Jenkins Gets Life

October 22, 2015

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Jenkins Gets Life

Andre “Li’l Bear” Jenkins was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole by Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon for the murders of Kingsmen Motorcycle Club members Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski outside the club’s North Tonawanda, New York clubhouse in the early morning hours of September 6, 2014.

Sources, speaking anonymously, have described Jenkins as a former striker, or prospective member, of the Volusia County, Florida chapter. The club has nine chapter in Florida as well as nine chapters in New York and chapters in Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

Jenkins spent the years from 1998 through 2010 as an inmate in South Dakota. After jumping parole, he found his way to Florida where he worked in a carwash and aspired to become a Kingsmen. He was rejected by the club because he owed money and did not own a motorcycle.


After the murders he told his story to many people who, in turn, were willing to cooperate with police. He claimed to be a club “enforcer” who had come north with Kingsmen national president David Pirk to assassinate five Kingsmen who were threatening to leave the club. Many witnesses saw him at the crime scene. As he rode away on a borrowed motorcycle he exclaimed an acronym for “Live Kinsmen Die Kingsmen.” There was a witness on the back of the bike when he threw away the murder weapon. Another witness saw him burn his clothes. He was arrested near Savannah, Georgia in an automobile in November. Then he unabashedly told a jailhouse informant, “Everyone and their mom knows I killed these two.”

He had, reportedly, been offered a sentence of 25 years in prison in return for testifying against Pirk. He ate the big charge instead. It seems at least possible that much of the drama in which Jenkins starred was confined to the inside of his head.

In the meantime, federal authorities seem to be exploiting the murders of Maue and Szymanski to build a racketeering case against some bikers somewhere. In late August the FBI raided five Kingsmen clubhouses and a private residence in upstate New York and stole the Kingsmen logo from the front of the North Tonawanda clubhouse.

Grieving Parents

Yesterday, after Jenkins was sentenced, Syzmanski’s mother, Barb Syzmanski, told Rick Pfeiffer of the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, “He is definitely not a brother as he calls himself. A Kinsgmen. A brother. You don’t do that to a brother. He’s not a brother and he was hired by someone. He did this hit. Someone called the hit and he did it.”

“I prayed to God for seven years to have my son and finally God gave me my son and Andre Jenkins took him away in one second with a bullet to the back of his head,” she said.

Syzmanski’s father Sigmund told Pfeiffer, “He has to live everyday in prison. I hope he lives everyday with one eye open because he feels insecure and is always looking over his shoulder in prison because his brothers will get even with him for what he did to my son and Pauly,”

The loose ends of this tragedy, which concluded with more questions than answers, may now finally disappear from public view.

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15 Responses to “Jenkins Gets Life”

  1. Life Longfriend Says:

    listen, i have known Andre Jenkins since we were 13 years old. I have seen him through prison terms, violence of MANY kinds, and moving from state to state. HE DID IT PEOPLE!! He is a hateful evil person who cares about nothing except “how others perceive him”. He has spent his life worried so much about trying to impress others that he will do whatever. Say what you want, but I KNOW FOR A FACT, HE DID IT!!! And I’ve been his friend for a lifetime. You just come to accept people for who they are and that some day someone will treat him the way he has treated others!

  2. jack smith Says:

    Just because jankins didn’t have a bike in his name dosent mean he dident have one he was No enforcer just a regular member if that. when all the enforcers and nomads left because they were fed up with the bull shit maybe he got a promotion scum bags that’s all I can say

  3. FF Says:

    @Honest Ed

    You are not alone, there are millions of us who see whats going on. Here in NYC some recidivist MauMau shot a cop dead, 4th one this year. The judges kept going easy on the din do nuffin, these same judges want to take guns away from white citizens.

    This is a nation in which a lying evil bitch like hillary clinton has a pretty good shot of becoming our next¤ resident dictator. So what does that tell you about our 《countrymen》I gagged saying that.

    Canada’s prime minister is a dhimmi stooge so expect more murder and mayhem from the arab inbreeds.

    I went to the library this morning, even Obamugabe’s male concubine Reggie Love has written a love tome about that communist piece of shit traitor.

    Our tax dollars are paying for these ersatz books that nobdy will ever read.

    If you’re not prepping you’re a fool thats what I tell everbody.


    Have a long range rifle and a street sweeper handy to disperse the mau maus and plug a few in the head.

  4. noneya Says:

    Paul Maue and Daniel “DJ” Szymanski get death while Andre “Li’l Bear” Jenkins gets life.

    Somehow this doesn’t seem equitable to me.

  5. Outrider Says:

    Hmm 25 years as a rat or life as not…bottom line..he’s watching his own ass an nothing more. Chase the wind friends with a smile

  6. honest ed Says:

    No one will probably ever know the true reason, or why this tragedy occured. Much respect to the two guys that lost there lives and to there families. On another note, I think the truth is the government could care less for the victims. If that were the case then why the relentless torment of wanting to strip first amendment rights from bikers, and club members. The bottom line, regardless if you belong to a club or simply ride a bike, your considered a threat. Worst yet, the government classifies bike organizations and clubs as domestic terrorists. Are you kidding me. Bikers are one of the most patriotic groups in the country, and the last true free indidivuals. Its blatantly obvious that the government cant afford to have that, especially when this country is on a brink of economic shutdown and social turmoil. So instead of doing the right thing and going after Isis terrorist cells and herion dealers peddilng drugs to our kids, which by the way run rampid throughout the city of Buffalo, the DA has seen it fit to target local motorcycles clubs which have existed in the area for nearly 3-4 decades. Much of this we can agree, based on the similarities of past cases, involving the Chosen Few, and other popular clubs, is motivated by nothing more than political aspirations. Dont think for a minute its about the two members that were murdered. Though unfortunate, that incident gave the feds more leverage to spend more tax payer money to pursue a rico conspiracy case on the club. Its true and public knowledge that tens of thousands of tax payers dollars have been spent on law enforcement overtime, just with interviewing members, ex members, associates and families none of whom knew any details of the incident, other than whats been publiscized by the media. Furthermore its public knowledge that the key accompliss who was paid ten grand of tax payer money for his immunity and should rightly be in jail for his involvement in the case, is still walking the streets and probably living his unsavory lifestyle. The raid in Sept 2015, which cost the tax payers of western ny, nearly 1.5 million dollars, turned up exactly what the federalas were told in the begining, “nothing”. The club operates strictly on donations, not illegal enterprises. Any seized ledgers or books will clearly identify that. Interesting how there was no media coverage or follow up press release detailing the aftermath results of the raids. No tables strewn with an aresenol of weapons, mounds of narcotics, totes of money and other illegal contraband. Again, why? because there was nothing. All the cardboard boxes seen being carried out of the clubhouses by the feds contained liquor bottles, t-shirts, photos, patches, signs, and club memorials. Word on the street was some of the memorial urns were opened and the ashes removed for lab testing as the feds assumed the contents were drugs. Unbelievable. The informant, to save face, and protect the government investment, fed the feds a line of false information about the club, all though truth be told what he was actually doing was telling his true life biography of his unsavory lifestyle which is why he was extradited from the club in the first place. As i understand, he was a pain pill drug addict, never was gainfully employed for more than a few weeks, had a violent and unstable personality, was mentally abusive to his girlfriends, was decietful and stole from the very people who gave him the shirt off there backs. But, these are the kinds of people the law will bend over backwards to protect and pay. He’s not the only paid informant running the streets, there are several others. Some of whom are violent offenders who have weapons charges. Yet, the feds waist no time, or revenue harassing individuals who work for a living, have families and no criminal records what so ever. In my opinion someone should lose there job over this one. How embarassing to spend millions of tax payers dollars, when western ny is financially depressed to begin with. Wait til the influx of refugees crosses the Atlantic in groves and mass migrates through Canada into NF and Western, NY. I’m sure this will be as bad as the Cubans landing in Miami in the late 80’s. They’ll have there work cut for them then. This information needs to be made public on a national level. Bikers and clubs need to unify and leverage resources in order to stop this scrutanny , stereotying and unorthodox stripping of our first amendment rights. Who are the real criminals here?

  7. Vader Says:

    So a guy from South Dakota ends up in Florida trying to join a MC. He then travels to New York where he murders two members of that MC. What’s his motive here? Why kill these guys?

  8. Lunchbox Says:

    It seems there is allot more to this story!With all the lies from the media and Lil bear doing the right thing (keeping his mouth shut) We may never know!

  9. Road Whore Says:

    I’m waiting for the raids to start on the Shriners. Them maybe the public will wake the fuck up.

    Ride Free

  10. ozz Says:

    Looking at this and other posts rebel from nz
    U s a gumbient and law enforcement are the most corruptin the world by far

  11. BMW Says:

    It is amazing to me, that a guy without a motorcycle and not a member of ANY kind of motorcycle club, can be described as a “club enforcer” in the media! If it was not such a tragic travesty, it could be humorous… very dark humor… LEO mouth the most outrageous lies, yet the “press” reports the lies as fact.


  12. Bunk Says:

    So if he had no bike why did they prospect him?
    The Kingsmen are an old club and they don’t break traditions. Been to a few of their houses in Florida and New York for open events. I remember seeing Lil Bear as a prospect with a bottom and top rocker, and then a few months later in passing at an event hosted by the black and white where he had a center patch. I remember because I looked over at my brother and asked him if the Kingsmen were a mixed race club and we ended up in a debate if the guy was Puerto Rican or not.
    Always more to the story then meets the eye. He seemed like an ok guy and his brothers all looked as if they enjoyed his company and that’s about all I have to say on that.

  13. stroker Says:

    and………..ALL clubhouses ransacked, indicia taken or destroyed.
    THAT oughta teach us bikers who’s in charge!

    Well……with all due respect (and very little of that), all it teaches us,is that LE is just the biggest gang in the country!

  14. T Hell Says:

    “In the meantime, federal authorities seem to be exploiting the murders of Maue and Szymanski to build a racketeering case against some bikers somewhere”

    Yet Jenkin’s was not a club member of any club nor did he even own a motorcycle.

  15. chromedome Says:

    at least dude kept his chin up and his mouth shut but soemtimes the truth is stranger than fiction.


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