The 30 Second Video

November 2, 2015

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The 30 Second Video

Last week’s hyperbolized release of surveillance video taken on the patio of the Waco Twin Peaks on May 17 hardly qualifies as evidence of anything. CNN correspondent Ed Lavandera reports that “a fight and shootout erupts just off camera…. The reaction tells the story of the chaos and horrific scene that unfolds as the gunshots start exploding.”

There might be more to the story than CNN can see.

Just before an edit, a couple of Cossacks climb over the railing toward the confrontation. After the edit, Cossacks scramble over the railing back to the now deserted patio. One Cossack draws a pistol but can’t find a target. Others just outside the patio go down on the ground as if they have been ordered to do so by the police. The only indication of what is happening in the parking lot is in the overexposed, upper left corner. A man is clearly shot there and falls although his killer is invisible.

Unleaked Videos

The video tantalizes. It doesn’t explain. There is at least one, as yet undiscovered and unleaked video that could show exactly what happened, second by second in the parking lot between the Twin Peaks and Don Carlos restaurants that day. It was a “covert camera” that has also been described as a “polecam.” Polecam is a term used by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The Texas Department of Public Safety is more inclined to use the term “covert camera.” There was one installed to survey the parking lot that day. DPS Lieutenant Steven Schwartz put it there.

In pre-trial hearings so far, Schwartz has testified as an ‘outlaw motorcycle gang expert.” He became an expert an expert in outlaw motorcycle gangs “Through training and experience. I’ve attended thousands hours of training to get to the position where I’m at, at this point in time in TECOLE registered hours. (TECOLE is cop cant for the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.) I’ve attended investigative training courses with regards to gangs, narcotics, and then also participated in numerous investigations regarding narcotics and gang activity”

Schwartz and prosecutors have also seen and entered into evidence another video that might contribute to the story of what happened at the Twin Peaks that day beyond a “shootout erupts.” However, the astounding brevity of that video explains what seems to have happened to the polecam video and why it will never show what the public has a right to expect it might show.

The Short Video

“Lieutenant Schwartz, what are we looking at here,” prosecutor Michael Jarrett asked at an examining trial for a defendant named Burton George Bergman.

“This is the north side of Twin Peaks in the Central Market Place parking lot” the gang expert replied.

“And there are officers in marked police vehicles at this point?”

“Yes, sir. There were multiple marked units in the parking lot, in and around Twin Peak.”

Many videos. There were many videos. This one showed Bergman riding into the Twin Peaks parking lot in a pack that included Bandidos but it didn’t show him heading for a restroom a few seconds later. Bergman parked in front of the Twin Peaks “right near where the shooting happened” and walked toward the Don Carlos.

Schwartz described Bergman’s parking space as “a front row seat.”

Can’t Answer That

Eventually Bergman’s attorney, Clint Broden, asked Schwartz about the video that put Bergman at the scene of the crimes.

“Now we saw a very short portion of the video,” Broden began. “What do you think that was, the video we watched? I think…about 30 seconds to a minute?”

“Sure,” Schwartz agreed.

“And you heard Mr. Bergman’s statement that soon after…he pulled off and needed to use the restroom. You heard that statement, correct?”

“I did.”

“And that was after…after he pulled off, after that video we saw he started heading towards Don Carlos’ restaurant. You heard that statement?”

“That’s what he stated, yes.”

“Okay. And I guess I’m going to ask you if you had that video, why didn’t we see the rest of it where he starts heading towards the Don Carlos’ restrooms?”

“I can’t answer that.”

“Okay. Well, did you look at the rest of the video?”

At that point Jarrett interrupted and explained, “Judge, I will tell the Court that that’s the entirety of that video, so this accusation that there’s some other part of the video that’s not been shown. That’s the entirety of that video.”

The judge, James Morgan, said “Alright.”

Broden wondered, “Okay. Where did that video come from?”

“That’s from a camera off of a Waco police unit, I believe,” Schwartz said.

“And is there a reason they stopped the camera at the point the video ended by Mr. Jarrett’s representation,” Broden wondered.

And the motorcycle gang expert explained, “I cannot answer that.”


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  1. Paula Carroll Swann Says:

    As of Swanton saying he knows that for a fact no one was from Waco, well 27 jailed was from McLennan Co. Diesel was from there..

  2. Animal Says:

    I for one am sick of these so called experts. Are not those of us who live the life the real experts?
    Respect to the real and the regulars and Rebel for the format and balls for taking a stand. AFTER ALL A MAN HAS TO STAND FOR SOMETHING OR HE WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING!!!!

  3. FF Says:

    Thousands of years later, everybody knows what Homer wrote, but nobody knows who Homer is.

    Writing is a labor of love, not everybody hits the jackpot like Joseph Wambaugh or Elmore Leonard.

    Writing is a labor of love, hours of labor and in the end not only do you not make a buck, but you wind up paying for your own paper, postage and stamps.

    Even the sentence ‘everybody knows what Homer wrote, but nobody knows who Homer is’ requires some analysis…

    Is the proper form past tense, or present? Or can I combine ’em?

    everybody knows what Homer wrote, but nobody knows who Homer was.

    everybody knows what Homer has written, but nobody knows who Homer is.

    It’s tedious. And then the ego demands it get’s stroked, I need to show that like Ron Burgundy or Roger Waters (I wrote the wall, kiss my ring) “I’m kind of a big deal.”

    Rebel doesn’t need a Pulliter to validate his integrity any more than he needs a doppelganger.

  4. bcnasty Says:

    Fuck, with all these how to be a patch schools the pigs are running for law enforcement training, I am not sure why we don’t forgo prospecting and send our guys to them. I fondly remember my sponsor teaching me gang organization, meth dealing and extortion, ( said no patch ever).Shit then they can be EXPERT BROTHERS in six months. Tough to change law enforcement when their thought process comes from their ass. WTF

  5. Austin Says:

    Thanks Guys = FF *bodacious laughter* I’m a lover – not a fighter! I like a lot of wood in my house.
    Tooj = Exactly. Never saw the SJW term before.

    Demonized. Hmmm…

  6. Tooj Says:

    There’s an answer, Austin, to those “mysterious death rates” but it isn’t very popular when brought to the light of day. One only has to look at the things that have become a part of the fabric of our politico-legal system and the agendas of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) since the end of the 50’s.

    Of course, we are quite the demonized lot, are we not?

  7. FF Says:


    Thank you for being the first and only woman to not make me feel unatural for ejaculating away. I am ap9roaching 50, and I still r1ecall my first wet dream.

    @NC Rider

    Thank you, youre far to kind but I am a plagiarizer from the word go… now if I could only figure 8ut how to cash in.

    Fuck it, I am better off pushing Rebel, Like in a NASCAR race HE IS CLOSE

  8. RLG Says:

    This is an example of selective parsing on the part of the witness Schwartz. A clip was provided by another agency, and this clip is referred to here as the ‘entirety’. This is legal prejudice against the defence.

    “that’s the entirety of _that_ video” — Schwartz

  9. david Says:

    @ rojas, with respect….

    TX Dept. of Public shit-heads director Steve McCraw made sure his Lieutenant shit-head Schwartz attended the fake probable cause hearing, because the DPS is up past their eye-balls in the May 17 military ambush murders and assaults.

    McCraw WAS an FBI Special Agent for 21 yrs. before being appointed(un-elected) DPS Director by Gov. Perry. His specialty, operations PLANNING and EXECUTION.

    McCraw is responsible for the pole-cam, and shit-head Schwartz was his mouthpiece at the hearings. Many years ago, McCraw refused to allow use of verifiable, quality border crossing drug information(El Paso) after one of his OWN agents, and a New Mexico rancher gathered it. Very questionable acts by McCraw raising questions then and now as to his motivations, for what he is doing now.

    Feds, via pensioner McCraw.

  10. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ Rojas
    I doubt Steve the drunk Cook, Dildo Gil-Blanco, Yves the book writing douchebag and other “expert” dipshits meet the Daubert_standard criteria but the fucksticks continue to sit up on the stand like empirical know-it-alls spewing their diatribe.

    Damn it would be nice to see these charlatans called out for the bullshit phonies that they really are.

  11. NCRider Says:

    @ FF: I enjoyed your post. Cut and paste? I thought you knew all of that right off the top of your head. Lol. I agree, Rebel should win a Pulitzer Prize. The man deserves that recognition for sure.

  12. rojas Says:

    Paladin strikes a chord.

    I realize these examining trials are somewhat informal, but I have to wonder if Broden got hoodwinked.

    While, in theory Texas has adopted stronger standards for expert testimony than the federal standard (Daubert), the reality is that criminal defendants have been literally getting plowed under by soothsayers and soap sellers for decades now.

    The ledge established the Texas Forensic Science Commission in 2005 to combat some of the nonsense. They were funded in 2007 and some good work has come from their efforts.

    I sincerely doubt that Schwartz meet’s the standard as required by Daubert. Don’t think it’s even close to the ballpark. I know his testimony is not “reliably applied to the facts at hand”. He testalies.

    From the Wiki Link

    In Daubert, seven members of the Court agreed on the following guidelines for admitting scientific expert testimony:

    Judge is gatekeeper: Under Rule 702, the task of “gatekeeping”, or assuring that scientific expert testimony truly proceeds from “scientific knowledge”, rests on the trial judge.

    Relevance and reliability: This requires the trial judge to ensure that the expert’s testimony is “relevant to the task at hand” and that it rests “on a reliable foundation”. Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharms., Inc., 509 U.S. 579, 584-587. Concerns about expert testimony cannot be simply referred to the jury as a question of weight. Furthermore, the admissibility of expert testimony is governed by Rule 104(a), not Rule 104
    (b); thus, the Judge must find it more likely than not that the expert’s methods are reliable and reliably applied to the facts at hand.

    Scientific knowledge = scientific method/methodology: A conclusion will qualify as scientific knowledge if the proponent can demonstrate that it is the product of sound “scientific methodology” derived from the scientific method.[3]

    Factors relevant: The Court defined “scientific methodology” as the process of formulating hypotheses and then conducting experiments to prove or falsify the hypothesis, and provided a nondispositive, nonexclusive, “flexible” set of “general observations” (i.e. not a “test”)
    [4] that it considered relevant for establishing the “validity” of scientific testimony:

    1.Empirical testing: whether the theory or technique is falsifiable, refutable, and/or testable.
    2.Whether it has been subjected to peer review and publication.
    3.The known or potential error rate.
    4.The existence and maintenance of standards and controls concerning its operation.
    5.The degree to which the theory and technique is generally accepted by a relevant scientific community.

  13. Austin Says:

    Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

    We seek wider participation across America

    Dear colleagues:

    For 99 years, the Pulitzer Prizes have recognized excellence in American editorial writing. It’s a proud and robust tradition. Vividly expressing the institutional opinion of publications large and small, the winners have engaged a marvelous range of issues, stirring debate and often having an important impact on society – from Main Street to the White House.

    With that in mind, as we near our centennial, we want to renew our dedication to high-quality editorial writing and to seek broader participation in the category, especially among small and medium-size newspapers and news sites. We want to hear your voices.

    The category offers a wonderful opportunity. The field is not crowded (last year there were 63 entries). Contrary to common perception, a competitive entry need not be an editorial campaign that focuses on a particular issue and shows results, such as the passage of a law or the jailing of a corrupt official.

    Above all, we want editorials that are persuasive – memorable, well-crafted pieces that use facts, sound logic and engaging prose to influence and advance public debate, that get people to see things differently. We’ve been refining our rules to make that distinction more emphatic than ever to entrants and to jurors.

    Small and medium-size organizations are well positioned to compete. You can zero in on important community issues, drawing on your local expertise and insight to produce persuasive editorials. And an entry can embrace one subject or several. Indeed, we warmly welcome an individual portfolio of editorials dealing convincingly with a variety of significant questions over the course of a year – in effect, a body of work.

    The basic definition of the category, dating to the creation of the Prizes, still serves us well: “The test of excellence being clearness of style, moral purpose, sound reasoning, and power to influence public opinion in what the writer conceives to be the right direction.” However, while the jury will place primary emphasis on the quality of the writing, please remember that multimedia elements, such as graphics or video, are also welcome in order to enhance an entry. So there is an opportunity for editorial writers or editorial page editors to use other journalistic tools adeptly to help persuade their audience.

    The deadline for entries covering work in calendar 2015 is Jan. 25, 2016. All entries must be submitted digitally. Please see our How to Enter page for information on how to prepare and submit an entry.

    Paul Gigot
    Chair, Pulitzer Prize Board
    October, 2015

  14. Austin Says:

    @FF – Righteous, man.

    I was just reading this article with my friend. His buddy is dying right now of suicide by alcohol. My first thought is that this “surprising” death rate information is not a surprise. I am in that age group. The data reflects lifestyle choices, and external events like the financial crash, and social changes (think about Archie Bunker) which cause stress because of lack of family support or lack of coping mechanisms. People can’t always separate “them” from what happened to them, and drinking is a quick way to get to “Fuck it!” Your post elucidated some of my views on this topic, as well as making a HUGE point on my position that “all my biker friends” are not thugs who got what they deserved in Waco.

    Ejaculate away!

    and yes – Let’s find the way;

  15. ak rack Says:

    FF: +1

  16. Brad Milch Says:

    One more thing I noticed in the CNN TP video, Rebel: no bullets appear to be striking inside the TP restaurant or patio area. Beer bottles & glasses appear unscathed, none are even knocked over. Nothing’s bouncing off the walls, people aren’t grabbing at their bodies from being struck by bullets. This causes me to wonder where the wounded patrons were shot & where that occurred (inside, outside or both?). Where is that video if the camera ran continuously?

    I made a typo on the end times that the two outside bikers drop down just as the man I described fired his pistol after entering the small swing gate. End time should be 00:20, not 00:00.

    I obviously need a secretary to help me with these things. Megyn Kelly would do just fine for me (lol).

    Great story, as usual, Rebel.

  17. Brad Milch Says:

    Rebel, here’s those video action location marker times I promised you & your readers for the clearer CNN Twin Peaks surveillance cam video. These times apply to the top video posted on your ‘Biker Shootout or Police Abuse’ story that precedes this story:

    00:08 – 00:16 (4 ‘bikers’ climb over railing & crawl to the right on the floor, moving left to right)
    00:17 – 00:18 biker moving left to right opens small swing gate with his left hand at top of screen, stretches out his right hand & fires a pistol shot at parking lot, then moves away from view around a corner to viewer’s right.
    00:18 – 00: biker under a red & white window banner (that appears to be talking on a cellphone) is touched by another biker & both drop to the ground like heavy rocks just after the fired his pistol.

    I’m continuing to study what was released. I’ll drop back by if I see something sensational as I progress. I did notice that the armored SWAT vehicle is not visible in the Don Carlos rear parking lot as the Bandidos drive up & turn into the Twin peaks parking lot in the CNN Ed Lavandera video report. I find the shooter I described above highly suspicious: he’s not wearing a chain wallet & he shows up in several places in the video CNN aired, including bikers arrested inside the restaurant. I haven’t located him in the mugshots yet. His face & arm/shoulder tattoos are very clear in the scene where her fires his pistol again & pistol smoke is visible. I believe he shot a couple bikers & left his pistol for police to find in Twin Peaks & blame the biker patrons for (the same setup allegedly used against Lee Harvey Oswald almost 52 years ago). I don’t believe the guy is a genuine Cossack. One way or the other, the guy hasn’t been charged for shooting his pistol at least twice inside Twin peaks. If I can see what he did, so can Reyna.

    Do any of Rebel’s readers know if the wounded biker being held up survived? The poor man looks like he’s just about to go unplugged for good.

    A good friend of mine believes Waco PD simply re-shot the surveillance & dash cam action shortly after the real shooting. Police had possession of the biker’s clothing, bikes & vehicles as well as Twin Peaks. Confiscated weapons too. Very easy to repark cop cars & re-film the action with scripted actors & toss the original video.

    Just sayin’

  18. TX_Biker Says:

    Thank You Rebel. We are still having fund raisers here and passing the hat at COC&I meetings to try to help those that have been affected by this travesty of justice. It will be a long time before the truth comes out, if ever. You know how the saying goes; there are three sides to every story…..

  19. FF Says:

    Where was I gonna go with this, I dunno. It started out ok but turned into a cut and paste ejaculation festival. I shoulda edited it


    Donald Charles Davis needs to at least be nominated for a Pullitzer Prize this year.

  20. Brad Milch Says:

    You’ve got sharp eyes, Rebel! I found even more info in the video that CNN missed: a lot happens quickly as the two ‘bikers’ jump over the railing & the heavyset ‘biker’ shifts left & right trying to acquire a target with his pistol. A ‘biker’ enters a small gate door, followed by another ‘biker’ who aims his pistol towards the parking lot & runs to the right, off camera. At the time his pistol recoils, a heavy biker up in that distorted area you described drops like a rock out of sight. Another heavy biker closer to the camera also drops down.

    I’ll post again later video times where these evens occur. I’ll use the 3 videos you have posted on the post prior to this one. Hope that helps get others searching for visual info started. The guy who came thru the gate door & fired his pistol looks to me like the same person who comes into view closer to the camera later in the CNN video & fires the shot where the smoke is visible. Same type of black armless t-shirt with a yellow circle logo on the right chest area of the shirt. That guy appears several times in different places (stashing a pistol, running towards the restroom. Watch for the yellow logo. I’d nominate him as an undercover cop. The people he’s shooting are Cossacks, but the shot he takes where the smoke is visible looks to me to be in the direction of where Mohawk’s body was found.

  21. FF Says:

    Everybody thinks of the Sixties in terms of hippie cliches, the Beatles, Martin Luther King, all that crap. All I know is I was in Germany, Bob Dylan was in Nashville recording Country Western albums, and Joey Gallo was Serving 7 to 14,incarcerated at three New York State prisons: Green Haven Correctional Facility in Beekman, New York, Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York, and Auburn Correctional Facility in Auburn, New York.

    In 1960, Vance Trimble of Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance won a Pullitzer Prize for a series of articles exposing the extent of nepotism in the Congress of the United States.

    At the end of the decade, Marquis W. Childs of St. Louis Post-Dispatch got one for distinguished commentary during 1969. In his epilogue to Witness to Power, Childs wrote, “My judgments have been tempered over the years by a growing awareness of the hazard of power. It may not be literally true that all power corrupts but the more it is exercised the more likely it is for the individual to deceive himself into believing that he is infallible. And when it comes to absolute power we have seen in this grisly century all too many examples of what that can mean.”

    The Twentieth Century saw 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded from WW1, The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed somewhere between 20 and 40 million people, and 3% of the world population in 1940 were murdered or died during WW2.

    Then you factor in all the suicides, and wounded who died later—

    What is mankind and civilization but a killing machine?

    Apropos that a Cocaine junkie summed it all up like this:

    the development of civilization recapitulates the development of the individual; civilization’s central purpose of repressing the aggressive instinct exacts unbearable suffering; the individual is torn between the desire to live (Eros) and the wish to die (Thanatos).

    “the low estimation put upon earthly life by the Christian doctrine” was the first great expression of hostility to civilized society in the West; yet elsewhere, he cites the Christian commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself as “one of the ideal demands, as we have called them, of civilized society.”

    So man is a neurotic, psychotic animal predisposed to duality, and all occurances throughout space and time remain indefinitely and all the people that were in that same exact spot you are currently occupying are there with you… and inside your mind all of the events and occurences remain in the subconscious adynamic notion.

    Intuition demonstrates it all clearly.

    Wovoka claimed to have had a prophetic vision during the solar eclipse on January 1, 1889. Wovoka’s vision entailed the resurrection of the Paiute dead and the removal of whites and their works from North America. Wovoka taught that in order to bring this vision to pass the Native Americans must live righteously and perform a traditional round dance, known as the Ghost dance, in a series of five-day gatherings. Wovoka’s teachings spread quickly among many Native American peoples, notably the Lakota.

    A total solar eclipse occurred on March 20, 2015. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partly obscuring the image of the Sun for a viewer on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun’s, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, with a partial solar eclipse visible over a surrounding region thousands of kilometres wide.

    On a beautiful Sunday morning, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas, SWAT team snipers opened fire on a crowd of American citizens, leaving 9 dead, and dozens injured.

    The last person held hostage by Police in connection with a deadly massacre, 38-year-old Marcus Pilkington, was released yesterday, November 2nd, 2015. Like the others, he was initially held on a $1 million bond on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.

  22. NOS4A2 Says:

    LIEutenant Schwartz is another full of himself piece of shit just as Steve the drunk Cook, Gil-Blanco, Yves and the other so called experts. Make up a title. Make up an organization. Print up some fancy certificates. Anyone that has watched the movie Easy Riders, SOA, those dumbass dickheads from Dago show, History Channel and all the cheap ass B movies could claim the same. These guys are all full of shit. Seems to me it should be pretty easy for an attorney to discredit any of them in trial.

  23. Road Whore Says:

    Thank you Rebel for having the balls to not let this thing die. You are a true reporter, digging in until the very end and not letting up until the truth comes out, just as you have done on past issues, and we thank you for it. Meanwhile the popular press has moved on a jillion times to other soundbites, both written and verbal: “What’s Bruce, er…Caitlyn, doing today?”

    Respect to the real regulars.

    Ride Free

  24. dogbreath Says:

    Thank you, Rebel, for all that you do here. And for letting us all participate.

    Thank you, Paladin. Your commentary is always right on target and usually enlightening.

    And thank you to all the rest of the regulars here, who are watching and thinking and probing and talking and searching and keeping this thing in the light no matter how it tries to crawl into the shadows.

  25. dogbreath Says:

    @T Hell – There does not seem to be that separation by degree anymore. The pigs act as though any violation, or perceived violation, of the law is a capital crime. The general public are all criminals to be treated with contempt and bullied by force. Because if you ain’t guilty of what you’re getting clobbered for, well hell, you are certainly guilty of something else anyway.

    “For all the LEOs that read this site and occasionally post is there not one that can have an intellectual dialogue on what is going on here?”
    Of the ones that post? No. I’ve no doubt that there are some smart LEOs out there reading, taking down notes, and never speaking up at all. The ones that post are your run of the mill fucktards, they weren’t hired for their intellect or ability to engage in a meaningful discourse.

  26. Lost Cause Says:

    So based on LIEutenant Schwartz’s testimony, my 17-year old is also a motorcycle “gang” expert, too! After all, she watch all seven seasons of S.O.A., and if you consider each of the 92 episodes (count courtesy of wikipedia) are about an hour long plus bonus features on the DVDs, she has seen over 1000 hours of “gang” activities. Heck, that’s probably 100 or more shootouts, dozens and dozens of felonies, drug deals and all of the other debauchery that “gangs” are involved in. Sorry, Waco, but her “expert” testimony is not for hire, she has exams coming up and volleyball practice next week.

  27. Pamster Says:

    One thing was left out by the piggie. Gunshot residue. How about that?

  28. Paladin Says:

    “In pre-trial hearings so far, Schwartz has testified as an ‘outlaw motorcycle gang expert.” He became an expert an expert in outlaw motorcycle gangs “Through training and experience. I’ve attended thousands hours of training to get to the position where I’m at, at this point in time in TECOLE registered hours. (TECOLE is cop cant for the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.) I’ve attended investigative training courses with regards to gangs, narcotics, and then also participated in numerous investigations regarding narcotics and gang activity”

    There is no training or experience for what Schwartz claims to have. When one attends training to become a police officer, one attends classes that teach defined and POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified courses of verifiable, documented instruction on all relevant aspects of policing.

    Experience is the practical application over time of that defined, documented, certified, and verifiable training that all peace officers are required to have and all of that training is built on a verifiable foundation of Constitutional law. That said, what is the verifiable foundation for Schwartz’ training? What hands on, practical experience has Schwartz actually had that qualifies him as an expert on OMCs? has Schwartz ever been a member of an OMC or any MC? Does Schwartz even ride a motorcycle? Because the very nature of OMCs and MCs is secretive, what supports the validity of Schwartz’or any so called OMC “expert’s” training?

    Because of the secretive nature of OMCs and MCs, any class room training would be based on a foundation of folklore, hearsay, tales told by those under duress or told by those with an ax to grind or a deal to make. Even those “experts” that were able to infiltrate an OMC or MC, were paid to do so and did so with an agenda that would certainly bias their point of view, and strip away any impartiality from their testimony or teaching syllabus.

    Training can not be built on a foundation of folklore, hearsay and the unverifiable, questionable tales of others. Experience must be hands on, anything less voyeurism.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  29. Jim666 Says:

    THESE fcks will drag this out till everyone ever involvedade dead of old age fuck these fucks,

  30. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Thanks for staying on this Rebel.

  31. Gandalf Says:

    “Rebel is taking on Fedzilla And I would be honored to catch a bullet aimed at you, brother. Fuck these bastards.” ” Is there not one law enforcement member left from Waco Texas with a conscious!” GIVE THEM HELL REBEL! You got it.

  32. Punisher Keeper Says:

    All in the name of control!! Fuck these fools.

  33. david Says:

    Due to Rebels’ real journalism, many of the interested public are being made aware of not only the large number of videos, but also the huge amount of chop, slice, and dice performed on them by the Waco criminal scum.

    The Reyna airplane is in a severe tailspin.

  34. ak rack Says:

    Let me guess: Barney Fife will testify some Monday in the future that ‘ through some “terrible mistake” he had pressed the wrong button on his dash cam and thus apparently cause a gap in the subpoenaed video recording . . . ‘

    Makes me feel young again . . .

  35. FF Says:

    They say in these parts a writer for the New York Sun had some balls for ruffling the feathers of Murder Incorporated’s Albert Anastasia, a story that inspired Marlon Brando’s Along the Waterfront, but damn is that all he did?

    Rebel is taking on Fedzilla And I would be honored to catch a bullet aimed at you, brother. Fuck these bastards.

  36. T Hell Says:

    In the US crime is and always has been separated by degrees, for example: murder is worse than jaywalking, assault is worse than shoplifting, robbery is worse than speeding, what, I ask you is worse associating with a motorcycle club or intentionally suppressing evidence that could exonerate an innocent man? What happened to protect and serve? Is there not one law enforcement member left from Waco Texas with a conscious, a higher duty? For all the LEOs that read this site and occasionally post is there not one that can have an intellectual dialogue on what is going on here?

  37. Sieg Says:

    Keep pushing, Rebel. There’s no one else out there that gives a good damn about some scooter-trash being killed.

    Except other scooter-trash.

    Those of us who were riding before it became a “hip lifestyle” remember the bad old days, when this kind of thing wouldn’t even have made the papers. Court was held in the street whenever the pigs thought they could make it fly.

    Hate to see it starting all over, but this time, it isn’t Deputy Dawg shotgunning a Brother off his sled in the middle of the night, it’s a planned, coordinated attack on the only people who really live the life-the so-called “outlaw” clubs.



  38. TML Says:

    Great article.

  39. Meh Says:

    Deception by omission is still deception and that should be hammered relentlessly until more video is forthcoming.

  40. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    “The investigation will continue for weeks , for months” commanding officer.
    In other words lets get our best guys on this to tweak and edit all the facts and story to the media and until we are 100% certain The story is to our liking , let’s keep this dark.

    Thank you Rebel. I don’t know who else would be picking this thing apart if you weren’t doin it.

    Respects to all the hardcore AR readers.

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