Reyna Versus R.S. Gates

October 16, 2015

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Reyna Versus R.S. Gates

This week, a Texas Assistant Attorney General named Lance Kutnick. ruled that McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna violated the Texas Public Information Act in one of the numerous sideshows that have plagued coverage of the Twin Peaks Massacre: The alleged bargaining of bond reductions for defendants in the case in return for the defendants’ acquiescence to hold harmless agreements.

Houston attorney Paul C. Looney started it.

On May 31, Looney issued a press release that made a disturbing claim that in hindsight seems more plausible now than it did then.

Looney Accusation

“Earlier today,” Looney wrote, “detainees in the Jack Harwell Detention Center in Waco were told that in exchange for bond reductions, they must sign a document stating the Waco police ‘had the right to arrest the inmate and that he/she will not file a lawsuit against McLennan County and/or the City of Waco.’

“On the two-week anniversary of the ‘shootout at high noon’ at the Twin Peaks restaurant between motorcyclists and law enforcement officers, at least 170 people remain detained on $1 million bonds.

“This latest information was reported to an attorney representing at least one of the detainees. ‘It appears the public defenders office in McLennan County is involved in this scurrilous activity,’ said Paul Looney, a Houston attorney with Looney & Conrad, P.C. ‘I’ve never seen anything like the lawlessness that the authorities have perpetrated on these people and now to add insult to injury they are trying to cover their own tracks in exchange for bond. I will be in the reception area of the McLennan County D.A.’s office tomorrow morning at 8:30 with the intention of not leaving until we have the issue of bond resolved.’

“‘They know these people aren’t dangerous or they wouldn’t be offering the bond reductions and they know the police and the D.A.’s office have violated the law and now they are trying to hold people hostage until they agree to waive their rights. It’s unconscionable,’ said Clay S. Conrad, Looney’s law partner.”

In an email to the Houston Press, Reyna wrote, “It is totally false, ridiculous, and sad that someone would make such baseless allegations.”


The next day Looney issued a second press release that stated: “It has been determined the District Attorney’s office was not involved in yesterday’s attempt to get defendants to waive their rights of litigation in exchange for bonds…That entire debacle was orchestrated by McLennan County private attorney Brittany Lannen…Her behavior in this matter is bizarre, unprofessional, unethical and unappreciated by all of the attorneys representing defendants, by the McLennan County District Attorneys office, and by the McLennan County court staff. Her behavior will be reported to the State Bar of Texas for investigation this week.”

Lannen publically called Looney’s accusation “reprehensible.” In private texts she described it as “stupid” and “horseshit.” And some short time later the entire brouhaha should have been over but it wasn’t.

R.S. Gates

A “public information activist” named R.S. Gates immediately requested screenshots of the text messages between Waco Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarret and Lannen. He still hasn’t gotten them. He received a transcription of a text message from Jarret to Lannen on September 12 and earlier this month he got a screenshot of two texts between Lannen and Jarret on May 31. In that screen shot, in apparent reference to Looney, Lannen wrote: “My thoughts exactly. There is now an intel bulletin going out to all LE about his involvement in the protests Sunday. I’ll explain when you are ready. No rush.”

In the same screenshot, Jarret replied: “The negotiation of bonds is based on the legal factors a court can consider. I would never ask someone to forfeit anything when agreeing to bonds, with the exception of bond conditions prescribed by the court.”

But after more than four months Gates still hasn’t gotten screenshots of the entire conversation between Lannen and Jarret. He is entitled to see them. Under Texas law the screenshots of both sides of the conversation are public documents. On October 9, Kutnick wrote Reyna, “The McLennan County District Attorney has four days after receipt of this notice to cure the alleged violation(s). The McLennan County District Attorney office should provide a screenshot of the entire text message to Mr. Gates.”

Reyna ignored the order. This week the Texas Attorney General ruled Reyna was in violation of the state’s Public Information Act. Technically, Reyna can be fined $1,000 and be sentenced to six months in jail. That doesn’t seem likely. But the whole sideshow, from May 31 until now, does illustrate the back room nature of justice in Waco.


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  1. Smyke Myth Says:

    The question is, who do you believe, “The Aging Rebel”, of “The Raging Abel” I know who I trust!

  2. ak rack Says:


    Yeah, me too! I’ve always admired regular guys that build their own bikes, and this is way past any shade tree engineering I’ve come across . . . if I had the bread I’d be on my way to wherever that guy is and trying to get hold of one of those . . . he’s selling the engine from a website for around $6K, complete install (you provide the bike) for $9K. A V-twin Royal Enfield would be so much fun I could easily overlook that most of it came from India.

  3. dogbreath Says:

    “Gates, who is certified as a master peace officer, spent 23 years in law enforcement, working 10 years with the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, seven years with the Connally schools police department and two years with the DA’s office as an investigator.”

    And yet, I have a strange liking for this ‘minister of irritance’! Anyone who makes a full time job out of being a burr under the saddle of that corrupt cesspool of a county is alright in my books.

  4. dogbreath Says:

    Now THAT was cool! My kinda reality TV.
    And he says he can probably pull 80 horses from his 1000cc, 420 lb. bike with some available after market parts… sounds like a shit ton of fun to me!

  5. ak rack Says:

    Okay, this is way off-topic too, but at least some folks here will be interested in a guy that built his own V-twin from scratch . . .

  6. Kanye Diggit Says:

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  7. Kanye Diggit Says:

    I must be on shrooms.Or microdot.I followed all of that.Parsifal has excellent taste in smart musicians.

  8. NCRider Says:

    Bone Head – “Back in the day” we used to say, “Don’t get so far out there that you can’t come back.” I think it’s too late for him!

  9. Parsifal Says:

    Tooj – fayettenamhoe? _______ know? jus frum hear – KAT got sum chops! keep it reel keep me rollin on duh flooor —-/ thee ZAP was the genius in duh lamp, ruuuubs that lamp & feeeeeels dat magick !!!!!!! shhhrooooms – it been a swuurrlll of a lon g T ime sen se I doooo dim. phead yo playz duh KEE Bored? yo diggg rAY Man zerac, yo get insid thee dor ? jimm Y M. an duh boayz hat sum bat ass chopszzzz! titties & beeeeer titties & beeeeer allllllll I w0nt izzzz titttttties & BEEEERRRR! FUKKKKIN-A JACK!

  10. Wolfenlover Says:

    Apologies to all for my posts on this thread. Not sure for reason, just was not

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  11. Wolfenlover Says:

    Apology for my last post on this thread.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  12. Tooj Says:

    All I had and have to say regarding the Biker Or Not discussion is that it isn’t worth having here. Nothing to justify, nothing to deny, just words on a screen. See ya on the road.

    Helluva pair of riffs, Parsifal. You know fayettenamhoe?

  13. Kanye Diggit Says:

    @Parsifal.Muffin man?Must be a Zappa fan right?

  14. Phuquehed Says:

    Bah…there’s no more ‘edit’ button, heh, but I got to honestly admit that Parsifal’s stuff – whatever one calls it – is still better than that other guy’s stuff that used to post on here some time back. Can’t remember his handle, but to me that stuff was so far out there that no amount of ‘shrooms could have helped me understand anything he babbled.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    One time, many, many, MANY moons ago, I’d eaten a whole half ounce of ‘shrooms. I don’t remember most of that night, but I do remember thinking to myself just as I was laying down to try to get some sleep, ‘Am I going to be sane when I wake up in the morning?’.

    I’m positive if I were back at some point during that evening, I’d understand perfectly what this Parsifal is incoherently babbling about.

    Now, I’m going to go catch me a squirrel and teach the little fucker to walk all over my keyboard and post what comes out too!

  16. Bone Head Says:

    NCRider, you got your wish, lol!

    Anybody got a net?

  17. Parsifal Says:

    The mind on Crank. hhhhhhheeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeeeesssssssss CRANKENSTEIN! is he live or is he dead has he thoughts within his head? Dead cat ,dead rat don’t you know hes an aristocrat! or was he the MUffin man?….. who knows? he waved his rights to a lawyer, its called “GETTING FUCKED BOTH WAYS! without a kiss, kiss this AYE!ME LAss. there were 3, 1 me and she and she —- wouldn’t you know it couldn’t stow it.> it just banged away. this is for pleasure they are both for fun. walking along out on the run>>>> smell ya later!

  18. N P Says:

    Wow !

  19. NCRider Says:

    @Phuquehed – Hahaha. Good one! Hope he can come back.

  20. Phuquehed Says:

    The mind on crank.

  21. Parsifal Says:

    and here I sit, happier than shit, cause i’m suckin on a tit, keeps me from having a fit, smoke em if you got em, pinch her lovely bottom, dogs never get the best, its a test, lest we forget?…. i are thud like, thud like, thud like. Believe it – can’t you see it? – will you be it? somebody call me a doctor, I’m a doctor! NOISS! NOISS! do i have a fever? i’m incredibly sic! sic of dis sic of dat do you hear the lonely Kat? i smell a RAT! rat fucker! bat fucker! nat fucker! do you need a map**** the magazine cycled rat – tat – tat – tat my ass.

  22. rollinnorth Says:

    Well said.
    I was born in the 50s, raised in the 60s, came of age in the 70s, stopped drinking in 1987, and, nowadays, I find myself just shaking my head at all that’s going on around us.

    Anyone else notice how (many of) the trolls went dark during all the discourse over Va.Bob’s remark?

    As always, thanks to Rebel for this forum and all the great work.


  23. Base Says:

    Evolution is change in the heritable traits of biological populations over successive generations.Evolutionary processes give rise to diversity at every level of biological organization, including the levels of species, individual organisms, and molecules.

    We all, admittedly or not have bore witness of the evolutionary process within our life times. Some of it good, some not so much so.

    The tragedy in Waco could be a perfect example of how the law has evolved.

    Hardly so dear friend,

    The Council House Fight:

    There was a conflict between Republic of Texas officials and a Comanche peace delegation,San Antonio Tx. March 19, 1840.

    A meeting took place under a truce with the purpose of negotiating peace after two years of war. The Comanches sought to obtain recognition of the boundaries of the Comancheria, their homeland.

    The Texians wanted the release of Texian and Mexican captives held by the Comanches.

    The event ended with 12 Comanche leaders shot to death in the Council House, 23 shot in the streets of San Antonio, and 30 taken captive.

    With tyranny & a Tyrant the only evolution that occurs is technology deployed. The methodology & intentions never have & never will change, can’t control them, kill them and make it look like they deserved what they got!

    Now the Biker or Not discussion?

    “I don’t see no stinking biker’s!”

    Evolve, De-evolve what ever suits you but as always, keep an eye on your 6, slow the roll, things that are foul have a smell to them, listen to your instincts, stay frosty & CYA!


  24. N P Says:

    Ps. I am not some money guy, it’s a bit tight. I was going to send a single payment of 100 bucks, but I decided to step up and commit to 100 for ten months, equaling a grand, total. I am halfway there. Watch the YouTube video of Jimmy addressing the crowd at the July COC&I, the hour long one. There are several. He is very impressive with his offers of money to anyone in need, very impressive indeed. If that doesn’t move you in some way, nothing will. The public apathy is incredible, yet predictable. We haven’t seen shit like this since the Kent State Massacre.

  25. Va.Bob Says:

    I consider myself a rider.I’ve had an m/c operators license since ’78,although there have been gaps in bike ownership since then,during which I never claimed to be shit.I currently own 2 Harleys,but I am not a man of means;I just work 55-60 hours a week.And yeah,I’ve known lack of work,too.I just never liked the misuse of the word”biker”.I realize that in my brief posts above certain conditions weren’t mentioned,like :those on the mend from injuries,those deployed overseas,those incarcerated and those forced to sell their scoots to deal with mounting legal pressures.And thanks to Vago for providing another example.My sincere apologies to those pissed -off by the omissions of those particular scenarios.That said,I can’t believe you’re trying to re-open this shit,Wolf.Dumbass.Thanks,N P.

  26. N P Says:

    Hello Wolfenlover, no, I am holding the same position as Va. Bob. I reluctantly joined with him, as it wasn’t fair to see him hung out to dry alone.I appreciated Sieg’s mature, reserved approach. I call myself a bike guy or a rider.I’ve never been one for all the leather, patches, decals,etc. My bikes never have a decal on them. If they did, it would be Perv City or Mommy Blows Best, both have nice logos. I sent five hundred bucks to BMC for legal defense, by the way. Even if I was a biker, once I could no longer ride, I would be a former biker. I have many miles on me, and I believe that Bob and I are both in our upper fifties. I am afraid that this whole damn thing was just an exercise in semantics, a debate over word definitions. On the other hand, if Rebel’s joint here is a biker site for bikers, it may be that I don’t have a right to say shit. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know shit.

  27. Wolfenlover Says:

    Change your “stance”, NP?!

  28. N P Says:

    Thanks Sieg.

  29. Tooj Says:

    Scubba Steve, your “concerns” don’t seem to be stopping you from posting smart-ass comments.

  30. T Hell Says:

    I hear the board of directors has asked for the resignation of the CEO that pulled the franchise from Twin Peaks Waco immediately after swallowing Swanton’s bullshit buffet, the CYA train is leaving the station if you want a seat you better climb on board….

  31. Lone Rider Says:

    @ Rebel, Scubba Steve doesn’t know what he’s talking about either, but I do understand that he may have an Oedipus Complex.

  32. Centurion Says:

    WACO is trying to make up for their David Koresh incident. Those people fought back. Waco responded by killing all the women and children.

  33. dogbreath Says:

    Kutnick, Gates and Reyna have done this dance before:

  34. dogbreath Says:

    @Scubba Steve – Read the articles here. All of them, and the comments they generate. If your questions are not answered then, you probably don’t belong here.

    Refrain from posting until you have something real to add to the conversation and you will do fine with this group.

  35. Dino Says:

    Aww. Poor Scubba Steve. Walk up the basement stairs and ask your mom for a hug and another plate of bagel bites. You will feel better.

  36. Rebel Says:

    Dear Scubba Steve,

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.


  37. Scubba Steve Says:

    Hey Rebel… I’m getting kinda concerned here… I’m not sure if I’m qualified to post on your site or not… Is it OK to post here if I care about the massacre or do I need to post my cred’s first? Do you have a qualifying page for me to fill out to see if I make the list or not? It’s OK if I don’t meet your qualifications… I’ll drop this site on my favorites list if I’m not up to your standards.
    Thanks in advance for your response…
    Scubba Steve

  38. Wolfenlover Says:


    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  39. stroker Says:

    @ Sieg:
    re Sturgis City Park shit houses burning:
    I wuz there too. (1982)

    To all: I too have been riding since 1965, right after I left Uncle Sam’s canoe club (Tonkin Gulf, Maddox Incident).
    I’m still on two wheels, and like Mad dog, I plan to ride till the wheels fall off (Lord God willing).
    I think anyone who has lived/breathed/wrenched and ridden for the love of two wheels, whether still able to or not, can still lay claim to being a “biker.” Many, many scooter tramps out there, have lived the life, and made the history that allows others to aspire to be a biker.
    Just because age and time limits their two wheel activities does not make them any the less in my eyes.
    I find those who are naysayers, are probably young, or just started riding, and are maybe a wee bit full of themselves.

    Ah well….guess they gotta start somewhere!

    Respects to all the old farts still riding, respects to all who have ridden but maybe can’t anymore.

    And to those newbies who denigrate, and criticize those that have gone before………..well, good luck looking down your noses……watch out for that tree!

  40. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    The machine does not make the man, because if it did, motorcycle cops would then by definition, also be bikers.

    Being a biker is a state of mind. How we arrive at that destination may have many similarities, but everyone has used a different map.

  41. Tooj Says:

    I hear ya Mad Dog. Sieg says it best. There should be no argument whatsoever, but the internet has given arguing fools an outlet that saves them the consequences.

    As for me, I thought I was back on two wheels until the nerve damage started causing me to lose the use of my right arm. Now I’m back to hoping that an MRI tells me things can be fixed. So, every day I choose to ride now is an adventure plus one.

  42. Mad Dog Says:

    Tooj and Paladin-

    I don’t mind this discussion, although it’s off-topic, because it brings up a fundamental question of biker identity. I tend to sympathize with the guys who’ve ridden for years, were bikers to their souls, but who can no longer ride for physical reasons. Their biker identity was forged in the experiences they accumulated over thousands of highway miles. I’d be hard pressed to say they can no longer claim the identity that means so much to them.

    I started riding in 1965, when I was 21. In 1966, I had a 1961 Matchless 650. I now ride a 1990 750 cc sport touring bike that’s taken me on 500 mile trips. However, according to your definition, I’m not a biker, but I’m okay with that. In fact, I’d even agree with you. Although I love to ride, and I do all the maintenance on my bike, when you come right down to it, I don’t consider myself a biker because it’s not central to my world. It’s not my heart, but more of an appendage. My friends think I’m nuts for continuing to ride at my age, but I’m planning to ride into my 80’s.

    So with apologies for extending this off-topic series of posts, I have to say I value this site almost as much for the comments as for Rebel’s reporting. With a nod to Paladin, I hope all of you get to ride longer than I have.

  43. Tooj Says:


    Funny ad to start the video when I hit the link. “The Van Huesen Flex Collar”, “flexes up to one half inch”.

    A collar is a collar is a collar…FTW.

  44. bcnasty Says:

    I am laughing here. WTF, no disrespect to anyone’s post but if I can no longer ride one day I will still not give a fuck what anyone thinks of me. As was said, ” I am what I am ”

  45. T Hell Says:

    @va bob
    Let me get this straight my brothers in the suck with sand in their boots and dread in their hearts are no longer bikers? My best bud, a ward of the state with two years left on the clock is not a biker? the MEN who showed me the ropes and lit the path I chose to follow are not bikers? Thank you for enlightening me with your wisdom pray tell kind sir what makes a biker? Is it the bike or the man, ,the chrome or the rubber, the T-shirt or the soul?

  46. Lone Rider Says:

    I am a Motorcyclist plan and simple – its what I do.

    Reyna he looks like he’s has the intelligence of a road kill rodent. Kind of has that pissed off look because he got ran over, but surprised because he was dumb enough to try and cross the highway during rush hour traffic and thought he could get away with it. {Gee! I fucked up.}

  47. Sieg Says:

    Took myself out of that whole “biker” argument way back when the RUBs started hitting the street. Before that, most of us referred to ourselves as “scooter-trash”, not “bikers”, and even before that, as “riders”.

    I’m in the category of too fucked-up to ride every day, or as often as I’d like, but I’m still a rider.

    But don’t look for me at Sturgis/Daytona/Laconia/etc, cause if I need to see my dentist or my lawyer, I’ll make an appointment at their office. Last time I went to Sturgis, we burned the shitters in the park downtown. You do the math.

    And Reyna? Who knows…maybe I’m wrong and he’ll catch some serious shit, but I still think the fedbacon and whacko pigs are going to stonewall this to the end.


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