The Waco Information War

September 24, 2015

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The Waco Information War

Since the dawn of mass media a century ago, villains have always sought to control how people think and act by controlling what they are allowed to know. Yesterday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals ruled for the villains.

The villain the court invited to stand on its shoulders is McLennan County Criminal District Attorney Abelino “Abel” Reyna. Reyna has emerged as the tyrant in charge of the coverup of the Twin Peaks Massacre in Waco last May 17. He may be a tyrant on behalf of the something bigger than himself, like the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security or Texas Rangers. It is at least as likely that he just likes how it feels to tyrannize.

A couple of events conjoined in the last week to illustrate Reyna’s talent for nullifying the Bill of Rights. First The Associated Press synopsized and published about 8,800 pages of evidence that has, possibly, been turned over to attorneys in one of the 177 criminal cases or four, current civil cases related to the Massacre. Nobody knows who leaked the information. The AP ran its story without a byline in order to protect both its reporter and her sources.

AP Report

The AP story referenced a 724-page police incident report and a 430-page Texas Department of Public Safety report that describe at least some of what happened in Waco on May 17. The reports are unlikely to contain the whole truth because they were both written by police. But the Waco police report does state that police “struck multiple suspects with their patrol rifles,” and the Texas Department of Public Safety report states that Reyna ordered the majority of bikers detained that day to be arrested and overcharged. “DA Abel Reyna and his staff told authorities at the convention center that if a person was wearing a patch, clothing or insignia that indicated support for the Bandidos or Cossacks, he or she should be charged with engaging in organized crime.”

Reyna responded publically to the AP story. “The fact that someone violated their ethical and legal obligations and the fact that the ultra-liberal AP is printing that material is evidence to me that my office is alone in trying to protect these individual’s constitutional right to a fair trial,” Reyna said in a written statement. “Our focus in the Twin Peaks matter will remain on the facts and the law and not the ridiculousness occurring all around it.”

Gag Order For Some

One problem with Reyna’s statement is that he was forbidden by a court order from making it. Since June, at Reyna’s insistence, attorneys in the case have been gagged. The most loquacious of them is a Dallas lawyer named Clint Broden and Broden has been fighting the gag order every step of the way. Broden has also mastered the art of speaking to the world at large by means of official court filings and the other day, after the AP ran its story and Reyna issued his official, angry lie about protecting his victims by silencing them, Broden filed yet another motion to lift the gag order.

What has occurred and what is occurring in relation to the gag order is very transparent to even the casual observer,” Broden wrote. “Immediately after the May 17, 2015 incident,” Reyna “ personally, along with other state actors sought to fill the public’s mind with pictures of roving ‘outlaw biker gangs’ and, only when they believed that they sufficiently accomplished that task,” Reyna “requested a gag order.”

Broden cited Reyna’s written statement and noted that it wasn’t exactly unprecedented. “This is not the first time…Reyna has violated the gag order he seeks this Court to enforce using equitable principles. On or about July 8, 2015, Mr. Reyna gave a press interview discussing the selection of the grand jury foreperson for the grand jury that could possibly consider Mr. (Matt) Clendennen’s case. During that interview, Mr. Ryna told the media: ‘That’s the system. He was chosen totally
at random, like. the law says.’

“Attorneys were denied their free speech rights under the United States and Texas Constitutions,” Broden complained to the appeals court, “but he was free to continue to make statements to the press.”

Judges Say

Almost immediately Reyna issued another official statement in response to Broden’s motion. He told Waco television station KXXV, “The allegation that I violated the gag order in any form or fashion is just another example of the ridiculousness I referred to in my statement.”

Yesterday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refused to either lift the gag order or compel Reyna to abide by it. “In this procedural position, we decline to act; based on the complaint raised by the real party in interest (the defense), the trial court is the proper venue for review of alleged violations of its gag order.”

This time Reyna had no comment.

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  1. d.neumann Says:

    This might be of interest to folks here. He was the boss of the Owen Sound Saddle Tramps for many years. When I taught his daughter Kendra he’d show up at parent teacher night. Great dad!

  2. d.neumann Says:

    Rebel, There was a great scoop you had on your site earlier today which was a leaked police report. I’m looking for it now but it be gone.

    What up with that?

  3. Nrcase76 Says:

    andyv2k14 : I hardly know whats going on here as this is my 1st time reading any such info.about ” The Waco Information War ” but from all that I’ve read which I know is probably not nearly enough for my opinion,, but so far I see it the way you said it too.

  4. david Says:

    Thunderbird, with respect,

    “THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes TOO EXPENSIVE to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” — Frank Zappa

    BTW , Frank did NOT use drugs.

  5. david Says:

    “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad”.

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    @andyv2k14, did you get all this info from reading just ONE of Rebel’s articles
    about this MASSACRE??!! I suggest you go in the WAY-BACK MACHINE & start reading
    from around May 18th, then spread the word to your friends, family & social
    media! Would really be appreciated!!!

  7. andyv2k14 Says:

    There is a cover-up here. Waco Police, either intentionally or accidentally, went charging in and undoubtedly gunned down a large number of innocent club members. Since when has charging in with assault rifles blazing been a standard police tactic?

    Maybe they did feel threatened. If they did, it is because of the BS being propagated by police training and the courts that all bikers who wear a 3-piece patch are dangerous, cop-killing criminals.

    In the aftermath, the media tries to highlight the law enforcement backgrounds of some of the bikers arrested. To me, this says that many of those swept up in this drag net were probably not 1%ers or criminals. The clubs I have seen are pretty careful about keeping cops out of their ranks.

    What I get from this is that the Waco Police charged in, assault rifles blazing to a break-up a bar fight. Multiple people were killed (possibly by police gunfire?), along with dozens who were detained without due process of the law, on excessive bail and trumped up charges. Now, realizing their mistake, the DA’s office is trying to keep things mum while they bully their suspects into confessing to crimes or giving testimony that is untrue. The whole Waco thing has taken away what little faith I had left in law enforcement. Handle your own business cos you sure can’t trust a cop to do it.

  8. Lost Cause Says:

    No offense to any of you that live there, but you couldn’t pay me to live in Texas after this orchestrated clusterfuck and the lack of justice that follows in its wake ever since. It is apparent that the court system there views the U.S. Constitution more as “guidelines” rather than law. Best of luck to all of the true victims (those arrested and their families).

  9. Rojas Says:

    Coverage of the rally at the Capital by the Austin American Statesman
    Quotes from Clint Broden and Paul Looney.

  10. Thunderbird Says:

    murder: the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

    synonyms; put to death, assassinate, execute, liquidate, eliminate, dispatch, butcher, slaughter, massacre.

    The more one ponders what happened at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015 the more questions come to mind if all the actions by law enforcement on that day were performed intentionally, consciously… or by premeditation. If so then was there justification for the shooting on the part of law enforcement?

    This begs the question… Is the intent of the gag order restricting information or comment made by the witnesses, lawyers representing the parties involved from being made public to protect possible wrong doing by law enforcement?

    There is a contradiction in this gag order. Does it serve justice or obstruct justice? Is the Justice System being held hostage by the very people we trust to serve it?

    What is the purpose of the gag order? So far there is no clear answer from the court.

  11. Mad Dog Says:

    Peter Will Harden-

    I think the Supreme Court has a different view of “Free Press vs. Fair Trial,” as I outlined in my 9/24 comment. The cases I cited seem to give greater weight to the 1st Amendment/free press argument, especially in questions of possible prosecutorial misconduct. Offhand, I don’t know of any cases hat would override the Nevada State Bar and Nebraska cases. Basically, in those cases the Court has held that the remedies to overcome potentially prejudicial publicity create a difficult standard to justify issuing a gag order to insure a fair trial. You might know of some case law that leads to a different conclusion.

    I agree that Reyna’s argument that he somehow has standing to assert rights on behalf of the defendants is laughable and may be ripe for a challenge, but I don’t see a problem with Broden’s argument.

  12. frank hall Says:

    Our focus will remain on the facts of Law and not the ridiculousness occurring around it.Ridiculousness like the !st amendment 2nd amendment self defense this bullshit should be on the front page every day but instead is allowed to go on and on in the dark festering like the puss filled ball of bullshit it is while everyone looks the other way because the truth is something they don’t want to see . How does it feel to be a light in the darkness pretty lonely huh good luck and keep up the good work

  13. Rojas Says:

    Outside the Waco bubble, the Austin American Statesman weighs in.

    “What has become increasingly apparent over the past four months is that most of the bikers who were arrested May 17 probably had nothing to do with the alleged clash that prompted the shooting, or with the shooting itself.”

  14. Rojas Says:

    Local media reporting 33 bikers have filed a brief.


    “The assertion that the state seeks this gag order to preserve the right to a fair trial is a subterfuge.”

  15. noneya Says:

    snipers on the roof? maybe. similar trajectories can be achieved by standing gunners shooting folks who are laying on the ground.

  16. Thunderbird Says:

    Live the dream… it is not over

  17. Thunderbird Says:

    this is getting interesting. Me thinks the gag order is not going to hold back the dam. When people have lost everything there is nothing to lose by talking. The illusion with the gag order is that talking will get one in trouble. But when one has lost everything there is nothing more to lose and everything to gain.

    Look at Reyna’s facial expressions. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was a cock fighter…down in Mexico in the past. Knows how to work the cocks?

    Satanas has a funny way of going full circle in the most unexpected ways. Fate and chance are two different things. What is Reyna working with?

    Every man has to eventually answer for his choices in life. The results come in different ways. And it is really personal. As we all know in our own personal lives.

    What happened at the Twin Peaks restaurant on May 17, 2015 created a tension between all involved that will not go away by the passing of time or ignoring the event. It is Karma between the people involved.

    Murder is murder. To shoot a man for someone else’s cause; weather in law enforcement or war, leaves a scar on one’s soul that doesn’t go away.

    People are crying out for justice. But what is justice?

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