Mark Walker Arrested

March 25, 2009

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Mark Edward “Mean Mark” Walker, 42 and a member of the American Outlaws Association, has been arrested in Ivy Bend, Missouri on a charge of attempted second-degree murder.

Walker was awakened at precisely 6:43 yesterday morning by a total of 26 sworn peace officers comprising: Thirteen members of the Missouri State Water Patrol Special Weapons and Tactics Team; two Deputy United States Marshals; two members of the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force; eight Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team members; and Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty.

Unsurprisingly, Walker did not attempt to resist. It is still unclear whether or not he was previously aware that he was a wanted man.

What Police Say he Did

According to the police, last July 31st at about 2 am, Walker and another member of the Outlaws named Glenn Arthur “Psycho” Sticht, were enjoying some drinks in a bar called the South Pub in Belleview, Florida when they began arguing with a man named Joe Money. Money, 48, was supposedly such an annoyingly skilled and stubborn debater that the two Outlaws were forced to break beer bottles over his head in an attempt to persuade him to concede. Then, allegedly, they started beating him with a pool cue.

During the course of this beating, someone in the bar shot Joe Money in the jaw with a .22-caliber handgun. After conceding the inferiority of his position, Money left the Pub and travelled to the Munroe Regional Medical Center where he sought treatment for the bullet hole in his face. Police found him there.

Police also found the handgun in the bar. Surveillance video led authorities to suspect that Walker and Sticht might have committed a crime.

The Search For Mean Mark And Psycho

The next day, police raided the Outlaws Motorcycle Clubhouse at 2140 North Magnolia Avenue in Ocala where they found ammunition and firearms but neither Sticht nor Walker. Sticht was subsequently indicted for aggravated assault. And, when he learned of the charges against him he immediately turned himself in to police in Lakeland, Florida.

Walker meanwhile, eventually relocated to his brother’s trailer in Missouri. The elder Walker, Andrew David Walker, 47 has been confined to the Morgan County Detention Center since Valentine’s Day on a charge of driving with a revoked license. So it has not yet been determined whether he even knew that his brother had come to town to visit him or not.

The United States Marshal’s Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force in Gainesville learned that Andrew David Walker was in jail on the driving charge and suspected that his brother might show up. So, the Marshals asked the Morgan County Sheriff’s to investigate.

The Apprehension

The Missouri police staked out the trailer, saw Mark Walker enter, called for reinforcements, then waited all night until they were sure that he was asleep before moving in at dawn. “We did confirm that he was at that location yesterday,” Sheriff Petty explained. “One of the members of the Water Patrol stayed in the woods all night last night until we executed the search warrant early this morning.”

Andrew Walker’s fiancée, Margaret Berg-Teed was also taken into custody and is being held without bail. The police have not yet decided what charges to bring against her but it is a principal of our system of justice they do not have to show habeas corpus until tomorrow.

Ms. Berg-Teed and both Walker brothers are now in the Morgan County Jail.

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