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October 15, 2015

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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

A grand jury convened in Waco yesterday morning.

It will remain in session through the rest of 2015. It has already requested documents from the Texas Confederation of Clubs and Independents so, even though this is all top secret, there is an excellent chance this grand jury will decide which of the 177 people arrested after the Twin Peaks Massacre last May 17 will have to stand trial for “engaging in organized criminal activity.”

The fact that so many apparently innocent people now find their fates in the hands of this grand jury raises a familiar question: Why were they arrested in the first place? What appears to be definitive answer can be found in a report written by Waco Police Sergeant J.R. Price on July 1. The report both alleges that multiple Waco police officers fired their weapons during the Massacre and that District Attorney Abel Reyna arbitrarily decided to charge anyone who uttered a word of support for either the Bandidos Motorcycle Club or the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

The report, all of which follows, has not previously been published.

The Price Report

“On 5/17/15 at approximately 19:45, I arrived at the Police Department to meet with the Waco Police Officers that were involved with the officer involved shooting at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. I was able to meet with the officers and their legal representatives that had arrived from CLEAT (the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas – the Lonestar State’s largest police union) as well as Sergeant Holt who was also present and had remained with the officers until such time as I could arrive at the Police Department.”

“Prior to meeting with each officer, I had secured their rifles that were used in the shooting. This is reflected in a separate police shooting investigation which is under case 15-9168. That investigation is ongoing at the same time while I am assisting Detective Chavez and other investigators under the Twin Peaks investigation.”

Detective Manuel Chavez was the stooge who presented 177 fill in the blanks affidavits that asserted he had personal knowledge that all of the 177 arrestee were members of criminal street gangs. He stated upon his solemn “oath that I have reason to believe and do believe that heretofore, and before the making and filing of this Complaint, that on or about May 17, 2015, in McLennan County, Texas, the said” (insert name here) “dld then and there, as a member of a criminal street gang, commit or conspire to commit murder, capital murder, or aggravated assault, against the laws of the State.”

Price Continues

“While I was meeting with the officers, I received a call from Detective Alston at approximately 22:30 hours. Detective Alston told me all of the interviews that he and numerous other investigators had been conducting at the Convention Center had been stopped and the investigators were being asked by the District Attorney’s Office to go to a meeting room. Detective Alston told me they had learned the Attorneys from the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office had drafted an affidavit for an arrest warrant under the offense of engaging in organized crime. Detective Alston requested that I come to the Convention Center, since they had now been asked to stop all the interviews and wait on further instructions from the District Attorney’s Office.”

“Prior to leaving the Police Department, I spoke with the officers involved with the shooting as well as their legal representatives and told them I had to report to the Convention Center, but I would call them and/or their attorneys as soon as possible with in the next few days to continue our meeting. I arrived at the Convention Center approximately one hour later after I had received the telephone call from Detective Mike Alston. When I walked into the lobby area of the Convention Center, I saw investigators from not only our department but also the Texas Department of Public Safety as well as Representatives from the McLennan County Sheriffs Office. I was told there were representatives from other Police Agencies there although I did not see any in the immediate area where I had entered the Convention Center. I had seen other officers from outlying agencies providing security around the Convention Center. Therefore, it was easy to assume there were probably other officers assisting our department inside.”

“I walked further in through the main lobby. I was able to meet with several detectives from the Special Crimes Unit as well as Neighborhood Services Section , which is part of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Waco Police Department. I learned there was a pending decision to possibly charge documented members of the Bandidos/Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs, with the offense of engaging in organized crime. I did confirm that detectives had already started the process of interviewing members of not only those two motorcycle clubs but as well as others that were present at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. I was given information that at least one city bus had left the Convention Center with individuals that had already been interviewed, indicating they had been released after items such as their ‘colors’ and other personal property that would be essential to the Capital Murder Investigation. (Had been seized?) I also confirmed that a representative from the District Attorney’s Office had asked all of the detectives to stop their interviews and go to one of the conference rooms for a meeting.”

In The Convention Center

“I located Assistant Chief Lanning in the lobby area, and very shortly after I began speaking with him I saw that representatives from the District Attorney’s Office approached us, these individuals being Mr. Abel Reyna, Mr. Michael Jarrett and Mr. Mark Parker. It was then when I learned a decision had been made that upon interviews with any of the individuals, if it was learned that they were members of the Bandidos or Cossacks; that they would be charged with engaging in organized crime based on the wording of an affidavit that had been prepared by the District Attorney’s Office. I was also told that information had been given to them from the Texas Department of Public Safety, that their agency had classified these two motorcycle clubs as Criminal Street Gangs. I was aware of an ongoing investigation and intelligence that had been coming into their agency, that DPS had been sharing with other local Police Agencies, since at least February or March of 2015. I was also told by representatives of the District Attorney’s Office that if investigators were able to document that anyone else from any other Motorcycle Club was a supporter of either the Bandidos or the Cossacks, then they should also be charged with engaging in organized crime.” (Italics added by The Aging Rebel.)

“Assistant Chief Lanning also acknowledged this information as he had been in the Convention Center prior to me arriving. It should also be noted there were detectives from Waco PO, Department of Public Safety agents, McLennan County Sheriffs Office staff, that were present in the lobby during the conversation we were having with representatives of the District Attorney’s Office. I assumed a conversation had already taken place between the District Attorney’s office staff, possibly my Supervisor, Assistant Chief Lanning, and/or others prior to my arrival at the Convention Center.”

“After our conversation in the lobby area of the Convention Center, myself, Assistant Chief Lanning, Mr. Reyna, Mr. Jarrett and Mr. Parker went to one of the offices of the Convention Center. Upon arriving in that office, I saw there was another individual from the District Attorney’s Office whom I do not know by name, but I was told he was one of their Appellant Attorneys. I also noticed there were a couple of investigators from the Special Crimes Unit in another office using a computer for some paperwork need. Also present were representatives from the Convention Center, to include the Director Ms. Liz Taylor”

The Arrest Warrant

“I asked representatives from the District Attorney’s Office to provide me guidance regarding what the criteria would be for investigators to either document and/or possibly indicate that individuals would be charged with engaging in organized crime. I was told that due to the wording in the arrest affidavit that had been prepared that it specified that these two previously mentioned Motorcycle Clubs had been documented by the Department of Public Safety as a Criminal Street Gangs. I was also told the arrest affidavit would support the arrest of not only any members of the Bandidos or Cossacks, but also anyone else who was a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks. It was explained to me that if a person was wearing a patch, clothing or insignia that indicated he or she was a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks; or if they mentioned in an interview that they were a supporter of the Bandidos or Cossacks, then they should also be charged with engaging in organized crime. (Italics added by The Aging Rebel) I told representatives from the DA’s Office that detectives had already started interviews regarding a capital murder investigation. I learned that we would still be conducting our capital murder investigation, but it would be more than likely be a separate investigative report, from that of the engaging in organized crime.”

“I was told by staff of the District Attorney’s Office, that as written in the arrest affidavit, engaging in organized crime would be a proper and legal charge. I also received the same acknowledgement from Assistant Chief Lanning. I learned that he had already been in communication with representatives from the District Attorney’s Office prior to my arrival at the Convention Center. He acknowledged the decision after discussions with the District Attorney’s Office. At that point, I told both him and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, I would need to meet with any investigators that were still waiting on instructions as to what criteria would be used and had been set out per the arrest affidavit, specific to charging anyone with engaging in organized crime.”

“I walked out of the office with Assistant Chief Lanning and he acknowledged some of the investigators possibly already knew the criteria. I began making rounds throughout the lobby area and the meeting room with the information that had been given to us by the District Attorney’s Office. I also spoke with Assistant DA Mark Parker and asked him to meet with Detective Manuel Chavez. I had been told the arrest affidavit specified that it would be signed by a member of he Special Crimes Unit of the Waco Police Department. Detective Chavez was the On-Call investigator for the Unit at the time this incident occurred at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. Therefore, I did speak with him and explained what I had just learned. I also asked him to meet with Assistant DA Mark Parker to ensure he understood what criteria had been set out by their office.”

Remaining Silent

“I also explained to Detective Chavez as well as other investigators, that I had asked representatives from the DA’s Office, if someone could be charged under this affidavit if they refused to speak to a detective during an interview; as long as the detective was able to see or document they were either a Bandido or a Cossack, or a supporter of either one. I also had been told this could be based on their jackets or what is referred to as ‘cuts’ or ‘colors,’ as well as a any other patches or particular identifiers to show they were a documented member or a support member. I had noticed there were quite a few individuals wearing ‘colors’ that displayed a patch showing, ‘I support the Bandidos.’ I also noticed some patches indicating ‘I support the Fat Mexican.’ I was told this would be specific to a supporter of the Bandido Motorcycle Club.”

“Detective Chavez told me he would meet with Assistant DA Mark Parker and then he was instructed to go to a room that had already been set up by the McLennan County Sheriffs Department as a Processing Center, for anyone that would be referred as a person who should be charged with the offense. It should be noted that when I arrived at the Waco Convention Center, I saw representatives from the McLennan County Jail, specifically Captain Kolinec and Lieutenant Armstrong. With them were additional staff from the jail, in the event that people would be processed at the Convention Center prior to being taken to the McLennan County Jail.”

“It was my understanding that after the specific interview, or based on any physical observations of their colors or other evidence that fit the criteria as set out in the arrest affidavit; that individual’s name would be placed on a list which would be provided to the Processing Area. In that processing area, there was staff from the McLennan County Sheriffs Department-Jail Division, Detective Chavez, Judge Peterson, a representative from the District Attorney’s Office, and Captain Steve Smith from the McLennan County Sheriffs Office.”

Maw Of The Beast

“It should also be noted I saw that detectives from the Waco Police Department-Neighborhood Services Section had set up an Evidence Receiving Area in one portion of the Convention Center. This was done for the purpose of collecting any cell phones, Motorcycle Club identifying clothing , and any other evidence that would pertain to the investigation that was being conducted on the shooting that occurred at the Twin Peaks Restaurant. The interviews once again commenced, and continued to the very early morning hours of 5/18/15.”

“I remained at the Convention Center with Assistant Chief Frank Gentsch until such time we confirmed all those individuals that would be charged per the criteria of the arrest affidavit, had either been interviewed and/or were awaiting transfer to the McLennan County Jail. There were a number of individuals that had not been documented with any criteria based on the arrest affidavit. They had been placed in a holding area until such time they could be taken to a specific location for their release. It should also be noted that individuals that had been transported to the Convention Center had been photographed, their names had been obtained, and other information documented in the event they had to be re-contacted at a later date.”

“I left the Convention Center at approximately 08:00. I returned to the Police Department to await the arrival of other detectives so that we could conduct a briefing. We discussed what needed to be done during the next few days, as it was obvious that we would be spending several more days at the initial scene of the Twin Peaks Restaurant. It was still a secure crime scene, and was being held by officers of the Waco Police Department.”


42 Responses to “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe”

  1. cboldt Says:

    Lannen lost her case on a technicality. The complaint was missing the year of the infrction. She negelected to remedy the error, and the judge kicked the case out.
    Baylor employees acquitted in controversial DWI cases – – March 18, 2015

  2. Mad Dog Says:

    T. Hell-

    Yeah, it’s getting interestinger and interestinger. By the way, Lannen and Reyna have quite an adversarial relationship. She was named an independent counsel/prosecutor when Reyna was accused of covering up a couple of DUI’s in 2012 or so. I don’t know how it turned out, but he tried to get her recused from the case.

    Respects back to you.

  3. T Hell Says:

    @Mad Dog
    I truly hope this becomes Reyna’s attempted excuse for this fiasco, that the police dispatched everyone that was guilty therefore no one else will face charges. The attorneys handling the civil suits need only ask “if the police were one hundred percent sure that all of the guilty parties were shot why then was there a need to arrest and hold my client”


  4. Mad Dog Says:

    If Rebel reported this, I missed it, but apparently Reyna’s gag order doesn’t apply to defense attorney Mooney, who was quoted in today’s Waco Trib with this tidbit:

    “I have gone through the discovery, and right now I am of the opinion that they might not successfully prosecute anybody who is still alive. I think they may have a couple of dead people they may be able to convict, but the ones who committed the crimes are dead. Everybody else was defending themselves or other people,” Looney said.

  5. Thunderbird Says:

    After reading the report and pondering it’s content it seems like there was a premeditated plan coming out of the DA’s office to arrest all present for the Twin Peaks meeting for organized crime, and the massacre was just collateral damage in the execution of this plan. Was the DA working in cooperation with the Austen Fusion Center prior to the meeting setting up some form of plan?

    Don’t all those detained have a right to an attorney present before this form of questioning? Something stinks here.

    It appears that the real intent of the police action at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 had another deeper purpose. This would help explain the gag order and the silence from the State.

    It seems that since the Department of Homeland Security was created it’s focus has been not so much on watching foreign nationals in this country as in watching us and our activities. In doing this it needs the cooperation of local law enforcement so hence the Fusion Centers.

    There seems to be a trend developing in the Justice System and Law Enforcement, of organized crime against the citizen in the form of developing agendas to frame people. What is going on in Waco and the DA’s office there seems to be following this pattern. If organized crime was really the agenda of the meeting of biker clubs at the Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 then why are there no charges?

  6. Bone Head Says:

    Shyster Says:

    “Make sure to file all State claims and Federal Civil Rights Claims within the Statute of Limitations. Get paid. Get even. Fuck everybody.”

    Words to live by, well spoken Sir.


  7. Twisted Says:

    As much as I want to see these pigfuckers redneck dirty harry motherfuckers sit behind bars until their stomachs get fucked up from the food and their skin gets gray & flaky (and then a nine or ten years after that- at least until their kids are old enough to leave home and their wives find new dicks to suck)…like usual they will toss a straw man out the window to be a fall guy “it was his fault! it was all HIM”. The cowards who gunned down innocent men and let others bleed out will have their own demons scratching at the walls of their memory as their years tick to a close and karma, that nasty but beautiful bitch that she is, will have the final word.

  8. Shyster Says:

    So a Grand Jury will indict. We all saw that coming. No preliminary hearing. No problem. This is Waco’s last desperate hail Mary to scare any of those whose Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights were violated into entering pleas.

    I know most of those wrongfully arrested will read this post so please take my advice. Go all the way to trial. Fuck the pigs and the DA. No plea bargains. Waco will lose.

    Make sure to file all State claims and Federal Civil Rights Claims within the Statute of Limitations. Get paid. Get even. Fuck everybody.


  9. Lone Rider Says:

    @ Scrap dog – thanks for the Huffington Post link – try this one out – Judge of 17 Years Repents

  10. XYZ Says:

    Eeny, Meeny, Miny, WACO


    “A 13-year veteran with the Waco Fire Department was fired this week after he was arrested on a weapons charge in May and officials learned he is a member of the Bandidos motorcycle gang who was shot last year in a bar fight between rival biker groups.

    Waco Fire Chief John Johnston fired — or indefinitely suspended — firefighter Bill Dudley for what the chief listed as a multitude of violations of state law and city policies, including “unlawfully carrying a weapon while being a member of an outlaw gang.”

  11. Scrap Dog Says:

    Beep beep beep beep…splat… LMAO

  12. Wolfenlover Says:

    If I knew who he was & was at the Wal-mart he was doing that at, I’d get 1 of
    those electric carts & RUN OVER THE SUMBITCH!

  13. Scrap Dog Says:

    No, not fair at all, still, it sends a message of sorts. Think he loses his lawyering privileges as well. Hope to see him handing out stickers and saying “welcome to Walmart”…

  14. Wolfenlover Says:

    Scrap Dog, oh yeah, that’s fair! 500 HOURS CS & 10 DAYS in jail compared to an
    innocent man spending 25 YEARS behind bars!

  15. Gus Says:

    There will be no end to this. No evidence is required. No proof presented. Accusation, innuendo, association, are all the police require. Anyone who disagrees is obviously in support of the “offenders,” and therefore also chargable. There will be no day of reconning, no compensation. In their minds, they are sweeping up the garbage. If you believe that one day some one, some where, will do a head smack and declare it all wrong, you are dreaming. These people are the enemy of freedom. And to make it worse, they believe they are the righteous ones. Watch your backs my friends. We threaten them.

  16. Scrap Dog Says:

    Here’s a hint at what may be coming soon to Waco…

  17. R Hanson Says:

    This is what America has come to…I am ashamed to be an American. Everyone that has posted before me is correct, who is next? The Lutherns, the Baptists, the atheists, the people whom hold a degree, who will they target next? It is simply UNAMERICAN!!

  18. Tomo Says:

    Without watching either of those two videos and verbalising the thoughts that immediately popped into my head:
    The look on the chief’s face is interesting. He looks as if he knows that finally, after all these years of careful negotiations, the devil has finally come to collect.
    The other cop looks like he still thinks the lawyers will keep the devil from the door for him.

  19. TX_Biker Says:

    Once they are done with us who will be next? The poets? The intellectuals? Anyone that refuses to toe the line? I see a slippery slope that must be leveled, an attitude of control at all costs that must be abolished. As a veteran I am saddened by the blatant disregard of the Constitution by those that have sworn an oath to uphold it. Our forefathers declared their independence, fought and died for much less than the offences our government currently commits….

  20. JIM Says:

    With this reasoning, anyone wearing a Badge should be arrested and charged for being a “Member or supporter of the Corrupt Organization of Pedophiles” AKA “COPS” do some research on how many of the Police UNION have been arrested and convicted of this Crime.

  21. Shadow Says:

    Scubba Steve nailed it . It’s not a conspiracy but , it is growing organically as the outcome of a government which ALWAYS wanted to control its population and territory and the finally available technology to do so . “WE” need our own political party that doesn’t sit around polishing it’s armor , rattling its swords or fighting amongst itself . One that is not afraid of offending with words the very people who would destroy it .

  22. Dasein Says:

    I’d thought earlier on that the longer this dragged out, the worse it would be, since little by little it would plea bargained and intimidated into a forgotten non-issue. But thanks largely I think to the efforts of The Aging Rebel to keep this issue as front burner as possible, and the resultant snowball of new eyes and interest, not to mention the growing attention of the legal world, this issue has not died, and now another key factor comes into play: revenge, “a meal best eaten cold.” There are literally hundreds of highly pissed-off people (families included) whose lives have been immediately, and permanently affected by the amazing arrogance and stupidity of the LE agencies involved that day, and now that the initial blast of LE bullshit has had time to rot, so that even even a Texas Grand Jury can see through it , the tide is about to turn, and hard. There’s going to be incalculable civil damages sought, and much squirming and finger-pointing among the LE agencies trying to shed the blame for this tragic farce. Waco is going to prove a very expensive embarrassment for the no longer quite so great state of Texas.

  23. GAR SMC Says:

    Excellent Reporting once again.
    Thanks Rebel

  24. Dino Says:

    I don’t hold much hope for justice there, but I bet there are more than a few puckered assholes…and that is gratifying.

  25. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Rebel is on a roll these articles lately.
    Much Respect @rebel and the hardcore readers..

  26. popeye Says:

    Only thing missing is sergeant price doing his best Hogan Heros /Sergeant Shultz voice “I see nothing”
    My best guess is when these cases start making it to court all these cops are gonna claim they are just a following orders much like the nazi war criminals, just a cog in the machine

  27. Road Whore Says:

    @ Phuquehed: Amen, Brother!

    @ Rebel: Thank you!

    Brother of mine lives in Texas and flies colors with a Christian Club; they wear a cookie that says: “We pray for the Bandidos.” It dawned on him that if he was there that day for the meeting he would have been tossed in the clink and charged with a felony same as everyone else.

    Power-mad corrupt cops are so out of control on this that if it were a movie we’d shake our heads and say it wasn’t even a grade B it’s so unbelievable. Sadly it’s becoming representative of what passes for justice in the U.S. (And the world.)

    Ride Free

  28. Largeandy Says:

    @Scubba Steve

    Comments are RIGHT ON, All government entities mentioned over use “powers” zealously, capriciously and generaly without regard to the the laws of the US CONSTITUTION. BLM does totaly suck too although not in a leauge with what happened with the gestapo in Waco. This case is ripe for the liberal asshole’s at the ACLU…again where are those silly bastards when some true CIVIL RIGHTS violation has occurred? Oh wait….this is not a black lives count issue!

  29. Father Abraham Says:

    “After the altercation, the subject was apprehended at the scene, while wearing common identifying signs or symbols or had an identifiable leadership or continuously or regularly associate in the commission of criminal activities.”

    In the arrest warrant affidavit, this is the only thing that comes close to an individualized allegation of evidence of criminal activity occurring on the day of the Waco massacre…and it was literally, word for word, identical on every single one of the affidavits.

    Yep, Saying “Waco PD is gonna get fucked in civil court” would be an understatement. They need to be praying for lube at this point.

  30. wilson Says:

    Of course the BLM is just asserting the government’s right to public land. Not in the ballpark with this Waco shit.

  31. Bone Head Says:

    Scubba Steve Says:
    …I fear there will be no justice for these poor souls… Or for us when the jack boots comes knocking on our doors or pulls us into a DUI check point…

    Sadly, these words are true.

    War is ugly. I never saw any glory when and where I served. That was years ago. Now I’m a father and grandfather. What in the hell have I left for them?

    Respects to you all…

  32. david Says:

    Price is more stupid than fuck, evidenced by the question he asked someone from DA Reynas’ office concerning who would be charged with engaging.

    1) Criminal Interror-gation is not an “interview” such as a TV or radio interview, or a job interview.

    2) The exercise of the Fifth Amend. protected certain inalienable RIGHT to be FREE FROM self-incrimination cannot be referred to as refusal to “speak with a detective”, unless you’re a stupid Waco pig.

    3)Most importantly, any PH or supporter, of the 5 Clubs falsely pre-determined and presumed by the FBI to be “criminal gangs”, gets threatened by Reyna with a felony, MERELY for the EXERCISE of the secured certain inalienable right to be free from self-incrimination!

    The men who refused to ratify the Constitution unless the Bill Of Rights was included, must be turning in their graves at high speed because of these Waco fucks.

  33. RLG Says:

    ” someone could be charged under this affidavit if they refused to speak to a detective during an interview; as long as the detective was able to see or document they were either a Bandido or a Cossack, or a supporter of either one. I also had been told this could be based on their jackets or what is referred to as ‘cuts’ or ‘colors,’ as well as a any other patches or particular identifiers to show they were a documented member or a support member”


    Send money, guns, and lawyers.

  34. david Says:

    According to Price, the po-lice union CLEAT had attorneys present immediately after the murders. Or, were the lying attorneys prepared by the pig union, and ready to defend, prior to the ambush?

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck the rope and tree. A small nuke to simply wipe-out all of Whacko, making sure that any and all involved with the law and justice in any way are all rounded up and locked in a building at ground zero.

  36. Mad Dog Says:

    I agree with T Hell. It sounds like Sgt. Price is taking pains to distance himself from any responsibility for the conduct of the arrests and for any subsequent decisions.

  37. T Hell Says:


    You are correct as always, the cops cannot prove they had the right to indiscriminately fire into a crowd. in Texas you have the right to carry and use that weapon for protection, even having a gun in your hand does not open you up for summary execution, further the first photos released of the crime scene showed men shot off their bikes with the engines still running. I have yet to meet the man (with the exception of Jax Teller) that could fire a gun while steering, operating a brake, throttle, and clutch.


  38. Paladin Says:

    The actions taken, and the flawed reasoning supporting those actions outlined in the above report, show just how weak Waco’s case truly is.

    Without any other supporting evidence of wrong doing, most if not all of the accused are being charged with Engaging in Criminal Activity, based solely on the exercising of their rights, guaranteed and protected under the First Amendment.

    At the end of the day, I believe Waco will discover that all does not always go as planned, and all that shines is not necessarily treasure, but is the gold of fools.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  39. Scubba Steve Says:

    I see it… I still can’t believe it. What is happening in Waco is all part of what is happening all around us… The BLM makes land grabs,the EPA spending $75 million a year on arming EPA special agents with drones, night vision goggles, guns and assault ships to take out US polluters. No knock warrants, asset forfeiture for non violent crimes where there is not even any charges brought forth… The list goes on and on… Eminent Domain? Really?? I fear there will be no justice for these poor souls… Or for us when the jack boots comes knocking on our doors or pulls us into a DUI check point.

  40. Wolfenlover Says:

    NONE of these McLennan Co & DPS bastards realize they are doing wrong?! WTF is
    wrong with the bastards in power down there?!

    Thanks for keeping at this Rebel!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  41. T Hell Says:

    As I read the Price report the only real thing that could be gleaned from it in my mind is “I Sergeant Price made absolutely no decisions on this matter, I did as I was ordered and the aforementioned attorneys and officers are witnesses to that effect.” CYA and hope to keep your job……

  42. Punisher Keeper Says:

    Out of control cops… The shit is going to hit the fan… And I am going to love seeing these pig whine for mercy!!!!!

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