Dumb And Dumber In Waco

October 12, 2015

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Dumb And Dumber In Waco

And now the legal aftermath of the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco has become a Jeff Foxworthy comedy routine

There are 257 district attorneys in Texas. Last Tuesday, eight of them submitted a friend of the court brief to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sitting in Austin (above) on behalf of the gag order that has been in effect in the case forthe last 105 days. The most important thing you need to know about this document is that the eight of them titled it “Amicus Curiae Brief Of Nine Texas District Attorneys.”

For the record, their names are Dustin Hugh “Dusty” Boyd from Coryell County; Robert Thomas “Rob” Christian from Hood County; Laurie English from the 112th Judicial District; Jo’Shea Ferguson-Worley from Terry County; M. Alan Nash
from Erath County; Julie Renken from Washington and Burleson County; B.J. Shepherd from the 220th Judicial District and Rene M. Pena from the 81st Judicial District.

And you might be a redneck district attorney if you think eight ain’t no different than nine or that voir dire rhymes with tire. Or your paralegal has more than three neck tattoos. Or you’ve ever quoted Tammy Wynette in a closing argument.


The eight never explain why they have interjected themselves into the case at this late date. Maybe McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna bribed them with rustled cattle.

They do explain that the Twin Peaks Massacre “is about a shoot-out where nine people died. This happened during the Sunday lunch hour in the heart of one of the state’s major cities. One hundred seventy-seven people have been arrested. Surrounding these events are reporting and editorial comment by traditional and non-traditional news sources and social media, complete with audio and visual content, available instantaneously to anyone in the world who has a computer or a cell phone.” They seem to think this “non-traditional” news and commentary is a bad thing and they also take it for granted that the boss court in Texas will assume that all this nontraditional news and commentary is calling for the lynching of the Twin Peaks Massacre defendants rather than their speedy exoneration and just compensation for the ordeal Abel Reyna and his crooked cronies has made them endure.

The eight redneck district attorneys actually have the brass to tell the boss court that. “balanced against” the traditional and non-traditional news sources and social media, they write, “are the courts’ affirmative constitutional duty to minimize the effects of prejudicial pretrial publicity.”


Clint Broden, the most visible defense attorney in this case, filed a reply to the redneck’s amicus brief this morning and he made a couple of notable points about which you would never know if it wasn’t for “non-traditional news sources.”

First Broden noticed that “despite the numerous amicus briefs filed in this matter, not one of the other 176 individuals charged…has filed an amicus brief in support of the gag order.”

Then he argued the radical proposition that, “the State should not be allowed to engage in the wholesale arrest of numerous innocent individuals using fill-in-the-name criminal complaints; then give numerous interviews proclaiming their guilt while, at the same time, scaring the public with images of roving ‘biker gangs;’ and then go to a court minutes before an unrelated hearing and request a comprehensive gag order; then seek a type of relief from this Court that is controlled by equitable principles while also brazenly violating the very gag order (Reyna) requested. To permit such gamesmanship will create a very dangerous precedent.”

The boss court will rule on this matter just as soon Reyna’s boys get back from Mexico with them beeves Reyna promised. This month, maybe.


40 Responses to “Dumb And Dumber In Waco”

  1. ak rack Says:

    “The eight never explain why they have interjected themselves into the case at this late date. Maybe McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna bribed them with rustled cattle.”

    Maybe Reyna didn’t go all the way to Mexico for the beeves —


  2. Dino Says:

    I heard something on the radio at the “top of the hour” news report that they are convening a grand jury for the Waco debacle. They were very clear in the clip I heard on several points:
    1. 177 were arrested
    2. They were held on excessive bail for long periods
    3. Nobody was charged with a crime
    4. There is no indication whose bullets killed whom

    Aside from calling the clubs “gangs”, the short news clip seemed to indicate some wrongdoing on behalf of law enforcement.

    Do I dare to hope?

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    For those that read here and are from teh Waco area or whatever area(s) that you can be called upon to be a juror – whenever the justice system decides there’s actually going to be any court dates – go here and learn about Jury Nullification, and remember to teach it to the other jurors you might be sitting with!

    Click on each of the links in the box of ‘Juror’s Guide’ at the bottom of the webpage.


  4. TX_Biker Says:

    We are not scared, we fly our colors proudly here in Texas. We will fight this to the end and Waco will lose. We are taking care of our brothers here. It is what we do. I am proud to be a part of the Red and gold family and extremely proud of how we have all come together on this, not just those of that wear the patch but all clubs and independents in Texas that are part of the TCOC%I.


  5. david Says:

    Broden is arguing for his client in the Texas court of criminal appeals, a court presided over by nothing but a bunch of judicial tyrants themselves, NO different than the lower court tyrants who issued the gag order.

    Texans live under a judicial tyranny which they failed to check years ago, wrongly believing these “judges” and their “decisions” could NEVER be questioned, or DISREGARDED. People wrongly think these higher court tyrants words are law, and cannot be challenged. ANY ruling by these “judges”, can and should, be overruled by the People who have the final say in any issue before a court.

    Jefferson warned of judicial despots in his writings to others, and will share a quote by Hiram Mann, “If we fail to check the power of the judiciary, I predict we will eventually live under judicial tyranny.”

    Obviously, the People will take a lot of shit, before doing anything to correct the bull-shit.

  6. frank hall Says:

    The debacle is going to become a movie and we need a court order to prevent Reyna-Swanton from optioning their movie rights can you imagine an updated High Noon with Swanton and Reyna Protecting the peaceful town from a hoarde of rampaging deviant bikers that’s what we will get if we don’t watch out when in truth its a make it or break it thing on whether we will completely slip into a police state or if Freedom and Justice will prevail.My heart says freedom and justice my heads saying the police state is a done deal.So maybe we should start a petition now Just say no to Reyna-Swanton Movie Now,I don’t doubt both of those scumbags are planning to cash in on this big time

  7. Rebel Says:

    Dear VAGO 1%er,

    Well put.


  8. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Just a thought but if Swanton takes first place as “Dumb” wouldn’t Reyna be “Dumber” and this crew of Dusty, Rob, Laurie, Jo’Shea, M. Alan, Julie, B.J., and Rene be “Dumberers”?

    Maybe I just have too much spare time on my hands today.

  9. Thistle Says:

    And you might be a redneck district attorney if you think eight ain’t no different than nine or that voir dire rhymes with tire. Or your paralegal has more than three neck tattoos. Or you’ve ever quoted Tammy Wynette in a closing argument.


  10. Just SomeGuy Says:

    Hi all, not a bike rider myself (tho I’ve owned a few in the past) just wanted to say thanks to you people for keeping on this tragic story. I’m halfway across the country yet this still makes me sick. Not a fan of government, in particular the growing police state. 5 months later and still no answers only cover ups and silence. Sad times we are living in, this should have people enraged (like me).

    Keep up the good work and you bikers be safe out there!

  11. Brad Milch Says:

    To D.A. Reyna: I’m not impressed with your legal groupies. Skinhead D.A.’s probably don’t appeal much to those like me that lived through the era’s of Elvis, Buddy Holly, Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin & Black Sabbath. Those that use the law to hurt people & let guilty people skate free make me nauseated. I’m one voice in the sea of voices that does not support Reyna’s gag order. Or him. If he were selling raspas from a raspa stand on the street, I’d avoid him & buy elsewhere because I don’t trust him to be truthful with me. Change my opinion by un-gagging people that have answers to my questions. ‘Don’t stand in the doorways, don’t block up the halls. For he who gets hurt will be he who has stalled the battle outside raging’ (Bob Dylan).

    To the redneck Reyna legal groupies: traditional and non-traditional news sources unexpectedly introduced me & countless others to the Twin Peaks biker slaughter & brought it into my house. The law enforcement narrative spokesman & the traditional (TV news) side of the house left a lot of questions in my mind hanging in the air like volcano ash. I’ve been finding truthful answers from non-traditional news sources (primarily ‘The Aging Rebel’; I visit all available online that have proven to me to be trustworthy & not merely giving my leg a humping it doesn’t desire or want). To you collectively I say: the wretched days of Joseph Goebbels ramming down people’s throats what the State wanted them to hear & think are supposed to be long gone, your opinions expressed in your Amicus Curiae Brief Of Nine Texas District Attorneys do not represent what I feel about the Twin Peaks situation. It tells me that you think like fascists & want others to follow suit. As such, in my opinion, none of you belong in American law. You all would fit in nicely in North Korea. If I were forced into a situation where any of you were my defense counsel, I would mimic a coyote & chew my leg off caught in the trap to escape you. No kidding. Why not simply tell D.A. Reyna it’s ok to hide in his storm shelter forever? That’s what your brief appears to me stating.

    Again, to D.A. Reyna: when you eventually get to court, I probably won’t be a juror, but I expect a lot of answers. I want to be shown evidence that genuine bikers shot at police. I want to see the bullet or bullets. I want to see the gun or guns. Show me the damage made. I want to hear from witnesses that saw ‘Biker A’ take a shot at police and not ‘Biker B’ (or ‘undercover cop fake Biker C) or (‘confidential informant snitch Biker D’). Prove to me that police that had control of the crime scene, the bodies, the wounded, the police (and allegedly bikers) weapons used in the ambush, genuine & mis-represented ‘weapons’ allegedly discovered at the scene & more didn’t falsify the crime scene in any way, shape or form. Show me the damage law enforcement did throughout the entire affair & explain to me why you haven’t arrested the guilty actors, confiscated their vehicles, taken their cell phones & put them o a curfew with ankle bracelets.

    I’ll be monitoring the entire sordid affair at Rebel’s house. Rebel has earned my trust & faith. Reyna & his groupies haven’t. I wouldn’t trust any of them any further than I could throw them.

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    @VAGO 1%er – Heh heh, yeah, seems as though some dirty, crack whore’s filthy back yard would have a strong stench of the things rotting in the wind for a while.

  13. 99%Biker Says:

    wow all these big words are giving me a headache!!

    Time to put these men on trial so they can have their freedom back!

  14. ak rack Says:


    “Might the silence out of Waco be the refusal of this particular breed of men to be bullied about?”

    I really appreciated this reminder that the stonewalling in Waco may be as much about a whole lot of people bravely standing up for their rights whatever the cost as it is about official disdain for the Constitution. I’ll remember to acknowledge this next time I fly off the handle on a rant about the Massacre. I know others have pointed this out, it’s just that sometimes I’m slow on the uptake, and something about the way you phrased this made it sink in.

  15. Gandalf Says:

    @ VAGO 1%er. LOL “8 more ropes and 8 more trees…” ROTFLMAO

  16. Gandalf Says:

    I’m thinking that this “filing” is just another way to a Headline in the Waco Trib. These things are designed to push the Waco LE narrative without breaking the gag order. Waco LE is “staying on task” and will do so until they get out of this mess they made.

  17. James Crawford Says:

    It is important to note that 249 DAs DID NOT sign the amicus curie brief. I doubt that Reyna solicited support from such a small minority. One can surmise that most of the Texas DAs want no part of this potentially career ending FUBAR.

  18. VAGO 1%er Says:

    It appears 8 more ropes and 8 more trees are needed.

  19. VAGO 1%er Says:

    and fuck Steve the kook Cook too.

  20. Paladin Says:


    Yeah. That would be right in line with…some other equally stupid shit.”


  21. popeye Says:

    @ Paladin
    perhaps they all downloaded the same legal form letter from steve cooks website entitled “Bikers Are Bad”. Cost $29.99

  22. bcnasty Says:

    Just when you thought this shit could not stink any more than it already does eight new turds show up into the punch bowl. I pray those unjustly detained keep up the fight and the entire good ole boy Texas justice system gets douched.

  23. dogbreath Says:

    I have hesitated to speculate out loud, but the nest was cast too wide, the major failure and unraveling of this case will be the 177 arrested en mass.

    Might the silence out of Waco be the refusal of this particular breed of men to be bullied about? Is the delay all about them just refusing to cooperate so that it can be moved along and forgotten, like the Koresh thing? oh, wait…

    It don’t take much to totally trash a smooth running precision machine, theres gonna be a couple of real ball bearings in that bunch.

    Tonight, respect goes out to all who ride because they get it, and it gets them.

  24. Lost Cause Says:

    They are praying that the majority of defendants will tire of their endless mindfuck and take a plea bargain so they can say “See, I told you they were guilty!”. Sadly, I have feeling that these plea deals will include wording to the effect “you can’t come back and sue us once you accept this agreement” in very, very fine print.

  25. Paladin Says:

    popeye Said:
    October 12, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    “AN Amicus Curiae is someone not a party to the case who offers information that bears on the case. What information could 8 DA’s from different judicial areas have about this case other than opinion or hearsay?”


    They will tell the court that due to budgetary constraints and because the food and drink was more expensive at the Don Carlos Restaurant, the bikers were forced to kill each other at Twin peaks, or some other equally stupid shit.

    Long May You Ride,


  26. BadMonk Says:

    I keep thinking the insanity in Texas can’t get worse. Unfortunately, there is a never ending number of conspiring degenerate mother fuckers willing to deny others of their basic legal rights and protections. Texas operates like a completely different country for sure.

  27. The Preacher Says:

    Thinking down the road: Waco won’t be able to pay all the judgments without a bond election of some sort so part of the settlement should include Re-naming some major streets for those who were executed. They should also be required to host annual biker rallies for the Coalition.

    This debacle is going to become a movie.

  28. ak rack Says:

    What really makes me want to puke in the wastebasket is the line about ” the courts’ affirmative constitutional duty to minimize the effects of prejudicial pretrial publicity.” Waco has demonstrated about as much concern for the Constitution and prejudicial publicity as a pig does for the Sabbath. Some kind of brass indeed.

  29. ak rack Says:

    I was going to say “surely even the Texas boss court wouldn’t take advice from eight motherfuckers too dumb to count to nine.” But like the poster says, Texas is a whole ‘nother country, so who the fuck knows?

  30. david Says:

    Brodens’ reference to all the Texas Fascist Police States’ actions in Waco as “gamesmanship” downplays, and distracts from, the total po-lice state which Texas IS.

    Clearly, every act was TYRANNICAL, and NOT a GAME, beginning with the pre-planned and pre-meditated murder and aggravated assault of 28 people by ambushing pigs, continuing today with the cover-up of facts, lies, and legal yet unlawful, tyrannical moves by the persecutor and his conflict of interest judges. Everything, the German Nazi tyrants did was “Legal”.

    The 8 DA’s who can’t count, are merely making a show of support for their inept “Un-Able” Reyna who is still trying to find which end of a pen or pencil to use.

    Waco is operated and controlled behind the scenes by the same ruling rich families which SETTLED the area. The public office holders today, who are mere front-men for the ruling families, do what they are told, as they are told. And the more inept the front-men are, the more control for the rulers behind the scenes.

  31. L-Frame S&W Says:

    “The eight never explain why they have interjected themselves into the case at this late date. Maybe McLennan County District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna bribed them with rustled cattle.”

    These motherfuckers have inserted themselves to protect the “old boy network” they have been a party to since their mother whelped them.

    L-Frame S&W

  32. Lone Rider Says:

    @ Rebel, at this point we do have to consider that there has been talk of succession down Texas way?…. maybe they figure if they can convince the feds that they are really this dumb, hell! succession would be a cake walk.
    Sometimes being “willfully stupid,” works, I don’t know why or how, it just does.

  33. T Hell Says:

    Number nine is actually Scott Barnes in deep cover.

    She’s rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ Though the streams are swollen. Keep them doggies rollin’, rawhide…..

  34. popeye Says:

    AN Amicus Curiae is someone not a party to the case who offers information that bears on the case. What information could 8 DA’s from different judicial areas have about this case other than opinion or hearsay? The corruption in Texas has no limits. These briefs are nothing but letters of support from one corrupt judge from another. The good ol boy network at work.

  35. FF Says:

    Hmmmmm.. maybe one of them is an imaginary rabbit named Harvey.

  36. Wolfenlover Says:

    Shyster, “From your mouth to the Great Spirit’s ear”!

  37. Shyster Says:

    I have said it before and I will continue to say it … Waco will lose bigtime!


  38. Wolfenlover Says:

    I know I wrote NINE. That is for the judge that agrees with the other 8’s
    moronic request.

    Here you go Ms. Lisa Ling! Seems the State is under the influence of
    inbred delusional psychosis! Talk about a way to go down in History!
    Break this giant ball of dung open & let it air out.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  39. Wolfenlover Says:

    AND as Bill Engval would say”Hey Wacko! HERE’S YOUR SIGN!”
    Looks like NINE more have just announced they are also in-breds originally
    from McClennen Co.! WOW! And these bastards hold power! SMFH

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