I’ll Be Back

November 11, 2015

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I'll Be Back

Rebel is taking a nap. I’ll be back in a few days. Happy Veterans Day.


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  1. Austin Says:

    At the Nurse’s Station, from behind a pile of charts, we hear…

    Dr: “I’m out of ink”
    Nurse:”Ahhh…. Sir-that’s a thermometer…”
    Dr: “Dammit! Some asshole’s got my pen!

  2. NOS4A2 Says:

    hope you are feeling better Rebel.

  3. lurker Says:

    Hope all is going well rebel. Look forward to more top notch reporting.

  4. Steel Says:

    Heal up quickly Rebel. Hope all went well.



  5. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I wander off on a vision quest, come back and all hell has broken loose. I haven’t read the article yet, but I see now I have to get a complete make-over again to look like a real biker. Balls. What does all that gear cost? Can I get the ‘X’ tattoo anywhere on my face? Please advise.
    Anybody in the market for a $385 black leather vest let me know.
    Just kidding: Thank you for serving Rebel, Happy Veteran’s Day, and get well soon. I’ll contact Jax and the boys and have them send over a box of those $9.99 sunglasses SAMCRO wear. Be well. Respects and Ride Free,

  6. anonymouse Says:

    “When I had my second hemorrhoid transplant”

    Did you have (more than) one installed? Were you on a donor list for long?

  7. RLG Says:

    Important hospital tip:

    What is the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?

    — the taste!

  8. The Kraut Says:

    Avoid doctors,hospitals,clinics..etc..

    Stay healthy! Ride your ‘sickle’ eat mo’ snatch and party like big fuckin’ dogs!

    Rebel: if’n they tell you you may not feel anything from the waist down…then its ok to cop a titty feel (so long as the nurse is a girl).

    Get well soon Rebel..Don’t let your eye-ball!

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  9. Dasein Says:

    When I had my second hemorrhoid transplant, just before I went under I remember some nervous mumbling about how somebody must’ve used the wrong type of Sharpie. Maybe that’s why it’s never felt quite right.

  10. Austin Says:


    Willie King had the wrong foot amputated in Florida, back in 1995. After this case “Wrong site surgery” became a big deal.
    It still happens. “September 3, 2009 – Francisco Torres, a retired assembly line worker is suing a Riverside hospital and doctor, claiming that they removed his healthy kidney instead of the diseased one. He has to endure dialysis every three days to stay alive”

    The only one (so far) I have been involved with – the Xray tech put his marker on the cassette backwards, so the Radiologist read it as left instead of right. The ER doctor dictated while reading the Radiologist report. No-one caught the error from the ER to the OR. When the surgeon cut – he could see there was no tissue trauma, like he expected from the fracture.

    These days we have things like National Patient Safety Goals, which are set by The Joint Commission. If a hospital does not comply with things like surgical site marking – facilities can lose reimbursement.

    There are a lot of people involved in even a minor procedure, plus – in a three hour retina case, a lot of it is done in the dark.

  11. FF Says:


    I think the sharpie rule came about to prevent lawsuits, just like CAUTION CONTENTS HOT warning labels on coffee cups.

    Everybody gets dumbed down sooner or later.


  12. Square Verbose Doc Says:

    Dear Rebel:

    I resent that last comment. The truth is we are only truly idiots when we don’t know or recognize that we are idiots. Medicine is like fixing an engine based on a manual written by someone who only knows about 75%-80% of the function and specifications of about 80% of the parts. Any doctor smart enough to know that he or she is idiot enough to need a sharpie X over the procedure site is not truly an idiot, or at least not a dangerous idiot.

    Feel better soon.


  13. Kanye Diggit Says:

    @Dasein….Very well put.Correct and funny.

  14. Steve Billinghurst Says:

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery, Rebel Don. Respects to all the regulars in mind.

  15. Victor1%er Says:

    Get well soon bro.

  16. Dasein Says:

    Doctors have an immense arcane vocabulary. I think that’s about it. Google levels the playing field somewhat. My doctor tells me I’m “interesting, and that’s not good.”

  17. Kanye Diggit Says:

    Rebel Words of wisdom.Doctors are self-gratified morons.Nurses and aides are the unsung heroes…be well daddy-o.rest those incredible writing energies.

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dassein,

    The mark was so they wouldn’t operate on the wrong eye. All doctors are idiots.


  19. Dasein Says:

    Rebel: That apparent Sharpie “X” above your right eyebrow, do you think that’s where they put the chip? Or was it so they wouldn’t service the wrong eyeball? Do you look like David Bowie now? Did isiscare make you sign over your bike and the website? Seriously, hope it turns out perfect. It’s probably a relief already just knowing you’ve done something about it.

  20. Shovelhead Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback

    Right on Big Ang!!

    France has some of the strictest gun laws in the World. No one in Paris could fight back.

    Up here in Maine, we can now carry concealed without a permit. let them pussy Rag Heads try that shit here!

    Thinking about ya Rebel. Hope you’re feeling better.

  21. dogbreath Says:

    Rebel, Late wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

    lol, please oh please come out and play? I’m in Wyoming today, but I’m free to travel to your sandbox if necessary.

    For those waking up to the news from Paris – it is coming to America, and probably sooner than later. If it was me coordinating it, it would be Paris times 50 – 50 largest cities, or 50 state capitals, whatever would convince America that it is not safe to be anywhere. Arm yourselves and your loved ones. Train. Prepare. Watch re-runs of “Doomsday Preppers” – some of them folks is wrong, but they have thought out the ramifications of losing our electric grid, water supply and food supply.

  22. NCRider Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback – Amen!

  23. rollinnorth Says:

    Glad to read your spirit is strong, Rebel. No matter what weeds you get into, we can count on you to dope-slap a troll.
    Get some rest.


  24. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Ps- fuck the muzzies. Fuck the rag head terrorists!

    And wake up Americans. Now do you see why we don’t want our gun rights infringed upon! And why we need semi automatic rifles with 30 round mags?? This is fucking why. To defend our family, our constitutional rights, our land, And to defend this country from hostile invaders and terrorists.

    Sorry for the rant this morning.

  25. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    I was just about to ask everyone if anyone had the scoop on rebel. I just saw his response. @rebel Glad to see the sense of humor still active. Lol

    Hopefully the rest of recovery is a breeze for you.

    -Big Ang

  26. NCRider Says:


    Sorry you are having such a rough time with your eye. Keep taking care of yourself. Its all good here, but it’ll be nice when you come home.


  27. Bone Head Says:

    Hope it heals well for you. I almost lost my sight and know how precious it is.

    Take another day or week…whatever it takes. We promise to be good…

    Respects Sir.

  28. Concho Says:

    Three and a half hours. Your eye. Sounds very hairy. Just wanted you to know I am going thru Rebel withdrawal. Rereading your books. Take care man. Get well.

  29. Kanye Diggit Says:

    I can relate to some of that Rebel.I was in the hospital for my diabetes 6 months ago.Developed MRSA through the I.V.infection settled in my eye.Looked like Tyson clocked me.They had to stick a needle in my eyeball no lidocaine because I was on blood thinners.Pic line in my arm two months In a nursing home.Ain’t whining about it.Yours sounds a lot more involved.Be well man

  30. HunterHarris Says:

    That’s not much of a brain-bucket you’ve got there Brother. Did you get the number of the truck what hit you?
    Rest well and get home soon.

  31. Rebel Says:

    To the usual suspects,

    If I told you what they did to my eye yesterday for three and a half hours you would puke.

    Particularly you, lol.

    You fucking punk.


  32. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Take good care, Rebel. Rest and heal. We’ll wait.

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