Iron Coffin Sentenced

September 23, 2015

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Iron Coffin Sentenced

Mario “Paco” Barroso, a 66-year-old member of the Iron Coffins Motorcycle Club in Battle Creek, Michigan was sentenced this week for the New Year’s Day 2012 death of former club president Lee J. “Leeroy” Taylor.

Two other men had also been charged with Taylor’s homicide. It was a case in which prosecutors were determined to make somebody pay.

According to local police, Taylor and Iron Coffins member Matthew Starkweather got into a fight at the club’s New Year’s party because Taylor owed Starkweather $2,500. After Starkweather knocked Taylor down Barroso and another patch holder named John Lindahl III ordered everybody who wasn’t a member out of the building. When police eventually arrived  Starkweather had a stab wound in his neck and Taylor was dead of multiple blows to the head. Police charged Starkweather with murder on the spot.

Lindahl was arrested and charged with murder a month and a half later. Police accused both men of beating Taylor to death with a club and a shotgun. Both the accused men said Taylor had attacked them with a knife and a collapsible baton and they had acted in self defense.


Barroso was accused of being an accessory after the fact and offered a plea deal. The deal was, Barroso would testify in exchange for having the accessory charge dropped. But he didn’t testify. Or rather he testified that he couldn’t remember anything. So the prosecutor, a man named Jeff Kabot, dropped the charges against Starkweather and Lindahl and everybody walked. Kabot told the Battle Creek Enquirer, “I am concerned Mario would continue to change his story. “I don’t want to go into court crossing my fingers and hoping he will tell the truth.”

Earlier this year, a new prosecutor named David Gilbert decided to take another run at the case. He charged Barroso with murder. It was clearly a squeeze play. Gilbert imagined that Barroso had handed Starkweather and Lindahl the shotgun they had used to bludgeon Taylor. Rather than being an accessory after the fact, Gilbert imagined a theory of the crime in which Barroso “aided and abetted” the alleged crime.

Mercy Of The Court

Barroso never stood trial. In hopes of a compassionate deal he pled no contest to manslaughter in August. At that time Barroso’s lawyer Seymour Schwartz told the judge,  “He never hit the guy, he never did anything, Even his own statement says he believed he was just unconscious when he left. I just don’t see where there’s a scintilla of evidence to support an open murder charge, or any of the associated charges with open murder.”

This week, Schwartz seemed surprised by the outcome of the case. “It was a fight, and a fight in the clubhouse, and everyone was drunk,” Schwartz told the Enquirer. “There was a significant beating but not one that exceeds or is significant that would separate it from any other fight other than a death occured. It was a mutual fight and one person lost the fight and lost it in a way that none of us ever want to see but tragically that is what happened.”

“I am very sorry for what happened to Mr. Taylor,” Barroso told Judge Conrad Sindt who was unmoved.

The local probation department had recommended a minimum sentence of 38 months for Barroso. Sindt sentenced Barroso to 71 to 180 months in prison. “I am struck by the idiocy of grown men acting like children,” the judge explained.


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  1. WhiteyGoneLoco Says:

    The justice system is broken but he did the right thing. “i don’t know shit”. much Respect!!

  2. BMW Says:


    This is truly a double tragedy. I have quite a few friends among the Iron Coffins, and this incident is an extremely unusual event. I have never seen a IC trying to intimidate or Bogart anyone — it isn’t that kind of group. They are pretty laid back, unless someone really goes out of their way to deliberately disrespect them. Even when deliberately provoked by a particularly stupid drunk, I have seen them defuse the situation rather than pound sense into an obviously thick skull.

    We can see two different tragedies:

    #1 where a corrupt persecutor knowingly attempts to subborns perjury from a witness and the witness refuses to testify and then the corrupt persecutor charges the innocent witness with the original crime and finally a drastic sentence against the innocent witness as punishment for refusing to commit the crime of perjury, so that future witnesses can see what happens when they refuse to conspire with the corrupt persecutor to subborn perjury.

    #2 One biker owes another money, (around Christmas). The disagreement over repayment becomes physical. Perhaps, (probably) feeling threatened, one of the people arguing whips out a weapon. The other party responds with a different weapon. Instead of settling the dispute, the argument leaves one party dead, but it is an accidental death.

    Unfortunately for our society, the corrupt persecutor who subborned perjury has demonstrated he meets some of the requirements to work as a federal persecutor, and will probably be named a judge!

  3. Outside it all. Says:

    @ Wolfenlover – exactly. Its never stopped and its never ended. SSDD, Same shit different decade. As far as the law dogs they change their actors as they climb the social ladder, ours stay incarcerated. Then you throw in u.c. and shit storms like the u.o., the playing field looks like a bomb crater with no place for the common ordinary man to go except to the bottom. Fucked up Justice?…. damn, I only wish it was that, this shits way the fuck out of line and there seems to be no end to it. Case in point Waco II. So there we go. Nothing changes, nothing changes. Later!

  4. tiopirata Says:

    Respect to Paco Baroso who did not testify against his brothers.
    Tiopirata 1%er

  5. Phuquehed Says:

    @T pain – Your pimps Dave Jackoff and demon boy are waiting for you to bring them their money. They said to brush your teeth before you get there, they’re tired of smelling your cum breath every time you whine at them that you could only suck less than 10 that night.

  6. Wolfenlover Says:

    T Paininthass, don’t waste Rebel’s bandwidth without a donation, YOU FUCKIN’
    CANUCK! And I think most Canadians are just fine, except for fuckin’ Canuck

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    Outside it all, I’m pretty sure Mr. Leonard Peltier would say “Tell me something
    I don’t fucking already know.” don’t you think?

    @ againstallodds, don’t know Mongo, but would you say that to his face? Probably
    NOT, huh.

  8. Asskiller Says:

    @James Crawford – ” I believe that such information might be useful to the defense attorneys in the Waco massacre to emphasize how police paranoia motivated the massacre”

    Respectfully, I’d suggest that the truth of things makes little difference in the courtroom. This is all about seeing if the State can engage in murderous fusillades on public crowds, mass arrest every witness, then diffuse public interest by characterizing the killed and wounded as “nothing more than filthy Jews.”

    Excuse me, I meant “filthy bikers”. I need to catch up on the propaganda.

    Either way, it’s the same thing: demonize, murder, rinse, repeat.

    Truth, much less justice, have nothing to do with the system’s design, process, staffing or outcomes.

  9. Rebel Says:

    Dear T Pain,

    Who haes me in Toronto? Peter Edwards of the Toronto Star who wrote that awful book about the Bandidos Massacre? Noted biker authority and friend of George Julian Sher? Some fucking troll without the huevos to leave his name. Thanks for taking empty shots at me.Go away


  10. T Pain Says:

    The Judge’s statement is the only thing that was worth reading. Next time start with the punchline.

  11. againstallodds Says:

    mongo is a pussy

  12. James Crawford Says:

    I discovered this site in the aftermath of the Waco biker massacre. I am very familiar with FBI stats on homicides, but while those stats differentiate homicides allegedly by juvenile gangs, adult gangs, and narcotics traffickers, there is no separate category for homicides allegedly committed by motorcycle club members. The statements by police spokesman Sewnton after the massacre made it obvious that the police were lying about the events and were trying to justify a mass murder by grossly exaggerating the threat posed by MC members. Now that I have been mostly lurking and occasionally commenting, I realize that the reputation for violence by MC members is profoundly exaggerated. It would appear that there are perhaps a few dozen homicides per year involving MC members as either the killers or the victims. More people are killed almost every day by Obama’s bastard sons. Could anyone refer me to any studies, research or records that would confirm this impression? I believe that
    such information might be useful to the defense attorneys in the Waco massacre to emphasize how police paranoia motivated the massacre

  13. Tooj Says:

    “I am struck by the idiocy of grown men acting like children,” says the man who never had to stand up for himself in any situation, as he gathers his bailiffs around him like a protective shield.

    “Now, supper’s waiting at home and I gotta get to it.”

  14. NOS4A2 Says:

    @ noneya
    Judge Sindt should take a hard look in the mirror.

  15. cavalry2014 Says:

    I remember when I was still new to the Army. When two grunts had a major problem, it was taken out behind the connex to be solved. I don’t see anything childish about that. It is the way that MEN have handled their problems for millenia. Dressing up and appealing to other men to handle your problems was the woman’s and cowards way.

  16. noneya Says:

    “I am struck by the idiocy of grown men acting like children,” the judge explained.

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    Fuck you, Sindt and Gilbert, you corrupt pieces of shit.

  18. Outside it all. Says:

    @ Wolfenlover: Tell that to Leonard Peltier, he’s been paying for a whole lot of years, but somebody had to pay.

  19. Whitepride Says:

    Zero evidence and because he wouldn’t lie for the “Persecution” he gets thrown in prison for a minimum of 6 years. There is no justice in this country!

  20. tiger Says:

    What bullshit! Unjustly charged so he would flip on others and since he knew nothing he gets time? What Bullshit!

  21. rollinorth Says:

    I hope Judge Conrad Sindt and Prosecutor David Gilbert are pleased with themselves, having instilled disrespect, disgust and contempt for the just us system, across the land.

    Thank you, Rebel.


  22. Wolfenlover Says:

    “prosecutors were determined to make somebody pay” whether he’s innocent or not
    makes no difference. What a bunch of dung our JUST US system has become.

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  23. Dino Says:

    Tragic on many levels.

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