Biker Shootout Or Police Abuse

October 30, 2015

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Biker Shootout Or Police Abuse

Whoever released the video featured in a CNN report by correspondent Ed Lavandera yesterday titled “Knives, guns, blood and fear: Inside the Texas biker shootout” remains a stone cold whodunit.

Although cynics might take the caption in the upper right corner that read “Waco Police Department” for a clue, Waco police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton assured the Waco Tribune-Herald that the source that “leaked” the video was probably “an attorney who got it through discovery.”

Maybe. Not all of the defense attorneys in the case are Perry Mason, or even Clint Broden or, for that matter, Paul Looney. Some of them are Rob Swanton of the law offices of Swanton & Frederick who, coincidentally, is Patrick Swanton’s brother. Maybe he is the one defense attorney in the case who would be stupid enough to feed this story to CNN. The effect Lavandera’s “report” would have was practically foreordained. He deep throats the police version and brags that the video and documents he has been given “begin to tell the story of how a midday gunfight turned the parking lot of a Waco strip mall into a battle zone.”

“The Bandidos decide what other groups can operate in Texas and charge them dues. They insist that only dues-paying members can wear a ‘Texas’ patch on their jackets or vests” Lavandera lectures.


Lavandera has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. He explains that the term one percenter, “is part of biker lore that dates back to the 1960s: Someone supposedly said that 99 percent of bikers are law-abiding citizens, leaving the mayhem to the other one percent.” In fact, the term originated with remarks by E.C. Smith, who was then the Executive Secretary of the American Motorcyclist Association, who called participants in the so-called Hollister Motorcycle Riot in 1947 “outlaws” and asserted that they represented only “one percent” of the motorcycling community at most. But even if Lavendera just makes things up, he still speaks beautifully and convincingly. Which is what he is paid to do. And his facts are good enough for CNN which is to news as cable companies are to customer service.

The release of an edited version of a video that was described in some detail by The Associated Press on May 20, along with Lavendera’s exegesis, remained a dominant American story today for the simple reason that “if it bleeds it leads.” The Toronto Star reported it under the headline “Dramatic raw video shows Waco biker shootout.” The Sacramento Bee ran its account under the headline “New video shows wild Texas biker shootout that killed nine.”  The Telegraph in the United Kingdom grabbed readers’ attention with “Surveillance video emerges of deadly Texas biker gang gunfight.” Sky News informed readers “Video Shows Rival Biker Gangs In Shootout.” Maxim proclaimed, “The Police Footage From the Massive Waco Biker Shootout Is Insane. It’s like a scene out of Sons of Anarchy on steroids.” The Irish Mirror called it the “Waco biker shooting bloodbath.” The Huffington Post missed Swanton’s denial of police culpability and told its readers “Cops Release Surveillance Video Of Deadly Waco Biker Gang Shootout.”

It’s The Narrative Stupid

What the world is learning today from Ed Lavandera and all the rest of these broken tools is that  what happened in Waco last May 17 was a “biker gang shootout” just as Swanton and District Attorney Abelino Reyna have insisted it was all along.

“There are two ways this story can go,” a source close to multiple defense attorneys in the case said back in May. “The dominant narrative can either be ‘biker shootout’ or ‘law enforcement abuse.’” It is interesting that CNN obtained the video labeled “Waco Police Department” the day after the Dallas Morning News ran an editorial titled, “In Waco case, biker gangs earning more trust than prosecutors.”

Whoever leaked the video, the effect of CNN’s coverage is obvious. Nobody is talking about law enforcement abuse anymore.

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66 Responses to “Biker Shootout Or Police Abuse”

  1. JD Says:

    @Austin, Mike Smith and truth in the same sentence? What you been drinkin’?

  2. xplor Says:

    @ Mike Smith : You would be thinking of Jimmy Graves and Jeff Pike. It is not likely they would repeat the sins of George Wegers. We are close to the tenth anniversary of the last RICO this might be a second bite of the apple.

  3. Austin Says:

    ‘Complaining about each other won’t get any results.’

    Well Damn, isn’t that the truth Mike Smith!

  4. FF Says:

    @mike smith

    I dont know you or what angle you are playing and really dont care. I dont even care if your criticizers are also you….

    But I agree about the prisoners hating each other more, I see it, feel it touch every day on mass transit commute.

  5. Mike Smith Says:

    I have been criticized for championing a short story on Amazon in my comments. Well, it is just about the only thing in print that doesn’t have an appology in it. That would be except The Aging Rebel’s reportages.

    “The Waco Texas Biker Massacre” also has the potential to do something that no one else has done. It could inform people that have no contact with bikers or the LEO’s. It could put this into perspective for the folk.

    As it is, that short story is all that there is to explain “our side” of things.

    Every week, I write to various Reporters and Politicians and Novelists. All trying to get someone to take on the telling of this story.

    So here it is, if you don’t like that story, write one of your own and see how hard it is to get someone to read it.

    I spent a very long time in prison. While there I read a book, The Prisoners Self Help Litigation Manual. In the foreword the author told us all one thing: “The reason that the prison officials get away with so much, is that they know that as much as we hate them, we hate each other more.”

    Complaining about each other won’t get any results.

  6. xplor Says:

    The Coosacks in the video were looking at something they never expected was it the zombie apocalypse or an overwelming force of police.

  7. Gandalf Says:

    @ Thunderbird. Someone once said, “The world is ruled by the dead.” Law Students decided it means we are governed by Laws made by dead guys. Turns out the real meaning of the verse was “Those who inforce the Law, as they see it, are dead inside… A “human Machine”. But Hey, someone else once said “Ya gotta play the hand you were delt” And beer bar-b-cue and Pussy all smell like roses to me… Ignore the dead and Live… right up until you can’t. Enter Waco.

  8. Meh Says:

    Thunderbird wrote:
    “Will it take the people to restore justice?”

    Can’t restore what never systemically existed. It was cool to kill “niggers” until blacks protested, but that hasn’t stopped the practice though it’s somewhat controversial now.

    It’s still cool to kill bikers because white folks are mostly passive, conservative bitches and get a vicarious boner from pork murdering real men.

    It’s especially cool to kill bikers in Southern white trash states (I don’t care how rich they are, apples don’t fall far from their backward, vicious, degenerate trees) where the psychology is permanently toxic.

  9. david Says:

    Thunderbird, with respect…

    The TX attorney general, who represents the State, was recently indicted on three counts of fraud. Is the picture getting clearer?

  10. Thunderbird Says:

    Gandalf, you are no doubt an old timer and see what I see… automations running around following policies that make no sense but since they cannot think and ask questions on what is going on around them they just follow the script told them and unconsciously kill their fellow man.

    Christ said do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you. Automations are machines; human machines, so they have no understanding of what Christ said. Waco seems to be governed by human machines. Can’t deal with them through administrative law because they are not on the level and use administrative law to deflect action against their lawless deeds.

    There comes a time when people have to wake up and call a spade a spade. Unjust people in power positions that use their power unjustly have to be confronted and prosecuted for their abuse of the public trust.

    Where is the State in all this? Is Texas so corrupt that we no longer have honest men in public office? Due process is being denied in Waco. Where is the outcry from the State and Federal government? What has happened to the Justice system and the rule of law?

    Will it take the people to restore justice?

  11. RtC Says:

    Tooj, no doubt. Same goes to E.C.Vago & TX_Biker.
    FTF who are at the head of this whole travesty.
    T O S I A R

  12. Gandalf Says:

    This song goes out to .lol, the guys on the force and the DA’s office. “You didn’t think the Feds were going to take the rap for this .lol”

  13. martythe3 Says:

    How long did you think your $100 a chapter lie was going to last?
    Bad things do happen to bad boyz, wait your turn, I’m sure that you’ll reap your just rewards you lying cops deserve. Ruining lives comes with some heavy karma — they should teach this to ya’lls asses in piglet 101.

    This isn’t a movie.
    The facts are not yours to manipulate. They are God’s. Keep fucking with his facts.
    I hear you guys don’t fair too well doing a stretch — but begin stretching soon, you’ll need it.

  14. Dircetpressure Says:

    I think the video showed ONE thing-the police have lied from the beginning. The original narrative was that something happened inside & spilled into the parking lot. The video shows that’s not true. It ALL took place outside.

  15. Johnny D Says:

    The gun in the toilet was funny. The long gun with the tactical stock was in someone’s vehicle. The police did not allow the workers or customers to take their vehicles home before they were searched. All phones were seized and wiped. Several Twin Peaks employees complained on social media that they lost their jobs and could not find new ones because their phones and vehicles were being held. Then it all stopped.

  16. Dasein Says:

    RE Gandalf’s link: There are enough references to “police massacre” in the Waco Trib’s article to lay it out very clearly that even the most local press is no longer going to prop up the cops’ version. Time, which the Waco PD had apparently hoped would carry away the truth, is instead drying up their river of lies, and the bodies are still there, with the same, as yet secret, ballistic facts. It would appear the Waco PD has not only lost control of the local press, but also the public’s faith in “the integrity with which our criminal justice system has conducted itself.” It won’t be much longer.

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