Last Waco Indictee Arrested

December 3, 2015

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Last Waco Indictee Arrested

This story was published on December 3, 2015 and corrected on December 4. The original story identified Phillip Ray White as “a member of the McLennan County chapter of the Cossacks.” He was a Cossacks Motorcycle Club member. The Aging Rebel cannot verify that he was a member of the McLennan County chapter and regrets the error.

Phillip Ray White, a member of the McLennan County chapter of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, was arrested Wednesday night at Diamond Jacks Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana by local and state police and United States Marshals.

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara told the Waco Tribune-Herald that White was rolling dice when he was taken into custody. “Basically, I guess you could say he crapped out at the table in Bossier City,” the lawman bragged. Possibly the claim is true.

Registered Sex Offender

White will be extradited back to Waco this week. His home is in Eddy, Texas south of Waco. He was convicted of having sex with a 14-year-old girl in 1996 when he was nineteen. He served seven years in prison and is required to register annually as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He last registered in McLennan County on March 12. White formerly lived in Ben Wheeler, Texas near Tyler where he was accused of failing to register as a sex offender in March 2006.

White is one of 106 men indicted by a local grand jury on November 10. Ninety-seven of the indictees were arrested last May 17 and charged with “engaging in organized criminal activity” after a very violent brawl between members of the Cossacks and members of numerous other motorcycle clubs including the Bandidos. The brawl and actions taken by police to control it left 20 men injured and nine men dead.

Released From Hillcrest

White was one of ten men treated at Waco’s Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center emergency room that day who were released without being arrested. Five other men who were indicted under seal were also treated at Hillcrest that day and then were released without being arrested. They are: Paul Russell Miller, Ray Asbary Nelson, Clifford Pearce, Jerry Edward Pierson and Christopher Carrizal Sr.

Three men appear not to have been injured that day, were not arrested or detained, and were still indicted under seal on November 10. They are: James Madison Caffey, Cory McAlister and Jeffrey Veillon.

The Others

The other indictees, listed alphabetically are:

Noe Adame, William Chance Aikin, Ray Arnold Allen, John O. Arnold, and Ronald Noel Atterbury;

Colter Bajovich, Jeff Battey, Michael Don Baxley, Richard Benavides, Burton George Bergman, Ronnie Carl Bishop, Mitchell Bradford, Brian Joseph Brinks and Robert Bucy;

Salvador Berber Campos, Aaron Carpenter, Christopher Carrizal Jr., Jason Cavazos, Rene Cavazos, Michael Chaney, Matthew Clendennen, Lindell Floyd Copeland, Roy Covey and John Craft;

Dalton Davis, Jason Dillard and Richard Rudy Donias;

James Ensey and Nate Farish;

Lawrence Garcia, Lance Geneva, James L. Gray, Nathan Clark Grindstaff, Valdemar Guajardo Jr. and John Guerrero;

Bryan Tackitt Harper and Michael Herring;

Tommy Keith Jennings and Daniel Johnson;

Edgar Kelleher, Laurence Kemp, Michael Kenes and Jeremy King;

Thomas Paul Landers, Cody Ledbetter, Jarrod Lehman, Brian Logan and Richard Luther;

Noble Mallard, Joshua Logan Martin, Terry Scott Martin, David Martinez, Eleazar Martinez, Joseph Matthews, Wesley McAlister,
Billy McRee, Tom Modesto Mendez, Rudy Mercado, Marshall Mitchell, Juventino Montellano, John Moya amd Doss Barron Murphy;

Dusty Alan Oehlert and Joseph Ortiz;

Anthony Shane Palmer, Melvin Pattenaude, Marcus Ryan Pilkington andLarry E. Pina;

David Rasor, Clayton Dewayne Reed, Jacob Reese, Owen Reeves, Kristopher Rhyne, Robert Robertson, Christopher Rogers and George Rogers;

Jorge Daniel Salinas, Phillip Sampson, Timothy Shayne Satterwhite, Trey Short, Kyle Smith, Seth A. Smith and James Edward Stallings;

Blake Scott Taylor and Michael Glenn Thomas;

Christian Valencia and John Phillip Vensel;

Ronald Warren, Reginald Weathers, Mark Allen White, John Samuel Wiley, Jacob Ryan Wilson, John Robert Wilson, Gregory Wayne Wingo and Ricky Wayne Wycough;

Lawrence Raymond Yager and Gage Yarborough.


37 Responses to “Last Waco Indictee Arrested”

  1. John Says:

    Who are you kidding jd. Just another nutsack trying to sway opinion to your way of thinking. Face it, your little group is a bunch of posers, rats, Chester’s, and cops. Everything looks more and more like the iron odor narrative, complete with the “standing up for ourselves” comments. Anyone even remotely close to the real deal would have said fuck these losers after the last PR push following the release of information implicating some wearing their patch as cops and rats. Jokes…every one of them.

  2. Gandalf Says:

    The more I think about you the more realize that you might make a perfect Cossack… Brave, Strong, Loyal but not real smart. I can respect the 1st 3 traits but the Last one trumps them all… Good Luck with your prospecting. You might want to call Clifford Pearce and ask for advice. Crazy beats Strong every day but Smart beats them both. If you believe it was smart for the Cossacks to be at Twin Peaks that day…. Then “Bless your Heart.” With friends like that who needs enemies?

  3. Gandalf Says:

    BTW. When questioned by LE generally claiming you are innocent or “It was self-defense. They attacked me.” OR “It wasn’t mine.” Is not considered a foul and is required in many cases. Going on about details is.

  4. Gandalf Says:

    Yes jd… It covers bandits who talked too. As for the comment “and no patch to me says fear me.” What you are really saying is that you fear no patch. People like us don’t fear easily and that’s the whole point. We have been “afraid” and stood up…Others can’t possibly understand becoming comfortable with fear. There ain’t nothing that gets people like us more pissed than a guy who is trying to put fear into us after what we have been through. Gangbangers with baggy pants down to their knees, Cops with attitudes, or just some huge asshole in a bar… and now Cossacks flying colors. Not to mention the stupidity and Creditability factor that also comes with that patch. Why would I deal with a Cossack knowing they could be UCs or CIs or testify against me? Or just do something stupid? No Sir, If I’m breaking the Law the last person I want to know it is a Cossack. At least I know a Bandit would be bounced if he turned States on me and probably doesn’t have a “Brother” who reports every week. (yes, there are exceptions) Your wrong jd but I know what you are saying and you can have your opinion….. over there….way over there.

  5. jd Says:

    @Gandalf, so the bandidos like Reginald weathers to name one you see his statements, that said more than 3 words, hope that judgement net everyone is casting covers there un BIKER like actions, huh

  6. jd Says:

    never seen them pull up and hand out patches to anyone, don’t know there businea, I know if I was ever told I couldn’t where anything or ride anywhere or claim anything then I would stand my ground too, as for chesters what one guy I have seen, lets run a little bandido history, how many of them were full patch members or even officers with over ten years that broke weak and brought the atf in and set there brothers up??? a lot, how many have been full patch and done some chomo activities that landed them in prison,,, soa wanna bes made a stand though, whats funny is in dallas an all black club is on Harleys with a 3 piece and texas a few even wearing 1% diamonds, who have never even been to a coc, when I said hey some people aint gonna like that the response was who cares, hope they do something about, you think the Cossacks rattled things up wait till these hood brothers clash with them, but I see this a biased audience for the most part, makes me wanna be a Cossack supporter and hope somebody gets off the computer and actually makes a comment or move in person, unlike most these “outlaws” I don’t have a fancy bike, good credit or a concealed handgun permit, I fire my old fxr up and strap my 10 year to life sentence on my side daily and ride, see you suckers in the wind, and the Cossack mc, respects fellas, maybe I will catch yall giving out patches somewhere and go ahead and get me one as I have seen some my good brothers start to do with yall, seems yall got sand and don’t just think everybody owes you respect you boys stood for yours, more than most will do

  7. John Says:

    Hard to respect anyone who did not even work to earn their patches. When you have these SOA wannabees going to bars with full patches in their saddlebags to hand out to people who have a motorcycle, then afterwards talking about brotherhood and how old school they are, it’s enough to make you puke. It makes you wonder how many Chester’s and UC’s/CI’s they truly have.

    On a side note, on a lot of sites there seems to be an increase in their apologists following the release of the latest video. Coincidence?

  8. Gandalf Says:

    LE is the Biggest “gang” in Texas… I respect Machiavelli as well as Nunya Argo. If those guys said even 3 words in that interview room I have lost some respect for them… Just sayin. I see their Waco Pres doing interviews on CNN WTF am I supposed to think??? I see Leaders who started a fight in a Fucking Shopping Mall on a Sunday morning IN WACO TEXAS. I see Leaders who didn’t realize LE was all around them and ruthless. Follow them again? Not! I too have been in more than 3 riots…Not Pretty, Scary but manageable. LOL The rank and file Cossacks? YES…RESPECTS. Their Leaders???? WTF?

  9. jd Says:

    and mine aint just talk I can almost guarantee I can name drop someone doing max fed time from the big clubs that knows me from almost every club and will tell you my all or nothing mentality and that of my brothers, Is very much respected and appreciated when you open your door to a hostile environment everyday outnumbered 3 to 1 daily, yet never backing down, I like people like that, and respect that, the ones that have fought and earned that respect, but gandolf I see where your coming from, to each there own right,

  10. jd Says:

    My personal opinion and I know a lot of 1%er from all clubs, that patch to mean don’t make you nothing to respect a mans actions do, I believe the actions of the ones that stood up, after all this settles out will be the ones that make that patch represent who they are…I run across a lot of guys out here that think I owe them some kind of respect just because of that patch, that patch is just a design on a mans back, like I said bad apples in every group, and no patch to me says fear me, and everyone is entitled to there own opinion they showed up, they fought, the ones that don’t break weak, or decide its a little too intense for them, in my opinion will be a tight bond of brothers, I say this because I have been in large riots outnumbered with guards picking us off from gun towers,fighting with knives and locks and came out of it with a whole lot better bond and brotherhood, than I had before, bonds that still last to this day, and mine isn’t just talk its as someone that has experienced fighting for my piece of ground to stand on with others that believe as I do, I still think they got a long way to go though, and a lot of bumps to get there, but hey to each there own right, they nutted up now they see what they are really in for,

  11. Gandalf Says:

    @jd I can see that too in the Cossack rank and file… they deserve MUCH respect. BUT… They deserve better than that Cossack Patch and would be best served doing as you do, “I blaze my own trails and ride where I want” These guys should form their own Clubs…. Wearing that Patch doesn’t say Respect me…. it says “fear me.” Some people don’t fear easy… and will fight, especially LE. I’m pure unaffiliated Citizen with your same backround and if I’m looking at Cossack Colors tomorrow in Walmart… I’m thinking….Bla! Dude starts shit with anyone and I’m Fukin blindsiding him. Let the City give me a fucking medal… Those Colors don’t represent who those people you speak of are…”the ones that were there backing there brothers on the front line,” it represents a whole another something else. RESPECTS!

  12. jd Says:

    I don’t get into each clubs politics, or care who rides where, or what, I give respect where respect is due, do they have some bad apples sure, did they show up and let there nuts hang absolutely, do I respect that and that alone sure do, a lot more than I respect the mail order cop club the iron order

  13. jd Says:

    The Cossacks MC, yeah they got there asses handed to them, but damn some real live action there showing up to the dominate clubs COC, regardless of who wired it up or what the agenda was they showed up, the ones that stick with there brothers through this w2ill make that club, and I cant say if they will come or go, don’t really care either way, for them to show up and go to war, well that’s more than most will do, I like it and respect it, don’t agree with it and don’t really care the outcome, but I gotta say they weren’t all cops, the ones that were there backing there brothers on the front line, well hell I respect that outta anybody.

  14. RtC Says:

    @jd, you talking about the “cocksucks” or the BANDIDOS MC? If the former, at the
    rate they have gone, they’ll be gone.

  15. jd Says:

    I have done plenty of time in Federal USPs, and state prisons, we usually didn’t give them a shot to explain, sex crimes if it was bad enough to get you sent to prison usually resulted in us care flighting you out, no paperwork needed. That being said I have seen bad apples in every club, sex offender, snitch, all clubs got there dirt, gotta sweep it out and learn from your mistakes, a year ago my brother in law tried to get me to patch with the cossacks, both of us had pasts with organizations but not MCs, when I met a few of his brothers my reply was you might make that patch about something one day but them guys you got riding beside you I cant look at as brothers, or call brothers,and it went downhill from there, im Texas Born and raised, I blaze my own trails and ride where I want, but couldn’t understand going against the grain in the dominate clubs state, the ones that make it through this regardless of the outcome will make that patch and really appreciate it and realize its worth a lot more than the value they have placed on it, the ones at home going I lost everything im about to do time this really isn’t for me, they didn’t need a patch in the first place and never needed it, I do not agree with what took place, but those guys damn sure got my respect now. The ones that make it through this and hold strong,taking the good and bad together showing they will put it all on the line for a brother and with a brother, well fellas I cant do nothing but respect that, that’s brother hood and those are the ones will make that club and that patch worth something, I cant do nothing but respect that.

  16. FF Says:

    Hey all, got a book recomendation: □WAGES OF REBELLION □ by Chris Hedges.

    While I agree with alot of his points and future predictions, I dont agree with the points he uses to validate his assertions (he defends scumbags like lynn stewart and muslim jihadists). I just breeze over the manmade climate change propaganda (man does not control the weather) and ‘communism would work if only despots like Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot would just stop hijacking the revolution’.

    I just hit the middle, a chapter about post-apartheid south africa lol but anyway, I thought this was worth sharing:

    Rebels share much in common with religiou mystics
    They hold fast to a vision only they can see
    They view rebellion as a moral imperative
    Even though they concede the hopes of success are slim to none
    Rebels are endowed with a peculiar obstinancy
    Willing to accept deprivation and self sacrafice
    They are not overly concerned with defeat
    They endure through a fierce independence and courage
    The best of them are driven by profound empathy, even love,
    For the vulnerable, the persecuted, and the weak.


  17. Phuquehed Says:

    So, Jacko, you’re the kind of fucktarded moron who believes what someone posted or said about a club member but never put up any actual proof, like courtroom stuff? You’re that fucking stupid? One of the imbeciles who says “Me founds it on internetwebs, must be twue!”

    Fuck off and die, you wet fart.

  18. Gandalf Says:

    “If I found out a 19 y.o. was on my 14 y.o. daughter, he’d be fertilizer.” I have a daughter about that age. The only way a person gets that charge is if the parents hate him. Stupidity and Disrespect counts. My advice to people who do these things is, “rob a bank instead, Less time and better accommodations.” Seig is right that a very few get a pass but not many and they couldn’t roll with our crew. Hell even the guards knew who to ask when 1 tried to slip by. I’ve stomped more than 1 CHOMO for an extra 2 min on the Phone. ;) Nowadays they all are labled by the patch on their browns.

  19. Shovelhead Says:

    You’re right jacko, you wouldn’t like me at all. I stand behind what I say and don’t make blanket accusations against Clubs. I have no problem expressing my opinion to mouthy people like you In Person!!
    There’s bad people everywhere, if one comes in under the radar and a background check doesn’t catch something someone has done that goes against Club rules, when found out, that person is delt with.
    I’ve found over the years that it’s the Cops who love to make accusations against Motorcycle Clubs like this, calling them rapists, drug pusher, child molesters. Just part of their propaganda campaign against real Men.
    What’s your agenda Jaco? I could search the internet too. To what end jacko,
    If you have a beef with a Northeast Club, well come talk to me about it like a Man.

  20. Sieg Says:

    To whoever.

    I’ve done time with guys who fucked-up, got it on with a chick that was 17, they were 20, 21. Few of them I ran across did a year or two behind it. One lives near me, he did a year, got out, married the young lady, and they have three kids now. Is he a CHOMO? I’d say no. I can only say that inside, if someone wanted to affiliate with us, they had to produce their paperwork. If there was anything shady, they were off the yard, and usually in the hospital. IF someone had a beef like that, couple years difference in ages, and got jacked-up behind it, we could AND DID verify it through people outside. IF it was legit, they got a chance to prove-up.

    So, he was 19, she was 14, he caught SEVEN YEARS behind it. That’s a bit more than your usual 19 year-old doing someone that’s 17. Gotta say, in my book, that makes him a CHOMO. If I found out a 19 y.o. was on my 14 y.o. daughter, he’d be fertilizer.

    As far as any accusations made about people in other clubs, back it up or shut it up. No Patch is perfect, but it sure looks like the Cossacks didn’t care much who ran with their cut.


  21. Jacko Says:

    Not much to discuss shovel head. If you want to meet up and discuss rapist and child molesters then you probably aren’t my type of person. Don’t be upset when reality isn’t in tune with fantasy. Clubs have sex offenders and you might unknowingly share ones patch.

  22. Shovelhead Says:

    Lets meet and discuss this!!

  23. Jacko Says:

    Well two off the top of my head, Marty Warren former AoA p in Northeast and Ricky Ciarnello of 81, but I know there’s a shit ton in the north east. You know who has their information? You guessed it “fucktards” the Internet. You should probably Google every “righteous outlaw bikers” name you idiots meet before you get star struck by a patch.

  24. Gandalf Says:

    @Jacko That was just plain wrong… Who could even have this kind of Info?

  25. Phuquehed Says:

    @Jacko – Give some cites, fucktard, don’t just open your fucking yap and spew bullshit.

  26. Jacko Says:

    Interesting, because just about every major club out there has some sex offenders in it. 81 and AoA especially. It’s almost like in some of these outstanding organizations you have to be a sex offender to get in!

  27. John Says:

    So for restassured, if they are 18 and banging a 14 year old, that is ok in your book? He was more than accused. To have to register, he either pled guilty or was found guilty. He is a CHOMO, plain and simple. And as Seig stated, it either shows that they will let anyone into their group or do not care enough to even check backgrounds.
    And as for J, what about Jacob? Seems your group has a thing with guys who like 14 year olds. While Phillip may have done his thing without, poor Jacob seemed to need a knife to convince his partner that he was acceptable. If you need help remembering who he is, there are screenshots floating around of his now-removed facebook page, as well as the news article where he was pictured.
    Numbers do not make a club. Putting together numbers using a bunch of wannabees does not make a club. It makes a clusterfuck that has brought a lot of trouble towards the motorcycle community, and your little organization is no better than the Iron Order, the Iron Pigs, or any of those others.

  28. Gandalf Says:

    To the Indicted; Part of the “game” is stress. Try your best to completely forget how cruel these Godless people and the System are. It’s mind over matter. Having fun at Christmas time with your family and friends is a important part of your defense. Know that Karma, and/or God), and/or Mr. Broden… will get these people in the end. Stay Strong. Forget them. Unless you take a deal they lose…you win. Remember that.
    I had a comment about the Sex Offender part of this story but my blood goes from boil to ice and I can’t be held responsible for my words or actions… Merry Christmas Rebel and Co. :)

  29. TX_Biker Says:

    restassured, doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, no registered sex offenders will ever get into my club. We have enough heat on us already without asking for more. I would have to agree with Sieg, it’s no wonder they were so infiltrated…

  30. Rebel Says:

    Dear J,

    Okay. I’ll take your word for it.


  31. restassured Says:

    Before you go calling someone a “Chomo” read up on his case maybe? He was “accused”, he was 18, his deposition date wasnt until aftee he turned 19 and I am sure there are plenty of us out there that have been with someone 4 yrs younger than us.

  32. J Says:

    He was not in the McLennan County Chapter Rebel.

  33. Paladin Says:

    @ Seig, Phuquehed, & Caretaker,

    Chesters don’t fair well out here either, out West of the West.

    Long May You All Ride,


  34. Peachy Says:

    Jeff Veillon was injured and treated on May 17. You can see him in the twin peaks surveillance video. Outside the patio to the upper right. Near the end of the video, you can see him take a knee and then stand up holding his arm. His vehicle was one of the forfeitures. It is said that he continued to gight after being shot. When the police approached the patio. He stood up and told them he was shot in the arm.

  35. Caretaker Says:

    Seig- round these parts CHOMO’s get the “elevator ride” from third tier. One can only hope he gets the same treatment.


  36. Phuquehed Says:

    @Sieg – We can only hope.

  37. Sieg Says:

    Well, they still haven’t indicted you yet, so that’s one good thing.

    An immediate thought, if the Cossacks would accept a registered CHOMO as a full-patch member, it isn’t much of a stretch to see them having pigs as well. Who knows-maybe just-us will be served and he’ll grow five or six inches of steel out of his liver while he’s in lockup.


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