Iron Order MC Metastasizing

October 5, 2015

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Iron Order MC Metastasizing

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club, which has branded itself as “the law abiding motorcycle club” and has been the largest aspirational motorcycle club in the world, has lost about 1,000 members to a brand new club called the Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club.

The new club claims members throughout the United States and has announced nine “international” and regional officers.

Running Things

Ray “Izod” Lubesky is the international president of the new club. Lubesky is a former fast food executive with Cinnabon, Ponderosa Steakhouses and Papa John’s Pizza who now runs a painting company franchise in Palm Harbor, Florida. Lubesky was the longtime president of the Iron Order.

Craig “Playboy” Cabral of Assonet, Massachusetts in the new club’s international vice-president. Michael “Taxman” Falcon, a tax preparer from Swansea, Massachusetts will be the international business manager. Bob “Freon” Souza, an air conditioner repairman from Fall River, Massachusetts will be the new sergeant at arms. John “Just One More” Marsden, a recent Iron Order regional director from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, will be a regional director for the new club. Rick Weeble of Louisville, Kentucky, a former international business manager for the Iron Order will be the Iron Legacy’s Central United States director. Roanld “Kingpin” Candelaria, the owner of Kingpin Real Estate in Temecula, California and a former Iron Order regional director will be the Iron Legacy’s west coast director. James “Whiskey” Arnold, a history buff from Nashville will be in charge of the new club’s “Internal Affairs/Professional Standards” and Joe “Professor” Loiacano, an original member of the Iron Order who sells fruit and produce in Louisville, will be an “advisor.”

Real Beginning

In a statement, the new club declared, “We chose to turn back to the path set 11 years ago and now we will start our 12th year as Iron Legacy MC. Not a new beginning but a return to the real beginning that brought us together years ago.”

In 2011, Jason Nark and William Bender of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “Authorities say that the soaring popularity of the Sons of Anarchy TV show – the most watched in FX’s history – could be contributing to a disturbing trend: Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together, are forming small motorcycle clubs and dabbling in the outlaw lifestyle.” Lubesky read the comment on The Aging Rebel and was flattered.

“That is exactly how and why the Iron Order Motorcycle Club was started…in a garage in Jeffersonville, Indiana,” Lubesky said. “We formed our own club with our own rules. We didn’t care what anyone else thought about us or what bullshit they spread about what we were doing. We swore to stick together and fought internally and externally every threat that came our way. We never backed down and never changed direction because some organization or club criticized and condemned us. We stood our ground and pushed forward whenever and wherever we found like-minded men with iron balls who wanted the same things we did.  We found there were a whole lot of them out there all over the world.” Lubesky thought Nark and Bender made “a strong statement of what was going on in the world of clubs and we happened to pioneer some of it. For that I am profoundly proud.”

Aspirational Club

The Aging Rebel has since described such clubs comprised of “Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together,” who form “small motorcycle clubs and” dabble “in the outlaw lifestyle” as “aspirational motorcycle clubs” to differentiate them from traditional motorcycle clubs. The Iron Legacy Motorcycle Club appears to be the newest of these.

In his first statement as new president of the Iron Legacy, Lubesky wrote his members, “We have no reason to hide or be secretive. We need to be above board and honest. We must have the highest integrity and let those morons grovel in their shit piles. When you turn the lights on the roaches run for cover. We are not the roaches. Let them do the running. Let’s not hide behind anything. If the assholes want to know anything about what we’re doing let them call and ask and we should answer. I am sure we will have plants and spies. It will not matter as we will hide nothing.”


152 Responses to “Iron Order MC Metastasizing”

  1. Johnny Rotten Says:

    probly be all teeth Rebel…

    but thats an easy fix



  2. Rebel Says:

    Hey Grumpy,

    Suck my dick.


  3. Grumpy Says:

    Who is is ageing biker guy?, and why are any of your so called self proclaimed bikers read this stupid page, bullshit!, this guy is nothing and useless just a bullish story writer

  4. Biker Mike Says:

    Here’s a comment an Old Iron Order president who is forced to leave the club for forcing himself on a brother’s wife is now a nomad for iron Legacy talk about values and integrity what bs

  5. wild thing Says:

    izod uses fffh can someone tell me what it means

  6. Dino Says:

    You should research the club BEFORE ordering your patches.

  7. Bone Head Says:

    Softail, do some more reading around this site. You may learn why these things are the way they are.

  8. Softail Says:

    Where is it written that a motorcycle club has to be made up of outlaws? This is a free country and if a bunch of guys ride want to get together and form a club God bless ’em. The idea that the 1% can dictate who can and cannot have a motorcycle club is the most absurd idea ever! The only thing more absurd is that some of the 99%, like a lot of people riding into this blog, support the idea! I am not a member of Iron order or iron legacy but I definitely support their right to have a club and I wish them well.

  9. Billy stray Says:

    I,cant for the life of me understand how these guys are walking around with a 3piece patch without getting it ripped off them !!!
    If it was 20 yrs ago these guys would be quivering in the fucking corner

  10. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I missed your reply to Stoney back when you wrote it. Didn’t read it until today……… Truer words were never spoken..

    Respects to you Sir……..

  11. Scooter Rick Says:

    Hmmm, a law abiding club, complete with a 3 piece…what could possibly go wrong? It would be one thing if these guys had a one, or even two piece. And for some odd reason, they take highly effective measures to prevent any small club that doesn’the know about them from becoming friends. Doing the small clubs a favor I guess. But anyway…I sure will be happy when these guys finally implode.

  12. mental midget Says:

    There was a IO clubhouse not far from me here in florida. . After the incident in Jacksonville the signs came down, I figured they were closing up shop, not to mention that club house is located in a 1%er area. . I just rode by yesterday and seen a new sign. . “Iron Legacy”.. Hhmmmmmm????? Could they be just patching over IO. And claim to have nothing to do with them. Either way I’m sure I’ll start seeing them in the area now until they get run off..

  13. Tooj Says:

    +1 Rebel. You’re not alone, not like that is any sort of fucking comfort.

  14. Sieg Says:

    Proly don’t mean anything to y’all out on the Coasts, but Ogden Avenue, 1970’s/1980’s…a beautiful place. And I gotta agree, I came up in the late sixties/early seventies, and fucking EVERYONE had a piece, always. Jus the way it was.


  15. Dino Says:

    r whites,
    You should have asked these questions before you became a prospect (aka, cock smoker) with the Urine Odor. I saw you were over at Insane Throttle asking your same dumbass questions. Go away.

  16. PJ Says:

    r whites,

    You really should read here as others suggested. You’ll get all the answers to your questions.

  17. Johnny Rotten Says:


    The fools you have to suffer
    You are a kinder man than i

    Respects to those deserving


  18. r whites Says:

    why do you say iron order are playing dress up? is it cos some of em are cops?

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Stoney,

    I don’t know what your frame of reference is. In a motor sickle club in say 1975, which I presume is what the Iron Order is trying to pretend to be, everybody was a Vietnam combat vet, everybody had an untraceable handgun, everybody’s grandfather had an untraceable handgun, everybody was pissed off, there wasn’t no goddamn DNA and what was left of Cgar’s body would be left on a suburban lawn someplace for all the world to see — “to make a statement,” as one homicidal maniac I once knew was rumored to have said.

    It is only by the grace of God that I have avoided prison. I have always thought of myself as a nice guy but I know for a fact that if I lived now like I lived then Uncle Sugar would lock me up and throw away the key.

    That sort of shit that happened then can’t happen anymore for reasons that everybody knows. I wrote a book last year on that theme. I called it The Twilight of the Outlaws. Buy a copy. I need the money.

    The Iron Order exists because there are no longer any repercussions to playing dress up and insisting that people agree with you that you are something you are not. I think I once compared that bullshit to putting on a bunch of combat ribbons for Halloween and then starting an argument with a real combat veteran at his Halloween party.

    I suppose things are better now in this brave, new, multicultural, collectivist world where nobody knows who the hell they are and image is everything.

    Some days I think this used to be a better world. The dope was better, the music was better, the women were hotter, you could earn your living with your hands and shit got taken care of. No helmet laws. I still hate helmet laws.

    Some people think I am just an old crank yelling at kids to get off my lawn. I don’t really care what people think.

    “The 1% clubs’ have done little to effectively suppress their unacceptable behavior/activities.” Jesus fucking Christ Stoney. Did you just fall of the turnip truck or what? You have no fucking clue.

    Get off my lawn!


  20. Stoney Says:

    The world has changed gents.

    I remember when I was young almost nobody carried a pistol. One had to demonstrate a legitimate need and get the approval of the local Sheriff in order to get a Concealed Carry permit. Little problems between men were settled between men … generally just mano a mano. That was a long time ago.

    Nowadays it seems everybody & his brother has A CCW permit & are packing some heat …. so nowadays ya gotta think about that when you get in a confrontation with somebody more than you used to. Especially if they’re acting a little braver than it seems like they ought to given whatever the circumstances might be.

    From all the reports I’ve read you can bet in any group of IOMC members some of ’em are probably gonna be packing with CCW permits pretty much anytime you see ’em …. except maybe in a bar, then they’ll be sure to have a piece close at hand, like out on their bike. And if they’re a real cop with actual arrest authority they don’t even need a CCW permit. Now if you get in a fistfight with some dude, and he pulls out a gun & shoots you in the head, you can call him a pussy or whatever all you want …. you’re stil dead, or in ICU.

    I’m not a club guy (any club) but generally have no problems with somebody is if that’s their thing. There’s getting to be a bunch of those IOMC guys out there, I see quite a few of ’em around here in Florida. Don’t know much about ’em, but I spoke with a couple of ’em at a local event last year & they seemed kind of unfriendly and really paranoid.

    But, let’s be honest, the 1% clubs’ have done little to effectively suppress their unacceptable behavior/activities. Now I ain’t preachin’ here and don’t really have any kind of point to make other than, I’m just sayin’: If you can’t defend what you claim as yours …. it ain’t!

    (btw … seems a lot of the incidents I’ve heard of involving IOMC the member has been a corrections officer, security guard, or military-reserve member …. so quite a few of ’em are not really even cops as in, they don’t even carry when they’re on-duty)

  21. r whites Says:

    cheers the kraut

  22. Lost Cause Says:

    Sounds like the kid is considering drinking their Kool-Aid. Just consider this, bub, NO ONE outside of that club likes them, respects them, or wants anything to do with them. They are the turd in the punch bowl Save yourself the grief and inevitable humiliation and find a real MC to hang around. The Iron Disorder can put an MC cube on their vests, tell you how “traditional” they are, but a real MC they are not.

    Seriously though, stop asking questions when all the answers you seek are already here for the reading. Capiche?

  23. The Kraut Says:

    Hey dickhead! r white… this site seems suited to your seemingly endless and annoying repetition of questions regarding the Pissgums:

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  24. Dasein Says:

    r whites is pure troll, probably farts in public then very politely asks if anyone smells it.

  25. T Hell Says:

    @r whites
    Sorry son but you seem to have forgotten to start your post with “I am not in the Irun Order but……”

  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear r whites,

    One fool can ask more questions than a thousand wise men can answer.


  27. r whites Says:

    thank you stroker. can you tell me the protocols they are breaking please? i’ve seen how they started in 2004 and now have hundreds of chapters with thousands of members and i can see how that seems iffy because a traditional mc treats membership as a close brotherhood and therefore would have a much slower growth. it would seem like the iron order gives out full membership a lot quicker. Is that one of the issues? i have seen it called a mail order membership. so guys can just get these patches real quick from paying a bit of money and that pisses off guys from clubs where they have to work to earn a patch?

  28. stroker Says:

    @ r whites:

    I’m going to take your questions at face value, and answer them with my opinion. I do this not just to answer you, r whites, but so others reading this site will see my opinion also.

    The IO is called a “riders club”, or and “aspirational club”, for lack of perhaps better terms like “fake club”, or “organization that wants to be like traditional clubs” or “cops pretending to be bikers to kill 1% ers”….or many other monikers all pointing towards a relatively new club, who makes a point to barge into the traditional MC world with a “fuck ya’ll” attitude, not giving two shits about protocol, or respect for the existing clubs.

    They “aspire” to be a traditional MC.

    They are not.

    They are shit stains on our culture.

    And laughing about it.

    CTL (click the links)

  29. r whites Says:

    i do know the difference. i wanted to know why iron order is a riders club and not an MC

  30. Parsifal Says:

    rwhites – told on yourself. Don’t know the difference and now you do?…..
    Bingo! Now Scram!

  31. Phuquehed Says:

    Is this that idiot kid that was here a couple years ago? The one who refused to listen to anyone and just kept running his yap and learned nothing and proved how stupid he was with *every* post he made? Can’t remember the ‘tards name, but it was two or three years ago I believe.

  32. r whites Says:

    i do know the difference.

  33. Sieg Says:

    r whites, if you don’t know the difference between an RC and an MC, this probably isn’t the place for you to be getting your news.

  34. r whites Says:

    yeah i read a lot of the article. one person in the comments said they are a riders club pretending to be an MC, what does this mean?

  35. r whites Says:

    yeah i’ve read a lot of the articles.

  36. dogbreath Says:

    @r whites –

    Snitches. Common ground may have been found over all the other violations of tradition and protocol, but when the fundamental underlying principle of your existence is to be a rat there can be no compromise.

    You have received more than you deserve from others here – Sieg pointed you to the IOMC tag, did you bother to read any of it? Rebel is not known for mincing words or pulling punches, the articles alone should be enough. But the real meat is in the comments from the regulars, insightful observations from men who truly live the life.

    Do your own work, carry your own load. Get out of the basement and go meet some Urine Odor Snitch Cult members, and acquaint yourself with a few true 1%ers (don’t worry, they are a swell bunch of fellas) and make your own judgements. And by all means, let us know what you learn.

  37. Phuquehed Says:

    @r whites – How does one explain the color blue to someone? If you can’t figure out the answer to your question by reading the thousands of comments about that air-wasting group of murdering pussies known as the Urine Odor, then you’re here simply to either stir shit or to show the world you love sucking that groups collective dick.

  38. Sieg Says:

    r(not)white, do you use your autonomous reflex center at all, or does it take concentration to keep breathing?

  39. r whites Says:

    why do you call iron order an aspirational club?

  40. The Kraut Says:

    Big Ang Diamondback; Thanks…at least I didn’t lose my dinner seeing that fucked up patch and the fooles who wear the foul mark.

    The Urine Odour would just as soon suck a dick than eat spaghetti…fucking cosplay cops and cunts!

    Respects, Kraut

  41. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Kraut. You displayed a lot of restraint there. Of course those urine odor guys show up to bars and venues in a cage wearing colors. Half of them don’t even understand why that would be wrong. The other half just don’t give a fuck. The only laws or rules they follow is “when scared, call up the cops” and “when scared use your sidearm, and have your buddies just cover up the evidence” pretty easy to be fake tough guys, get tattoos, and grow long biker beards when you’re protected by the feds and local police 24/7. ( these guys are so ridiculous and hypocritical that half of the police force doesn’t even respect them.)

    FTIO FTUO FGC FTF Fuck the Rag Head Terrorists!!
    Respect to the hardcore AR readers. Rebel get well soon.

    Big Ang

  42. The Kraut Says:

    Last night in the Belmont casino in Fort Atkinson WI, I was having dinner when a man wearing a Urine Odour vest walked in with a local IO officer in soft colors…a prospect of the pissgums works at the casino and was there also.

    The vest had an Ohio rocker on it…did not see any other officer patches, just the maltese cross patch.

    Pretty much ruined a good dinner.

    Oh, there were NO bikes parked outside….wearing colors in a car? wear them in a bar…fucking monkey head with tumors fucking cunts!

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  43. Freedom Says:

    Can you explain please the difference between the Iron order and the iron legacy mc . For me they look the same . The friendship the brotherhood loyalty integrity they don’t nead advertising, good sketch pictures products. It reminds me friendise restaurant they change the menu every six months and is still the same crap……sorry .To many pictures no privesy a lot of people they gone to loose they jobs they build enemies and no motorcycle rides.dont forget the most important ifs the ride……with respect for people and they biker community I nead a smart answer.I respect motorcycle riders….not colors

  44. Meh Says:

    Pork Order vs. Pork Legacy, a distinction without a difference.

  45. Phuquehed Says:

    HAHA!! Light ‘im up, 10G!

  46. 10Gauge Says:


    You have finally lost it you retarded, muppet, goofball. The “book” that got you kicked out of the IO makes you look like the fast food selling, fast talking, liar, and con man you are. Now YOU are the “asshole” that you called out multiple times in your first “book”. The “Fat Fuck” you repeatedly disparage is now one of your Bromads…What did you expect? My favorite part is the massive jack off session where you pretend to have a conversation with a real 1% patch holder you call “goof”. Of course you have no problem naming names in every other snitch bitch chapter, but in this one you don’t…PROBABLY BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPEND.

    You are so stupid that you think bragging about handing out black skulls after making the cops pick up your pieces and do your dirty work, is a good way to attract new talent. There have been some serious goofs that have made a name for themselves pretending to be something they are not. But you take the motherfucking cake. If you don’t want to be perceived as an “outlaw” biker, why the fuck would you dress up like one? Why would you have a diamond eight? And don’t fucking lie… Your first cuts had diamond eight patches on them. They are on your…oops..THEIR fucking web sight you GOOF.

    IT IS FUNNY AS HELL THAT YOU GOT PUT OUT BAD FROM YOUR OWN CLUB. It just perfect. Back to hanging with all of the people you have spent bad mouthing in your last book. What a fucking punk you are. Even the IO laughs at you and your perverted sense of brotherhood. We knew all along you were a fraud, You can tell by those pictures of you with you MAGNA, leather boat shoes and gaudy leather jacket. The apitome of 1980s sleezy fast food yuppie.

    “Rat in a drain ditch, caught on a limb, you know better but I know him.
    Like I told you, what I said, Steal your face right off your head.”

  47. Fuck 1% Says:

    There are whole chapters dropping out of IO. Britt knows that IO is failing and is now trying to turn it into a dictatorship. It’s funny to sit back and watch them fail. There all a bunch of keyboard commandos

  48. Stevo Says:

    If the Iron On posers weren’t already sad and pathetic enough I have seen a number of them on Facebook using Jay ‘The Gay’ Dobyns photo as their profile picture.


  49. FF Says:


    Urine Odor

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