An Appeal To American Journalists

November 23, 2015

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An Appeal To American Journalists

The first words in the supreme law of this nation are “We the people.” Power in our country resides with the people and not with the administrators of our public affairs.

In order to ensure that the people’s power continued to reside with the people our founders broke our government into three parts called the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Their intention was that no one person or part of government should be able to steal the people’s power.

Integral to the preservation of our freedom is the right of the people to know what our politicians and our police are doing and have done. So a fourth, diverse, unofficial branch of governance – the ruling elite’s court jester, our free press – has been recognized since our beginnings. Saying what we damn please is a joyous expression of our most basic, human rights. So is saying what we damn please on behalf of everybody else. In the words of H. L. Mencken, late of  The Baltimore Sun: “As I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun doing news reporting than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings.”

The press’s only obligation in return for all this fun – for getting to write celebrity gossip, and political gossip and restaurant reviews and movie reviews and sports and so on – is our duty to be the people’s witnesses of what the official branches of government are up to. It is in service to that necessary chore that the First Amendment forbids our official government from “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

Thomas Jefferson, one of our founders whose memory may have recently been vilified more than it deserves, said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.”

James Russell Wiggins, formerly of The Washington Post, observed that freedom of the press implies five more specific rights: “(1) the right to get information from the government, (2) the right to print it without prior restraint, (3) the right to print without fear of reprisal for publication that does not offend the laws, (4) the right to have access to printing materials, and (5) the right to distribute.”

The words of these esteemed men must be mentioned because right now in Waco, Texas there is a situation controlled by local scoundrels that insults the free press’s right and obligation to witness the people’s public affairs. Local politicians and police have arbitrarily and illegally trampled on the rights of almost two hundred citizens in an obvious attempt to protect themselves from the embarrassment and liability that might result if their own stupidity, cruelty and contempt for our Constitution were exposed.

Politicians and police in Waco appear to have arranged, encouraged and anticipated a confrontation between two antagonistic motorcycle clubs at a restaurant last May 17. Their intention was to catch red handed some members of those clubs committing various crimes of violence. It is a matter of irrefutable fact that violence did result from this prearranged affray. Autopsy reports and statements by witnesses imply that police using military weapons fatally wounded at least six people. Local police and politicians have deliberately lied about and obfuscated the basic facts of this tragic encounter since it occurred and as a result the people of this nation have been lied to and misinformed.

The press, most notably and recently CNN, has been manipulated and bullied into sensationalizing and misrepresenting the truth about this grotesque tragedy. Just last week, defense attorneys representing more than 100 indicted defendants in the case revealed that the prosecutor has refused to release certain key evidence to them unless they agree to hide that evidence from the press and the public.

A unilateral demand by Waco public officials, disingenuously titled “Agreement on Discovery and Nondisclosure of Evidence,” states in part: “The attorney representing the defendant and any investigator, expert, consulting legal counsel or authorized agent for the attorney will not disseminate any discovery provided for any reason to any media outlet or any person or agency not specifically authorized in this Agreement.” Defense attorneys have been further advised that Texas Department of Public Safety “pole cam video and (police officer’s) Michael Bucher in car video” will not be released to them until they promise to abet local police and politicians in frustrating the peoples’ right to know what this hidden evidence reveals.

Enough is enough.

I appeal to my fellow journalists to unabashedly pursue the truth about what happened in Waco last May 17; to scrupulously review the official actions that preceded that tragic encounter; to skeptically report official conduct regarding the tragedy after the fact; and to courageously and self-critically examine the press’s own coverage of this event.

This is an important story. Please pay attention to it. Demanding to know the truth will not imperil our national security. It will not very much distract the people from their fascination with the adventures of Caitlyn Marie Jenner. But, it may in fact buttress the people’s freedom to be informed. J.R. Wiggins was right. The press does have a right to get information from the government by any reasonable means necessary including leaks from confidential sources. The people have a right to know what happened and they are not well served by expurgated police propaganda.

The pen is mightier than the sword.




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  1. xYz Says:

    To find the correct address to use when writing letters to reporters, editors, producers and executives of major news media outlets, use this directory. Staff positions at media outlets are constantly changing, so names are not listed. Many media outlets now have web sites and e-mail addresses that you can use to share your comments. Usually, newspapers list that information on the editorial page.

  2. anonymouse Says:

    Randy, you might want to make that the San Diego Union Tribune. That’s the major paper in San Diego. I don’t even know if there’s a San Diego Times.

    Just wanted to pop in and wish Rebel a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m truly grateful for you and the work you do are doing on this issue. Hope you have an amazingly blessed day and that you’re healing well.

  3. XYz Says:

    Texas Justice Goes Full Soviet

    Lawyer, former judge blast gag order on media in Anderson County campsite massacres

  4. Austin Says:

    Randy May – I like what you are doing.

    I’ll find time this weekend to follow your lead.

    C’mon everybody

  5. Dasein Says:

    Bruce Jenner goes in for manhood removal surgery. Gathered in the parking lot are crowds of protesters and supporters. A scuffle ensues, noses are broken, feelings are hurt, and the supporters are quickly routed, retreating to the comforts of the Panzy Zone safe space, a section of plastic lawn bordered by magenta caution tape. Unlike Mizzou, these losers actually want media publicity, because they’ve got real blood and tears as proof of their victimhood, and publicity they get. Obama personally shows up, and Bruce, victoriously post-op, appears as well, to mad cheering, resplendent in one of Michelle’s outgrown Maria Pintos. Needless to say, The Media shows up too, Big, and digs in to this story. A few reporters are so moved as to actually perform manhood removal on themselves, and one another, demonstrating undeniable solidarity. The erstwhile seemingly [email protected] protesters even have their own army of media attendants, who harry them in snarling packs as they seek merely to get home to their families and jobs, obligations unknown to the supporters. Needless to say, this story has Legs, and it’s long after all the psychological tragedy and trauma, have faded, and Bruce Jenner manhood replica sales have begun to slow in the transpecies sex shops, that this National News finally moves to page two.

  6. xplor Says:

    The big problem with digital journalism is they are not able to see over the thin blue line. Back in the day of local newspapers someone would have recorded the stories of folks from the DPS and we would see both sides. This whole thing could have been prevented if the Waco police had shown their Hercules team early.

  7. Randy May Says:

    I emailed this link and the following dialog to these 15 city papers:

    I have read articles daily, and watched the news. No one is completely evil, especially across a group, and no one is perfect, or their actions, especially across a group. Sgt. Patrick Swanton, Waco PD spokesman was very articulate and paints a picture. The more I listened to him; it became obvious all the bikers were evil doers with evil on their hearts and minds May 17, 2015 noon in Waco. The officers are all highly professional acting completely professionally in the best manner. This is inherently false. It is not a perfect world. The story does not hold water. Subsequent actions by the police, local officials and judicial system all point to police wrong doing, cover up, and travesty to the rights of the bikers as American Citizens with unalienable rights, right to speedy and just trial, innocent until proven guilty, requirement for reasonable cause to hold, denial of medical treatment to wounded with Ambulances in back. Police highly suspected a violent event would happen, took shooting positions at distance rather than parking marked cars highly visible in parking lot. Waco Police could have easily kept the violence from erupting in Waco that day. Instead police allowed it to happen, shot people military style with military weapons. If it can happen in Waco, I am concerned it could happen anywhere to any American Citizen.

    Federal Way Mirror Houston Times
    Seattle Times Dallas Times
    Tacoma Tribune New York Times
    Spokane News Chicago Times
    Vancouver Sun Miami Times
    Portland Chronicle Waco News Tribune
    San Francisco times
    Las Angeles Times
    San Diego Times

  8. Drew151 Says:


    As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving (originally celebrated by individuals who left their countries for a chance at political and religious freedom) I wanted to drop a note to thank you for your efforts at keeping the Waco debacle fresh in the minds of the public as well as your loyal readers. As a new reader this year I have been impressed with your efforts and also appreciate the views of your dedicated followers on many issues regarding the motorcycle world. I stumbled onto your books and website soon after purchasing my HD Road King and have learned a lot of etiquette and how to act respectful of other bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts from your writing and your “regulars” ! Thanks again and I hope you’re recovering well from your surgery !

  9. bcnasty Says:

    What the general public does not know is huge in this case. In weapons alone. Texas is a right to carry state. Going buy Virginia knife rules I only see two blades that would be over length to carry anywhere but the courthouse. The guns in the truck and in clips in bike trunks would indicate to me nothing was planed or they would be carrying. Without even getting into the illegal detaining, bullshit. May Rebels words inspire the news media to for one time print the truth.

  10. Candy Says:

    You are 100% correct. And the fact you write so incredibly well only makes your point more powerful. I, too, have been disturbed by the filtered and limited information coming from Waco authorities, by the lack of concern from the press, and the fact the public doesn’t seem to give a damn one way or the other. I just can’t wrap my head around the dynamics of the entire situation, except to assume it has to do with the public’s perception of the victim’s biker subculture. Please don’t give up. You’re making more headway toward the truth than anyone.

  11. Gandalf Says:

    I just read story about the group ANONYMOUS hacking the Sandra Bland case. I wonder if they would try to Hack Waco? t’s obviously against the Law and I can’t condone that (takes bong hit) but wouldn’t that be something… on 2nd thought 1 cyber attack and that Pole Cam video might be changed to a Mr. MaGoo rerun and Waco might be off the hook. If it isn’t already a MaGoo rerun. “Darn, everyone makes mistakes.”

  12. Gandalf Says:

    The Media is like this. Ben Franklin owned most in 1776. Later it was Hurst who was obviously too powerful and sold. Then Time and Life owned the print game. + 3 networks/warner radio. Time promptly bought Life and it was Time-Life. Then Warner and became Time Warner. CNN came along and caused a stir in the powers that be so Ted Turner and Hanoi Jane were made an offer the couldn’t refuse. Ted sold out to guess who? Time Warner. Then seconds later AOL arrived (considered internet News the wave of the future) and Time Warner bought that too. This all seems harmless and good business until you realize that Time-Life locked video evidence of the Kennedy Murder in a vault AND It is widely agreed that the Pick of Oswald with the rifle on the cover of Life was a fake AND the Cover of Time after the Warren Commission says 1 thing: “NO CONSPIRICY, DOMESTIC OR FORIGN.” LOL I have no idea who or what happened that day but I’m 99% sure that headline is wrong. And the Mag that put it out saw the Video. Q-Why would a Media Corp. NOT publish a blockbuster scoop like the Zapurder Film after paying 1 million dollars. I’m not drifting we were talking about the Media…. Our Gov controls our Media and Time Warner looks like the vehicle they have been using all along.

  13. T Hell Says:

    This is what we’re up against when dealing with the main stream media (warning this is guaranteed to piss you off)

  14. d.neumann Says:

    Good luck in your Quixotic endeavor, Rebel. As you well know, the “integrity train” left the station quite a few years ago.

    When looking for integrity in journalism, nobody goes to the corporatist mainstream. They go to sites like yours.

    Keep up the great work.


  15. Gandalf Says:

    Keep in mind that Letters to your Lawyer is Confidential and only mean anything if you Lose and/or fucks you and need them. If things go right just forget them. Even the Letter stating “you are innocent and pleading guilty would be lying to the Court.” is really just a letter to your lawyer and you are not bound by it as a matter of Law… It just stops your Lawyer from informing you of deal offers (he is required to do) in the “Organized Crime” charge (a powerful weapon/statement your Lawyer can use)… It’s vague and General so you could decide, (when your PD tries to offer/push/scare you into making “assault” deal 5 years) if you want to file Ethics Charges against your Lawyer… you might have a case. If you feel your Lawyer is working hard and is doing you right… just don’t file an Ethics Complaint. Simple

  16. david Says:

    Well written appeal to all journalists, Rebel.

    Free speech and freedom of the press protected by the FIRST Amendment (Bill Of Rights), is the primary nexus upon which all other rights exist, and the founders knew this, therefore it’s first in the Bill.

    The Waco criminal gang of thieves and killers operate above written and unwritten laws to enrich themselves by theft, bribe taking, intimidation, murder, and continually changing the rules arbitrarily to keep THEMSELVES in power and control over everyone else.

    The criminal bastards have a predetermined fake judicial outcome which they know will be de-railed by free speech and freedom of the press factually reporting all aspects of their bastardized “civil” government, operated as a criminal business enterprise.

    Obviously, the gang has the money to by off the local press and the 6 major news corporations. Waco lies in, and on, the major I-35 drug traffic corridor. Huge amounts of drug profit money is therefore offered by cartels, and accepted by the criminal gang to LOOK THE OTHER WAY, making the Waco criminal gov. gang complicit.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    This Story and the “unravelling” Story are your 2 best. “stay on task” The reason the Waco Trib is finally “getting there” is because 30 Lawyers stayed on task. There is a lot of BS that can make a person “drift” and more to come. I agree with Austin, I Love you dude… People might not Post and Media might not Quote but everyone is following you.
    The reason I have been so adamant about Certified Letters to the Lawyers from the defendant is mostly because Defendants have a lot of Nervous energy and feel Helpless… This gives them something to do and they will feel better like they had more control. It also makes PD work costing Waco $. It also could end up as an Ethics Violation. It CERTINLY “Preserves Appeal” for “Ineffective assistance of counsel.” I wish you would find a way to post ALL motions Mr. Broden files in their exact form so Defendants can “plagurize” them in their request to their Lawyers. OH, BTW ALL LAWYERS ARE SUSPECT even paid ones. Except Mr. Broden of course. My advice to Defendants is be sure you have Microsoft Word, A working printer and a stack of Certified (RR) cards from the Post Office. Don’t get bent out of shape if Your Lawyer still doesn’t file the Motion you asked for unless its really important… Make a file, staple the RR cards on the Letter and fill it. Better safe than sorry… Every time I was going to trial it made me feel better but I never had to use them… I suspect my Lawyer talked to the DA at the Golf Club (?) and told him I was doing it and if I lost it would go bad for him. These Letters can also be a powerful tool in your Lawyers hands… He can tell the DA “his hands are tied” and he has to do what his client asks. ;)

  18. Onionshovel Says:

    This is just the tip of the I ever in reference to the next couple of years. Not just in Waco
    Not just the banditos. The war on drugs and the war on terror is now the war on bikers

  19. Austin Says:

    Can I just say- I love you, man.

  20. neverwaz Says:

    Great work, Rebel.

    The city held off releasing the video in this case for a year. When a judge finally ordered the video released the cop that pumped 16 rounds into the kid was charged with murder the same day.. Imagine that.

    Keep up the pressure on the media to release all video evidence.

  21. TX_Biker Says:

    Probably some will roll their eyes, not me or my brothers. We are on it. If you can convince 10 people to send this on and try to convince ten others they know to send it on, it will get noticed in a very short time.

  22. Tooj Says:

    FF, well timed reference to Voltaire. It’s very much where I am at these days. Let the queers, body dysmorphic crazies, microagression victims and feminist women have the world; just leave me alone. Don’t ask me to contribute to the sickness.

    George Mason, A major contributor to the Constitution also refused to sign it because there were no mentions of the rights of individuals. In fact, when the Bill of Rights was initially brought about, he felt it was “a good start” but that it still was missing some fundamentals. He must be rolling about in his grave these days.

    My questions are (rhetorical as they may be for some): What is fundamentally dangerous in letting the press and the general public know what happened in Waco? Where is the danger in presenting ALL the facts and videos and allowing the public to make up their minds?

    Free country my ass.

  23. Brad Milch Says:

    Rebel, while at my local library yesterday & on my way to the checkout desk to borrow some unreleased Hank Williams songs & radio shows I noticed a letter a cutie was composing on her laptop as I passed by her. I didn’t read the entire thing; here’s what caught my eye:

    Dear ISIS/ISIL,

    Will you people please stop blowing up & cutting the heads off of good people & do something about these shitheads that are handling the Waco biker massacre? We all know they are responsible for the ambush & murders.
    The people you terrorists target are the ones that need to be o earth, not the shitheads.
    BTW, there is a push to get Syrian refugees into the USA. This will make it easier to attack us from within. The ones fighting this are the state legislators. You know, state senate & governor type people. Bring extra suicide vests.


    The American people

  24. TX_Biker Says:

    Great piece! Thank you for keeping up the fight!


  25. martythe3 Says:

    We would like our lame stream media to say more about this absurd cowboy police shoot’em up party, but I’m guessing the masses will not get to read or hear how the cops orchestrated it.
    They’ll be too busy reading or watching how spoiled college brats of color have “safe places”, which of course are limited to only black students – which violates several laws.
    They won’t know that the very news they watch is orchestrated.
    They get to see the president thumb his nose at his entire country, and our leaders do nothing about it.

    Our country is on its way down the tubes. True Men have become past tense to the new skinny jeans/slipper wearing metrosexual males. And we expect them to care about the deaths of big bad bikers by cops?


  26. Brad Says:

    A lot of us agree with what has been written here.
    There is a ” link ” bar at the end of each article.

    Take a few minutes. Look up the email addresses for your local newspaper, TV news rooms and radio stations. Target reporters, editors, “happening now” info sites and comments section. Forward this article to them all. Exercise those rights we claim to love and complain are being eroded.

    By the way, for those of you with no prior experience with COC’s nationwide, these rights are at the root of their existence. I’ve been involved with many a letter writing campaign and media blitzing.

    I can hear all the groaning and feel your eyes rolling now. I can’t wait to read some of the posts saying its no use. Heard all the excuses. Time to quit whining and throwing insults at these assholes in wacko. Most of your emails will end up in the trash bin. But this is one way to be heard. All you lose is a few minute dip into your free time.

    Do something that will make Rebel proud. Proud not just of his well researched articles, but of his well educated readers. He’s not doing this for shits and giggles.

  27. FF Says:

    The 4th Estate is a 5th column. I have no use for them, nor do I have any use for political parties or anybody who follows one. I have no use for cops, I can defend and/or avenge myself.

    I just want to be left alone with my own tribe. I’m done with everybody else.

    I’m gonna cultivate my garden.

  28. 55 Says:

    So the police suspected that the Banditos and Cossacks arranged, encouraged and anticipated a confrontation between two antagonistic motorcycle clubs at a restaurant last May 17 so the police then arranged, encouraged and anticipated a confrontation between two antagonistic motorcycle clubs at a restaurant last May 17? So then who is facing RICO charges?

  29. Gus Says:

    Amen, brother. Never give up, never surrender.

  30. Road Whore Says:

    EXCELLENT, excellent writing! If you haven’t distributed this article to every major newspaper and magazine and TV news, then you should!

    And I love the nod to the old school press by finishing the article with -30-, signifying “end of article.”

    Wonder how many news reporters even know about that or understand what it is?

    Keep at it!

    Ride Free

  31. shaggy Says:

    It’s always good to see our rights stated to the masses. A reminder from time to time is very important. However, what concerns me about the whole Waco incident is not so much about the lack of press coverage on it, but the fact the lack of outrage from the public. You see I am afraid that this may be viewed as just some gangland shootout where a bunch of thugs went at it and the result was police intervention. It is sad when the public refuses to look at facts and lives off of assumption. My question is why would the public not support their right to assemble without police intervention and ignore that right, but black America can tear up cities across this nation without 1 shot fired from police? Hypocrisy? or is this a case of no one cares but the biker community and they are so small that we don’t make a blip on the screen of society?
    Shaggy AFMC/MO

  32. Ronbo Says:

    Thanks again Rebel. This shit makes me sick. Hope things are going ok for ya, and please keep on posting real news.


  33. Caretaker Says:

    Welcome to 1984


  34. Jim666 Says:

    Keeping em honest Rebel,


  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you Reyna, you lying, corrupt, stinking pile of 3 day left-in-the-heat pile of pig guts fuck!

    I wish you would die of a horribly painful disease that takes no more than 3 months to destroy your body and has no cure and no amount of pain meds will help ease it as you suffer.

    Fucking air-wasting piece of shit.

  36. shovelNY Says:

    well done Rebel
    thank you

  37. R&R Says:

    I’m with popeye, it’s difficult to find unbiased truth. Is because this generations journalists are gullible, lazy or both. I’ve asked two legal affairs reporters from Associated Press (by email) to read this essay. Really well done, Rebel.


  38. T Hell Says:

    @ Rebel
    Outstanding piece once again. The only information the general public or the media have on this subject for the most part is the swill Swanton served up immediately following the “deadliest biker brawl in American history”. With the evidence bottled up and controlled by Reyna there is no real reason for anyone to distrust what was presented as fact. Unfortunately you being so closely allied to the biker lifestyle lends little credibility to your plea. The second one piece of hard evidence such as the complete autopsy reports gets leaked proving LE did most of the shooting the news trucks will be all over Waco like ticks on a hound.


  39. rojas Says:

    McLennan County Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna released a statement to KCEN…

    “The only thing I have ever asked defense attorneys to sign was a document that acknowledged their ethical and legal obligations under the law and it was not a condition on access to evidence.”

  40. popeye Says:

    I cant figure out why the main street media has chosen to not investigate the whole waco story. I would have thought the person who broke this story and exposed the corruption would be in line for a pulitzer prize much like Bob woodward did with watergate. Instead of reading about this in this mornings paper I found out kylie kardashian broke up with her boyfriend. I can watch fox news and get what lies the right wants to tell me or watch msnbc and listen to the lies from the left but sadly theres no where to turn for the truth. I feel like free thinking has been replaced by the media telling me whats important and how to feel and think. We live in a world of media overload and instead of keeping us informed it dulls our wit and turns us into puppets.

  41. Feèd. Up. Says:

    Please provide your followers e-mail addresses for all the major media sources. A grass roots efforts of tens of thousands of people contacting them and demanding they truly investigate the facts of the story could do wonders.

  42. Concho Says:

    Damn straight Rebel.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

  43. old & stoned Says:

    pretty good Claude Rains there,, Reb

  44. Rebel Says:

    Dear Griz’s Gal,

    Thank you. Yes. I heard. And I am shocked! Shocked to learn of this! And so on.


  45. Griz's Gal Says:

    On this day, this Court has denied the second emergent motion by real-party-in interest Matthew Alan Clendennen to vacate stay based on relator’s unclean hands.

    Thought you’d want to know.

  46. ak rack Says:

    Wow. That was a powerful piece of writing. Thank you!

  47. NCRider Says:


    Amazing writing. Thank you for all that you do for many different people sharing the same vision.


  48. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I applaud you for your honesty and integrity, but fear your company will be few.

    Long May You Ride,


  49. old & stoned Says:

    “will not disseminate any discovery provided for any reason to any media outlet or any person or agency” – means if the see / find LE misconduct / operatives, be it the atty’s moral obligation to disclose,, but they would be perse-oops, i mean prosecuted.

    another illegal ‘gag order’

    Thanks again Rebel! keep kickin’ the door,, it’s gonna fall.

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