The War On Outlaws Clubhouses

September 22, 2015

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The War On Outlaws Clubhouses

The American Outlaws Association has been losing clubhouses at an alarming rate this month.

On September 16, fully patched members and associates of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  Drug Enforcement Administration, Bureau of alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Marshals Service and the Fort Wayne Police Department raided and seized the Fort Wayne, Indiana Outlaws clubhouse at 1202 W. Main Street.

The raid was the culmination of a civil forfeiture that resulted from a 2012 federal case in the Southern District of Indiana titled United States of America v. Joshua N. Bowser et al. The indictment followed a three-year-long undercover investigation. It was a largely overblown case intended to make headlines. The clubhouse was ordered forfeited in August 2013.

Multiple members of the club protested the forfeiture in various appeals in 2013 and 2014 arguing that the building had not been bought with money earned from criminal activity. The clubhouse’s fate was sealed when it turned out that the actual owners of the building, Thomas and Carol Offerle, were dead. Carol Offerle died in 1998. Thomas Offerle died in 2011. The last Outlaw vacated the building sometime in the last year. Police broke down the rear door anyway and issued a press release.

Indianapolis And Paris

In a related forfeiture, about 60 federal agents swarmed the Outlaws clubhouse in Indianapolis on September 11. That clubhouse is actually a multi-building compound. A Swat team and a bomb unit checked the building for booby traps but found none. Police issued a press release for that seizure, too.

Members of the club had occupied the buildings up until Labor Day when they removed their barbecues and the last of their possessions and left.

Three days after the Indianapolis raid, the AOA clubhouse in Paris, Tennessee burned to the ground. The fire was reported at 4:45 a.m. on September 14. State arson investigators have not yet determined a cause of the fire. Damage was estimated at $40,000.

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44 Responses to “The War On Outlaws Clubhouses”

  1. FF Says:

    Its as simple as this:


    Right now I work in NYC. Next year I could be in St Louis or Richmond VA. I will go where the job is and I will support whoever the dominant club is.

    You know all this bullshit you gotta hate some other club that doesnt make sense to me. Its provincial. Its regional. Respect a 1% er. They got this, they know what they are doing. They dont need cheerleaders or comments from the peanut gallery.

  2. Tooj Says:

    Another option is that a club may be asked to wear an “AMA” patch. I know of one that is required to do so and they wear it upside down as a form of protest; but they wear it.

    I don’t know if many will get what you write Sieg and Stevo. It seems to me that the prevailing attitude any more is “I’m gonna do what I damn well please.”

    And funny, the out of region carpenter will be happy to take out waivers in order to get PAID.

  3. Wolfenlover Says:

    Sieg, Stevo & all. Are ya’ll as amazed at the amount of clueless-ness in
    the world today, as I am?! They don’t even have the ability to comprehend a
    f’n forthright explanation! “But, but, but…” Damn all of this stupidity gives
    me headaches!

    RESPECTS Rebel & to the real regulars

  4. Stevo Says:


    Think of that support patch as a badge of honour, the OLs you spoke of would not allow a shit house club to wear it, they are allowing that small club to show they’re approved and affirmed and it guarantees their safety locally.


  5. Sieg Says:

    Vader, you sound a bit like the urine odor boys who come here whining about the CoC.

    All the support patch means, really, is that you HAVE done things the right way. Doesn’t mean you’re a “bitch club” or any of that shit.

    Look, if you were working as a carpenter, say in Chicago, you would be required to join the union local, or at the least, if you were a member of another local, to take out waivers allowing you to work in the city. You would get a union button to wear. Same difference, you’d be flying a support your local carpenters patch.

    Really don’t see the problem with that. There are some 3-piece clubs in this area that have never joined the CoC, don’t wear support patches, and still manage to get along with the big boys. Maybe your buds just couldn’t cut it.

    FTF / FTP

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s a bitch I have some open field room, but it’s all grass and rutted up a bit here and there, and grass when wet is a bitch to get a bike out of, plus, I’m just renting a room here anyway, so I can’t just say ‘C’mon you fuckers!’, heh heh.

  7. Wolfenlover Says:

    It’s a shame that there aren’t enough people that own private property to set
    up COC meetings. Have a f’n Rally atmosphere. Set up big tents that day at 6am
    meeting at 12. ALL outside of city/towns. If I still had property in the country
    I’d make it available! Oh, I know, not enough amenities for today’s crowd.
    Would be the best way to assure NO F’N BUGS!
    Just a thought. Love my lifestyle friends/brothers.

  8. Paladin Says:


    There are a number of restaurants / coffee shops that have meeting / banquet rooms that can be rented by the hour. When one rents, one becomes the Lessee. As the lessee, all things being equal, an expectation of privacy would be conveyed, unless otherwise stated in the lease. I know of one club that holds their meetings this way.

    Long May You Ride,


  9. BMW Says:

    Good ideas on how to stall the forfeiture (piracy!) statutes. Remember, this can slow the Pirates and Privateers, but it won’t stop a persecutor intent on theft. Nothing is foolproof, and tactics need to adapt to unexpected circumstances.

    As someone above mentioned, there are both criminal AND civil forfeiture statutes on the federal and state levels. It can be complicated to develop a strategy to avoid ALL threats. Short term leases, portable equipment – perhaps leased from a third party, complex rentals, insurance, big publicly traded companies and “straws” are all used in asset protection, but may be a bigger hassle than raising funds for a replacement clubhouse.

    @Wingman: as you pointed out, rentals can make sense for many uses, but the Twin Peaks COC meeting took place in a rental space. It opens up other issues, particularly for security. If the innocent COC bikers attending had been aware of any possible security problem, they would have left the wife and kids at home and wore Kevlar. More likely, they would have called off the meeting and stayed home with the family!

    I am absolutely sure that other than conman Stevie the Cookiestealer and the criminal and corrupt Whaco PD, who planned and set up the ambush, no one expected a murderous and cowardly ambush by cops, laying in wait and firing automatic weapons.


  10. Think B4 speak Says:

    Everyone with all the great ideas on how to counter the harassment and injustice from law enforcement a clubhouse brings,there is nothing your saying or suggesting MCs haven’t thought of and are not doing allready..We are still going to keep on staking our claim and flying our flag on our clubhouses and will never ever think about invisibility!..Big Bold letters on 3 piece patches is what it has been and always will be..Giving up our rights might be the easy way but it’s not what that 1%er diamond stands for,it is not the 1%er way..We are not going to hide from anyone including the government,if that means a never ending war fighting for our basic rights,so be it…Another thing a true 1%ER never points the finger and say what about those guys,look at all the bad stuff there doing!If it’s not law enforcement doing the crooked shit then it is none of our fuckin business!..That’s pussy shit saying look what there doing,what about them..We take it on the chin,lick our wounds and overcome like always..Respects to the true 1%ERS.

  11. Wingman Says:

    The hard part with using public locations, is that the cops don’t need any kind of excuse to be there, either. There’s no expectation of privacy, so they can just pull up a chair. I’m not a lawyer, but I wonder if you rent a banquet room at a restaurant, for example, there wouldn’t there have to be a greater expectation of privacy? And, of course, don’t use a brother or other family member’s garage! Private homes get raided all the time for indicia searches. Civil forfeiture is one of the greatest evils ever inflicted on this nation and the sooner some politician grows a pair or some miracle-worker lawyer hits the law suit lottery and does away with it, the better.

  12. Freeman Says:

    Sad to say in this day and age we just cant have pignion sur rue anymore, let the chips fall where they may, keep faith there is some poetic justice to this.

    Where you cant see me is where im at.

  13. Mad Dog Says:

    One city has installed a historic marker in the sidewalk in front of an 81 clubhouse.

  14. Paladin Says:


    Once upon a time, having a clubhouse, with the club’s name proudly displayed for all to see, was a sign of prestige. Now, depending on how a club is viewed, the clubhouse has become a double edged sword. I have brought up, on numerous occasions, in past threads, that one has to be able to “out G the G”, which is accomplished via military thinking. Who knows? Maybe they’ll listen to you.

    Long May You Ride,


  15. rollinorth Says:

    Meh, Ironhead Doug,
    Doesn’t it suck, though, to have to go underground, or on the run, to meet in a land founded on freedom, including freedom of association? Using such tactics won’t stop rats who lie, cheat and steal.


  16. swampy Says:

    Tom, how you act “in here”, says a lot about you, what kind of a person you are, and how you act in person. I’m really with Paladin and all others on the wishful thinking. However, the only “hard evidence” I’ve seen on any “Great News!” is that the Mongols M.C. gets to keep its Patch. What also is evident is that Rebel’s commenters all recognize what a simple, petty and pathetic sock puppet you are. Two quick simple questions, If I may: Are you a military vet? What do you think of Cannabis; medicinal, or otherwise?

    Highest regards and respect, along with the best of luck, to the AOA.

  17. Meh Says:

    Ironhead Doug makes sense. Mobility offers no fixed trophy location for monitoring and asset seizure. Funds which would have gone to a fixed target could be used differently.

    Moving locations with no notice would disrupt opponent planning making it more difficult to pull a Waco massacre.
    Picket approaches any meeting sites with observers who are not visibly motorcyclists.

    There’s no shortage of veterans in biker clubs. Think “military” instead of “traditional biker”.

  18. Paladin Says:

    Big Bry,

    Local governments can use asset forfeiture to seize what are referred to as “Nuisance Properties”. These properties are seized, based on a pattern of ongoing criminal activity that result in arrests at, and search warrants served on the targeted property. If a third party owns the property in question, the owner may be able to thwart the seizure with an “Innocent Owners” defense.

    Long May You Ride,


  19. Vader Says:

    I’ve attended COC meetings in a state controlled by the OL’s. Like happens at almost all COC meetings, new clubs trying to gain membership come before the COC board. I watched as one club president came up. I knew him, I knew his guys. They’d done things the right way, showed proper respect, paid their dues by putting in their time to let other clubs get to know them, supported other clubs events. They’d done things the right way, which in this day and age of “fly-by-night” clubs is a rarity. Well when this club’s president got in front of the board, the rep from the OL’s shut him down. He didn’t even allow the member clubs to stand and vouch for this new club or have an up or down vote. The only option giving to that club’s pres was either wear a OL support patch or be shut down. The whole thing struck me as being very wrong.

  20. Ironhead Doug Says:

    Civil forfeiture explained:

    With the way things have been going, MC’s might be better off getting rid of clubhouses altogether, all going Nomad and holding church at a different location each time. Such as restaurant parking lots, public parks, local watering holes, etc. and watch (un)law(ful) enforcement scramble around like a bunch of headless chickens, unable to get their wire taps and unable to make their big, publicity raids. After all, you can’t get blood from a stone.

  21. rollinorth Says:

    “In January, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Tim Walberg (R-MI) reintroduced the “Fifth Amendment Integrity Restoration (FAIR) Act” to overhaul federal civil-forfeiture laws. If enacted, the FAIR Act would require more evidence to forfeit property, shift the burden of proof onto the government (where it belongs), provide indigent owners with access to counsel and deposit forfeiture proceeds into the General Fund of the Treasury. The bill currently has over 80 cosponsors, Democrats and Republicans, in the House. In the months ahead, even more forfeiture reform legislation is expected.”


  22. rollinorth Says:

    It doesn’t much matter whose name is on an asset the Feds go after for forfeiture. They file a civil suit and put a description of the property ( to be seized/forfeited as the “defendant.” It is up to the “defendant” or its owner to prove the asset is not the fruit of ill-gotten gains.
    It doesn’t matter what is going on in a related criminal case.
    It’s the same game with many State governments, as well. The practice has been getting more publicity/public outcry lately and some are backing off.


  23. Big Ang Diamondback Says:

    Rebel, im anxiously awaiting for your next article from Sonny based on last nights episode.
    Salute to you. Thanks for all these badass articles the last couple months.


  24. Michael Tapia Says:

    I am compelled to make a statement on the haters that are very happy for the AOA IN. Misfortune. The OL’S will bound back at not time at all! Something for sure is that a building doesn’t define the club, their members does it. They can lose everything to the law, and they will be a motorcycle club regardless. Laugh all you want for now,it doesn’t mean shit.

  25. Asskiller Says:

    @Paladin – as always, excellent comments.

    It is similar to why men tend not to do as well in divorce courts as women. I was given some excellent advice when my divorce and custody case started. “Men try to solve the problem, women work the system.”

    I think that is excellent advice. Don’t try to solve the problem of Federal Fabricated Crimes and the tyranny of the Leviathan – work the system.

  26. chromedome Says:

    paris isnt too far from where im at and the rumor mill has been flying. hopefully the OL’s bounce back from all the bullshit.


  27. NOS4A2 Says:

    Tom, I mean Steve Cook,
    Go Fuck Yourself.

  28. Big Bry Says:

    It seems to me, that the way to avoid this would be to have certain members form an LLC to own the property and have the club pay “rent” to the LLC in an amount to cover any mortgage, taxes and costs of upkeep. That way, the property isn’t owned by club members or the club itself.

    I don’t know much about the ins and outs of forfeiture law, so I would appreciate it if someone with more knowledge could comment on whether this would work.

    Big Bry

  29. Stevo Says:


    Try taking Izods cock out of your mouth while talking, then you might make sense.


  30. BMW Says:

    Ownership of buildings can be organized in ways that ATF, criminals masquerading as federal persecutors and other acronyms for cowardly bureaucrats can’t touch with their illegitimate manipulation of civil rights. Today, almost all labor union buildings are owned by building corporations, as are most Lodge buildings. This is pretty standard. Even churches own property in this fashion just to avoid litigation. One famous restaurant franchise recently announced plans to become a real estate investment trust.

    If your club owns property directly, it might be time for a consultation with a good property attorney.

    Indiana was a state in which the Black and White were the largest and most influential motorcycle club. This seems to have made them targets of the full members of the secret criminal conspiracies of LEO gangs. One of the bizarre charges that was used as an element of RICO was a charge that they allowed “gambling” by playing cards in the clubhouse! (Gambling is one of the ‘predicate’ crimes that can be used to invoke RICO, and subsequent civil forfeiture, but it was never intended to include card playing!)


  31. Road Whore Says:

    What Paladin said; both times.

    Ride Free

  32. Shovelhead Says:

    You must have an extremely boring pathetic life to get excited about coming to rebels site and insulting people you’ve never met.
    Grow up you little Bitch cop. Don’t you have some black people to shoot today? Got to fill your quota!!

    Hand in there AOA, all Cops will get theirs in due time. Karma!!

  33. tiger Says:

    This is wrong, so wrong. Hang tight guys and know there are many pulling for you to overcome this injustice.

    Tom did mommy not give you enough love when you were a boy?


  34. Paladin Says:

    Tom Said:
    September 22, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    “Great News!”


    You’re actually a bit off the mark. Extraordinarily Good News would be hearing how you were found dead, by the side of the tracks, with a dozen rail spikes hammered into your Pekingese ass.


  35. dogbreath Says:

    Oh, Tom. You are responding to the wrong thread, we are much more interested in your replies to the many offers for drinks that you have had extended your way. Please hasten on back to those earlier playgrounds and let us know which invitation you are going to accept first.

    Or, you just do the whole world a favor and eat your service revolver.

  36. Whitepride Says:

    Tom are you just a little cunt troll or do you have a real agenda? Are you an Iron Order faggot or a douchebag cop or maybe both?

  37. Whitepride Says:

    Well said Paladin and Wolfenlover!

  38. Tom Says:

    Great News!

  39. Paladin Says:

    I have always told my civilian students: “If you know the law better than the other guy, you won’t have to break it.” I make the foregoing statement as it pertains to the laws governing the use of deadly force as a means of self defense, all of which can be found in a link that Phuquehed has so graciously provided.

    I respectfully submit that my above made statment also applies to other laws, whether State or federal. The best way to avoid a trap or being entrapped is to be able to recognize and then avoid the bait. That said, I suggest that every member of every MC (1%er or otherwise) become well versed on all that triggers a RICO indictment, and then act accordingly.

    It might be time to stop expecting different results, while continuing to act in the same old manner. To continue to do so would be insane.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  40. 11B1SG Says:

    It’s all a PR stunt to justify their existence. Roll the cameras, empty club house, a few flash bangs, a bunch of cops in tactical gear and don’t forget the bomb squad…you got yourself a headline and cinched up your budget for the next fiscal year — which conveniently starts 1 October.

  41. Wolfenlover Says:

    Hey P-H check yer E’s. hehehe 2nd pic is 1 I intended.

  42. Wolfenlover Says:

    Meanwhile, 400,000 nigger GANG members kill 200 people, sell 500 kilos of dope
    & get away with it. JUST TODAY. Amazing. Maybe the true Clubs need think about
    “invisibility” OR vote in different assholes in Govt.!

  43. Punisher Keeper Says:


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