Waco Day 164

October 27, 2015

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Waco Day 164

Today the Dallas Morning News published an editorial under a headline that read in part, “biker gangs earning more trust than prosecutors.”

“Right after the May 17 motorcycle-gang shootout in Waco,” the editorial squeaks, “this newspaper’s inclination was to believe law enforcers’ account that the nine deaths and 22 injuries were the result of hardened criminal thugs waging a deadly turf battle. But the longer this bizarre case plays out, the more credible the bikers look, and the more it appears that McLennan County officials have something to hide.”

If you think you get through the Morning News’ obvious insights without falling down laughing you can read the complete editorial here.


Yes, officials in Waco have something to hide. Consider the polecam that went up at seven that morning. The camera surveyed the entire patio area and the adjacent parking lot. The video it recorded has still not been released because “McLennan County officials” are hiding it.

McLennan County Criminal District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna saw the video 164 days ago – about three hours after the shooting stopped. That was the moment Reyna decided not to charge anybody with murder but to charge 182 people with being members of a gangster conspiracy instead. Maybe in another 164 days the Dallas Morning News will belt down a couple of doubles and muster the courage to wonder out loud what the polecam video shows. It certainly doesn’t show “Bandidos executing Cossacks” because if it did somebody would have been charged with murder about 161 days ago.

This was obviously a contrived confrontation. During his bond hearing, Cossacks McLennan County chapter president John Wilson, told a judge named Ralph Strother, “Waco PD had come to my motorcycle shop several times in the month prior telling me that there had been threats towards us.”

Wilson’s attorney, Mike White, told Strother he had learned that Waco police “actually advised him to begin a dialogue to try to lower the tension that had been preceding this event (the May 17 Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting) for numerous weeks…They suggested that he either go to this meeting or start some dialogue or start having sit-downs with opposing motorcycle clubs.” It is obvious the Cossacks had no idea of how to do that. Someplace, somehow, somewhere the Cossacks senior members, or “Nomads” thought it would be a good idea to get there early and claim all the chairs and parking spaces. Most established clubs would have been more subtle.

Where’s The Story

There are still multiple, valid lines of journalistic investigation left to this story. One is, “Who set this up and how?” Waco police and Department of Public Safety officers obviously anticipated a confrontation and it is plausible that they, and whoever advises them about how to handle biker cases, thought it would go something like the brawl between members of the Hells Angels and Vagos Motorcycle Clubs in Sparks, Nevada in September 2011. Combatants there were charged with “Invitation to an Affray.” There are multiple reasons to suspect that the police invited the Cossacks to this affray. And police hoped to memorialize the event which was why they installed a pole camera that morning.

The video from that camera would answer a second, common sense question, “How many people did the police kill?” The answer to that partly depends on what the meaning of “kill” is. Police shot some of the dead. Some of them they shot and then let bleed out. Some of them may have been shot by somebody other than the police and then the police let them bleed to death.

Another related question is, “What is the point of the gag order” that prevents everyone involved in this massacre, hypothetically including Abel Reyna, from talking about what happened that day. There are multiple civil cases unfolding and as long as the gag order is in place none of the public officials who have controlled the case so far can be deposed.

However, those civil cases continue to shed light on the Twin Peaks Massacre.


At almost the same hour Abel Reyna discovered he did not have video evidence that would have enabled him to charge any Cossacks or Bandidos with murder, fledgling politician W. Patrick Swanton began vilifying the Twin Peaks restaurant. “What happened today could have been avoided if we would have had management at a local establishment listen to their police department and assist us,” Swanton lied. “They failed to do that, and this is the event that happened.”

It can be inferred that Swanton was lying because he had already seen the polecam video and he had already learned that most of the detainees would be charged with Engaging in Organized Crime rather than something like murder or conspiracy to commit murder. On May 21 Swanton bragged he couldn’t wait to show the public and press “what truly happened.”

“You will eventually see what happened at Twin Peaks,” he promised. “I’ve seen it…. It was horrible.”

Twin Peaks Motion

Now the Twin Peaks is starting to fight back. In a motion filed October 21, in the Don Carlos restaurant lawsuit against the Waco Twin Peaks, the Twin Peaks argued “The criminal conduct of third parties is the cause of any harm that Plaintiff (Don Carlos) claims in this case.”

What the Twin Peaks is asking the court to do is to assign a portion of the blame for what happened that day to identifiable third parties. Those third parties would include everyone who was there that day who might be found guilty of a crime. The motion also specifically asks the court to name “the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Waco Police Department (collectively ‘Law Enforcement’) as responsible third parties.”

Of course nobody can talk about what happened that day because Abel Reyna’s old law partner has decreed that nobody can talk. So the public has no right to know.

Here’s the news. After 164 days official Waco isn’t just covering up anymore. Waco officials are now burying their heads in the sand. And, sooner or later one of them is going to have to come up for air. Probably.


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  1. Kenny 1% Says:

    Rebel you and only u report on this from the side of the clubs. The rest want headlines. Thank god u want answers. Keep going till the world sees the thruth. The cops set this whole thing in motion. They did the killing. Or else the videos would be every where. Sad but true. Thank u for your efferts.

  2. BD Says:

    Iron rider you are correct. As former member of a national club I have seen this first hand. It has the stink of the Feds all over it, but they are hiding in the background. Years ago, one of my brothers & I were having a beer at a bar when local pd came in and said they needed to talk to us. They said they had just stopped a van with members of another national club & a lot of camera equipment in it. Pictures of our homes they said. We stepped away for a moment, then back & told them we had nothing to say to them. It turned out there were ATF infiltrators in our club. It was all about their trying to instigate a confrontation between us & the other club and letting their agents observe us arming ourselves (you hear motherfuckers are looking at your home & family what do you do?) long story short, it all came out in the federal indictments several months later. These fucks are the sorriest pieces of shit God ever let breathe. It’s all over now but just beginning for these poor bastards & their families. Stay strong. This too shall pass. And don’t hold your breath to see any of these lying pieces of shit brought down. It’ll probably never happen.

  3. moonshiner Says:

    Cops always say they do things to keep people safe, and to “protect and serve”. Well if that’s really the case, and they expected trouble, how come there wasn’t a line up of ambulances waiting to assist the injured? They let these people bleed to death because dead people can’t speak. I can’t believe the ACLU isn’t screaming “bloody murder”

  4. Just a Biker Says:

    Was catching up on some old things, i have been following through the year. Here is one i looked in on. This from AgingRebel.com 257 People at the shootout at the Waco Twin Peeks Bar and B.B.Q. 177 arrested/ 3 @ $50,000 bail… All the rest @ $1,000,000, Bail. None made Bail. Yet 153 made O.R. With ankle tracking. Aug. 2015. Now only 22 still on ankle monitoring… 0 Arrests!!! 9 People Still Dead???? No Charges filed???? “AT All.” The rest being released? Under a gag Order?? Something real shitty going on there.. I really hope it sees the light of day… That, and everyone caught in the normal lie. “OMG’s are vicious gangs.” But on the other hand not all M/C’ are bad.??? “What the fuck”???????? HUH???” The cops shoot 9 people in the head “Sniper style” Then the State and local LEO’s say is was Hard core executions of club members, to then hide them and charge, hard headed young ass, club members, just cuz they dumb ass’s and are looking to earn there stripes… LEO set it all up and played all sides against the middle.. Leo Wins, fucks up 177 people of the republic of TX… lives, and “Makes” them sign a gag order of what “NOT to Tell What” Really happened. Just to get out of jail.. I am real proud of those that have not signed. They should Sue, Get released free, and make movies, write books, and everything else, that they may and can do, To get their reputations back!!!! Good Luck to you all still in jail, with no real charges, other then “Probable cause?” 165 days later!!!!! I wish the very best for all of you!!!!!. Me is, “Just another biker!”

  5. VAGO 1%er Says:

    and now I suppose the experts like Steve Cockbreath Cook, Jorge Gil-Dildo, Fuckhead Falco and Jay Curlybeard will come crawling out like cockroaches and have to weigh-in again to claim their few minutes of fame.

  6. Rebel Says:

    Dear Gandalf,

    Oh great. Now the fucking FBI is going to investigate me again.


  7. Gandalf Says:

    That Darn “Pallando” comes from The Lord of the Rings. He is the “BLUE” Wizard. LOL

  8. FF Says:

    LMFAO somebody cough cough PALLANDO cough just got pantsed in front of the girls locker room.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear Pallando,

    Number one, don’t categorize what I report as claims. That’s rude. I don’t just make things up. That would be Amy White and the Motorcycle Profiling Project.

    Second, it is really stupid of you to expect me to discuss my methods and sources in the comments section. Send me an email with your real name. Maybe we’ll talk.

    Third, I don’t know what you doubt. That there was a pole cam? When it was erected? What it shows. I’ll say this, here in the comments section to somebody who refuses to speak to me privately and identify himself: According to court documents, both the polecam video and the dash video from Officer Bucher’s car are still “pending analysis” and have not yet been released. Why do you think that is? Do you know where Bucher was parked? Why do you think those two videos have been suppressed?

    Look pal, I ran a Texas DPS report, almost in full, on October 14 under the title “Texas DPS Version.” Go back and read that story again.

    Be sure to read the direct quotes from the report that say:

    “It was at that May 14 meeting that the DPS agents “decided that the use of the department’s drop camera would be beneficial to supplement Special Agents (sic) ability of physical surveillance.”

    “On the morning of 05-17-15 at approximately 7:00 A.M., Special Agent Frost deployed the DPS CID covert camera. The camera was placed in the public right-of-way and was positioned to capture the patio area of Twin Peaks.”

    Click the donate button on your way out. I just pray to God you aren’t somebody’s lawyer.


  10. shovelNY Says:

    the deck is stacked in the governments favor here.thank you Rebel for keeping the pressure on.
    everyday citizens are starting to realize whats going on with the paramilitary police
    read this

  11. Pallando Says:

    Can you cite a source for your polecam claims? Asking for a friend.

  12. 55 Says:

    Yes this trial will indeed be held before the year 2099 with all the incriminating evidence surely on display. Either that or the year 2199. Yes indeed.

  13. Base Says:

    Holy shit! Swanton actually told the truth when he stated:

    “You will eventually see what happened at Twin Peaks,” he promised. “I’ve seen it…. It was horrible.”

    Yes it was mouth piece, yes it was!

  14. david Says:

    The civil and constitutional rights attorneys after hearing and reading how badly the Waco slime screwed up.

    Captain Beefheart- I’m Gonna Booglerize You Baby (1972) on the tube

  15. TML Says:

    Hear that?

    That is the sound of LE tilting.

  16. TX_Biker Says:

    Thank you Rebel for the excellent reports here at AR. The rest of the media could learn a lot from you about integrity in reporting.

  17. Gandalf Says:

    If I were a part of Reyna’s crew I would be preparing to run. Bank Accounts, Fake ID, $, destination ect. Shake the bush and watch them fly. The second that pole vid hit Youtube I’d be gone. Heck I might hit the bank on the way out…LE should be able to pull that job. Good work Rebel. Meh +2

  18. Dasein Says:

    This hopefully means something. The fact that the Dallas paper is willing to publicly about-face right now probably shows where the real power is at this point. See “rats and sinking ships”.

  19. Drew151 Says:

    Thanks to AR for keeping this story current ! I am not a hard core biker but a motorcycle enthusiast with associates who are actual bikers. What has consistently occurred to me all of these months since the Waco incident is that through the lack of transparency in this tragedy, the law enforcement community is creating an environment in which the average person like myself asks himself “Is this the standard M.O. for the police, to do whatever they like and wait for the commotion to die down and move on to the next case and do the same” ! Indirectly, LE is helping hard core bikers because they are causing regular citizens to ask themselves what exactly is so bad about bikers who generally mind their own business ! Most citizens don’t have much contact with bikers but ALL are bound to be stopped by a police officer who may or may not be obeying the law ! This is an important case on many levels …theanks for being diligent AR !

  20. The Great One Says:

    Waco I – Ruby Ridge – Waco II
    and …. how many countless others.. the State will assert it’s authority whether lawful or not. CoC – it is coming.. the smoke screen is getting thicker.. Save the Patch.. they just keep coming.. Is there any news on young Mr. Martinez?

  21. WJL Says:

    In case some of my new friends do not know Sons of Liberty RC are the creators of the All for 1 Rallies that have been taking place in Waco Texas.
    Our small Club is all About the Constitution and the Rights of the People which includes us Bikers. You may find us anywhere where the peoples rights are being trampled on. Twinn Peaks got our immediate attention.
    We were at our Region 2 TCOCI meeting in Arlington when we got the news of the attack at TP. Everyone was in shock, these meetings have been going on for deceased without incident.
    When we got home and turned on the News There was Sgt Swanton of Waco PD. Within minutes came the lies and innuendos. The media local and national who thrives on sensationalism took every word and repeated it as if it were gospel.
    I’ve been a political activist for over a decade. I know the power of the media and I also know the power of social media. I felt we could not let these lies and the picture that was being painted by Law Enforcement go unanswered.
    I decided we should go into the belly of the beast Waco using our 1st Amendment right to peaceably protest and seek redress. We asked our club members for a name and All for 1 Rally & Protest was born. Our permit was the Constitution which I’ve used in many other protest over the past decade.
    Our 1st Protest was a silent protest yahoo news said there was a thousand in attendance. We made sure Waco PD knew the news media and HBO film crews was embedded with us as a layer of protection.
    The emphasis of each and every protest is “We Are Not Criminals” “We Have The Right To Peaceably Assemble”. We have now done 4 protests, 3 in Waco, 1 In Austin.
    We go back to Waco on the 15th of November Sgt Swanton has had his 15 min of fame. Now he wants to use us Bikers to catapult him into the Sheriffs Office in McLennan county.
    Today 10/16/15 we go into our Studio to produce a podcast directed at the people of Waco. We want to give them our side of the story and explain we are not the Criminals LE and in particular Sgt Swanton says we are…
    In order to get this video out to as many Waco residents as possible we are going to run and ad in the local paper directing them to the video podcast using what funds we can raise. So far we’ve raised $400 we need $800 for a 1/4 page ad. Its expensive since this is considered a political ad. We are a small Club our funds are limited. If you can help go to All For 1 on Facebook and donate if you can…
    Thanks for reading if you made it this far….LOL
    Lets Roll,
    Butch Moss
    President Sons Of Liberty Riders RC
    US Defender Commander Region 2


  22. BMW Says:

    Strangely, the attorneys have decided to sue the restaurant, which by all accounts is an innocent bystander in the ambush set up by criminal elements of the Whaco Injustice Industry. This may be just an opening salvo, as the restaurant argues the usual SODDI defense that “some other dude did it”. I fervently hope that the defendants successfully implead those actually responsible for the ambush, mass-murder and subsequent mass imprisonment of innocent witnesses.

    However, the Injustice Industry of Whaco has already weathered the original “Waco Massacre”, by observing how the FBI-ATF assassination team avoided prosecution for the deliberate murder of innocent children by strictly controlling the flow of information until the public moved on to a different scandal.

    In this case, because of the number of victims, not just of the ambush and mass-murder, but also the illegal seizures of cell phones, automobiles and motorcycles, and the subsequent improper arrests, the criminal conspiracy who held control over the event may be unable to completely control the flow of information. I am absolutely sure that they are calling in all favors from helping conceal the original Whaco Massacre, but corrupt local persecutors just don’t have the reach of Janet Reno. (and federal officials have changed — current officials won’t worry as much about keeping the feces of a previous generation covered up)




  23. TX_Biker Says:

    How can they bury their heads in the sand when they have their heads firmly lodged in their collective asses?

  24. ak rack Says:

    Meh +1

  25. FF Says:

    Swanton you swine piece of shit

  26. Meh Says:

    Civil libertarians owe Rebel a debt of gratitude for helping spotlight Waconian piggery.

    I don’t have an idealistic view of any group, bikers or anyone else, because virtue doesn’t scale. Vice, the evil kind with victims, DOES scale and the Surveillance State is evil because it is a threat to the liberties of everyone including the people who keep it going. (Fascist, Communist, and other totalitarian systems eat their own while chowing down on everyone else.)

    Only public outrage can counter government oppression and there will be little outrage where there is little awareness. Rebel is what an investigative reporter should be. Keep fighting the good fight.

  27. Road Whore Says:

    Rebel, thank you for staying on this, for continuing to shine righteous light on an evil that the fedbeast would see covered in darkness.

    I hope every corrupt bastard cop there loses everything they hold dear.

    Ride Free

  28. Brad Milch Says:

    With each minute of every day that has crawled by since the ambush of dozens of Twin Peaks patrons in Waco, the murder of 9 of them plus the wounding of dozens more the entire sordid affair begins to morph into the exploits of English pirate Sir Francis Drake, his Queen (Elizabeth I) & King Phillip of Spain (the big boss Drake kept ripping off & sharing the goodies with Elizabeth). The more I study the history of Drake & his role in the defeat of the massive Spanish Armada near the Isle of Wight in 1588, the more Reyna’s face appears in Drake’s armor.

    Drake was known for sharing what he stole on the high seas with Elizabeth. This put him in an excellent position to catch some serious royal pussy while she protected his name & honor. Elizabeth knighted Drake & appointed him to Vice Admiral of the British navy. When Drake died a couple of years before 1600, he was worth $120 million dollars+. One can imagine how much he gave Elizabeth I.

    Reyna is also being protected. Like Drake, he has already stolen: not ships & treasure, but vehicles, bikes, jobs, extorted excessive bonds & committed other acts of tyranny against a group of people he has not charged with a specific crime that he can prove they did. Reyna has defied the Texas Attorney General several times.

    In Drake’s day, when a king wanted a piece of his ass for plundering royal ships & treasure, that king had to send his army & navy to travel to Drake’s country & wage war. Drake was protected by his Queen too much for Spanish rewards offered on the high seas or in countries to be effective.

    Reyna’s territory lies between Waco & McLennan County, Texas. An area of Texas President Kennedy told an aide on the day his brains were blasted out of his head was “nut country”. Jim Morrison might have described the area as, “The future’s uncertain & the end is always near”. The place suits him, like a swimmer’s beach suits sharks.

    I believe Reyna & his crew have already achieved their goal: slander the names of the citizens attending their routine motorcycle safety & regulations meetings as organized criminal thugs, steal their transportation, destroy their cell phone evidence & piss on their attorneys when their clients have been enslaved. Murder some of them & shoot up some of the others. Destroy their meeting place. Make the public afraid of bikers. Hide under the umbrella of laws while bearing false witness that, ‘the bikers started it’. Plus make some coin off of it all. Those tailor made court suits aren’t cheap.

    Yep, Drake’s exploits are all right there in Waco if one takes the time to refresh on history. It stares them in the face. It’s all coming around again, this time without a Queen to protect a favorite pirate. What’s protecting Reyna is much worse. Each piss he takes on Americans & their bill of rights over this Waco slaughter of life & related atrocities, he has company at the stalls that are worse than he is.

    As a Rebel loyalist, I’m striving for the day all their trousers are soaked from their own dirty, disgusting deeds. If Reyna’s karma eventually catches up to him, I will relish the possibility that it was Rebel’s blood, sweat & tears that turned it around for the little D.A. nazi with the shaved head, suffering from ‘little man’ syndrome.

  29. david Says:

    The Waco scum buried themselves.

  30. IronRider Says:

    While it is nice to see that some media are starting to raise their own questions about just what occurred in the Twin Peaks parking lot that day, it’s astonishing that it has taken them this long to start to question law enforcement’s version of the events that day. The media should have been questioning it long ago when Reyna was allowed such an overboard and unjust gag order over so many to allow the damage control to begin.

    Let’s start with before the events at Twin Peaks took place. We have law enforcement running around and telling different MC’s “Hey there is trouble breaking, you better make calls and get this shit under control…it’s a powder keg”
    So here we have law enforcement acting on so called “inside info” that this meeting was gone turn into something more. Really? Did they pull out the magic 8 ball to come up with that gem. Look we all know the MC’s aren’t going to go out of their way to tell Law Enforcement their business within their club or outside of it. It isn’t a mastery that what that bottom rocker spells out can cause tension between MC’s, but we all know that the MC’s didn’t show up at Twin Peaks looking to have a huge shootout either.

    So Law Enforcement was out running around to various MC’s spouting off their so called “intelligence” (and I use that word very loosely) and telling MC’s what a powder-keg this is and yada yada yada, so really they were out their hyping a meeting btwn clubs into something bigger than what it was.

    Now if Law enforcement was putting all this effort into hyping it up to the MC’s imagine for a moment what they were saying to other law enforcement agencies and not only that to the people and businesses in Waco. They ran around to restaurants and other businesses and told them the same story they told the MC’s oh powder keg and it will blow here, shun the MC’s and turn em away or it will be devastation for us all… think of the children!

    So there wasn’t even a fire yet and law enforcement was already running around and pouring as much gas as they could around… just in case a fire broke out. So Law enforcement before hand thought to stick up cameras to capture all this and have a ton of different law enforcement agencies there with high powered assault weapons on hand and who were probably hyped up and told what a powder keg this was going to be and be on high alert to shoot to kill if all hell breaks loose. Shoot first ask questions later mantra seems to have been the orders that day.

    This would seem like law enforcement went to Waco and Twin Peaks with the worst intentions at the forefront looking for a fight. Were their tensions btwn MC’s sure, but this meeting was organized by the committee, it wasn’t some accidentally letting of bike gangs and it wasn’t a recruitment drive as the police made it out to be.

    Remember Law Enforcement’s mouth piece said it was the bikers from different MC’s that started to fight and they brought out guns, knives and clubs and that it was the MC’s who were shooting ” and that no law enforcement personnel were injured in the shooting”. Could that have been because law enforcement personnel were the ones doing the shooting? Well not if you believe law enforcement mouth pieces it wasn’t.

    Honestly if rival MC’s were going to duke it out, they sure wouldn’t be dumb enough to have it this day, when law enforcement was hyped up and looking for any excuse to fire away, they didn’t bring SWAT teams their because they liked the apple pie, they planned to bring them, and this is before any member of an MC set foot in Waco that day.

    Let’s talk about the spin that started immediately after. This was a one sided conversation, 9 bikers from various MC’s are killed and not long after ( with no investigation ) law enforcement declares it was the bikers killing bikers and the police were there to save the day and save the public from the travesty. And this is with law enforcement telling the media the situation is still fluid and there are more bikers headed to Waco for revenge and think of the children.,.. the children damn it!

    So right away the law enforcement PR machine and damage control was in high gear, the media were kept well away from any bikers ( heaven forbid they should ask a biker what occurred ) Nope Law enforcement was busy spelling how danger is still imminent and occurring and more bikers are headed to Waco to extract revenge and destruction.. so stay way… far away! And that is exactly what they did, kept the media away and away from asking the bikers what happened.

    Coincidence, nope! You control the media, you control the story. Then law enforcement started spinning the story of how this was the Twin Peaks managements fault they encouraged and welcome trouble and in a way participated in allowing these nine MC members to be killed, yes their fault ( even though the Twin Peaks management at this location stated they have never really had trouble with the bikers at any of the events held there at their location before (wow, how can law enforcement have go it so wrong, must be an elaborate cover up by all the MC’s)

    So after it is all said and ton, law enforcement decides Ooops, we don’t want any Bikers talking to the media and telling what they saw us do.. Hey, what if we have my old pal who happens to be a judge hold every biker who was there at Twin Peaks bail at a mil a piece, that will give us time to further hatch a story that works and keep the media on our side and we can still say danger is in the air and it.s Waco, Twin Peaks and all the MC’s fault.

    SO a blanket gag order is brought down and peoples constitutional rights are denied because law enforcement word is god and everyone else are just blasphemers. A high bail amount is given that Law enforcement knows will be tough for bikers to meet, then you have jailed bikers who are rattling the bars because they were there, and it mattered not that they were involved in any altercation, everyone gets locked up. Yes lets not let that innocent before proven guilty thing get in the way, your rights… not in Texas pal.

    Nope involved, not involved lets lock em up anyway, meanwhile mere hours after the shooting law enforcement is telling the media how the bikers were shooting at them and that their crack investigation ( sans any forensics, video footage witness accounts etc were taken ) nope it was all the bikers fault, that we had an army of law enforcement personnel and various SWAT teams on hand is just a mere coincidence (nothing to see here, just move along).

    The Media more often than not takes law enforcement at their word (almost if Jesus had walked up himself and farted this out for them) Now that all this time has passed and Reyna and co are desperate to keep video witness statements, forensics , autopsy information , ballistics information, reports of who fired what and how many times and from where all has been suppressed and the media never thought a ting of it, until 5 months later, and now they are wondering WTF?

    Members of different MC’s sitting rattling the bars for no other reason hat they were there and they have an association or a patch that they belong to an MC. Apparently the rights afforded to all citizen’s and non citizen’s in the constitution doesn’t mean a lot if your sworn to uphold the laws in the U.S.A. Those rights are only there and only valid if law enforcement say’s so.

    If you ever wonder who everyday citizens are wary more and more of law enforcement and are taping encounters other people have with law enforcement and even their own encounters, it is because law enforcement abuses their power more and more. If you have a run in with law enforcement and you have no witnesses, no video to support your version of events, whose side do you think the court will take? This is even worse if you have a patch on your back.

    There is no innocent until proven guilty, now it is you are guiolty till you can prove your innocence. The massive effort to keep ujnder wraps the massacre at Twin Peaks is just another example of how the blue wall is alive and well and how your rights are being violated everyday.

    The more the people on the law enforcement that try to hide what exactly occurred on the law enforcement side and the decisions made way before this shooting of 9 innocent people occurred and the decisions made afterward and ongoing forward will give people a real sense of who the real criminals are here.

    This case will go on and on and law enforcement will pull out all the stops to thwart defendants their counsel, the families of the victims and other innocent people from learning the truth of what really occurred. It will come out through it always does.

    Not only will the truth come out but so will the civil suits for those responsible for the deaths of nine people who died because of law enforcement’s own over aggression and whipping their members into a frenzy and making them on edge and ready to kill.

    The bikers that were locked away and have done nothing will sue and as they should, this fiasco perpetrated by law enforcement is going to cost taxpayers of Waco and Texas ten’s of millions of dollars, you can count on it.

    You can also count on law enforcement to continue to deny, deflect and delay the truth from being let out, and victims from getting the justice they deserve and those who are really responsible from being punished for the crimes they committed that day.

  31. Paladin Says:

    Due to its buoyancy, the truth will rise to the surface. However, the question remains: What to do with those that bury the truth?

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. NOS4A2 Says:

    You are going down Swanton you stupid fuck! You backed the wrong team dumbass. Nobody is going to be there for you. You’re the sacrificial lamb honey boy. You’re expendable. The good ol’ boys, the shot callers are gonna feed you to the hogs. Their kind runs to cover their own asses pal. Kill yourself now while you have the chance.

    “See how they run likes pigs from a gun”

  33. T Hell Says:

    Questions, questions, questions, when it is finally revealed that the 9 bikers killed and the majority of the 18 injured all suffered from wounds caused by FNs or m16s, the goose-stepping media will be faced with the question that they can no longer ignore, how is this possible if the police only fired 12 rounds?


  34. NCRider Says:

    But Rebel is talking and many are listening. Thank you Rebel for NOT fitting in with the mainstream media. Waco and the state of Texas need to pay for what they have done! I can’t wait for their air to run out.

  35. Bone Head Says:

    Rebel; I apologize for it but you wrote”…After 164 days official Waco isn’t just covering up anymore. Waco officials are now burying their heads in the sand. And, sooner or later one of them is going to have to come up for air. Probably…”

    Then those officials are breathing through their asses?


  36. Freeman Says:

    Time and not being a good little doggie will go a long way on this one, to rule bullies need cooperation from their victims for their story to stick, you dont cooperate you are not a victim, and they get exposed for the machiavellic moraless cunt that they are.

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