Waco Grand Jury Investigating

October 20, 2015

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Waco Grand Jury Investigating

If you have belonged to the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents in the last two years you are now part of the Waco investigation. Whether you were at the Twin Peaks last May 17 or not. Whether you have ever been to Waco or not.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported last Wednesday that the currently convened McClennan County grand jury that will decide who to charge in the Twin Peaks Massacre had: “subpoenaed the president of the Bandidos motorcycle gang’s Austin chapter to appear before a new grand jury that was seated Wednesday, but settled for his records from a motorcycle confederation instead.” The alleged gangster is a pleasant seeming fellow named Jimmy Ray Graves.

The Waco paper reported that Graves and an attorney named Bill Smith “worked out an agreement (last) Tuesday night with prosecutor Michael Jarrett to provide the documents requested in the subpoena and he was not required to be in Waco on Wednesday to testify before the grand jury.”

The Tribune-Herald neglected to report the most alarming part of the story, which is what Jarrett, his grand jury, and consequently the ATF, FBI, and everybody else with access to one of Texas’ many fusion centers had actually subpoenaed.

Any And All

Specifically, the subpoena demanded:

“Any and all information regarding the Confederation of Clubs and Independents thereinafter referred to as the COC&I between January 1, 2013 and May 17, 2015 to include:

“A copy of all scheduled meetings and locations as well as the itinerary (sic) for said meeting; any email, documents or other correspondence regarding scheduling or rescheduling of said meetings or location changes;

“All individual members names, club affiliations and any other persons claiming independent status with the COC&I, home addresses billing, Shipping, email and I P addresses, home and alternate telephone numbers for each member and club;

“A copy of the original applications filed by each past and current member;

US Defenders

“Any and all employee and payroll records;

“All names and contact information for all officers or administrators within the Texas COC&I;

“Any and all documents relating to the organizational structure of the Texas COC&I and its relation to all other state COC&I’s and/or its relations to a national COC&I organization or US Defenders;

“All related telephone address books, agreements, bylaws, rules, codes of conduct, standard operating procedures;

“Documents and or records related to member dues and voluntary contributions received by the Texas COC&I;

“Any and all accounting records, balance sheets, income statements, records of real estate transactions, receipts, notes, ledgers, banking records, money orders, tax records, payroll information of the Texas COC&I to include all incoming and outgoing monies.”

Confederations And Coalitions

It is not surprising that the Waco grand jury is investigating the Coalitions of Clubs as a whole or US Defenders – an organization founded by California attorney Richard M. Lester and tied to the National Coalition of Motorcyclists. Professional “motorcycle gang investigators” have long accused the various state coalitions and confederartions of being front organizations for preeminent motorcycle clubs.

In June, in the hot aftermath of the Twin Peaks Massacre, Steve Cook who is the president of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association told Waco television station KXXV that in his seminars for would-be motorcycle gang authorities, “We do a considerable amount of talking about these confederations and coalitions…and try to make them understand a little bit the motives behind these is other than what they advertise.”


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  1. TR Says:

    Not only witch hunting COC…they are attempting to derail “The Defender” program…which they hate because that’s our industries arm that fights Gov’t unlawful attempts to take our property (Colors)…

  2. ak rack Says:

    “How can an honest McLennan County grand juror continue on in good faith . . .” +1

    Reyna probably wasn’t counting on having to convince honest grand jurors — up until this summer McClennan County was still using “pick-a-pal” grand jurors, and the pals were all poker buddies of the Christian Posse.

    It would be so sweet if when Waco really starts to grunt under the strain of the judgments from all the lawsuits and the new DA has been sworn in, the honest grand jurors find something to indict Reyna’s sorry ass for. Perjury? False arrest? Arrogance in the first degree?

  3. Bj Says:

    Seems to me that a call to ALL NCOM members should ride to Texas.

  4. XYZ Says:

    How can an honest McLennan County grand juror continue on in good faith as prosecutors present their case knowing the Texas Attorney General has now found the DA has violated the Public Information Act in THIS VERY CASE, and, knowing the largest news .org in the state has now editorialized, front and center on its website, questioning:

    “Why does McClennan County have a problem with transparency?”

    “A series of actions by officials and the judge overseeing the case provide ample cause for the public to doubt this entire process.”

  5. XYZ Says:


    Editorial: In Waco case, biker gangs earn more trust than prosecutors



    “Right after the May 17 motorcycle-gang shootout in Waco, this newspaper’s inclination was to believe law enforcers’ account that the nine deaths and 22 injuries were the result of hardened criminal thugs waging a deadly turf battle. But the longer this bizarre case plays out, the more credible the bikers look, and the more it appears that McLennan County officials have something to hide.”

    “Waco officials seem willing to risk a loss of public trust in order to maintain a stranglehold on information.”

  6. 55 Says:

    One week later and this still pi$$es me off. Look at the scope of these subpoenas. Everyone in the CoC. This is Bundy-ranch overreach. And just like at the Bundy ranch where the tyranny was backed down by imminent repercussions, this also needs to be resisted. “Sorry, the records were stolen from my car on the way here,” as T Hell said in an earlier comment. This government over reach cannot be allowed to stand. Its our country not the government’s. Sorry, evidence lost. Waco and the county have chosen to hide, bury, manipulate, play shell games,mess with people’s lives and not to cooperate, so why should anyone cooperate with them? They have already demonstrated they are not interested in justice, so why play their sick game? Sorry, all evidence stolen. Here is video evidence of my vehicle getting broken into at Dunkin Donuts on my way down here (T Hell’s concept). Wish I had made copies.

  7. Rusty Says:

    Fucking with charity events shutting down bike nights, investigating COC’s, just another way to harass

  8. xplor Says:

    Both Abel Reyna and his daddy went to Baylor. It seem that Waco turns a blind eye to Baylor crimes.

  9. Dasein Says:

    Just noticed Baylor U is ranked 2nd, college football. Something like this is always a pretty big deal for the locals, especially in Texas. This might have a small bit to do with the citizenry’s lack of interest in this case. Bikers aren’t exactly their role models anyway, and “justice” in general seems just fine, since, hey, “the team” is doing well. You have to wonder how this might have played out if only Waco weren’t in Texas.

  10. Gandalf Says:

    Waco Quote of the week: “Texas cracks me up. On the one hand there’s Ted Cruz running for president who airs a video of him cooking bacon on the barrel of an automatic rifle. Posing as the last American tough guy, I suppose. But when citizens exercise their constitutional right to possess firearms, the Christian Posse in Six Shooter Junction freaks out like a bunch of commie pinko hippie liberals from San Francisco. Come on Texas, exercising 2nd amendment rights isn’t evidence of criminal intent, even if you’re not running for office.” (old geezer)

  11. Thunderbird Says:

    Sure would be interesting to know who the members of the Grand Jury are and their affiliations. This is a lot of material to summons and go through. It seems like a witch hunt and one would not be wrong to assume that this information is going into a federal DATA base. This is how people get framed.

    Is this really a randomly picked Grand Jury? Seems not. The average person has no time for this.

  12. Brad Milch Says:

    After putting some thought into what the blogger was suggesting about Waco & connected governing officials, LEO & Court system operatives having an opportunity to score big bucks on the interest earned from simple bank accounts originating from jailed bikers bail amounts, by reversing the scenario I see an avenue where anyone with some substantial wealth could enrichen just about anyone:

    Let’s use a wealthy politician like Donald Trump to illustrate. Everyone knows The Donald is loaded to the gills. Let’s say the Donald learns Rebel & Brad Milch are barely keeping their heads above water & wants to help out without costing him a penny in the long run. With me, so far?

    What’s Mr. Trump do. He has his people tell Rebel & Brad that he’s created a contract & will deposit x amount of (fill in the blank: millions, billions, etc.) in to separate accounts for each. The money has to stay in the bank & cannot be drawn out. After a period of time Mr. Trump specified, he retrieves his money & allows Rebel & Brad to keep the interest.

    It’s that simple. Anyone could make a poor person wealthy in the same manner if they weren’t comprised of greed & selfishness.

    If what the blogger is describing, a competent & honest auditor could possibly blow Waco’s biker game wide open & put the correct, deserving people behind bars.

    Just sayin’

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