker? I have lost track of how many Cossacks have made statements to both police and press, from President down to Prospect.

    I’m not in Texas, I know no Cossacks, and I won’t judge anyone based solely on what I have read in the press – including this site. I do know that if I ever were to meet one, it would be a passing acquaintance as I would be wheeling about in the opposite direction.

  27. Paladin Says:

    Also, never (even of you’re guilty) lie to your attorney. If you keep the truth from your attorney, he won’t truly know what he’s up against and therefore will be handicapped when crafting your defense. If you’re married, lying to your OL is betting against the house. If you find yourself in a position where you have to tell her what’s up, tell her the truth. Your OL may get seriously pissed, but she can’t be forced to testify against you. If she finds out you lied to her, she’ll wonder what else you’ve lied to her about. Remember: Your OL can’t be forced to testify against you, but she can if she chooses to.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  28. Pissedintx Says:

    *give, sorry damn tablet keyboard.

  29. Pissedintx Says:

    I have an attorney in my family and was taught, once I got my license especially, to never ever talk to the cops. And if they want to search me to demand they get a warrant. And this was over 20 years ago, cops are even worse now. God forbid if I’m ever accused of a crime I will for sure keep my mouth shut. Even if innocent they will twist your words. Better to gibpve them no ammo to use against you.

  30. von Zipper Says:

    At least there is one MC that takes the Tao as truth here. Thanks RLG for that connection, too many fakes and flakes just don’t get it.

  31. Thunderbird Says:

    Germany 1933. Active shooting drills in San Bernardino, Ca. a bankrupt city. Law enforcement agencies are being formed into standing armies under the direction of fusion centers. Dangerous men now control our institutions; which includes our justice system.

    Our major news outlets reach the majority of people who do not take the time to verify what they are being told. These major news sources are what form public opinion. These news institutions influence people by omission of basic facts.

    In Roman times the people were referred to the Mob by the people in power. It is no different now. The UNITED STATES IS AN EMIPIRE that is ruling the countries under it’s domain. This includes Europe which is under NATO.

    Getting back to WACO. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is running this show. That is why Reyna, a two bit cock fighter is so confident.

    We need to realize what is coming down for all of America. We are moving into a police state enforced by trained killers with no conscience. The justice system will be used to carry out the WILL of the STATE to carry out the motives of those dangerous men that control our institutions. The people have no power. We are now slaves to the State. Those individuals that express FREE WILL are a threat to the State. Why the ambush at the Twin Peaks.

    Don’t know how long free speech will be allowed to exist. Free speech is the right to question the establishment. So far we can do that on the Aging Rebel. Don’t know if this will last.

    As for those fighting the organized crime charge remember this. It is a charge from those who are well versed in organized crime. It is the pot calling the kettle black. It is a charge hard to prove to an honest jury. And that is the point. Will there be an honest jury in Waco?

    We live in interesting times. Human history is a history of crime. For a period of time in American History we truly lived in a time of freedom of the individual. This time is rapidly passing. It seems like prosperity has blinded us from the true meaning of freedom. Now our fate rests on what we value most. Material possessions or spiritual integrity. Spiritual Integrity involves being conscious of what is going on around you and not reacting but rather being and doing in a way that promotes your will; not someone else’s.

    Waco is not America. Waco is ignorance in full force.

  32. RLG Says:

    He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know.

  33. Sieg Says:

    The Five Words:




  34. Gandalf Says:

    “Truer words were never spoke my friend. I cannot believe the number of people that think they can out talk the police, they may be fucktards but they can outlie the best grifter out there.” T-Hell
    I learned it this way, “If your gonna tell a story.. Tell it once to the Jury and start with blank pages.” I don’t even tell my own paid Lawyer the Story until just before Court. On Court day my witness shows up and my Lawyer didn’t even know about it. Rules of the Court. It’s admissible if your Lawyer just found out. ;)

  35. Anymous Says:

    ““A year and a half ago, the man didn’t even know how to ride a motorcycle.” Daniel Boyette bought Ledbetter a motorcycle and invited him to join the Cossacks so the two could spend more time together.”

    ^ a year and half ago could not ride, but not even 18 months later is wearing a Texas bottom rocker, this shit screams Urine Order.

  36. T Hell Says:

    Truer words were never spoke my friend. I cannot believe the number of people that think they can out talk the police, they may be fucktards but they can outlie the best grifter out there.

    The Cossacks seem to have a lot in common with the Izod posse and that bothers me but not to the point where I know fact from rhetoric so it’s not my call, as for Pearce unless you were there or wear the same patch on your back what the hell does any one else’s opinion really matter?


  37. Paladin Says:

    Never talk to the cops. If you don’t say anything, it can’t be used against you. Politely invoke your rights and contact your attorney. If advised and crafted by your attorney, make a written statement and then STFU! If necessary and advised to do so by your attorney, you can always elaborate on your statement at a later date. Remember: You can’t “un-say” what you’ve already said.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  38. Smitty1961 Says:

    I’m confused (which is pretty normal). What’s the consensus on this board about Pearce? Hope you’re well on your way to total recovery from whatever it was rebel.


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