Florida Bike Night Besieged

October 22, 2015

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Florida Bike Night Besieged

A Hooters in Pembroke Pines, Florida has indefinitely suspended its Wednesday bike nights after five straight “motorcycle safety operations” by local police. So far, the “safety operations” have resulted in 13 arrests, 31 criminal citations, 137 moving violations and 131 non-moving violations.

The restaurant has been sponsoring the weekly events, which have included a disk jockey and vendors, for 12 years. Hooters usually attracted about 400 riders to each event. Pembroke Pines Police Department spokesman Captain Al Xiques told Miami television station WPLG, “Our main concern is public safety. Period.”


According to the Miami station, the police were “educating riders while enforcing traffic and equipment violations.”

Xiques said “There’s a small minority, group of individuals who chose not to obey the traffic laws and those are the ones we want to educate, and make sure they comply with state law.”

The Hooters has been told that in the future the restaurant will be allowed to host only three special events each year.


Bike nights may be yet another casualty of the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco five months ago. Waco Police spokesman Patrick Swanton went out of his way to portray biker events as inherently dangerous to the general public. After the massacre, corporate officers of Twin Peaks suspended bike nights at all of the chain’s 57 locations including restaurants as far away as Michigan and South Carolina. The Waco Twin Peaks had sponsored a bike night on Thursday, May 14. That event went off without a hitch.

At the time, Twin Peaks spokesman Rick Van Warner explained, “What happened in Waco is no reflection” of the restaurant chain. “The people you see at our bike nights are doctors and lawyers riding Harleys.”

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55 Responses to “Florida Bike Night Besieged”

  1. A.B. Dogface Says:

    Looks to me like a bunch of Jap Crap and not much in the way of American V-Twins also like some young kids gathering no wonder the cops are there. Below the age of thirty there is not much common sense so with all the super bikes from Japan I am sure there is a lot of horseplay going on. Just a guess and an opinion of mine.

  2. buzzkiller Says:

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  3. "Upstanding" Citizen Says:

    How about safety patrols outside youth soccer games. Educate those soccer moms about the dangers of texting and driving…………………..

  4. Centurion Says:

    Educate? I think they actually mean HARASS!
    So, the local PD has told the restaurant, how many events they can have? Really, in the LAND OF THE FREE, you are told what you can and cannot do, when you can and cannot do it. Even Saddam had better manners than these pigs

  5. Tiny Says:

    @ bcnasty, your point was well made. The actions of the few destroy the reputation of the many. I don’t understand the hot dog shit on the highway. Why don’t they get a fucking dirt bike and get off the road? That’s what I did when I was younger (and dumber). Nothing but respect to you also, BC.

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