An Appeal To American Journalists

November 23, 2015

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An Appeal To American Journalists

The first words in the supreme law of this nation are “We the people.” Power in our country resides with the people and not with the administrators of our public affairs.

In order to ensure that the people’s power continued to reside with the people our founders broke our government into three parts called the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Their intention was that no one person or part of government should be able to steal the people’s power.

Integral to the preservation of our freedom is the right of the people to know what our politicians and our police are doing and have done. So a fourth, diverse, unofficial branch of governance – the ruling elite’s court jester, our free press – has been recognized since our beginnings. Saying what we damn please is a joyous expression of our most basic, human rights. So is saying what we damn please on behalf of everybody else. In the words of H. L. Mencken, late of  The Baltimore Sun: “As I look back over a misspent life, I find myself more and more convinced that I had more fun doing news reporting than in any other enterprise. It is really the life of kings.”

The press’s only obligation in return for all this fun – for getting to write celebrity gossip, and political gossip and restaurant reviews and movie reviews and sports and so on – is our duty to be the people’s witnesses of what the official branches of government are up to. It is in service to that necessary chore that the First Amendment forbids our official government from “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”

Thomas Jefferson, one of our founders whose memory may have recently been vilified more than it deserves, said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. But I should mean that every man should receive those papers and be capable of reading them.”

James Russell Wiggins, formerly of The Washington Post, observed that freedom of the press implies five more specific rights: “(1) the right to get information from the government, (2) the right to print it without prior restraint, (3) the right to print without fear of reprisal for publication that does not offend the laws, (4) the right to have access to printing materials, and (5) the right to distribute.”

The words of these esteemed men must be mentioned because right now in Waco, Texas there is a situation controlled by local scoundrels that insults the free press’s right and obligation to witness the people’s public affairs. Local politicians and police have arbitrarily and illegally trampled on the rights of almost two hundred citizens in an obvious attempt to protect themselves from the embarrassment and liability that might result if their own stupidity, cruelty and contempt for our Constitution were exposed.

Politicians and police in Waco appear to have arranged, encouraged and anticipated a confrontation between two antagonistic motorcycle clubs at a restaurant last May 17. Their intention was to catch red handed some members of those clubs committing various crimes of violence. It is a matter of irrefutable fact that violence did result from this prearranged affray. Autopsy reports and statements by witnesses imply that police using military weapons fatally wounded at least six people. Local police and politicians have deliberately lied about and obfuscated the basic facts of this tragic encounter since it occurred and as a result the people of this nation have been lied to and misinformed.

The press, most notably and recently CNN, has been manipulated and bullied into sensationalizing and misrepresenting the truth about this grotesque tragedy. Just last week, defense attorneys representing more than 100 indicted defendants in the case revealed that the prosecutor has refused to release certain key evidence to them unless they agree to hide that evidence from the press and the public.

A unilateral demand by Waco public officials, disingenuously titled “Agreement on Discovery and Nondisclosure of Evidence,” states in part: “The attorney representing the defendant and any investigator, expert, consulting legal counsel or authorized agent for the attorney will not disseminate any discovery provided for any reason to any media outlet or any person or agency not specifically authorized in this Agreement.” Defense attorneys have been further advised that Texas Department of Public Safety “pole cam video and (police officer’s) Michael Bucher in car video” will not be released to them until they promise to abet local police and politicians in frustrating the peoples’ right to know what this hidden evidence reveals.

Enough is enough.

I appeal to my fellow journalists to unabashedly pursue the truth about what happened in Waco last May 17; to scrupulously review the official actions that preceded that tragic encounter; to skeptically report official conduct regarding the tragedy after the fact; and to courageously and self-critically examine the press’s own coverage of this event.

This is an important story. Please pay attention to it. Demanding to know the truth will not imperil our national security. It will not very much distract the people from their fascination with the adventures of Caitlyn Marie Jenner. But, it may in fact buttress the people’s freedom to be informed. J.R. Wiggins was right. The press does have a right to get information from the government by any reasonable means necessary including leaks from confidential sources. The people have a right to know what happened and they are not well served by expurgated police propaganda.

The pen is mightier than the sword.




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  1. david Says:

    Rebel,with all respect

    Interesting article, “Censorship and Self-Censorship of the Press”, by Martin Armstrong Dec.7, 2015, highlights solid reasons mainstream press is highly controlled. david

  2. david Says:

    @ anonymouse
    Thanks for that link.

    After reading just a small part of the article, begs the question how much money extra-constitutional Reyna receives from the po-lice union as “donations” to protect their pig asses ?

  3. Thunderbird Says:

    Here is something to think about the Waco PD and their accomplices in the crime committed at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

    Ambush: a surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position.

    This is what PROVERBS Chapter 1, verse 10 thru 19 has to say about it.

    “My son, if sinners entice three, consent thou not. If they say, come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause. Let us swallow them up alive as the grave; and whole, as those that go down into the pit. We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil. Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse: My son, walk not thou in the way with them: refrain thy foot from their path. For their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird. And they lay wait for their own blood: they lurk privily for their own lives.”

    One can clearly see the reason for the gag order and the denial of disclosure of what happened on May 17, 2015 at Twin Peaks.

    Abel Reyna’s safe space is not in PROVERBS rather PROVERBS exposes him and all those that follow the path of ambush for gain.

  4. Christo Says:

    Honest good appeal. But the MSM and the forces that own it hate free white men or just free people for that matter. Bikers epitomize the freedom that the MSM hate, I would not count on their help or even trust it if they did.. Expect them to do very opposite.

  5. eclectcmn Says:

    The Waco story stunk from day one. It looks like trigger happy cops over-reacted. One has to parse the ‘news’ stories carefully and even then cannot determine what happened much less what happened first, second, third, …. We are told the bikers were bad people, carries guns, and were enemies of the state. The Waco reporting is not unique.

    Stories of the police killings of Miriam Carey, Ricky ‘Maya’ Shawatza Hall, and Milton Hall (and more) were never picked up long term by the MSM. Police in the first two still refuse to release any video evidence.

    Miriam Carey was shot 5 times in the back through her rear windshield in DC trying to get away from police, who were shooting at her. Ricky ‘Maya’ Shawatza Hall and male friend were in a stolen vehicle with cocaine and wearing dresses when they made a wrong turn from hell, into an off ramp leading to an NSA entrance. What would 99% of car thieves do? They tried to leave, a cop car pulled in front of them and was hit by their vehicle and both were shot, one fatally.The driver lost control AFTER being shot. Milton Hall was a mentally ill guy with a pen knife executed by police. See Youtube. All these people were black BTW but the MSM has such group think that the stories die, after misleading headlines, smears and conclusions. Compare to Travon Martin or Michael Brown. This is not liberal bias or racial bias.

  6. stroker Says:

    To the San Francisco Chronicle:

    To Whom it may Concern: (I’ve e-mailed the few names I thought might be interested)

    I am a long time purchaser of the Chronicle, most every Sunday, with cash.

    I’m writing to ask:

    WHERE IS THE investigative curiosity, the in depth research……
    in what is, in many’s opinion, the biggest slaughter in recent history??!!!!

    I speak of 9 dead, and 27 injured, in Waco, Texas……..quite possibly, quite probably,
    at the hands of Waco Law Enforcement!

    Why is this not all over the news?

    It’s been 9 months, and the DA there (Abel Reyna) is withholding evidence, blocking investigation,
    refusing to release pole cam videos, or ballistic reports!

    Do you presume that because it’s about “bikers” or supposed “gang” members that we are not worthy
    of your reporting this absolute mockery of justice?

    If we were of a certain race or ethnic type, perhaps we should all stage protests, and destroy things to
    get the news services attention?? Would that work??

    I write to you because you’re the biggest paper on the West Coast, but I also write because I used
    to think you cared about being journalists. I hope you still are!

    You can’t just swallow the lemonade that Swanton (Waco PD) is throwing out there……

    I beseech you, I beg you, ask the questions… the leg-work. Get someone on this that CARES
    about America…..because, this is NOT just about some bikers getting killed, it’s about a runaway
    Texas “justice” system, that is waiting for this all to be swept under the rug due to apathy!

    All your further questions can be answered by clicking here:
    ….the only journalist with the balls to stay on this thing.

    PLEASE, get involved. There’s a HUGE story here!

    Do you care about justice at all??

    Thank You,

    (full name submitted to SF Chronicle)

  7. Gandalf Says:

    I live in the South… I am a Yankee. I find is funny when a Yankee hating Southerner LOVES Trump… LOL They think I’m going to steal their hubcaps yet can’t see that Trump is totally bought…. By HClinton. They are both New Yorkers for Christ sake! I have known enough New Yorkers to know if I’m in a poker game 2 of them… They are playing together. Mitt Romney ran a whole election collecting $ from idiots (+taxpayers) and dispersing it to His friends and family…Come election Day everyone was wondering why “the boots on the ground” didn’t show up for Romney. Those Old Folks waiting for the busses that didn’t arrive. He never had a chance and knew it. Who doesn’t give up his Tax returns except a rich guy who knows he can’t win? The Polls were bent right up to election day… No offence Trump Voters but dude wants money and fame… not to be President. If you hear him say something you like your his target. Others really want to be Pres and get into the Vault. Trump is a stick up kid terrorizing the teller for 100 fast bucks. HClinto gives him BJ’s and cash in Central Park every Monday…

  8. Gandalf Says:

    A big part of the misinformation game is keeping the Waco Trib readers and the Aging Rebel readers convinced that other side is full of shit and has an agenda. MSNBC and FOX is a 24hr a day 7 day a week example. CNN, on the other hand, plays the middle and is “bent” professionally and not so Obvious. I could explain Benghazi, Trump, HClinton, Obama so easily but peoples “want to believe” fed by our News Media makes it very hard. Fact is If I don’t like 10,000 Syrians I can “eat” at Fox. If I like then I can “eat” at MSNBC. Who goes to a Resturant and order food they don’t like?

  9. Cynically Jaded Says:

    I’ve linked this article in the visitor comment sections of the Waco Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, KSAT respective Facebook pages and will do my part on that front. Social media can be a tool for us as well those fuckers.

    Time to turn the heat.

  10. NCRider Says:

    @ Popeye – Thanks for posting the link. Very interesting.

    @ Candy Chand – Glad to see someone else writing the truth about Waco. I think you nailed it. Straight to the point and heart touching.


  11. Concho Says:

    Sorry for first post name misspelled. My apologies Ms. Chad.

  12. Concho Says:

    @ Popeye

    Thanks. And thank you Candy Chad.

  13. Concho Says:

    @ Popeye

    Thanks. And thank you Cathy Randa.

  14. JB Says:

    The best yet AG! God Bless you sir. Happy Thanksgiving

  15. Brad Milch Says:

    If the American journalists Rebel & his supporters are appealing to would simply replace the weapons used to murder Twin Peaks patrons with suicide explosive vests they’d have an immediate story for another terrorist attack simply with that analogy. The difference is terrorists are proud of the evil they perform & usually take credit for it. American Gestapo terrorists & their legal accomplices haven’t worked themselves up to that level of responsibility yet.

  16. Concho Says:

    Thanks for the link. Really enjoyed Dick Dequerin statement. And this guy knows how to lawyer. From afar it does and has looked ridiculous from the beginning to any reasonably intelligent, somewhat life experienced individual. But for the same reasons it is dangerous for really any groups or individuals participating in a lifestyle not officially condoned by a certain government agency representatives.where are the lawyers that represented causes not people i.e., Gerry Spence and his ilk. They had no qualms about fighting the Feds let alone some two bit DA like Reyna. I seem to remember there were a couple young bucks and a ballsy guy named Ben Bredlee that helped bring down a President. I am not naive. Corporate America and the large financial institutions direct the actions of our government. There is no real independent media. But this is how it starts.Violate the bill of rights. Demonize a group of people. Next comes guilt by simple association. And on and on. Once again Rebel is eloquent and correct. This is important. So called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS,WHERE ARE YOU. EDITORS AND PUBLISHERS WITH A SET OF BALLS, WHERE ARE YOU?
    God, I miss real, independently owned newspapers.

    Hope Rebel and the regulars have a great time doing whatever they do over the holiday weekend.

  17. Brad Milch Says:


    We’re close in age, friend. I got put here a couple months before Hank Williams checked out for good. I’ve spent most of the morning searching my soul for something to be thankful for in this world & this screwed up mess of a country. I keep coming back to Rebel.
    In my college days, I was intrigued by historians & those that study societies as they rapidly change & morph into sometimes strange, wicked ways. I try not to lose sight of the fact that our Creator who some believe is sleeping, dead or a myth was written about in the Good Book sometimes unexpectedly demonstrating HIS displeasure with some of His creations by wiping out entire cities or the entire living planet. I wonder if He finds CNN biased against non-black Americans, especially when it comes to police abuses. Whatever took place at Waco II, He was there. No false narrative can fool Him.
    When I was approaching my teens, the avenue for poor kids with no college assistance to get started in life was entering the military. Now it seems to be joining drug cartels, gangs & terrorist cells. Thinking back on that girl’s letter I partially read at my local library a few days back, I now wonder if people are openly emailing & blogging terrorist mass murderers and if such killers were to stop targeting innocents & instead attacked LEO, judicial, city, state, federal & other operatives that openly & blatantly hurt US citizens in some way, shape or form, if those people might find appreciation as the new wave heroes of the day?
    The stranger & further away from whoever & whatever it was that put us here on Earth things get, the more I look at Rebel as living proof someone gives a shit about us. I’m mighty thankful for it, too.

  18. T Hell Says:

    No sir you are not alone in your thinking

    Respects and Happy Thanksgiving to all

  19. Concho Says:

    Guess I am feeling a bit chatty this morning. Unusual. Ice storm moving in so can’t take a morning ride.cold and wet equals aching joints and bones. Never been a PH. Just long time Harley rider. Belong to HOG for breakdown service but not the local chapter. Can honestly say I have never had any LEO contact that was not my fault. And this city of fifty thousand is crawling with cops. State police training academy about a mile from my house. In last four months been stopped for no justified reason on three occasions. Checked paperwork ran me for warrants and let me go. Last incident I asked cop what led up to this unexpected conversation and he replied ” well you know the Waco thing and safety issues. Never got anywhere good arguing with cops whether in Chicago Los Angeles Miami St louis. Lived in all. So just moved on. Now I had usual garb on Leather jacket and leather vest on top. Long grey hair. NO PATCHES OF ANY KIND. Also not a heavy area for 1 % er activity. Do not think I am being paranoid to think Waco is leaking out and influencing even rural PD policy even if it is ” not official ” policy. Anybody else seeing or hearing about this type of increased harrassment of civilian riders?

  20. Concho Says:

    It was a Chicago journalist that sued the police department to release the video of the recent shooting. Can this be done in Texas? If so, is there not one journalist in Texas that would sue to get the pole cam video released? The killings happened in the parking lot not the porch! If it worked against one of the most corrupt city and police governments in the country will it not work in Waco?
    Is there one honest judge. Is there one honest journalist in that city?
    I am 64 and there is not a day that goes by that I do not shake my head in disgust regarding how this country no how the people in this country have changed. But this is different. Rebel is correct. This is an important story. It is truly scary and is setting a very dangerous precedent if Waco gets away with this.

    Rebel hope that eye is healing and you are recovering.

  21. Gandalf Says:

    Sorry “Canne” isn’t even a City… But I heard the Cannes Film Festival rocks. LOL

  22. Gandalf Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It’s 5 am and the coffee is tasty. @Randy May, XYZ and Anonymouse…. I’m down with 1 suggestion. Internet Power. Facebook and Twitter Power. I hate those chain letters that say “Can Haji the HS Clockmaker get 1,000,000 likes…” I’m not creative enough to design one for FB in support of the Bikers… I need Rebel or someone to wip me up 1. It Probable needs to be JUST positive in support of bikers as a whole. If we all Share it on FB/Twitter and tag a few people I can get a few Musicians who have lots of followers and will share if I asked. FB format is different… The pic/s should be “toys for tots” and Military in nature. 3 simple, well written facts…tearjerker type. BTW Santa is bringing me a printer and baring arrest I can’t help Y’all till New Years + 3 (to sober up) A video on Youtube too… These things can go Viral and become news because lots of people watched…or Liked. Rebel needs his name next to the Post or on the U tube. A black and white Documentry by a Pro who sees the possibilities. No new investigating just using what was “out there” Waco Ambush, Sub plot 1 the Justice system. Sub Plot 2 the Media. To be released in the 1 year anniversary. Whatever the status in the Courts. Rebel your the expert in these things. Maybe you know a struggling film maker? To do a short U Tube and Documentry. Both of you take credit. I heard Canne was a cool place to visit. ;)

  23. TC Says:

    You’re appealing to these CLOWNS?!?! >>>

  24. TC Says:

    Nice Rebel but good luck. It’s painfully obvious tbere’s not a single investigative journalist left in the Corporate Lamestream media. Only reporters/news monkeys/androids. They are an extension/arm of corporate “New AmeriKa” and only “report” what they are told to. I try to find blog style news sites like YOURS where at least you have an interest in getting to the truth, and sharing it with us. THX!

  25. TML Says:


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