Chosen Son Gets Probation

October 6, 2015

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Chosen Son Gets Probation

Eric Christopher Jansen, a retired Baltimore policeman and a member of the Chosen Sons Motorcycle Club, was sentenced to “probation before sentencing” last Friday for his part in a fight with members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Jansen had been charged with first and second-degree assault, theft and robbery.

Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club member Eric Lloyd “Animal” Calkins was sentenced to two years incarceration with all but 60 days suspended. Calkins had been charged with with two counts of first-degree assault, five counts of second-degree assault, assault with a deadly weapon and strong arm robbery.

A third man, Darrin Shiflett, was also sentenced to “probation before sentencing.” All three pled guilty last July to one count of second-degree assault.

Blue Marlin Brawl

The charges resulted from a brawl with Iron Order members Timothy “Sentinel” Taylor, Timothy J. “PourHonie” Kielian, Seth Daniel Gerhart, James Charles Leblanc and John Anthony Hayes on February 7 Kenny B’s Blue Marlin in Dundalk. Maryland. The five Iron Order members were drinking in the bar with several women when Calkins entered the bar and a fight quickly ensued. Jansen joined the fight after he walked into the bar and observed four of the Iron Order members hitting Calkins in the head with collapsible batons, Calkins is a veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury during his military service in Iraq.

Surveillance video showed Jansen pushing Kielian’s wife out of his way and punching Kielian in the face twice. Kielian is the business manager of the Baltimore Iron Order chapter.

Kielian, appeared at Friday’s and asked the judge to sentence Jansen harshly. “The point is, there were people in there that night that were doing nothing wrong,” Kielian told the judge. “It’s inexcusable.”

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32 Responses to “Chosen Son Gets Probation”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Sounds like cramped tried to approached some patch holders and wasn’t worth their time. Probably for good reason.

  2. Lone Rider Says:

    Cramped?…. in this case, both a Brain and Vaginal condition.

  3. Tooj Says:

    Gee golly gosh there Cramped, that sounds like some violent language there. What’s mom gonna say?

  4. Sieg Says:

    Hey Cramps, inside, you’d be PC your whole bit. After your first night.
    FTF / FTP

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    Aawwww…is your Midol wearing off there, Cramps?

  6. Cramped Says:

    Glad more of the violent and criminal assholes riding motorcycles and giving all other normal, law-abiding motorcycle riders a bad name, have been taken off the road. Get your 1% shit back to prison. Anti-Social, Anti-American pricks.

  7. Veyor1962 Says:

    Don’t believe everything you read.
    I’ll leave it at that…

  8. Tommy Says:

    Veyor1962 –

    This article doesnt agree with you:

    “In Baltimore in 2008, 65-year-old Norman Stamp, a 44-year veteran of the city police force, was drinking in a strip joint with fellow members of the bike club he helped found, the Chosen Sons, when a brawl started in the street outside.”

  9. Veyor1962 Says:

    Hey guys,
    It’s called a “PBJ” Probation Before Judgment. Simply put, it means you’ve been found guilty but if you’re a “good boy” for a given period of time (usually a year or so) it’s all good. But if you fuck up, you’re gonna do the time.
    And just to clear thing up, the Chosen Sons MC is not a cop club. It is made up of hard working honorable men from all walks of life. They have a club t-shirt that reads “do no harm, take no shit”. they love brotherhood, riding big motorcycles, pit beef, cold beer & warm women. Need I say more?
    Oh yea, FUCK THE IO !!!

    respect to those who deserve it
    may you ride free forever

  10. Veyor1962 Says:

    Hey guys,
    it’s called a “PBJ”, Probation Before Judgment. It simply means that you’ve been found guilty but if you’re a “good boy” for a given period of time (usually about a year) then it’s all good. But if you fuck up during that time, you’ll do every day of the required sentence.
    And just to clear things up, the Chosen Sons MC are not a “cop club”. The club consists of hard working, honorable men from almost every walk of life. They have a club T-shirt that says “Do no harm, take no shit”. They love brotherhood, riding big motorcycles, pit beef, cold beer & warm women. Need I say more?
    Oh yea, FUCK THE IO !!!!

    Respect to those who deserve it.
    Long may you ride.

  11. andyv2k14 Says:

    I’ve never met anyone from IO. I am not a member or supporter of any club, 1%er or otherwise. However, I always learned growing up and in the military that only a cunt runs to the cops to handle his business. Unfortunately, this seems to be the trend with IO.

    I enjoy the biker world because by and large people still live by rules of respect and handling your problems like a man (as opposed to the cunt example above). Would be nice if an event would happen that would see IO go away for good.

  12. WhiteyGoneLoco Says:

    4 IO member beat one IH in the head with batons, that are illegal in this state, and the IH gets 2 yrs with 1yr 10 months suspended. WTF. The IH gets a total of 7 counts of assault and there are only 5 IO. WTF.

    Anyway, anytime IO is out, there is going to be a problem. IO should just get accustomed to that. No club likes them. They will never earn anyones respect. Some just don’t deserve to breathe the same air i do. Thats Fact.

  13. lee griffin Says:

    ok so chosen sons mc arnt a cop club but allow a former cop in its club an he fights with the iron dicks, I don’t care what happens if I found out a club I was in had any cop affiliated people I would either kick em out or leave that shit don’t sit right :(

  14. Jim666 Says:

    so the io are calling the pigs on pigs ??? lmfao bitches fuck the io cunts

  15. Straight Shooter Says:

    What is the typical personality of these amateurs-bike riders? Same as their day job. Expect nothing less than the literal parody of a little man syndrome.

  16. Muzzle Flash Says:


    1) The understanding is nationwide that these ‘men’ are pricks. I’ve personally had a few interactions with them in GA and am not a fan. Very attention-seeking and hungry for admiration.
    2) Some would agree that’s the case – I personally believe that these morons are just instigators that like to call the police and point fingers. They don’t know how to handle their business without police interaction.
    3) These guys are not related to the IO

  17. Ed Says:

    Can someone explain to an interested outsider what exactly is going on here?

    Rebel has story after story of Iron Order guys being involved in either assault, manslaughter, or murder, and getting off scott free while other clubs get jacked up hard for even looking the wrong way.

    A few questions:

    1) Is the IO’s influence confined to a particular region of the country? Or is there basically a nationwide understanding that IO is to be treated with kid gloves?

    2) From some of the comments I see here, I deduce that the IO is basically a deputized weapon being used to attack and incriminate other clubs. Would that be an accurate assessment?

    3) In my area we have a club called the “Iron Hogs” or the “Iron Pigs” that is rumored to be a cop MC. Any relationship?

  18. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    Here’s another io brawl caught on film.

  19. 410 Empire Says:

    @panamaa – “probation before sentencing”…… What the FUCK is that??? Fucking cops..

    I think it is saying a third man not related to the Chosen Sons, who was involved in some way or another took the PPJ.

    Kielian, appeared at Friday’s and asked the judge to sentence Jansen harshly. “The point is, there were people in there that night that were doing nothing wrong,” Kielian told the judge. “It’s inexcusable.”

    What a pussy! Whatever happened to being a man! Fucking camel jockeys have more balls then the UO.

    Sorry to hear about Animal getting time behind all this BS.

    Respect to the real MC’s who are handling business.

  20. Tommy Says:

    IO = Pussy cop callers

  21. Punisher Keeper Says:

    All in the name of control……..

  22. panamaa Says:

    “probation before sentencing”…… What the FUCK is that??? Fucking cops..

  23. EC Vagos Says:

    Enough is enough with These clowns. They start shit, we get charged. Proof positive it’s all a scam and set up.

    Don’t validate these pigs by ever referring to them as an MC. It’s a fucked up thing to know going in, that simply defending yourself or a brother from them will land you in the can with assault charges, but that the whole plan.

    Fuck the Iron Order
    Fuck the lying Feds
    Fuck the local militarized police
    Fuck all the liars and rats

    Respect to A.R. And all the regulars and respect to all of you here that deserve it.

  24. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you Urine Odor faggots and fuck you Iron Limpwrists faggots. Not a real man among you fucktards.

  25. Charlie Says:

    Seriously, it would be funny if it wasn’t sad.

  26. Charlie Says:

    Where is the UO Gangland episode? I love that guys VoiceOver. ” This is the most dangerous motorcycle gang claiming Pluto as territory. Duck dodgers CI: real name Daffy Duck goes deep inside The Gang. With his backup special agent Fog Horn Leghorn. Cooperating witness tweety to take down the nefarious Willie Wylie Coyote” Better than Sutter.

  27. Paladin Says:

    Based on the charges faced and the resulting sentences, it would seem that the judge sent a message to the io that their mere existence is more inexcusable than those the judge sentenced.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  28. Wolfenlover Says:

    Here’s hoping the day of reckoning for the Urine Odor comes sooner than
    later! P’sOS, 1 & ALL!

  29. Big Ang Diamondback Says:


    love big Ang New York

  30. popeye Says:

    No charges for the 4 iron order members beating 1 handicapped man with batons. Doesnt seem fair

  31. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Iron Order cunts!


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