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October 27, 2015

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Meanwhile In Oz

America’s testing ground in the Global War on Motorcycle Outlaws is Australia: As the Spanish Civil War was where the Nazis practiced for World War II.

Australia isn’t hogtied with a Bill of Rights so police there can be slightly more unreasonable than the police here are. The primary tool used to get bad guys on motorbikes in the state of Queensland is called the Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Act of 2013, or VLAD. Like Vlad the Impaler. The law, which was written with the advice of the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives makes it possible, for example, for police to detain someone who has the number “13” tattooed on his neck. And that is exactly what happened to a nice young couple of Australian tourists from the state of Victoria named Clayton Foelmli and Hayley Van Hostauyen. (Photo above.)

Australian news sources have reported that she is a 21-year-old preschool teacher and he is a 23-year-old member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club

Foelmli Says

The couple had just driven a rental car out of the Gold Coast Airport, south of Brisbane, when, according to Foelmi: “I have no club gear on at all. They simply seen me and my partner Hayley at a red light, noticed a 13 tattooed on my neck and pulled us over. Made us get out of car. I was strip searched on the side of a major freeway by four officers and told to get on the ground? Pfft! What a joke. Welcome to Queensland. As soon as we got pulled over I started recording because I have been advised to from a lawyer in case something like this may happen. The other female officer tells me I can’t film. Grabs me on the throat then pulls a Taser on me? For what? Executing my rights? After they worked out who I was after checking my ID, searching the car and all that the female officer in charge says to me, ‘We will make a deal with you. You delete that footage or else we will confiscate yours and your girlfriend’s phone for 28 days. So I unlocked my phone and the female officer in charge deleted the footage! Well lucky my phone saves deleted photos and videos.”

Van Hostauyen posted the video (below) on her Facebook page. As of this afternoon it has been viewed 2,833,790 times.

In the video, Foelmi asks if they were stopped because of his tattoos. “Yep, yep,” the cop relies. “You’d be aware we have legislation. If we identify a potential member of a criminal motorcycle gang we have the power to stop, detain and search you.”.

Good Cops

Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd of the Queensland Police Service said the young couple was harassed because, “There are numerous tattoos that are known through experience to be indicators of OMCG (Outlaw Motorcycle Club Gang) membership, and all I can tell you at this stage is that tattoo was one of those. It was coupled by other indicators upon interception about paraphernalia that relates to an outlaw motorcycle gang.”

Codd said the officers acted properly. The couple was released after being detained. So far, neither Foelmi nor Van Hostauyen have filed a formal complaint with police.

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  1. alan B'stard MP Says:

    Word is the internal Rebels MC shooting is re a member wanting to leave the club, and what getting grief from the club about it

    From the Sydney Morning Herald

    The price of leaving the Rebels: know nothing and owe nothing

    If you owed nothing and knew little, your transition out of the club would be a lot easier. It was when you held value that your path to “patch out” became risky.

    That was the experience of a former Rebels bikie gang member who got out of the brotherhood and lived to tell the story.

    Police believe his decision to leave the club is one now also being taken by other Rebels members.

    Among them is Rebels enforcer Ricky Ciano, who had his club tattoos removed and walked from the club.

    Tevita Daunibau was also on the way out when he shot Rebels bikie member Darren Wallace in the chest outside a Picton petrol station on Wednesday.

    As police then saturated the tiny town in the Macarthur region to hunt him down, Mr Daunibau calmly walked to a nearby creek and shot himself.

    It was an unusual show of violence in a town content to co-exist with the Rebels presence.

    “We know they are here but they don’t interfere,” one business owner said. “They just blend in.”

    The former ADF soldier’s brazen display of violence is believed to be linked to his path out of the club.

    Sources have told Fairfax Media Mr Wallace arranged to meet Mr Daunibau, potentially to talk about the terms under which Mr Daunibau would leave the Rebels.

    It is believed Mr Daunibau was a member of the Macarthur chapter. The chapter’s conflict with the leadership had reached a point where it had split from the Rebels club entirely, sources said.

    One former bikie who spoke to Fairfax Media on the condition of anonymity explained a member’s path out the door depended on knowledge, debts and any ill-will.

    “I have seen a lot of people leave over the years but they knew nothing and owed nothing,” he said. “So there is no reason to waste your energy or your time on doing something you may get caught for. ”

    He said bikes given to incoming members, who were required to pay them off, were repossessed and colours handed in.

    He also remembered one member being coughing up $10,000 to leave a chapter.

    “He honoured the deal and was let go.”

    However, hanging up the colours only to go on and wear the patch of another club would mean the former member would be targeted.

    Sometimes the exits turned ugly. Last year eight Rebels – linked to the powerful Liverpool and Penrith chapters – were arrested after the alleged kidnapping and torture of a chapter leader. At the time police alleged the torture was part of a violent ritual for members who left the outlaw bikie club on bad terms.

    The former Rebel said his time as a bikie – spanning years under Alex Vella’s rule – had “f–ked his life”.

    Despite that, he could still remember the good aspects, including always having a fat wallet.

    But the “downhill run” began when he looked at his colours hanging on his wardrobe one day and thought: “f–k, I’m not going to be here forever”.

    Years later he was out.

    He is not alone in believing the absence of Mr Vella’s leadership – “run a lot out of fear” – in the Rebels had crippled the club.

    Police say the Rebels are now “less disciplined and less co-ordinated” as Mr Vella’s absence left a leadership vacuum.

    Mr Vella was on holiday overseas last year when the federal government cancelled his Australian visa.

    Not long after the Rebels long-standing sergeant-at-arms Simon Rasic died of a heart attack, adding to the club’s leadership woes.

  2. alan B'stard MP Says:

    Quote MrBones

    ” They profiled anybody and everybody who was there. ”

    Of course. They always have done. Quite legal. Pity about their attitude though

  3. MrBones Says:

    The manner in which the NSW Police ‘Force’ (formerly known as NSW Police ‘Service’) execute the VLAD laws via Strike Force Raptor behind closed doors parallels bully tactics executed by the Gestapo. This is no exaggeration.

    I’ve a high school friend who is an ex (for over 2 years now) member of a 1%er club. A party was thrown at a local club for him. We were around 40 strong with old school mates and new faces, having a good time with no drama to be seen anywhere. Then SFR turned up with around 20 or so Police. Individually demanded to see our licenses (which they held unto) under the VLAD laws. In order to get your license back, you had to go into the dark alley way where there were other Police waiting to further interrogate you.

    The interrogation process went something like this: “Put yer hands on the wall and spread your fuckin legs” said the officer. “Officer, what do you mean? What exactly have I done?” I asked. “Get up against the wall or i’ll smash you in the fuckin head with this baton”. I was then slammed into the wall by one Officer whilst the other one laughed. After being frisked I was forcefully shoved to the next Police man who had a camera at the ready. He took a photo of my face whilst laughing. There was a Policeman entering all the information off my license into a laptop. I was then given my license back. They profiled anybody and everybody who was there.

  4. alan B'stard MP Says:

    Dogbreath. He is wrongly attributed at being the author of that statement.

  5. dogbreath Says:

    It’s not wrongly attributed if it is something he said. And just because he was talking about the Weimar Republic does not mean he did not learn, embrace and employ the methodology even as he was denouncing it – America is full of people right now advocating elements of fascism in the name of Freedom.

  6. alan B'stard MP Says:

    quote ”

    panamaa Says:
    October 28, 2015 at 4:24 am

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
    Adolf Hitler…

    Good read Rebel…


    wrongly attributed. Hitler was referring to how people can be easily fooled, using the Weimar republic experience. He was not talking about his personal beliefs and practices

  7. alan B'stard MP Says:


    ” As the Spanish Civil War was where the Nazis practiced for World War II.”

    Spanish nationalists stayed out of WW2 and with the exception of Guernica Nazis had nought to do with it

  8. alan B'stard MP Says:

    Australian cops are tied up by Magna Carta and the Bill of rights of 1688, both transferred to the colony

    You may be happy to know, 2 Rebels were shot dead in Picton, New South Wales today. The matter is an internal one. Appears the Rebels MC has no leadership talent now Vella is refused entry back into Australia, and they’re
    like a rudderless ship

    Rebels could be in trouble now the business manager ( read owner ) and paymaster is in exile. It may effect Rebels MC USA

  9. Like Mike Says:

    When you consider just how the Outback got started (a penal colony), They have sure came a long way.

  10. david Says:


    Abel (Reno) can’t even handle the tailspin his airplanes’ been in since about May 18th.

  11. FF Says:


    Sounds good, you first.

  12. Centurion Says:

    in America, I hear, FUCK the pigs, fuck the cops, fuck this, fuck that, fuck this fuck that, fuck fuck fuck fuck. STOP TALKING, Take action
    During the 1770s, when the government did the exact same thing, taking money, possessions, homes, land, HUMAN RIGHTS, as they felt fit, when they felt fit to do so, finally there was no more talk. There was action.
    If you continue to cower, there will be more WACO incidents.
    Fight for your rights and die. Or let them take all you have and die, or die in prison. With the first option, they too will suffer.

    Abel Reyna may have lead the way to complete and total control by the pigs.

    What was the phrase? United we Stand! Divided We Fall!

  13. panamaa Says:

    I like your narrative better… Let hope enough inches are gained to alter the course of the erosion present….

  14. Steel Says:

    It’s coming here to the USA. A lot of what is being done are test cases that little by little advance toward what Australia has. If the government can strip MCs of their freedom it would follow they can then strip anyone of their freedoms. This is a never ending battle against MCs. Stay vigilant.



  15. Meh Says:

    The US government doesn’t crack down on the cartels or secure the border, but they love to harass targets such as bikers. The Mafia owned many politicians and police (and likely still does in a more discreet way given they’ve been active for more than a century). The cartels have billions to spend so it’s not unreasonable to expect they also own some of our government.

    Remember Hoover went after hippie and leftists because he was an obvious queer and easy to blackmail. Owning a few strategic officials and lawmakers gives a lot of leverage.

    Check out “Cartel Land” (buy or torrent it, but give it a watch). The Mexican government is completely owned by gangsters yet the US, which spends billions to help secure borders worldwide does nothing serious to secure our southern flank.

    In particular watch how the Autodefensas were undermined by the Mexican government and their leader, Jose Mirelas, conveniently imprisoned. Then remember who TRAINED many Mexican governments!

    The US can keep UAVs over (overseas) AOs 24/7 but can’t be arsed to patrol our own border effectively so citizens in AX are trying to stem the tide. The only reasonable explanation is that the people CHOOSING to leave an open flank are getting paid or rewarded in other ways for selling the rest of us out.

    The Surveillance State is conspicuously absent where the public would benefit from border control. It’s busy telling us to worry about ISIL, the Boogey Man du jour, or paying local pigs to bust bikers (who don’t shoot cops) rather than cartel bangers who might be paying off their bosses and might well plink pigs.

  16. Whitepride Says:

    You know the feds watched this video and are just drooling with envy at being able to legally do this!

  17. Base Says:

    Recently meet a fellow “David” on the road. He is an Aussie riding his 65 Pan from Cali to the East Coast then going to Europe to ride Spain, France couple other places that escape me now.

    We met at a gas fill up and being it was a chilly day I offered to buy him a cup-o-jo and some hot food.

    As we talked I mentioned would like to visit Australia. He smiled & said visit but don’t stay, mainly because it is so expensive & over regulated.

    He said some of the simple things he had been doing here he would have been arrested for down under, like camping in say a Wal-Mart parking lot. He did say possibly just harassed and pushed along, but more than like arrested and charged with something so he would have to go before a court, serve time & be fined.

    Maybe Australia is off my list of places to visit

    Eye on your 6

  18. Johnny D Says:

    The House Transportation and Infrastructure unanimously passed the new highway funding bill. It funds highway costs for six years but also contains language that prohibits federal funds being used for motorcycle only checkpoints. The Senate bill has similar language. John Boehner has promised to pass budget and funding bills before he leaves office. What is happening in Australia is insane. These are people who passed a gun ban and then lined up cheerfully to turn in their weapons.
    We need to keep up the fight.

  19. popeye Says:

    The same can be said about regaining control. Jefferson said ‘the ground of liberty is to be gained by inches, that we must be contented to secure what we can get from time to time, and eternally press forward for what is yet to get.’”

  20. troll 1% Says:

    @ BMW I have,generations lost,family from Ireland that live in Oz compliments of P.O.M.E. that stands for “prisoner of mother England” .The worlds largest “penal colony”.Fuck Alcatraz !!! F.T.A.

  21. BMW Says:

    Australia has obviously NOT advanced beyond the prison gulag that the British created so many years ago. For many years, deportation to Australia was THE way in which British LEO rid Great Britain of undesirables.

    All prisons depend on “trustees”, in one form or another, to maintain the officials’ control of the population. In Oz, the scum clearly floated to the top, as the most criminal elements in Oz seized control of Oz society in a coup several decades ago.

    Independent thought and action is a constant threat to control over any population. Ironically, an independent, creative and inexpensively filmed movie has provided the current corrupt wardens in control of the gulag of Australia with a “Hollywood” rationale for extending their controls over “their” citizens. The wizards of Oz are still trying to hide behind the green curtain. In this era, rather than a threat of a wicked witch to the west, they have used a bogus “threat” of apocalyptic “motorcycle gangs” as an excuse to eliminate many of the civil rights that Australian citizens once achieved, reducing the population once again to the status of state prisoners.

    The current Oz rulers, who inherited their positions from those who seized power in the illegal coup back in the sixties and seventies, find their grasp on control seriously threatened again. The “official response” to the spurious “threat” of Mad Max motorcycle movies come to life is the further restriction of civil liberties FOR ALL AUSTRALIANS, except for trustees of course. There is no REAL threat to the public from motorcycle clubs in Australia. In fact the Australian LEO just want to keep the privileges of prison trustees, as they continue to serve the interests of foreign interests.

    The import of fake experts like Stevie the Cookiestealer and “foreign advisors” like the American ATF (which has proven itself completely impotent to actually control the export of heavy weapons to the international drug cartels; collection of tobacco and alcohol taxes or anything else) just demonstrates that the corrupt bosses in Oz still regard their citizens as dangerous criminals or animals in a zoo. These international criminals in control of Australia will do anything and everything to retain control over the honest citizens.



    Prisons depend on “tru

  22. panamaa Says:

    “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
    Adolf Hitler…

    Good read Rebel…


  23. Road Whore Says:

    Damn hell you say! I guess I’d better start wearing long sleeves to cover up my 13 tattoo…NOT!

    Fuck any such idiotic nonsense as the international fedbeast is attempting to perpetrate on us.

    Organize; utilize every legal measure possible to resist and to fight back; file lawsuits every chance you get.

    Ride Free

  24. Lost Cause Says:

    Flying colors in several parts of Oz is almost unheard of. Soft colors will get you stopped as well. They can now stop you for ink, and in a cage at that? Australia is now #2 on the list of places I won’t visit, Waco being #1, of course.

  25. tiopirata Says:

    1938 is calling, they want their Nazis back.
    In my experience Queensland is as bad as it gets, right down to special prisons for “bikies” Think fascist Germany. The laws promulgated there in recent years are more then just coincidentally similar to pre WW2 Germany, the resemblance is disturbing indeed.
    Australia is also complicit in the biggest genocide of modern times, having already practiced apartheid at home they now arm and encourage the Indonesians in the massacre of the West Papuans, 704,000 dead so far. Anyone who believes Hitler cant happen again is deluded. USA, UK and Australia, the axis of evil.
    Support your local 1%ers, the frontline is where we are.
    Tio Pirata 1%er

  26. Paladin Says:

    Australia as a whole is an excellent place to stay away from.


  27. Meh Says:

    In future it will be wise to operate with no visible ink and become the “gray man” rather than a target.

    Countries other than the US have no tradition of freedom and no real civil rights. They have sheep for citizens and many are fine with living under oligarchs. Unfortunately the US is going down the tubes as well.

  28. david Says:

    Following the yellow brick(money)road to OZ, will expose the real criminal control freaks pulling the levers behind the curtain.

  29. Sieg Says:

    Coming soon to gulag-amerika. Welcome, Zek!


  30. Wrench Says:

    It’s coming. The dickhead cops/feds here, with the help of Washington, are working hard to find a way to get those kind of laws here. Think what they would do to us here. Summer time, poker run or rally, short sleeves or no sleeves. They would see any ink as club ink just to FUCK with anyone who rides with and MC.

  31. popeye Says:

    Dan marino #13 or Kurt Warner #13 better not wear their jerseys to oz

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