Another Iron Coffins Murder Charge

October 2, 2015

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Another Iron Coffins Murder Charge

Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club member Matthew Starkweather was arrested Thursday in Battle Creek, Michigan and charged with the murder of former club president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor on New Year’s Day 2012. Again.

According to local police, Taylor and Iron Coffin member Matthew Starkweather got into a fight at a club party over a debt of $2,500. Starkweather knocked Taylor down. Another patch holder named John Lindahl III ordered everybody who wasn’t a club member out of the clubhouse. When police arrived at 6 a.m. Taylor was dead of multiple blows to the head and Starkweather had been stabbed in the neck. Police charged Starkweather with murder on the spot. They later also charged Lindahl and another witness named Mario “Paco” Barroso as accessories.


Barroso made a deal to testify in return for immunity from prosecution but he didn’t testify to the satisfaction of the prosecutor who was then a man named Jeff Kabot. Kabot lost. Barroso couldn’t remember anything and all three men, who were the only witnesses to Taylor’s death, walked. The charges were dismissed. Starkweather and Lindahl said that Taylor had attacked them with a knife and a baton and they defended themselves. Police said they defended themselves with a club and the butt of a shotgun.

A new prosecutor named David Gilbert was elected in November 2012 and early this year he decided to go after the three men again. The first man charged was Barroso. According to Gilbert, Taylor was murdered, not killed in self defense, and Barroso aided and abetted that murder by handing either Starkweather or Lindahl the shotgun. Since defending one’s self against a murder charge tends to be economically ruinous, Barroso pled no contest to manslaughter in August with the expectation that he would be sentenced to about three years. Last month a judge sentenced him to a prison term of 71 to 180 months which, because Barroso is now 66, means he may die behind the barbed wire.

Self Righteous Cruelty

Obviously, Gilbert’s prosecution has more to do with a public display of self righteous cruelty than with justice or public safety. Yesterday it was Starkweather’s turn to start the long climb up the pyramid steps to the sacrificial alter.

Starkweather’s lawyer, a man named J. Thomas Schaeffer, told the Battle Creek Enquirer, “I think this charge is ill-advised because the right decision was made before and it is a classic case of self-defense. My guy was on his back and had a knife to his neck.”

“This case had laid dormant for three years and I anticipate the same result will happen. Mr. Gilbert is causing people a disruption in their lives and costing them great sums of money.”

Gilbert said publically, “It is a cold case that has been reopened. I don’t know why it was originally dismissed. The attorney who was handling it is not here anymore. But after a review and upon further investigation it has been reissued.” Gilbert also said his investigation into the case was “continuing.”


17 Responses to “Another Iron Coffins Murder Charge”

  1. BMW Says:

    This is a rotten and corrupt politician’s attempt to kill or destroy someone as an avenue to political success! Unfortunately, corrupt and inept persecutors perform this ritual slaughter of relative innocents almost daily. How long will it take for the innocent victims of this corrupt politician to be freed?




  2. david Says:

    Another good article Rebel exposing the no-good cops and prosecutors.

    As written, “According to local police”,”police arrived”,”police charged”, and “police SAID, evidencing the complete takeover and domination of an event at which the pigs were NEVER present, and which they NEVER witnessed!
    Yet, they immediately act and speak as if they know everything which occurred.

    In the ’01 Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal- an author, Roger Roots, stated the U.S. Consti. doesn’t allow for police as they exist today. At the very least, he argues police depts., powers, and practices today VIOLATE the Constitutions’ spirit and intent. “Under the criminal justice model know to the framers, professional police officers were unknown”, Roots writes.

    Contrary to years of thought control imposed on masses of people, pigs are unnecessary, evil, lying, self-serving and self-perpetuating tyrants, hell-bent on causing problems for the people who PAY their fucking salaries.

  3. 198VTAsupport Says:

    I was once told by an old mentor that with the way the laws are written – in California especially – its better to kill in self defense rather than just hurt someone in self defense. Shoot to kill. I still feel this holds true to this day…if something like what happened here occurs, and the other guy attacking you did not die, he can sue your ass for medical bills, even if the fuckwad attacking you is trespassing on your property. Fuck that, bury ’em. It’s time to overthrow this shitty government and all these bullshit laws.

  4. Tom Starkweather Says:

    Thanks for posting this Reble! Gilbert is a dick and doesn’t have what it takes not to live off the government tit. Michigan has a stand your ground law; Matt did not have to retreat when attacked by Lee Taylor. Don’t base your thoughts from what is printed in the Battle Creek Enquirer; Gilbert tells Trace what to print. I won’t have a retirement but we’ll beat this asshole!

    Act 309 of 2006

    780.972 Use of deadly force by individual not engaged in commission of crime; conditions.
    Sec. 2.

    (1) An individual who has not or is not engaged in the commission of a crime at the time he or she uses deadly force may use deadly force against another individual anywhere he or she has the legal right to be with no duty to retreat if either of the following applies:

    (a) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent death of or imminent great bodily harm to himself or herself or to another individual.

    (b) The individual honestly and reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the imminent sexual assault of himself or herself or of another individual.

    (2) An individual who has not or is not engaged in the commission of a crime at the time he or she uses force other than deadly force may use force other than deadly force against another individual anywhere he or she has the legal right to be with no duty to retreat if he or she honestly and reasonably believes that the use of that force is necessary to defend himself or herself or another individual from the imminent unlawful use of force by another individual.

    History: 2006, Act 309, Eff. Oct. 1, 2006

    © 2009 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

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  5. Philo Says:

    Stay strong Coffins!


  6. popeye Says:

    I guess I mis-read the article. I assumed the original charges were dismissed after a trial There was never a trial. Thanks for your help once again

  7. Lone Rider Says:

    “THE SYSTEM,” requires massive jumping through the hoops, most people cannot jump for long. Time to disappear?…. if only. Minimal footprints? Always.

    Rolling with the Times – L.R.

  8. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    @ david

    Thank you for emphasizing potential and eventual divorce, and the impossible odds against trying to make ends meet, the devastation of family and friendships, the destruction of business, careers, jobs – the humiliation of the “invisible” caste system prevalent here in the U.S. whereby you are fucking dirt
    if you are evicted, or need assistance or can’t afford health insurance and you don’t want to be forced into it. The stress from that alone, never mind the fucking legal fees or lack thereof leaving you at the mercy of an underfunded, understaffed public defender’s office which wouldn’t exist without the Bill of Rights and is considered a necessary nuisance by the D.A.

    Icing on the proverbial shit cake are the charges and trying to keep one’s ass out of prison.

    So whose lives matter? Certainly not bikers.

  9. david Says:

    @ Paladin, Am thinking “jeopardy” occurred, when the people were CHARGED with the same crime, TWICE, not the legal ruling of “attorney-judges” as to what constitutes “double jeopardy” based on past judicial rulings. Pre,during, and post trial jeopardy is not even considered by rich, white-tower a-hole attorneys who never had to work, and are therefore out of touch with people who do.

    The jeopardy all 177 Waco people are IN as the result of those bull-shit, “engaging in organized criminal activity” charges, is, loss of jobs, means of financial support, potential divorce, difficulty finding future employment, legal bills, etc. This jeopardy is real, unlike bull-shit, persecutorial “trials” by Reyna, AND Gilbert.

  10. Paladin Says:


    If the defendants were found not guilty and new evidence surfaced at a latter date, showing that the defendants were indeed guilty of the crime, the defendants could not be retried, double jeopardy guards against this. Because the original charges were dropped, a trial to determine guilt or innocence never occurred. Therefore there is no grounds for a claim of double jeopardy.

    Long May You Ride,


  11. Dr. Sardonicus Says:

    Yes, but what does this have to do with George Christie? Surely there’s a connection somewhere. Maybe color commentary?

  12. fuckjeffgoldblum Says:

    How the fuck can he charge these men with no new evidence?

  13. Sieg Says:

    MLL&R to the ICMC Nation. Hopefully all these bogus prosecutions will end without convictions.

    FTF / FTP

  14. popeye Says:

    What happened to not being tried for the same crime twice – double jeopardy?

  15. FF Says:

    Hey Gilbert, maybe someone should stab you, because we know you wont fight back, you pussy. You’ll just stand there and watch, because you dont want to hurt the person stabbing you, and gosh, you might even kill him, and that would be against the law.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph get me off this fucking planet.

  16. Wolfenlover Says:

    HOLY SH!T!!! The Persecutor didn’t get what he wanted, so he’s going to spend
    more tax-payer money until he does??!! What the fuck is wrong with the world
    these days??!! The Gov. has injected stupid drugs into our food system, they
    have advocated giving drugs to anyone over 6mths. old, AND kept them on them!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    What a cocksucker that Gilbert bitch is. “I’m trying to look important because in the time I’ve been here nothing big-time has come up to do so, so I figure I’ll just randomly reopen cases that look fishy to me because…well, because I can, and I have money backing my bitch ass up and I get to see the damage I do to people I wouldn’t normally have the balls to do to their faces.”

    Fuck off Gilbert, you corrupt piece of shit bitch.

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