October 10, 2015

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There is still no news from Waco.

It has been 147 days since the Twin Peaks Massacre in which nine men were gunned down and killed, at least 18 more men were shot and 177 mostly innocent people had their lives ruined on the whim of a monster named Abelino “Abel” Reyna.

The inbred power structure in provincial Waco immediately seized control of the narrative. A braying jackass of a man named Patrick Swanton portrayed a confederation of clubs meeting as the Apalachin, New York Mafia Summit of 1957. The world ‘s press dutifully reported that “five biker gangs” had assembled in innocent Waco to discuss their mutual interests in pay day loans and other forms of loan sharking, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, the lottery and other forms of gambling, and recreational raping and pillaging. Some cynical people thought the arrestees were imprisoned to keep them silent.


Pesky questions arose anyway. For example, who told a hundred or more Cossacks, Scimitars and Bogatyrs to crash the meeting early and take all the parking spaces and seats? Who put up the pole cams? Exactly who told the Texas Department of Public Safety there would be a fight to the death at the Twin Peaks that day? What was the connection between the Twin Peaks Massacre and an ATF raid on a Cossacks home in Tyler two weeks before? What was up with all those machine guns? Who ordered the Bearcat? Why were the accounts of survivors so different from official accounts? Pesky questions like that, that maybe, just maybe, free people in a democracy have a right to ask and get answered. Official Waco simply refused to release any video, ballistics, or other forensics evidence.

Reyna threatened defense attorneys in the case with a gag order right out of the gate and most defenders complied like good little sheep. The most noticeable exceptions were Houston attorney Paul Looney and Dallas attorney Clint Broden who both understood it was important to “change the narrative from ‘biker shootout’ to ‘law enforcement abuse.’” Broden was probably the most notable of the half dozen or so lawyers who were trying to change the narrative and sure enough on June 30, 103 days ago, Reyna crony Matt Johnson issued an unprecedented gag order in the case. The gag order was clearly unconstitutional. Reyna argued the gag order was to protect the rights of the undeniably innocent people he had just ruined. Everything Reyna says is self serving and sophistical. Everybody knows it and nobody will do anything about it.

Months Pass

Broden played by the rules. He appealed the gag order and 65 days ago, on August 7, the 10th Court of Appeals vacated Johnson’s order. But before the appeals court’s ruling could take effect, Reyna appealed to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and 59 days ago, on August 9, that court stayed the 10th Court of Appeals’ order to vacate.

Reyna kept talking even though the defenders were forbidden to talk. Police used the gag order as an excuse to stonewall reasonable inquiries. The appeal of the gag order, was submitted to the CCA Wednesday.

And this morning, on a sweltering Saturday morning in Los Angeles, there is still no news from Waco. There is only silence growing like a cancer deep in the heart of Texas.


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  1. Tooj Says:

    A whole lotta folk that somehow have “rights” that I never heard of…there’s a reason I hang on to old spark plugs.

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