Cops To Go Nuts

November 30, 2015

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Cops To Go Nuts

This is the season that drives outlaw biker experts nuts.

Next month will mark the 42nd anniversary of the first two biker toy runs in Los Angeles and Bergen, New Jersey. At the time, a gang detective told the Los Angeles Times, “I suppose Hitler did some good things, too.” The song has never changed.

About four years ago, Police magazine headlined an article about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club with, “The outlaw motorcycle gang conducts highly publicized toy runs to benefit disadvantaged children. Don’t be fooled by this public-relations tactic.”

Last year biker authority Jorge Gil-Blanco warned the general public, “They’re criminal organizations. They try to enhance their image by doing blood drives or so-called charity events, but even at these events we end up having shootings.”

Last spring, American hero Jay Dobyns told America not to be fooled that “these big, rough-looking teddy bears that do blood drives and toy runs…are harmless,”

And shortly before his arrest last July for possession of child pornography, University of North Texas “motorcycle gang expert” James Quinn explained “They do toy runs and host motorcycle races and things like that…. They want to look like a normal fraternal organization like the Rotary Club or the Elks or whatever. They’re not.”

When You Do Right

You can expect to read a lot of these pronouncements over the next three weeks. The way it works in television news is that first a fearsome looking guy with a beard explains that he belongs to a club not a gang. Then a local cop who qualifies as a “motorcycle gang expert” because he once took a class from Steve Cook will present an opposite point of view and get the last word.

Motorcycle club sponsored charity runs of one kind or another began about a month ago in the far north and the Rockies. There was a toy run in Durango this weekend. The runs are just getting started now in most of the rest of the country. Christmas charity runs have become a worldwide phenomenon. There will be toy runs this year on at least five of the seven continents. Most of them are sponsored by small motorcycle clubs that get little recognition for their good deeds

For example, last week the Dead Men Motorcycle Club (photo above) delivered a ton of turkeys to a food bank in Rock Springs, Wyoming. It is the third year the Dead Men have tried to make sure all their neighbors have full bellies for the holidays. This month the club is collecting books to donate to inmates at the Sweetwater County Detention Center. Critics may look at that as coddling criminals but a spokesman for the clubs replies, “Most of the inmates in county are simply there because they can’t afford an attorney. Not because they are guilty of anything.”

Make a cop crazy this December. Remember the less fortunate. Do something kind.


42 Responses to “Cops To Go Nuts”

  1. Christina Says:

    Steve Cook especially annoys me. You see Jay Dobyns only on the Angels, or Queen only on the Mongols, but Cook is like herpes, he’s everywhere.

  2. FF Says:

    Serpico was a real life modern day Roman tragic hero.

    Its definitely a story that requires some follow up. If he is still alive, I would to talk to him.


  3. FF Says:

    Hey frank I dont care if you’re a cop or a cop ballwasher, thats your problem.

    Children dont know or care one wit about your petty bullshit, animosity and penis envy.

    All they care about is getting a toy. Instead of shitting on people giving these kids a toy, how about paying your damn child support on time? Dont get pissy with me because your ex is fucking a spade.

  4. FF Says:

    @Mike Smith

    I dont consider myself a Christian but those are noble, virtuous ideas- visit the condemned, the diseased, the forgotten.

    I’m not saying thats the reason why I stopped going to church or praying to jewish superman, but I never seen a whole bunch of christians doing that.


  5. The Great One Says:

    thanks Rebel..

  6. Meh Says:

    One reason any potentially righteous cop doesn’t speak out is what happened to Frank Serpico. Every cop in the country and many outside it know that story. They’ll whack their own in the proverbial New York minute. Corrupt systems eat souls and people naturally (in any organization) have strong psychological tendencies to subordinate themselves to the group. Once that group becomes toxic that toxicity is often self-sustaining. This reality does not excuse corruption. A reason is not an excuse.

  7. T Hell Says:

    Where do the police get their power to arrest and subrogate their neighbors if you say the state you are only partially correct it also comes from the moral authority granted by the general public. As a cop When you fail to maintain the moral authority by committing or allowing your brothers in blue to commit crimes without standing up for justice you then begin to operate solely under the authority of the state instead of being respected you become feared, reviled and hated. Next time you hear of a cop getting shot at a traffic stop perhaps you’ll no why.

  8. T Hell Says:

    The publicity of a toy run is and always will be secondary to every biker I’ve ever met. I will admit it never hurts to get a miniscule amount of good press to help counter-balance the tidal wave that the cops put out on a daily basis but can guarantee the toy runs would exist with or without the involvement of the press, 81’s toy drive garners a lot of media attention because when the public hears the word motorcycle gang the 81 is what they think of yet there are thousands of other toy drives every year that the press does not cover and no media attention is sought.

    In regards to your comment about supporting your brother, cops before their first day, before they meet another so called brother, take an oath to uphold the laws and constitution of this country above ALL else, if they are unwilling to do this they are no more than gangland thugs.

  9. Centurion Says:

    i would put money on it. Gil-Blanco and Quinn, exchanged a lot of email before July.

  10. popeye Says:

    The reason cops hate toy runs so bad is because they cant stand anyone looking like a hero except themselves. For years cops and media have carefully painted a picture of the “hero” cop and now that cops have been exposed for what they are , murdering cowards, the average person on the street is looking for a new hero to look up to.

  11. Frank Says:

    @ElleElle No I wouldn’t suppose that. But perhaps you know something I dont about a toy run…is that in fact the case?

  12. ElleElle Says:

    @Frank- so you don’t suppose-perhaps that any form of publicity COULD be an attempt toward gathering as many toys as possible in an attempt to get more toys?

  13. Frank Says:

    @T Hell
    Let’s be clear: I do not trust or support police ever. But you ask why if there is one righteous cop left they don’t speak out against their corrupt counterparts? Think of it in these terms…Your brother isn’t always right, but he is always your brother. That cuts both ways.
    And if these toy runs and food drives are strictly magnanimous gestures, why alert the media at all? Why not do it for your own quiet sense of right and good?

  14. Drew151 Says:

    You don’t have to be a great guy to do a good thing but you do have to be a bad guy if you are badmouthing an average guy and his friends for bringing a bit of happiness to a child during the Holiday Season ! The reason that these drives have been going on for years is that the bikers and motorcyclists involved know in their hearts that what they are doing for kids is right and they don’t need the blessing of LE to confirm this fact !

  15. ElleElle Says:

    So what’s next? A toy check point to shake down the kids because the toys may have been involved in some form of motorcycle gang top secret action? Maybe the stuffed animal is laced with gateway drugs. God forbid one of the little children snags a plastic motorcycle to play with-as it may lead to criminal activity in the tween years. Suffer not the little children? The hell they say! Tell that fat bastard wearing Red and known as STNICK that your just too naughty to be nice

  16. Austin Says:

    I saw HA Fresno TeeVee Ad today for their toy run. Same guy as in the clip above. perused the website = LAST years toy run poster was much better, but this year they are definitely appealing to a broader audience.

    I DO like the Birthday party for Jesus concept from the 81 in Riverside as shared by Mr. Bonney (not that one)

    The Kraut – *totally laughing right now*

    Is that you Frank? Burlington, Iowa – Please Call Mike’s Mom.

  17. The Kraut Says:

    How many cops does it take to shingle a roof?

    Well…depends on how big the roof is and how thin you slice the cops.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  18. JMacK Says:


    Very rarely would a biker ever trust the mainstream press enough to share anything with them. That’s why we come here.

    And toy runs are for kids. Not for image, not to impress anyone. Its good people getting together to do something nice for children so that innocent kids who might come from underprivileged families have a good Christmas and so they know that there is folks out there who give a shit.

    Respects. To real people and all kids.

  19. Parsifal Says:

    cops to go nuts – I allllways thought they wuz nutz! – i is crazy they are nutz – i am human they are putz – profile muccchhhh putz? – kiss my butt putz – or suck some pig nutz – nuttin worse than dirty swine – please don’t squeeeeelllll when your doing time pigs! — fill the jail house with your own kind, ppppiiiiiiggggggsssss — that thth ats alllll folks!

  20. Meh Says:

    Many bikers come from hard times which is why they genuinely care about poor children (and take extreme exception to child abuse).

    Anyone who doesn’t think that’s sincere is delusional.

  21. T Hell Says:


    In relationship to the percent of members you don’t see them in the press very often for committing crimes either only those high profile cases that the pigs exploit to make them feel more important than they really are. Cops on the other hand seem to be in the press on a daily basis for the crimes they commit and rarely for toy, coat or food drives. If there is one righteous cop left in this country why do we not see him protesting this abuse of power from his brethren…..

  22. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    Very few things in this life are pure good or pure evil. I’ve always been surprised that LEOs struggle to grasp that concept, particularly in view of documented instances of police misconduct and corruption.

    The clubs do charity work from time to time – good for them. Acts of kindness and decency should be recognized and applauded.

  23. Phuquehed Says:

    Only the fucking shit-stain pigs and other dimwitted and useless organizations calling themselves poLICE of one kind or another, would say only when clubs give gifts to kids or help out those in need somehow, is a bad thing. Who’s the fucking maniac psychopath that thinks that shit up? Pigs and all the alphabet soup faggots.

  24. Frank Says:

    You don’t see the Hells Angels going on TV or speaking to reporters very often. Unless, that is, they are doing a toy run then its a full court press.

  25. Mike Smith Says:

    “I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

    Matthew 25:36

    When I do right no one remembers. When I do wrong no one forgets. 69/86

  26. TX_Biker Says:

    From a Special Report for the Buffalo News:
    A Louisiana police chief ushers a drunken woman to his office and forces her into sex.
    A Utah officer takes advantage of a suicidal woman before escorting her into a hospital.
    A Buffalo cop insists a vulnerable mother give in to him whenever he pounds on her door.
    In the past decade, a law enforcement official was caught in a case of sexual abuse or misconduct at least every five days. Nearly all were men. Nearly all victims were women, and a surprising number were adolescents….
    More than 700 credible cases from the past 10 years are now detailed, county by county and state by state.
    The violators pulled over drivers to fish for dates, had sex on duty with willing or reluctant partners, extorted favors by threatening arrest and committed rapes.
    In more than 70 percent of the cases, officers wielded their authority over motorists, crime victims, informants, students and young people in job-shadowing programs.

  27. TX_Biker Says:

    This site confirms who the real gang in America is…..

  28. william h bonney (not that one) Says:

    What about coming out for a Birthday party for Jesus instead?

    Is that part of the naysayers anti motorcyclist propaganda?
    Jorge Gil Blanco is this years Grinch/Scrooge all rolled into one.
    for heavens sakes these type of toy runs are for the kids
    just for the kids…

  29. popeye Says:

    A child pornographer passing judgement ? consider the source. I personally have never been fucked over by a patch holder or atheist but have been by cops and christians. I’ll draw my own conclusions

  30. anonymouse Says:

    Good lord, Jim. That’s horrific

  31. R&R Says:

    Comparing bikers to Hitler is ludicrous. Only a fool would make that kind of statement. It’s not bikers who have spies and snitches in every place the public gathers. It’s not bikers who deny due process to their own. Pot, kettle, black sounds like to me.


  32. NOS4A2 Says:

    Dear Jorge Gil-Blanco
    I’ve been to a lot of toy runs and charity runs in the past 30 years. Never seen any trouble between folks except by the cops either fucking with people or trying to stir shit up.

    You will never know how much it warms the heart to have a kid who has nothing thank you for her new bicycle because guys like you, Steve Kook and the rest of your self important ilk are just that. A bunch of ASSHOLES.

  33. Jim666 Says:

    @ Shyster.
    Heres another from LA
    The state cops shoot and kill 6 yr old boy inside fathers car/ truck.

  34. Road Whore Says:

    I’ve not met many good pigs in my lifetime, but I’ve met a lot of decent outlaws.

    Ride Free

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah, and pigs never, ever do wrong and are always bring toys and money to charities and helping people out of hard times…oh wait, we’re talking about people who are supposed to be decent…well fuck, that leaves the fucktarded pigs out.

    The only good pig, is the one not breathing.

  36. Gandalf Says:

    Ya know it must be fun being a biker…Esp is you were a 1%er and an undercover Cop at the same time. I think its the lifestyle that attracts LE. Kinda like a thrilling all exp paid Vacation where a guy can ditch their Family and ugly wife to be free for a year or 2. Probably a nice way of making some untraceable cash too. There must be a long line of LE trying to get that job. Maybe that’s why they have to keep bikers “bad”. If Ya’ll were ever to be considered “good” they wouldn’t be able to have so much fun in between arresting and shooting you. “When we do good nobody remembers. When we do bad nobody forgets.” LE and their Media are just keeping that saying alive. People will fucking believe anything…ANYTHING!

  37. Austin Says:

    Around the Valley! Loved the segment. Great press.

  38. Johnny D Says:

    The ACMC of Arizona will do it’s annual toy run this month. In previous years we got TV coverage. Last year the news crews didn’t report about it on the news. ne member had a relative working for a local channel and told us the LE had asked the stations to not report on our event. Two years ago, the local PD hastily arranged to adopt a family and give them gifts. My club has been doing that for years, but we give them everything they need. From gift to food and even paying the electric bill for one family so they could light their decorations. Last year our “toughest sheriff” sent out a memo to all his employees to bring in a toy within a couple of days to get press coverage. I guess we made them look bad. We also do Birds On Bikes, before Thanksgiving, and food drives for the local pantries. The news stations fear angering local LE because they don’t want to be the ones to get press releases after the others have them on the air.

  39. Tommy Says:

    Thanks for the article Rebel, hope recovery is going well.

    I’ve already hit one toy run last weekend and will hit a couple more this weekend. I could care less what the media and general public think about me.

    I will continue to do whats right in my heart.

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